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120051+ ε approximation clock rate assignment for periodic real-time tasks on a voltage-scaling processorChen, Jian-Jia; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Shih, Chi-Sheng conference paper00
220051+epsilon Approximation Clock Rate Assignment for Periodic Real-Time Tasks on A Voltage-Scaling ProcessorChen, Jian-Jia; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Shih, Chi-Sheng conference paper
32005(1+ε) Approximation clock rate assignment for periodic real-time tasks on a voltage-scaling processorTEI-WEI KUO conference paper
420062-D ultrasound strain images for breast cancer diagnosis using nonrigid subregion registrationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article107
520102010 5th International Conference on Embedded and Multimedia Computing, EMC-10 - Proceedings: Message from the General ChairsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper00
6200424皇后問題共有227,514,171,973,736個解JIEH HSIANG conference paper
720132D barcode image decodingCHIOU-SHANN FUH journal article1616
820093-Approximation Algorithm for Joint Routing and Link Scheduling in Wireless Relay NetworksHong, Chi-Yao; Pang, Ai-Chun journal article2722
920033-D breast ultrasound segmentation using active contour modelRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article8975
101996A 3-D Range Data Acquisition System Combined with Laser Active Sensing and StereoChen, Chu-Song; Hung, Yi-Ping ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article
1120033-D snake for US in margin evaluation for malignant breast tumor excision using mammotomeRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article3732
1220053-D ultrasound strain images for breast cancer diagnosisRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article40
1320053-D ultrasound texture classification using run difference matrixRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2119
1420033-D US frame positioning using speckle decorrelation and image registrationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1213
1520083-D彩色乳房超音波之電腦輔助診斷 (新制多年期第1年)RUEY-FENG CHANG report
1620043D character model creation from cel animationBING-YU CHEN journal article50
1720113D Cinematography principles and their applications to stereoscopic media processingYUNG-YU CHUANG ; Liu, Chun-Wei; Huang, Tz-Huan; Chang, Ming-Hsu; Lee, Ken-Yi; Liang, Chia-Kai; Chuang, Yung-Yu journal article210
1820083D Human Motion Tracking with Soft-Joint Constrained ICPChu, Lu-Jong; Chen, Chia-Ping; Chen, Chu-Song; Hung, Yi-Ping conference paper
1920073D model streaming based on a JPEG 2000 imageBING-YU CHEN journal article30
2020073D Model Streaming based on JPEG 2000Lin, Nien-Shien; Huang, Ting-Hao; Chen, Bing-Yu journal article
2119963D range data acquisition system combining laser lighting and stereo visionJA-LING WU journal article
2219943D reconstruction on ultrasound images of inner carotid arteries with plaquesMING OUHYOUNG journal article
2319943D reconstruction on ultrasound images of inner carotid arteries with plaquesYUNG-YU CHUANG journal article
2420133D sub-query expansion for improving sketch-based multi-view image retrievalLin Y.-L.; Huang C.-Y.; Wang H.-J.; Hsu W. conference paper150
2519963D tracker based 3D reconstruction of cardiac ultrasound imagesMING OUHYOUNG journal article
2619963D Tracker Based 3D Reconstruction of Cardiac Ultrasound ImagesChen, Jiann-Hwa; Lu, Jer-Her; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article
2719953D tracking experiment on latency and its compensation methods in virtual environmentsMING OUHYOUNG conference paper
2820073D Video Applications and Intelligent Video Surveillance Camera and its VLSI DesignChien, hao-Yi; Shih, Chi-Sheng ; Ku, Mong-Kai; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Chang, Yao-Wen ; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Chen, Liang-Gee conference paper0
2920093D-Model-based face replacement in videoMING OUHYOUNG conference paper
3020093D-Model-based face replacement in videoYUNG-YU CHUANG journal article
3120093D-Model-based face replacement in videoBING-YU CHEN journal article
3220043SATLyuu, Yuh-Dauh text
3320175G radio access network design with the fog paradigm: Confluence of communications and computingKu Y.-J.; Lin D.-Y.; Lee C.-F.; Hsieh P.-J.; Wei H.-Y.; Chou C.-T.; Pang A.-C. journal article3831
342002「90年度-數位博物館主題計畫」延續計畫項潔; 項潔 report
35200492年度「資訊教育學門」專題研究計畫成果討論會JIEH HSIANG report
36200695 年度創意加值計畫書撰寫諮詢輔導會議座談會記錄林芳吟; 陳雪華 ; 項潔 ; 趙國仁; 洪滋遠text
372001A Bayesian approach to digital mattingYUNG-YU CHUANG journal article598
382011A Bayesian approximation method for online rankingCHIH-JEN LIN journal article25
392011A blendshape model that incorporates physical interactionBING-YU CHEN journal article20
402012A blendshape model that incorporates physical interactionBING-YU CHEN journal article94
412000A blind watermarking algorithm with semantic meaningful watermarksJA-LING WU conference paper
422015A buffer cache architecture for smartphones with hybrid DRAM/PCM memoryCHIA-LIN YANG conference paper50
431994A Category Theory Approach to Completion-Based Theorem Proving StrategiesJIEH HSIANG ; Bonacina, M. P.; 項潔; Hsiang, Jieh journal article
442002A class of rate-based real-time scheduling algorithmsTEI-WEI KUO journal article64
452014A classification-based prefetching scheme for hibernation of embedded computing systemsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper10
462011A closed-form formula for an option with discrete and continuous barriersYUH-DAUH LYUU ; Chen, Chun-Ying; Chou, Pei-Ju; Hsu, Jeff Yu-Shun; Liu, Wisely Po-Hong; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh ; Wang, Chuan-Jujournal article21
472013A Cloud-based Personalized Recursive Dialogue Game System for Computer-Assisted Language LearningLIN-SHAN LEE conference paper
482015A code offloading scheme for big-data processing in android applicationsSHIH-HAO HUNG journal article98
492006A colorization based animation broadcast system with traitor tracing capabilityJA-LING WU book
502009A commitment-based management strategy for the performance and reliability enhancement of flash-memory storage systemsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper
512013A compact and efficient labeling scheme for XML documentsKUN-MA0 CHAO book60
521994A Comparative Study of Path Planning for Multiple RobotsYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
532010A comparison of optimization methods and software for large-scale L1-regularized linear classificationCHIH-JEN LIN journal article
542009A comparison of three methods of face recognition for home photosMING OUHYOUNG conference paper
552004A compiler framework for recovery code generation in general speculative optimizationsWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper
562003A compiler framework for speculative analysis and optimizationsWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper
572002A composable framework for secure multi-modal access to internet services from post-PC devicesYEN-YANG CHEN journal article94
582000A composable framework for secure multi-modal access to Internet services from post-PC devicesYEN-YANG CHEN conference paper80
592011A comprehensive study of sports video analysisJA-LING WU book20
602014A content-based matrix factorization model for recipe recommendationSHOU-DE LIN book140
612009A Content-Based Method to Enhance Tag RecommendationYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
622008A Context-Aware Recording System for Meeting EventsYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
632007A Context-aware Service Platform in a Smart SpaceYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
642004A convergent quadratic-time lattice algorithm for pricing European-style Asian optionsYUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper
652007A convergent quadratic-time lattice algorithm for pricing European-style Asian optionsHsu, William Wei-Yuan; YUH-DAUH LYUU ; Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh journal article118
661994A Cooperation Protocol for an Object-Sorting Task in a Multi-Agent,Robotic SystemYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
671996A Cooperative Framework for Multi-agent Robotic SystemsYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
682005A corpus-based singing voice synthesis system for mandarin ChineseJYH-SHING JANG conference paper70
692012A cycle-level SIMT-GPU simulation frameworkCHIA-LIN YANG conference paper70
702003A cyclic-executive-based QoS guarantee over USBHuang, Chih-Yuan; TEI-WEI KUO ; Chang, Li-Pin; Kuo, Tei-Wei conference paper80
712002A Data-driven Indexing Approach for Chinese Spoken Document RetrievalLIN-SHAN LEE conference paper
721995A Decentralized Cooperation Protocol for Autonomous Robotic AgentsYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
732011A depth information based fast mode decision algorithm for color plus depth-map 3D videosJA-LING WU journal article3226
742013A Dialogue Game Framework with Personalized Training using Reinforcement Learning for Computer-Assisted Language LearningLIN-SHAN LEE conference paper130
752011A digital blind watermarking for depth-image-based rendering 3D imagesJA-LING WU journal article9274
761999A Distributed Architecture for Cooperative Spoken Dialogue Agents with Coherent Dialogue State and HistoryLIN-SHAN LEE conference paper
772006A Distributed Reputation Broker Framework for Web Service ApplicationsYUNG-JEN HSU journal article
782013A disturb-alleviation scheme for 3D flash memoryTEI-WEI KUO conference paper240
792013A diversity-dependent measure for discovering influencers in social networksPU-JEN CHENG book50
802013A DRAM-flash index for native flash file systemsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper20
812011A driver-layer caching policy for removable storage devicesTEI-WEI KUO journal article81
822008A dual coordinate descent method for large-scale linear SVMCHIH-JEN LIN conference paper
832015A dual-augmented block Minimization framework for learning with limited memorySHOU-DE LIN conference paper
841993A Dual-Network Real-Time Communication ArchitectureYUNG-JEN HSU other
852009A DVS-assisted hard real-time I/O device scheduling algorithmTEI-WEI KUO journal article22
862015A dynamic binary translation system in a client/server environmentWEI-CHUNG HSU journal article52
872004A family competition genetic algorithm for the pickup and delivery,problems with time windowYUNG-JEN HSU journal article
882005A fast algorithm for computing a longest common increasing subsequenceKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Yang, I-Hsuan; Yang, I.-H.; Huang, Chien-Pin; Huang, C.-P.; Chao, Kun-Mao; Chao, K.-Mjournal article3126
891986A fast algorithm for exact convolution of rational sequences by using integer arithmetics onlyJA-LING WU journal article00
901992A fast finite-state algorithm for vector quantizer designRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article76
912013A fast parallel SGD for matrix factorization in shared memory systemsCHIH-JEN LIN conference paper900
922015A fast parallel stochastic gradient method for matrix factorization in shared memory systemsCHIH-JEN LIN journal article4533
932006A faster exact schedulability analysis for fixed-priority schedulingTEI-WEI KUO ; Lu, Wan-Chen ; Hsieh, Jen-Wei; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Kuo, Tei-Wei journal article54
942014A fault-tolerant method for HLA typing with PacBio dataWEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Chang, Chia-Jung; Chen, Pei-Lung; KUN-MA0 CHAO ; Chen, Pei-Lung ; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; Chao, Kun-Maojournal article1010
952009A file-system-aware FTL design for flash-memory storage systemsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper
962015A fixed-parameter algorithm for detecting a singleton attractor in an AND/OR boolean network with bounded treewidthKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article10
972011A flash-friendly B +-tree with endurance-awarenessTEI-WEI KUO conference paper20
982006A Flexible Display by Integrating a Wall-Size Display and Steerable,ProjectorsYUNG-JEN HSU journal article00
991997A Form-based Gateway for Web DatabasesYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1002002A formal analysis of stopping criteria of decomposition methods for support vector machinesCHIH-JEN LIN ; Lin, Chih-Jen journal article6655
1012002A foveation-based rate shaping mechanism for MPEG videosJA-LING WU book
1022002A frame-based MPEG characteristics extraction tool and its application in video transcodingHuang, Kan-Li; JA-LING WU ; Tung, Yi-Shin; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Hsiao, Po-Kang; Chen, Hsien-Shuojournal article96
1032010A Framework for Activity Recognition in a Smart HomeYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1042010A Framework Integrating Different Relevance Feedback Scenarios and Approaches For Spoken Term DetectionHUNG-YI LEE ; LIN-SHAN LEE conference paper20
1052014A framework of cloud-based virtual phones for secure intelligent information managementSHIH-HAO HUNG journal article65
1061999A framework of performance evaluation and error analysis methodology for speech understanding systemsLin, Bor-Shen; Lee, Lin-Shan journal article10
1072010A fully compressed algorithm for computing the edit distance of run-length encoded stringsKUN-MA0 CHAO book30
1082013A fully compressed algorithm for computing the edit distance of run-length encoded stringsKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article42
1092005A general compiler framework for speculative optimizations using data speculative code motionWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper
1102008A general framework of progressive filtering and its application to query by singing/hummingJYH-SHING JANG journal article5136
1112005A generalized bradley-terry model: From group competition to individual skillCHIH-JEN LIN conference paper
1122003A generalized global alignment algorithmKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Huang, Xiaoqiu; Huang, X.; Chao, Kun-Mao; Chao, K.-M.journal article5746
1132000A generalized output pruning algorithm for matrix-vector multiplication and its application to compute pruning discrete cosine transformHuang, Yuh-Ming; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Chang, Chi-Lunjournal article118
1141995A Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Object-Sorting Task ProblemYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1151998A Geometric Approach to Anytime Constraint Solving for TCSPsYUNG-JEN HSU journal article00
1161998A Graph-Based Exploration Strategy of Indoor Environments by an Autonomous,Mobile RobotYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1172006A greedier approach for finding tag SNPsKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article2220
1182010A health examination system integrated with clinical decision support systemCHIOU-SHANN FUH journal article01
1192005A hierarchical and multi-model based algorithm for lead detection and news program narrative parsingJA-LING WU conference paper00
1201994A hierarchical approach to modeling and improving the performance of scientific applications on the KSR1SHIH-HAO HUNG conference paper130
1212002A Hierarchical Tag-graph Search with Layered Grammar Rules for Spontaneous Speech UnderstandingLIN-SHAN LEE journal article68
1222001A highly rate-scalable system based on MPEG-4 spatial-temporal-FGS video codingJA-LING WU book
1232001A hybrid and flexible H.263-based error resilient and testing systemJA-LING WU conference paper
1242005A hybrid approach to automatic segmentation and labeling for mandarin chinese speech corpusJYH-SHING JANG conference paper
1252012A hybrid approach to singing pitch extraction based on trend estimation and hidden Markov modelsJYH-SHING JANG conference paper150
1261999A hybrid approach with drift minimization and correction for a layered h.263 codecJA-LING WU ; Hsieh, Sheng-Jin; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Tsai, Chien-Wu; Dai, Jyh-Liangjournal article10
1272012A hybrid just-in-time compiler for android: Comparing JIT types and the result of cooperationWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper60
1281998A java-based mpeg-4 like video codecJA-LING WU journal article00
1292011A kernel framework for content-based artist recommendation system in musicJYH-SHING JANG journal article1413
1301989A Knowledge-level Analysis of InformingYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1312015A learning-based framework to handle multi-round multi-party influence maximization on social networksMING-SYAN CHEN ; SHOU-DE LIN conference paper220
1322012A learning-based framework to utilize E-HowNet ontology and Wikipedia sources to generate multiple-choice factual questionsSHOU-DE LIN conference paper20
1332015A learning-rate schedule for stochastic gradient methods to matrix factorizationCHIH-JEN LIN book210
1342016A light-weighted software-controlled cache for PCM-based main memory systemsTEI-WEI KUO conference paper80
1351998A lightweight genetic block-matching algorithm for video codingJA-LING WU journal article4136
1362012A line-structure-preserving approach to image resizingChang, Che-Han; YUNG-YU CHUANG ; Chuang, Yung-Yu journal article400
1372000A linear time algorithm for the Hamiltonian path problem on a series-parallel graphKUN-MA0 CHAO conference paper
1382013A linear-time algorithm for finding an edge-partition with max-min ratio at most twoKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article00
1391995A local alignment tool for very long DNA sequencesKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article380
1402010A lock-free cache-friendly software queue buffer for decoupled software pipeliningWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper20
1412006A Low Complexity Rate-Distortion Source Modeling FrameworkSHIH-HAO HUNG ; Chang, Chun-Yuan; Lin, Tsungnan; Chan, Din-Yuan; Hung, Shih-Hao conference paper00
1421995A low-cost editor for MPEG-1 system streamsShiu, Jiun; JA-LING WU ; Cheng, Shuo-Chia; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Lin, Chun-Hung; Huang, Jiun-Jiejournal article00
1431995A low-cost force feedback joystick and its use in PC video gamesMING OUHYOUNG journal article1817
1442002A low-cost media-processor based real-time MPEG-4 video decoderKuo, Jin-Hau; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Shiu, Jim; Huang, Kan-Liconference paper
1452003A low-cost media-processor based real-time MPEG-4 video decoderJA-LING WU journal article31
1462011A low-memory address translation mechanism for flash-memory storage systemsTEI-WEI KUO journal article
1472011A management strategy for the reliability and performance improvement of MLC-based flash-memory storage systemsTEI-WEI KUO ; Chang, Yuan-Hao; Kuo, Tei-Wei journal article2018
1482014A mar game design via a remote control moduleCHIOU-SHANN FUH book00
1492011A method-based ahead-of-time compiler for android applicationsWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper120
1502011A middleware approach for migration of legacy telecom operational support systems into NGOSS-compliantCHI-SHENG SHIH conference paper10
1512013A modified random walk framework for handling negative ratings and generating explanationsSHOU-DE LIN journal article84
1522007A Multi-agent Context-aware Service Platform in A Smart SpaceYUNG-JEN HSU journal article
1531999A multi-agent framework for intranet service integrationYUNG-JEN HSU journal article
1542006A Multi-Agent Service Framework for Context-Aware Elder CareYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1552009A multi-core architecture based parallel framework for h.264/avc deblocking filtersJA-LING WU ; Wang, Sung-Wen; Yang, Shu-Sian; CHIA-LIN YANG ; Chen, Hong-Ming; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article1613
1562005A multi-granularity energy profiling approach and a quantitative study of a Web browserChuang, C.-T.; Chuang, Chen-Ting; TEI-WEI KUO ; Kuo, Chin-Fu; Kuo, C.-F.; Kuo, T.-W.; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Pang, Ai-Chun ; 逄愛君 ; Kuo, T.-W.; Pang, A.-C.conference paper10
1571995A multi-layer video browsing systemJA-LING WU journal article77
1582005A Multi-Modal Dialogue System for Information Navigation and Retrieval across Spoken Document Archives with Topic HierarchiesPan, Yi-Cheng; LIN-SHAN LEE ; Wang, Chien-Chih; Hsieh, Ya-Chao; Lee, Te-Hsuan; Lee, Yen-Shin; Fu, Yi-Sheng; Huang, Yu-Tsun; Lee, Lin-Shan conference paper100
1592003A multi-modal-feature based algorithm for parsing news program videosChen, Hsuan-Wei; JA-LING WU ; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Yeh, Jen-Hao; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1602011A multi-model method for short-utterance speaker recognitionJYH-SHING JANG conference paper
1612012A multi-phase, flexible, and accurate lattice for pricing complex derivatives with multiple market variablesYUH-DAUH LYUU conference paper10
1622013A multiphase, flexible, and accurate lattice for pricing complex derivatives with multiple market variablesYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article22
1632004A Museum Guide System by integrating RFID-tagged Tickets and Information,ServerYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1642005A musical-driven video summarization system using content-aware mechanismsJA-LING WU ; Huang, Chen-Hsiu; Wu, Chi-Hao; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper50
1651993A Neural Network Controller for A Behavior-Based RobotYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1661993A Neural Network Controller for Behavior Based Robot Using Multi-Strategy,LearningYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1672006A New Framework for System Combination Based on Integrated Hypothesis SpaceI-Fan Chen; LIN-SHAN LEE ; Lin-shan Lee conference paper8
1682008A new framework for the selection of tag SNPs by multimarker haplotypesKUN-MA0 CHAO ; Huang, Yao-Ting; Chao, Kun-Maojournal article45
1691994A New Interpretation of “Polynomial Residue Number System”JA-LING WU journal article40
1702007A New Method for Multi-finger Detection Using a Regular DiffuserYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1712006A New Methodology Based on q-Entropy for Breast Lesion Classification in 3-D Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper180
1722017A new robust Kalman filter for filtering the microstructure noiseYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article11
1732006A new sampling method of auto focus for voice coil motor in camera modulesCHIOU-SHANN FUH book20
1742002A New Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization Using Neural Networks for Image CodingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article54
1752016A new ticket-based authentication mechanism for fast handover in mesh networkPU-JEN CHENG journal article85
1762005A Nonlinear Multiagent System Design with A Hybrid ApproachYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1772007A NOR emulation strategy over NAND flash memoryTEI-WEI KUO conference paper160
1782002A note on the decomposition methods for support vector regressionHSUAN-TIEN LIN ; Liao, Shuo-Peng; Lin, Hsuan-Tien ; CHIH-JEN LIN ; Lin, Chih-Jen journal article2018
1792005A novel automatic white balance method for digital still camerasCHIOU-SHANN FUH ; Weng, Ching-Chih; Chen, Homer ; HOMER H. CHEN ; Fuh, Chiou-Shann conference paper600
1802010A novel blind watermarking scheme for depth-image-based rendering 3D imagesJA-LING WU conference paper70
1811992A novel correlation-based fft algorithmJA-LING WU journal article10
1821996A novel interpretation of the two-dimensional discrete Hartley transformJA-LING WU ; Yang, Ming-Chwen; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article00
1831992A novel modularized fast polynomial transform algorithm for two-dimensional convolutionsJA-LING WU journal article00
1841995A novel multimedia synchronization model and its applications in multimedia systemsChen, Herng-Yow; MING OUHYOUNG ; JA-LING WU ; Liu, Nien-Bao; Shiah, Chee-Wen; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Chen, Wen-Chin ; Ouhyoung, Ming journal article22
1852013A novel privacy preserving location-based service protocol with secret circular shift for k-NN searchJA-LING WU journal article3831
1861993A novel scaling scheme for fast Hartley transformJA-LING WU journal article00
1871992A Novel Two-Stage Algorithm for DCT and IDCTJA-LING WU journal article34
1882005A Panorama-Based Interface for Interacting with the Physical Environment,Using Orientation-Aware HandheldsYUNG-JEN HSU conference paper
1892007A parallel algorithm for H.264/AVC deblocking filter based on limited error propagation effectJA-LING WU conference paper
1902007A parallelism encoding framework for the temporal scalability of H.264/AVC scalable extensionShu-Sian Yang; JA-LING WU ; Sung-Wen Wang; Hong-Ming Chen; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper50
1912014A PCM translation layer for integrated memory and storage managementTEI-WEI KUO conference paper150
1922007A Perceptually Constrained GSVD-based Approach for Enhancing Speech Corrupted by Colored NoiseLIN-SHAN LEE ; Ju, Gwo-Hwa; Lee, Lin-Shan journal article158
1931998A performance study of instruction cache prefetching methodsWEI-CHUNG HSU journal article1612
1941998A Personalized Information Search and Extraction AgentYUNG-JEN HSU other
1952016A phase 3b study of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin in Taiwanese patients with chronic genotype 2 hepatitis C virus infectionChin-Fu Tsao; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Chien, Rong-Nan; Yu-Hao Chen; Jin-Hau Kuo; Chang, Ting-Tsung; Chia-Wei Lin; Peng, Cheng-Yuan; Ja-Ling Wu ; Hu, Tsung-Hui; Lo, Gin-Ho; Wang, Horng-Yuan; Chen, Jyh-Jou; Yang, Jenny C.; Knox, Steven J.; Han, Lingling; Mo, Hongmei; Mathias, Anita; Brainard, Diana M.; Sheen, I-Shyan; Hsu, Yu-Chun; Chu, Chi-Jen; Chuang, Wan-Longjournal article1619
1962000A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Optimal Product-Requirement Communication Spanning TreesKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article2116
1972000A polynomial-time approximation scheme for minimum routing cost spanning treesKUN-MA0 CHAO journal article
1982011A portable, efficient inter-core communication scheme for embedded multicore platformsSHIH-HAO HUNG ; Hung, Shih-Hao ; Tu, Chia-Heng; Yang, Wen-Longjournal article66
1992003A power-aware SWDR cell for reducing cache write powerChang, Yen-Jen; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Lai, Feipeijournal article00
2002005A practical foveation-based rate-shaping mechanism for MPEG videosHo, Chia-Chiang; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Cheng, Wen-Huangjournal article1411
2012009A predictive shutdown technique for GPU shader processorsCHIA-LIN YANG ; Wang, Po-Han; Chen, Yen-Ming; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Cheng, Yu-Jungjournal article1411
2022007A priority selected cache algorithm for video relay in streaming applicationsRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Shin-Hung; Chang, Ray-I ; Ho, Jan-Ming; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article78
2032012A profile-driven dynamic application offloading scheme for Android systemsSHIH-HAO HUNG conference paper10
2042002A programmable memory hierarchy for prefetching linked data structuresCHIA-LIN YANG book20
2052008A progressive-ILP based routing algorithm for cross-referencing biochipsYuh, Ping-Hung; YAO-WEN CHANG ; CHIA-LIN YANG ; Sapatnekar, S.; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Chang, Yao-Wen conference paper580
2062009A progressive-ILP-based routing algorithm for the synthesis of cross-referencing biochipsYAO-WEN CHANG ; CHIA-LIN YANG journal article25
2071985A Prolog Environment for Developing and Reasoning About Data TypesJIEH HSIANG conference paper
2082011A QoS guaranteed cache design for environment friendly computingTEI-WEI KUO conference paper00
2092012A ranking-based KNN approach for multi-label classificationSHOU-DE LIN journal article
2102011A rapid method for detecting geographically disconnected areas after disastersCHI-SHENG SHIH conference paper50
2111998A real-time continuous gesture recognition system for sign languageMING OUHYOUNG conference paper2750
2122005A real-time semi-automatic video segmentation system based on mathematical morphologyJA-LING WU ; Chia-Hao Chang ; Chi-Hao Wu; Jun-Cheng Chen; Jin-Hau Kuo; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper10
2132012A real-time, energy-efficient system software suite for heterogeneous multicore platformsHung, Shih-Hao ; TEI-WEI KUO ; SHIH-HAO HUNG ; Shih, Chi-Sheng ; Kuo, Tei-Wei ; Tu, Chia-Heng; Chang, Che-Weiconference paper50
2142003A reasoning framework for heterogeneous XMLShieh, Yuh-Pyng; JIEH HSIANG ; Chen, Chung-Chen; Hsiang, Jieh conference paper00
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6632003Bond Price VolatilityLyuu, Yuh-Dauh text
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7002016Building a KVM-based hypervisor for a heterogeneous system architecture compliant systemWEI-CHUNG HSU conference paper50
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7022011Building a scalable and portable message-passing library for embedded multicore systemsHung, Shih-Hao ; SHIH-HAO HUNG ; CHI-SHENG SHIH ; Chiu, Po-Hsun; Shih, Chi-Sheng conference paper30
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7042012Building and optimizing a scalable and portable message-passing library for embedded multicore systemsSHIH-HAO HUNG journal article
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8192015Combination of feature engineering and ranking models for paper-author identification in KDD Cup 2013SHOU-DE LIN journal article
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