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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
HUANG-YU WANG王皇玉Interdisciplinary Legal StudiesCriminal Policy; Criminal Law
JEN-GUANG LIN林仁光Interdisciplinary Legal StudiesFinancial Law; Corporate Securities Law; International Commercial Law
KEVIN CHIEN-CHANG WU吳建昌Psychiatry-NTUH; Brain and Mind Sciences; Interdisciplinary Legal Studies; Medical Education and Bioethics; Psychiatry; Health Policy and ManagementPharmaceutical policy; Neuroethics and neurolaw; Bioethics (including medical ethics); Public health ethics and law; Science and technology ethics; Health care law and policy
KUAN-LING SHEN沈冠伶Interdisciplinary Legal Studies; LawCivil Non-contentious Law; Arbitration Law; Family Proceedings Act
MING-JYE HUANG黃銘傑Interdisciplinary Legal StudiesCorporate Governance; Corporation Law; Theory and Practice of Fair Trade Law
SHU-HUAN SHYUU許士宦Interdisciplinary Legal StudiesBankruptcy Law; Civil Procedure Law; Compulsory Execution Law
TAY-SHENG WANG王泰升Interdisciplinary Legal StudiesAnglo-American Jurisprudence; Western Legal and Political Thoughts