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12024Therapeutic Application of Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook for Retinopathy Caused by Ultraviolet Radiation and Chemotherapy Using ARPE-19 Cells and Mouse RetinaCheng, Chi Feng; Wang, Sheue Er; Lu, Chen Wen; Nguyen, Thi Kim Ngan; Shen, Szu Chuan; CHIA YING LIEN ; Chuang, Wu Chang; Lee, Ming Chung; Wu, Chung HsinPlants
22024Low-dose CT screening among never-smokers with or without a family history of lung cancer in Taiwan: a prospective cohort studyChang, Gee-Chen; Chiu, Chao-Hua; CHONG-JEN YU ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chang, Ya-Hsuan; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Wu, Yu-Chung; CHIH-YI CHEN ; Hsu, Hsian-He; Wu, Ming-Ting; Yang, Cheng-Ta; Chong, Inn-Wen; Lin, Yu-Ching; Hsia, Te-Chun; Lin, Meng-Chih; Su, Wu-Chou; Lin, Chih-Bin; Lee, Kang-Yun; Wei, Yu-Feng; Lan, Gong-Yau; Chan, Wing P; Wang, Kao-Lun; Wu, Mei-Han; Tsai, Hao-Hung; Chian, Chih-Feng; Lai, Ruay-Sheng; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; Wang, Chi-Liang; Hsu, Jui-Sheng; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Chen, Chun-Ku; Hsia, Jiun-Yi; Peng, Chung-Kan; Tang, En-Kuei; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Chou, Teh-Ying; Shen, Wei-Chih; Tsai, Ying-Huang; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Chen, Yuh-Min; Lee, Yu-Chin; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Chen, Chien-Jen; Wan, Yung-Liang; Hsiung, Chao Agnes; PAN-CHYR YANG The Lancet. Respiratory medicine6
32023Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screening in Relatives With a Family History of Lung CancerWang, Chi-Liang; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Chang, Ya-Hsuan; CHAO-CHI HO ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Cheung, Yun-Chung; Huang, Pei-Ching; Chen, Yu-Ruei; Chen, Chih-Yi ; Hsu, Chung-Ping; Hsia, Jiun-Yi; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Yang, Shi-Yi; Li, Yao-Jen; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chuang, Cheng-Yen; Hsiung, Chao A; Chen, Yuh-Min; Huang, Ming-Shyan; CHONG-JEN YU ; KUAN-YU CHEN ; Su, Wu-Chou; Chen, Jeremy J W; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Chen, Chien-Jen; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Tsai, Ying-Huang; Chang, Gee-ChenJournal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer20
42023Therapeutic Effects of Plant Extracts of Anoectochilus roxburghii on Side Effects of Chemotherapy in BALB/c Breast Cancer MiceCheng, Chi-Feng; Lu, Chen-Wen; Wu, Wen-Jhen; Su, Li-Yu; Nguyen, Thi Kim Ngan; Shen, Szu-Chuan; CHIA YING LIEN ; Chuang, Wu-Chang; Lee, Ming-Chung; Wu, Chung-HsinPlants (Basel, Switzerland)31
52023Effects of cognitive demand during acute exercise on inhibitory control and its electrophysiological indices: A randomized crossover studyChueh, Ting-Yu; CHIAO-LING HUNG ; Chang, Yu-Kai; Huang, Chung-Ju; Hung, Tsung-MinPhysiology & behavior10
62023A service facility location problem considering customer preference and facility capacityCHENG-NAN KANG ; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; Chiang, Po Hsuan; JIUN-YU YU Computers and Industrial Engineering43
72023Challenges of the eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system for pathologists focusing on early stage lung adenocarcinomaWang, Yu-Ting; Chang, Il-Chi; CHIH-YI CHEN ; Hsia, Jiun-Yi; Lin, Frank Cheau-Feng; Chao, Wan-Ru; Ke, Tuan-Ying; Chen, Ya-Ting; Chen, Chih-Jung; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Huang, Shiu-FengThoracic cancer10
82023應用虛擬實境教學於網球技能提升之研究HSIAO-HAN CHAO; 趙曉涵 教育部教學實踐研究計畫
92023探討書籍教材閱讀輔助瑜珈課程培養身體覺察能力之學習成效蘇玫尹 ; MEI-YIN SU教育部教學實踐研究計畫
102023Association of smoking and ALK tyrosine-kinase inhibitors on overall survival in treatment-naïve ALK-positive advanced lung adenocarcinomaZheng, Zhe-Rong; Ku, Hsiu-Ying; Chen, Kun-Chieh; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; Wang, Chih-Liang; CHIH-YI CHEN ; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Huang, Ming-Shyan; CHONG-JEN YU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chou, Teh-Ying; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; Wang, Chun-Chieh; Liu, Tsang-Wu; Hsia, Jiun-Yi; Chang, Gee-ChenFrontiers in Oncology00
112023Workplace learning: A context of college students' career exploration through sport internshipWAN-CHEN LU ; Lin, SH; Chen, MY; Chen, CHINNOVATIONS IN EDUCATION AND TEACHING INTERNATIONAL00
122023以學習遷移與多元教學方法導入排球初級課程之評估呂宛蓁 ; WAN-CHEN LU教育部教學實踐研究計畫
132022Recalibrating Risk Prediction Models by Synthesizing Data Sources: Adapting the Lung Cancer PLCO Model for TaiwanChien, Li-Hsin; Chen, Tzu-Yu; Chen, Chung-Hsing; KUAN-YU CHEN ; Hsiao, Chin-Fu; Chang, Gee-Chen; Tsai, Ying-Huang; Su, Wu-Chou; Huang, Ming-Shyan; Chen, Yuh-Min; CHIH-YI CHEN ; SHENG-KAI LIANG ; CHUNG-YU CHEN ; Wang, Chih-Liang; Hung, Hsiao-Han; Jiang, Hsin-Fang; Hu, Jia-Wei; Rothman, Nathaniel; Lan, Qing; Liu, Tsang-Wu; Chen, Chien-Jen; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Chang, I-Shou; Hsiung, Chao ACancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology10
142022Acute circulatory and femoral hemodynamic responses induced by standing core exercise at different rotational cadence: a crossover studyHSIN-FU LIN ; Chou, Chun-Chung; Chao, Hsiao-Han; Wang, Soun-Cheng; Chen, Chen-HuanBMC sports science, medicine & rehabilitation10
152022階段性自我導向學習及多媒體輔助教學導入桌球課程之評估=Evaluation of introducing Staged Self-directed Learning and Multimedia-Assisted Teaching to Table Tennis CourseWAN-CHEN LU ; MING-HAN WU ; YI-CHIEH CHEN 臺灣運動教育學報0
162022The Relationships among Proactive Personality, Work Engagement, and Perceived Work Competence in Sports Coaches: The Moderating Role of Perceived Supervisor SupportLin, Shin-Huei; WAN-CHEN LU ; YI-CHIEH CHEN ; Wu, Ming-HanInternational journal of environmental research and public health22
172022學校運動教練工作不安全感、組織認同、工作倦怠與工作退縮行為:工作要求-資源模式之觀點=Job insecurity, organizational identification, job burnout, and withdrawal behavior among school sports coaches: A job demands-resources model perspectiveWAN-CHEN LU ; YI-CHIEH CHEN ; MING-HAN WU ; 陳怡雯; 鄭志富體育學報0
182022Effect of a Strategic Physical Activity Program on Cognitive Flexibility among Children with Internet Addiction: A Pilot StudyYU-HSIEN TSENG ; HSIAO-HAN CHAO ; CHIAO-LING HUNG Children (Basel, Switzerland)21
192022Protective effect of Cordyceps militaris extract on myocardial injury and osteoporosis in chemotherapy miceCheng, Chi Feng; CHIA YING LIEN ; Wu, Wen Jhen; Lu, Chen Wen; Wu, Chung HsinNutritional Sciences Journal10
202022Electrothermally actuated artificial muscles from the silver-polyethylene-terephthalate core-shell structureLiu, YL; WEN-SHIN LEE ; Yang, FQ; Ouyang, H; Lee, SanbohJOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH00
212022Effects of a single bout of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on executive functions in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysisChueh, TY; Hsieh, SS; Tsai, YJ; Yu, CL; CHIAO-LING HUNG ; Benzing, V; Schmidt, M; Chang, YK; Hillman, CH; Hung, TMPSYCHOLOGY OF SPORT AND EXERCISE911
222022階段性自我導向學習及多媒體輔助教學 導入桌球課程之評估=Evaluation of introducing Staged Self-directed Learning and Multimedia-Assisted Teaching to Table Tennis CourseWAN-CHEN LU ; 呂宛蓁教育部教學實踐研究計畫
232022When coaching is a calling: A moderated mediating model among school sports coachesWAN-CHEN LU ; Lin, SH; Cheng, CF; Wu, MHINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE & COACHING22
242021Perturbations of Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Cardiovascular Responses and Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Early-Stage Breast CancerHSIN-FU LIN ; Tseng, Ching-Ying; Mündel, Toby; Lin, Yi-Yuan; Lin, Chung-Chi; Chen, Chiao-Nan; Liao, Yi-HungBiology21
252021Effects of backhand stroke styles on bone mineral content and density in postmenopausal recreational tennis players: a cross-sectional pilot investigationWang, Ho-Seng; Tsai, Yi-Shan; Chen, Yung-Chih; HSIAO-HAN CHAO ; Lin, Hsin-Shih; Chiang, Yi-Pin; Chen, Hou-YuBMC women's health01
262021Effects of Focal Radiation on [18F]-Fluoro-D-Glucose Positron Emission Tomography in the Brains of Miniature Pigs: Preliminary Findings on Local MetabolismCHUN-I YEH ; MEI-FANG CHENG ; FU-REN XIAO ; YI-CHIEH CHEN ; Liu, Chien Chu; Chen, Hung Yi; RUOH-FANG YEN ; YU-TEN JU ; Chen, Yilin; Bodduluri, Mohan; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI ; Chong, Ngot Swan; Wu, Liang Hsiang; Adler, John R.; Schneider, Michael BretNeuromodulation56
272021Homebased Standing Core Exercise Training Improves Femoral Blood Flow but not Arterial Stiffness in Middle-Aged to Older AdultsHSIN-FU LIN ; Wang, Soun Cheng; Cheng, Hao Min; Sugawara, JunArtery Research21
282021The Combined Effects of Obesity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness Are Associated with Response Inhibition: An ERP StudyChi, Lin; CHIAO-LING HUNG ; Lin, Chi-Yen; Song, Tai-Fen; Chu, Chien-Heng; Chang, Yu-Kai; Zhou, ChenglinInternational journal of environmental research and public health44
292021Influences of Recreational Tennis-Playing Exercise Time on Cardiometabolic Health Parameters in Healthy Elderly: The ExAMIN AGE StudyHSIAO-HAN CHAO ; Liao, Yi-Hung; Chou, Chun-ChungInternational journal of environmental research and public health76
302021The Related Risk Factors of Diabetic Retinopathy in Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Hospital-Based Cohort Study in TaiwanChiu, Tsai-Tung; Tsai, Tien-Lung; MEI-YIN SU ; Yang, Tsan; Tseng, Peng-Lin; Lee, Yau-Jiunn; Lee, Chao-HsienInternational journal of environmental research and public health44
312021Overexpression of adiponectin receptor 1 inhibits brown and beige adipose tissue activity in miceChen, Yu-Jen; Lin, Chiao Wei; Peng, Yu Ju; Huang, Chao Wei; Chien, Yi Shan; Huang, Tzu Hsuan; Liao, Pei Xin; WEN-YUAN YANG ; Wang, Mei Hui; Mersmann, Harry J.; SHINN-CHIH WU ; TAI-YUAN CHUANG ; YUAN-YU LIN ; WEN-HUNG KUO ; SHIH-TORNG DING International Journal of Molecular Sciences42
322021美學教育融入現代舞課程的學習效果WEN-SHIN LEE; 李文心 教育部教學實踐研究計畫
332021探討改善姿勢課題融入健康體適能課程對學習成效的影響MEI-YIN SU; 蘇玫尹 ; 賴家欣教育部教學實踐研究計畫
342021不同教學策略對網球動作技能學習成效及後設認知之影響HSIAO-HAN CHAO; 趙曉涵 教育部教學實踐研究計畫
352021多媒體輔助教學導入排球課程之評估=Evaluation of introducing multi-media teaching assistance to volleyball course呂宛蓁 教育部教學實踐研究計畫
362021疫情之下改變的體育教學模式陳逸杰 臺大體育0
372021Chinese Herbal Medicine, Guilu Erxian Glue, as Alternative Medicine for Adverse Side Effects of Chemotherapy in Doxorubicin-Treated Cell and Mouse ModelsCHIA YING LIEN ; Lu, Chen-Wen; Lin, Yi-Hsuan; Wu, Wan-Jhen; Hsu, Chih-Hsiang; TAI-YUAN CHUANG ; Lin, Kuei-Fu; Chuang, Wu-Chang; Lee, Ming-Chung; Wu, Chung-HsinEvidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM118
382021Resting Theta/Beta Ratios Mediate the Relationship Between Motor Competence and Inhibition in Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderLin, Chi-Fang; Huang, Chung-Ju; Tsai, Yu-Jung; Chueh, Ting-Yu; CHIAO-LING HUNG ; Chang, Yu-Kai; Hung, Tsung-MinFrontiers in psychology10
392021Multiple Criteria Decision-Making for Developing an International Game Participation Strategy: A Novel Application of the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Two-Stage Efficiency ProcessYI-CHIEH CHEN ; LIN-HUAN HU ; WAN-CHEN LU ; Wu, JZ; Yang, JJMATHEMATICS33
402021Ultrafast ultrasound-derived muscle strain measure correlates with carotid local pulse wave velocity in habitual resistance-trained individualsHSIN-FU LIN ; Liao Y.-H; Li P.-C.; PAI-CHI LI Applied Sciences (Switzerland)00
412020生涯建構理論視角:運動教練核心自我評價與職涯高原之關係=Relationship between core self-evaluation and career plateau of sports coach: A perspective of career construction theory胡丞筑; 呂宛蓁 臺灣運動心理學報0
422020長期運動介入對ADHD兒童之效益:文獻回顧=Benefits of long-term exercise interventions on symptoms in children with ADHD: A review蔡雨璇; 趙曉涵 ; 洪巧菱 臺灣運動心理學報0
432020有氧運動訓練對高齡老化高脂飼養小鼠心臟結構與心肺功能之影響=The effects of aerobic exercise training on cardiac structure and cardiopulmonary function in aged and high fat diet mice黃以恆; 連家瑩 ; 方進隆; 莊泰源 運動與遊憩研究0
442020Future work-self salience and proactive career behavior among college student-athletes in Taiwan: A career construction model of adaptationWAN-CHEN LU Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education1310
452020運動中心中階經理人專業職能之初探陳逸杰 運動管理
462020Oral treatment with the Chinese herbal supplements B307 enhances muscle endurance of ICR mice after exhaustive swimming via suppressing fatigue, oxidative stress, and inflammationChuang, T.-Y.; Lien, C.-Y.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Lin, K.-F.; Hsu, C.-H.; Wu, W.-J.; Su, L.-Y.; Lu, C.-W.; Wu, C.-H.; CHIA YING LIEN ; TAI-YUAN CHUANG Food Science and Nutrition54
472020Chinese veterinary medicine B307 promotes cardiac performance and skeletal muscle contraction via enhancing intracellular calcium levels and neural electrical activity in animal and cell modelsLien, C.-Y.; Lu, C.-W.; Hsu, C.-H.; Chuang, T.-Y.; Su, L.-Y.; Wu, W.-J.; Jheng, Y.-S.; Lee, M.-C.; Wu, C.-H.; CHIA YING LIEN ; TAI-YUAN CHUANG Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine32
482020Chinese Herbal Medicine Alleviates Thyroidectomy-Induced Cardiopulmonary Exercise Dysfunction in RatsChuang, T.-Y.; Lien, C.-Y.; Hsu, C.-H.; Lu, C.-W.; Wu, C.-H.; CHIA YING LIEN ; TAI-YUAN CHUANG Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine55
492020Muscular fitness, motor competence, and processing speed in preschool childrenTsai, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-J.; Hung, C.-L.; Kao, S.-C.; Lin, C.-F.; Hsieh, S.-S.; Hung, T.-M.; CHIAO-LING HUNG European Journal of Developmental Psychology56
502020Exercise behavior and mood during the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan: Lessons for the futureChang, Y.-K.; Hung, C.-L.; Timme, S.; Nosrat, S.; Chu, C.-H.; CHIAO-LING HUNG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health2625
512019中華職棒轉隊球員表現研究=The analysis of the performance of CPBL transferring players李依穎; 胡林煥 ; 呂宛蓁 臺灣體育學術研究0
522019Motor competence moderates relationship between moderate to vigorous physical activity and resting EEG in children with ADHDChien-Lin Yu; Ting-Yu Chueh; Shu-Shih Hsieh; Yu-Jung Tsai; CHIAO-LING HUNG ; Chung-Ju Huang; Chien-Ting Wu; Tsung-Min HungMental Health and Physical Activity107
532019Effect of the Chemical Potentials of Electrodes on Charge Transport across Molecular JunctionsPeng, Hao Howard; Lin, Geng Min; Lin, Chih Hsun; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN; Wang, Tsai Hui; HSIAO-HAN CHAO ; Ho, Ching Hwa; Hsu, Hsiu FuJournal of Physical Chemistry C87
542019Effects of caffeine and sex on muscle performance and delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise-induced muscle damage: A double-blind randomized trialChen, H.-Y.; Chen, Y.-C.; Tung, K.; Chao, H.-H. ; Wang, H.-S.Journal of Applied Physiology3832
552019中華職棒聯盟球員複數合約簽約前後效率分析=The efficiency analysis of the CPBL players before and after the signing of multi-year-contracts胡林煥 ; 康正男 體育學報00
562019The Effects of Fun Swimming Game Intervention on Forced Vital Capacity and Peak Flow Rate of 5-6 Year-Old ChildrenSri Sumartiningsih; 林信甫 ; 林正常運動生理暨體能學報00
572019《一代宗師》中的武術境界與遊戲人生=Martial Arts Stages and Game-Playing Life in The Grandmaster游添燈 ; 朱禎祥運動文化研究00
582019Cigarette smoking blunts exercise-induced heart rate response among young adult male smokersSumartiningsih, S.; Lin, H.-F. ; Lin, J.-C.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1714
592019真誠崇拜或真誠感染?真誠領導的雙路徑模式=Authentic Worship or Authentic Infection: A Dual-Route Model of Authentic Leadership簡忠仁; 鄭伯壎; 連玉輝 中華心理學刊00
602019《毛月亮》現代舞作欣賞王柏翔; 李文心 臺大體育
612019華人教練威權領導對教練效能知覺之影響:心理集體性中介效果的驗證=Authoritarian leadership among Chinese coach and athlete's perception of coach effectiveness: The mediating role of psychological collectivism黃國恩 ; 郭建志; 鄭志富體育學報00
622019全國中等學校運動會游泳選手運動傷害發生頻率調查研究=An Investigation on Frequency of Sports Injuries of the Swimmers in National High School Athletic Games江信宏; 林謙如 ; 鐘順雄; 林璇興大體育學刊
632019Tensile deformation of artificial muscles: Annealed nylon 6 linesHuang, Y.-W.; Lee, W.-S. ; Yang, F.; Lee, S.Polymer44
642019華人運動團隊差序式領導模式之建構=Differential leadership model for sports teams in a Chinese context鄭志富; 張琪; 王豐家; 黃國恩 體育學報00
652019排球運動員之熱情、基本心理需求及運動員倦怠的關係=Relationships among the passions, basic psychological needs, and athlete burnouts of collegial volleyball athletes李文心 ; 楊裕隆 ; 劉兆達臺大體育學報00
662019Self-monitoring and regulatory fit in internshipLin, S-H.; Lu, W. C. 16th European Congress of Psychology
672019A moderating role of future work self-salience in the relationship between proactive personality and calling of student athletesLu, W. C. ; Lin, S-H.; Kao C. Y.; Chen, Y. L.16th European Congress of Psychology
682019Measurement of the real dielectric permittivity ? <inf>r</inf> of glacial iceAllison, P.; MENG-YAO LU; MIN-ZU WANG; Huang, M. H.A.; Laundrie, A.; Oberla, E.; Wissel, S.; Mase, K.; Sandstrom, P.; LIN-HUAN HU; Kelley, J. L.; Kruse, J.; Hong, E.; Duvernois, M.; Meures, T.; Beheler-Amass, M.; Latif, U. A.; Archambault, S.; Landsman, H.; Gaior, R.; Li, C. J.; Chen, P.; O’ Murchadha, A.; Shultz, A.; Kurusu, K.; Shiao, Y. S.; TIEN-CHEN LIU; Beatty, J. J.; Clark, B. A.; Auffenberg, J.; Christenson, A.; Vieregg, A.; Nir, G.; Hsu, S. Y.; Karle, A.; Haugen, J.; Deaconu, C.; Roth, J.; Seckel, D.; Chen, C. C.; Song, M.; Besson, D. Z.; Friedman, L.; Kim, M. C.; Hanson, J.; Varner, G. S.; Kuwabara, T.; Young, R.; Nichol, R. J.; Touart, J.; LIN-HUAN HU ; MIN-ZU WANG ; PISIN CHEN Astroparticle Physics1917
692019Roger Federer 2005-2018年澳洲網球公開賽各項技術表現之數據分析Data analysis on Roger Federer's performance skills from 2005 to 2018 in Australian open; 林子揚; 趙曉雯; 趙曉涵 臺大體育學報
702019局部振動介入與運動後肌肉硬度變化之探討=The effect of local vibration intervention on post-exercise muscle stiffness changes陳林生; 林信甫 中華體育季刊00
712019談如何撰寫體育班專項術科課程計畫陳志一 ; 李坤培 學校體育
722019編譯2016、2018手球規則修正條文之指引與詮釋-兼論對應的技戰術與注意要項黃欽永 ; 許君恆 ; 曹少樺; 葉翰霖臺大體育00
732019不同急性運動類型對BDNF及干擾控制之影響=The effect of different acute exercise modes on serum BDNF and interference control曾竣瑋; 洪巧菱 ; 趙曉涵 ; 洪聰敏; 王鶴森體育學報00
742019試論手球運動員對規則認知、執行與因應措施之素養黃欽永 ; 李文心 ; 許君恆 臺大體育00
752019Time-dependent deformation of artificial muscles based on Nylon 6Huang, Y.-W.; Lee, W.-S. ; Chuang, Y.-F.; Cao, W.; Yang, F.; Lee, S.Materials Science and Engineering C55
762019Sport volunteering and well-being among college studentsLu, W. C. ; Lin, S-H.; Cheng, C-F.; Chen, M.-Y.Current Psychology75
772019談如何撰寫體育班專項術科課程計畫陳志一 ; 李坤培 學校體育
782018Effect of Acute Exercise Mode on Serum Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Task Switching PerformanceCHIAO-LING HUNG ; Tseng, Jun-Wei; HSIAO-HAN CHAO ; Hung, Tsung-Min; Wang, Ho-SengJournal of clinical medicine4641
792018The career adaptation of college athletes’ career transition process: The application of the proactive motivation modelLu, W. C. ; Lin, S-H.The 9th European Congress of Positive Psychology
802018Professional Volleyball Development in Taiwan’s Sports IndustryHu, L. H. ; Cheng, C. F.; Wu, J. Z.International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems23
812018分析2017-2020年國際柔道規則對於競賽結構之影響–以2017年臺北世界大學運動會柔道賽為例黃國恩 ; 林淑瓶; 廖偉舜臺大體育00
822018Effects of Acute Exercise on Resting EEG in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderHuang, C.-J.; Huang, C.-W.; Hung, C.-L. ; Tsai, Y.-J.; Chang, Y.-K.; Wu, C.-T.; Hung, T.-M.Child Psychiatry and Human Development1614
832018學校游泳池興整建工程財務可行性分析=Financial Feasibility Analysis of School Swimming Facilities Renovation and Construction Projects in Taiwan莊茗傑; 康正男 臺大體育學報00
842018詠劍入鞘--劍的文化傳衍=Put the Sword into the Sheath: the Cultural Transmission of the Sword游添燈 ; 權五倫; 盧亮廷運動文化研究00
852018運動品牌經營策略研究-以A公司為例胡林煥 臺大體育學報00
862018按摩滾軸與自我肌筋膜放鬆健康效益邱國聖; 簡坤鐘 臺大體育00
872018臺灣運動場地設施研究:回顧與前瞻=Sport Facility Research in Taiwan: Retrospect and Prospect黃賢哲; 康正男 大專體育學刊00
882018增補雙蔘對男性下坡跑後血流動力學與脫氫異雄固酮-硫酸鹽之影響=Effects of Panax ginseng and Salvia miltiorrhiza Supplementation on Arterial Hemodynamics and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate in Men After Downhill Running Exercise童亢; 廖翊宏; 鄭浩民; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
892018Aortic reservoir function of Japanese female pearl diversSugawara, J.; Tomoto, T.; Lin, H.-F. ; Chen, C.-H.; Tanaka, H.Journal of Applied Physiology44
902018太極拳合身亮翅對應的物理意義=The Physical Meaning of Folding-Body-Spreading-Wings (合身亮翅) in Taijiquan游添燈 ; 陳立樹臺大體育學報00
912018大學生主動人格、自我效能與創造力之研究=Proactive personality, self-efficacy, and creativity among college students呂宛蓁 ; 郭哲君臺灣體育學術研究00
922018手球塗抹球膠對選手射門表現之影響=Effects of Using Ball Resin on Throwing Performance in Handball Players張哲嘉; 陳弘斌; 許君恆 ; 蔡鏞申大專體育學刊00
932018組織變革之個案研究:以中國青年救國團經營管理(國民)運動中心為例=A Study of Organizational Change in Civil Sports Center Management: The Case of China Youth Corps簡全亮; 駱騰昆; 吳明翰 中華行政學報00
942018大學運動選手知覺教練訓練行為、同儕關係及教練-選手關係之研究=Coaching Behaviors, Peer Relationship, and Coach-Athlete Relationships Perceived by Athletes in a University李文心 ; 黃欽永 ; 劉兆達臺大體育學報00
952018家長式領導動態歷程分析:以頂尖運動員及其教練為例=The Analysis of Dynamic Processes in Paternalistic Leadership: The Relationship between Elite Tennis Players and Their Coaches連玉輝 ; Jimmy Huang; 鄭伯壎本土心理學研究00
962018Suits的遊戲理論與《師父》=The Game Theory of Suits and The Master游添燈 ; 吳秉昇臺大體育學報00
972018急性阻力運動後不同型態滾筒介入對肌肉與血管硬度變化之初探研究=Effects of Different Types of Foam Roller Intervention on Muscular and Vascular Stiffness After an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise: A Pilot Study黃袖舒; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
982018網球開跳步搶打截擊動作下肢肌電特徵分析=The EMG analysis of lower limb muscles in tennis poaching split-step movement趙曉雯; 吳建志; 趙曉涵 ; 林子揚; 黃僅喻; 盛世慧淡江體育學刊
992018一週短期衝浪訓練對大學游泳選手之效果=The Effect of One-Week Short-Time Surfing Training for the Collegiate Swimmers林謙如 運動教練科學00
1002018國民體育法修法對學校體育相關法制規定之影響=The study of the influence of amendment of the national sports law to the legal regulations related to school sports蘇錦雀; 鄭志富; 蔡秀華 中華體育季刊00
1012018體育行政應用文書鄭志富; 呂宛蓁 體育行政與管理(修訂三版)
1022018運動員使命感中文版量表的發展與驗證=The Development and Validation of Chinese Version Calling Scale for Athletes呂宛蓁 ; 陳志一 ; 吳明翰 臺大體育學報00
10320182018年世界盃足球賽影像助理裁判之應用與影響=Applications, influences and prospects of video assistant referee in 2018 World Cup Russia陳信全; 蔡秀華 ; 楊裕隆 中華體育季刊00
1042018主動人格、未來工作自我顯著對運動休閒科系大學生職涯規劃之研究-調節式中介機制檢驗=Proactive personality, future work self-salience on sports and leisure college students' career planning: A moderating mediation model examination呂宛蓁 ; 郭哲君體育學報00
1052018體育課程實施課後運動評分後大專生運動行為的變化=The Change of College Student Exercise Behavior after Implementing the Grading of Exercise after Class in Physical Education Course蘇玫尹 ; 吳明翰 ; 曾郁嫻 臺大體育學報00
1062017Chapter11賽會服務及後勤呂宛蓁 運動賽會管理
1072017有氧運動訓練對高齡小鼠心血管疾病危險因子之影響=The Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training on Cardiac Vascular Diseases Risks in Aged Mice黃以恆; 徐志翔; 方進隆; 莊泰源 ; 運動與遊憩研究00
1082017跨海籃球追夢經驗的自我敍說=A Self-Narrative of Chasing the Basketball Dream from Kinmen to Taiwan張容軒; 石明宗; 呂碧琴 身體文化學報00
1092017持拍運動與動脈硬化周峻忠; 林維鐘; 朱昌勇; 趙曉涵 ; 林子揚2017國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
1102017A study of proactive motivation model on career developments of college students in sport and leisure departmentLu, W. C. ; Kuo, C.-C.; Chen, L. H.25th EASM Conference 2017
1112017大專籃球隊之行銷模式個案研究-以國立臺灣師範大學公開男一級籃球隊為例=Research on Marketing of Taiwan's UBA Team -Taking National Taiwan Normal University's Men's Basketball Team for ExampleResearch on Marketing of Taiwan's UBA Team -Taking National Taiwan Normal University's Men's Basketball Team for Example; 盧譽誠; 陳志一 臺大體育學報00
1132017Higher power of sensorimotor rhythm is associated with better performance in skilled air-pistol shootersCheng, M.-Y.; Wang, K.-P.; Hung, C.-L. ; Tu, Y.-L.; Huang, C.-J.; Koester, D.; Schack, T.; Hung, T.-M.Psychology of Sport and Exercise3636
1152017大學生參與體育課之熱情、樂趣及運動幸福感-以正向情緒為中介效果=Passion, fun, and well-being in sport for the students participating Physical Education Classes (P.E.C.) in universities in Taiwan-the mediating effect of positive affect劉兆達; 許玫; 鄭秀貴; 李文心 嘉大體育健康休閒期刊00
1162017Chapter12賽會日管理呂宛蓁 運動賽會管理
1172017「我有辦法教他們嗎?」以自我效能理論解構大專院校體育教師面對身心障礙學生之教學歷程初探="Could I teach them?" Using Self-Efficacy Theory to Deconstruct the College Physical Educators’ Process of Teaching Students with Disabilities陳美莉 ; 丁雨婷; 姜義村臺大體育學報00
1182017核心訓練搭配阻力訓練對網球運動員專項體能表現之影響趙曉雯; 吳建志; 趙曉涵 ; 盛世慧; 施惠方2017國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
1192017Delayed Onset Vascular Stiffening Induced by Eccentric Resistance Exercise and Downhill RunningLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Cheng, H-M.; Tanaka, H.Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine44
1202017學校運動場館營運策略分析-以臺大運動休閒館為例=Business Strategy for the University Sports Area of National Taiwan University Sports Center黃國恩 ; 林聯喜 ; 胡林煥 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
1212017The Influences of Place Marketing on Tourists' Perceived Benefits and Visiting Intentions: Test the Moderating Effect of Word-of-Mouth陳美莉 ; 林彥光; Brock T. Jensen; David S. Hydock; Reid Hayward; 連家瑩 運動與遊憩研究00
1222017Social-Ecological Determinants of Elite Student Athletes’ Dual Career Development in Hong Kong and TaiwanRaymond Kim Wai Sum; Hsiu-Hua Tsai ; Amy Sau Ching Ha; Chih-fu Cheng; Fong-jia Wang; Minghui LiSAGE Open1413
1232017運動場館永續發展指標建構與評估=Construction and Evaluation of Sustainable Development Indicators for Sports Facilities康正男 ; 葉公鼎; 陳成業臺灣體育運動管理學報00
1242017運動預適應不影響阿黴素抗癌功效並減緩其所引起心毒素之研究=Exercise Preconditioning Does Not Affect Antitumor Activities of Doxorubicin and Mitigate Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity陳美莉 ; 連家瑩 臺大體育學報00
1252017節慶活動遊客行前決策、體驗滿意度與重遊意願之關係模式=A Study of the Relationship model among Pre-Tour Decision Making, Satisfaction and Willingness to Revisit of a Festival Activity黃振紅; 呂碧琴 ; 林謙如 臺大體育學報00
1262017持拍運動對延緩血管老化之生理效益探討=Racket Sport Participation on Delaying Vascular Aging周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 陳美莉 ; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
1272017以先期作業觀點評估運動場館委外關鍵成功因素分析=A study of the critical operational indicators on the outsourced sport venues during its developing period周宇輝; 簡全亮; 康正男 體育學報00
1282017The Relationship between Sports and Organizational PerformanceKang Cheng-Nan The 25th EASM conference
1292017臺灣羽球運動之地緣戰略探析=Geostrategic Approach to Promote Badminton in TaiwanGeostrategic Approach to Promote Badminton in Taiwan; 陳志一 ; 李建興大專體育學刊00
1302017臺灣發展運動城市指標之研究蔡秀華 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
1312017Racket Sport Participation on Delaying Vascular Aging周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 陳美莉 ; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
1322017跑步的迷思與訓練課表簡坤鐘 臺大體育00
1332017彈性運動貼布的機械性特色=Mechanical Characteristics of Adhesive Elastic Athletic Tape施智恒; 吳婉鈴; 林謙如 華人運動生物力學期刊00
1342017工作控制與運動實習成效之關係:主動人格的調節效果=The moderating role of proactive personality between job control and sport internship effectiveness呂宛蓁 體育學報00
1352017媒合企業與運動員之計畫執行陳志一 ; 李坤培 國民體育季刊
1362017超級籃球聯賽之球隊發展史-以臺灣啤酒籃球隊為例=Research of Super Basketball League Team Development- A Case of Taiwan Beer Basketball Team張容軒; 陳志一 ; 周俊三臺大體育學報00
1372017探討大學生於水肺潛水運動中認真性休閒之相關因素=To study Serious Leisure of Undergraduates in Recreational Diving Activities蔡鋒樺; 蘇玫尹 ; 王宏義中原體育學報00
1382017The Relationship between physical fitness and inhibitory ability in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: An event-related potential studyTsai, Y.J.; Hung, C.L. ; Tsai, C.L.; Chang, Y.K.; Huang, C.J.; Hung, T.M.Psychology of Sport and Exercise108
1392016Protective Effects of a Novel Panax Ginseng and Salvia Miltiorrhiza Mixture on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Cardiac Dysfunction in RatsTsai, S-C.; Chuang, S-J.; Lin, H-F. ; Chen, C-Y.; Chen, C-N.; Liao, Y-H.Adaptive Medicine
1402016北海岸及觀音山國家風景區海域運動與觀光景點屬性偏好研究=A Study of the Attribute Preferences for the Products of Marine Sports and Scenic Spot Tours Provided by the North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration曹校章; 林聯喜 臺灣體育學術研究00
1412016大學生參與興趣選項體育課之研究 —熱情、樂趣與幸福感李文心 國立體育大學體育研究所博士論文
1422016中華職棒球隊經營效率研究=Performance Assessments for the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL)胡林煥 ; 林華韋; 吳忠政運動教練科學00
1432016女子羽球單打比賽技術分析-以2013年馬來西亞羽球公開賽為例=Analysis of Matched Statistics of Women’s Singles Badminton Tournament in Malaysia Open 2013Analysis of Matched Statistics of Women’s Singles Badminton Tournament in Malaysia Open 2013; 江佩欣; 廖焜福; 陳志一 臺大體育學報00
1442016A Study of Key Factors for The Professional Volleyball Development in TaiwanHU, L. H. ; Cheng, C. F.; Wu, J. Z.18th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (IJIE2016)
1452016Internship performance and satisfaction in sports: Application of the proactive motivation modelLu, W.C. ; Kuo, C.-C.Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education1317
1462016大學生參與體育課之運動熱情及運動幸福感-以樂趣為中介效果=Passion and well-being in sport for physical education programs of the college students--the mediating effect of the fun李文心 ; 杜玉玲; 劉兆達運動與遊憩研究00
1472016臺灣優秀運動員生涯輔導模式建置之研究=The construction of a career developmental counseling model for Taiwanese athletes鄭志富; 蔡秀華 ; 郭哲君體育學報00
1482016華人差序式領導對運動團隊效能之影響=The impact of chinese differential leadership on performance in sports teams黃國恩 ; 鄭志富中華體育季刊00
1492016學校游泳教學風險管理之探討黃信傑; 蔡秀華 臺大體育00
1502016以神經電生理取向探討身體活動在ADHD兒童症狀與認知功能效益:文獻回顧與展望=Exploring the Effects of Physical Activity on Children with ADHD from a Neuroelectric Approach: A Literature Review and Future Prospects洪巧菱 ; 蔡侑蓉; 黃崇儒; 洪聰敏應用心理研究00
1512016實施個人與社會責任模式對降低學生知覺他人影響學習行為之探究=Studies of Decreasing Students' Perception Interruptions of Classmates' Learning Behavior by Implementation of TPSR Model李文心 ; 楊裕隆 ; 林章榜臺大體育學報00
1522016高中體育班體育專業課程教師專業能力需求分析研究=A Study of the Competence Needed by Physical Education Teachers in High School Athletic Class陳志一 ; 李坤培 身體文化學報00
1532016Traveling by Private Motorized Vehicle and Physical Fitness in Taiwanese AdultsLiao, Y.; Tsai, H.-H. ; Wang, H.-S.; Lin, C.-P.; Wu, M.-C.; Chen, J.-F.International Journal of Behavioral Medicine109
1542016臺北市運動中心營運績效指標建構之研究=Operational Performance of Taipei Sports Centers and Constructing Indicators for Assessment李展瑋; 鄭志富; 蔡秀華 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
1552016大學生體育課之運動熱情、正向情意、流暢體驗及運動幸福感之預測分析=The predictive analysis of passion in sport, positive affect, flow, and well-being in sport for optional physical education programs (O.P.E.P.) of the college students劉兆達; 吳海助; 李文心 ; 張富鈞臺灣體育學術研究00
15620162011世界羽球錦標賽之女子雙打羽球技術分析研究=The Technical Analysis of Women's Doubles In 2011 London World Badminton ChampionshipsThe Technical Analysis of Women's Doubles In 2011 London World Badminton Championships; 蔡佩玲; 廖焜福; 陳志一 臺大體育學報00
1572016Acute effects of Core Rotation Exercise on Leg HemodynamicsLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Chao, H-H. ; Tung, Kang.2016 Annual Meeting of American College in Sports Medicine
1582016科技與技術:跆拳道電子護具之比賽技術的田野研究=Technology and skill: A field study of the impact on taekwondo competitive skills by using electronic protective gear李亦芳; 蔡秀華 ; 程瑞福體育學報00
1592016高齡者消費型運動健身服務需求=Needs Required at Fitness Centers That Accommodate Senior Citizens吳冠霖; 周學雯; 蔡秀華 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
1602016試論國內外手球裁判吹判的差異及其對攻守技術發展的影響張簡坤明; 李文心 ; 黃欽永 臺大體育00
1612016Panax ginseng and salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation abolishes eccentric exercise-induced vascular stiffening: A double-blind randomized control trialLin, H.-F. ; Tung, K.; Chou, C.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Lin, J.-G.; Tanaka, H.BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine109
1622016我國排球運動職業化之關鍵因素胡林煥 ; 吳吉政第十二屆臺灣作業研究學會年會暨學術研討會 (ORSTW 2016)
1632016如何營造高齡者運動環境張家榮; 林恩麒; 康正男 運動管理
1642016臺灣大學男子手球隊比賽攻守技術分析--以參加2015年蚌埠醫學院手球邀請賽為例李文心 ; 楊裕隆 ; 黃欽永 臺大體育00
1652016大學生參與體育課之情意、滿意度及運動幸福感-以樂趣為中介效果=Affection, Satisfaction, and well-being in sport for participating physical education programs of the college students-the mediating effect of the fun李文心 ; 劉兆達; 吳海助; 許玫琇臺灣體育學術研究00
1662016中強度急性運動對注意力缺陷過動症孩童空間工作記憶的影響=Effect of moderate intensity acute exercise on spatial working memory in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder余建霖; 蔡侑蓉; 洪巧菱 ; 黃崇儒; 吳建霆; 洪聰敏體育學報00
1672016國民運動中心OT委外可行性評估架構分析=A Study of the Feasibility Framework for Outsourcing the Civil Recreational Centers簡全亮; 林聯喜 ; 周宇輝臺大體育學報00
1682016體育課樂趣理論與研究之評析李文心 ; 劉兆達; 黃欽永 臺大體育00
1692016運動熱情研究之探討李文心 ; 黃欽永 ; 劉兆達臺大體育00
1702016Ophiocordyceps formosana improves hyperglycemia and depression-like behavior in an STZ-induced diabetic mouse modelHuang, C.-W.; Hong, T.-W.; Wang, Y.-J.; Chen, K.-C.; Pei, J.-C.; Chuang, T.-Y. ; Lai, W.-S.; Tsai, S.-H.; Chu, R.; Chen, W.-C.; Sheen, L.-Y.; Takahashi, S.; Ding, S.-T. ; TANG-LONG SHEN ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Sheen L.-Y. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine1916
1712016The Application of Sustainability Balanced Scorecard: Activating Operating and Management Performance of Public School Swimming PoolKang Cheng-Nan ; Chuang Shu-TingThe 12th Asian Association of Sports Management Conference AASM 2016
1722016我國體適能專業指導員政策之回顧與探討=A review of physical fitness instructor policy in Taiwan蔡秀華 ; 郭哲君; 呂宛蓁 臺灣體育學術研究00
1732016Travel mode, transportation-related physical activity, and risk of overweight in Taiwanese adultsYung Liao; Hsiu Hua Tsai ; Ho-Seng Wang; Ching-Ping Lin; Min Chen Wu; Jui-Fu ChenJournal of Transport and Health2322
1742016臺灣大學大一新生體適能檢測研究分析=Survey Research on Physical Fitness of National Taiwan University Freshmen林聯喜 ; 王學中; 何易璇臺大體育學報
1752016運動情境中的家長式教練領導研究回顧=Literature review of coach's paternalistic leadership in the sport context林姿葶; 連玉輝 體育學報00
1762016教育部學生水域運動發展策略-現況與未來建議莊淑婷; 吳明翰 學校體育
1772016大學生休閒運動心理需求、生活壓力與幸福感之研究-以國立臺灣大學為例=Study of Psychological Needs黃中興; 張少熙; 黃國恩 臺大體育學報00
1782016Taijiquan and the Body without Organs: a holistic framework for sport philosophyYu, T.-D. ; Ilundain-Agurruza, J.Journal of the Philosophy of Sport33
1792016Neuroelectric and behavioral effects of acute exercise on task switching in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHung, C. L. ; Huang, C. J.; Tsai, Y. J.; Chang, Y. K.; Hung, T. M.Frontiers in Psychology00
1802016Panax ginseng and Salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation during eccentric resistance training in middle-aged and older adults: A double-blind randomized control trialHsin-Fu Lin ; Chun-Chung Chou; Hsiao-Han Chao ; Hirofumi TanakaComplementary Therapies in Medicine45
1812016開放水域戲水和游泳活動風險因子與其因應方式簡全亮; 康正男 學校體育
1822015體育教學安全管理概述與實務黃國恩 學校體育
1832015The role of job autonomy in internship satisfaction: A Study of college students in sport-major departmentLu, W. C. ; Lin, S-H.14th European Congress of Sport Psychology
1842015Psychometric properties of future work self salience scale for Chinese student athletesKuo, C. C.; Lu, W. C. ; Cheng, C.-F.14th European Congress of Sport Psychology
1852015不同型態離心運動對脈波傳導速率與脂締素之影響=Effects of Different Types of Eccentric Exercise on Pulse Wave Velocity and Adiponectin Response黃君秦; 蔡政霖; 王鶴森; 丁詩同; 林信甫 體育學報00
1862015臺灣職業棒球運動永續發展策略=The Sustainable Development Strategy for Taiwanese Professional Baseball康正男 ; 林子涵; 葉公鼎; 林華韋臺灣體育運動管理學報00
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1922015運動中心女性行銷策略之個案研究=Female Marketing Strategy in Sport Center王豐家; 鄭志富; 蔡秀華 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
1932015Physical Fitness and Resting EEG in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Exploratory StudyHuang, C.W.; Huang, C.J.; Hung, C.L. ; Shih, C.H.; Hung, T.M.Journal of Psychophysiology00
1942015運動基金會模式試行芻議=The Beginning Model of Sports Foundation李翔群; 黃國恩 ; 黃中興臺大體育學報
1952015學校體育活動之安全管理蔡秀華 ; 黃信傑學校體育
1962015Effects of panax ginseng and salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation with eccentric-biased resistance training on body composition and muscle strength on postmenopausal womenLin H. F. ; Chou, C. C.; Chao, H. H. ; Tsai, Y. C.; Chen, C. Y.38th?NSCA Annual Conference. Orlando, USA.
1972015The Service Strategy of NTU Sports CenterHuang Kuo-Eu ; Kang Cheng Nan The 2015 Asia Association Sport Management Conference
1982015頂尖網球選手發球優勢與發球落點之性別差異研究=The Gender Differences on Serve Advantage and Serve Placement in Top Tennis Players趙曉涵 ; 王鶴森運動教練科學00
1992015臺北市民對2017臺北世界大學運動會之認知與支持度研究陳信中; 林聯喜 ; 洪乙人臺大體育學報00
2002015休閒漁池遊憩吸引力與體驗滿意度之關係-以體驗價值為中介之效果=The Relationships among the Recreation Attraction and Experiential Satisfaction of Leisure Fishpond: Taking Experiential Value as a Intervening Variables黃振紅; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
2012015Effects of Chinese herb?supplementation with eccentric-biased resistance training on body composition and muscle strength in postmenopausal womenLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Chao, H-H. ; Tsai, Y-S.; Chen, C-Y. 2015 Annual Meeting of National Strength and Conditioning Association
2022015同運動順序的複合式訓練對肌力與爆發力影響之初討莊鈞凱; 何仁育; 吳明翰 2015國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
2032015施密茨身體現象學與太極拳的氣能美學=Hermann Schmitz's Body Phenomenology and Tai-Chi Chuan's Aesthetics of Atmosphere游添燈 運動文化研究00
2042015Research On Salary To Performance Of Players With Multi-Year Contract In CPBLHU, L. H. 11th AASM 2015 Conference.
2052015核心訓練搭配阻力訓練對大專甲組女子網球選手技能表現之影響=The Effects of Core Exercise Combined with Resistance Exercise Training on Tennis skill Performance in Elite College Female Tennis Players趙曉雯; 趙曉涵 ; 王鶴森; 周峻忠體育學報00
2062015The Effects of Core Exercise Combined with Resistance Exercise Training on Groundstroke and Serve Performance in Elite Female Tennis PlayersChao, H. W.; Wu, C. C.; Chao, H. H. ; Lin, T. Y.; Chou, C. C.第14屆華人運動生理與體適能學者學會年會
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2092015單次站立閉鎖式核心旋轉運動對血管功能之立即生理效益研究趙曉涵 ; 周峻忠; 趙曉雯; 林信甫 2015國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
2102015體育在通識教育之角色洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏通識在線
2112015學校運動安全管理陳志一 學校體育
2122015Oral treatment with the herbal formula B307 alleviates cardiac toxicity in doxorubicin-treated mice via suppressing oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosisLien, C. Y. ; Chuang, T.Y. ; Hsu, C. H.; Lin, C. L.; Wang, S. E.; Sheu, S. J.; Chien, C. T.; Wu, C.H.OncoTargets and Therapy1312
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2142015The Effect of Moderate Endurance Exercise During Doxorubicin-Treatment In Tumor-Bearing MiceChuang, T. Y.; Jensen, B. T.; Chen, M. L.; Cheng, H.; Lien, C. Y. World Molecular Imaging Congress 2015 (WMIC)
2152015十二週雙參增補搭配離心阻力訓練對中老年人身體組成與肌力表現之影響周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 蔡易珊; 陳宗與; 林信甫 2015國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
2162015Effects of Acute Core Rotation on Cardiovascular Response Compared with Lower Leg Resistance Exercise- A Pilot Study by Using ImpedanceChao, H. H. ; Chou, C. C.; Chao, H.W.; Huang, C. C.; Lin H. F. 第14屆華人運動生理與體適能學者學會年會
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2182014運用資料包絡分析法評估企業排球聯賽選手績效表現胡林煥 運動教練科學00
2192014Adiponectin receptor 1 regulates bone formation and osteoblast differentiation by GSK-3β/β-Catenin signaling in miceLin, Y.Y. ; Chen, C.Y. ; Chuang, T.Y. ; Lin, Y.; Liu, H.Y.; Mersmann, H.J.; Wu, S.C. ; SHIH-TORNG DING 5352
2202014男子羽球雙打最後一拍得分技術分析-以2014中華臺北羽球公開賽前八強為例廖焜福; 廖莉安; 陳志一 臺大體育
2212014綜合體育館大型集會活動廠商客戶之服務品質屬性分析=A Study on Service Quality Attributes of Mega Event for Business Customer in Sports Center: Application of the Integrated Model for KANO and IPA康正男 ; 葉允棋; 胡林煥 體育學報00
2222014衝浪運動專業技術分析=Analysis of Professional Surfing Techniques林謙如 ; 吳國輝運動教練科學00
2232014影響優秀劍道選手攻擊時間之關鍵因素=Key Factors Affecting Attack Time in Elite Kendo Players許君恆 ; 陳安寶; 蔡鏞申體育學報00
2242014大專校院學校體育運動志工發展策略指標建構之研究林聯喜 臺大體育學報
2252014從1930到2014世界盃足球賽簡史楊裕隆 學校體育
2262014計畫行為理論之脈絡發展與應用-以運動志工為例呂宛蓁 運動管理
2272014國立臺灣大學發展重點運動代表隊發展歷程之初探-以橄欖球隊為例莊國禎; 游添燈 ; 廖宗耀臺大體育
2282014Type of physical exercise and inhibitory function in older adults: An event-related potential studyHuang, C. J.; Lin, P. C.; Hung, C. L. ; Chang, Y. K.; Hung, T. M.Psychology of Sport and Exercise3131
2292014本土體育運動學術的發展趨勢分析:以1979-2013《體育學報》為例徐振德; 林聯喜 ; 戴玉林; 蔡清華體育學報00
2302014臺灣運動觀光博碩士論文內容分析=Content Analysis of Theses and Dissertations on Sport Tourism in Taiwan吳盛傑; 呂宛蓁 休閒與社會研究
2312014主編的話康正男 運動管理
2322014An analysis on strategies of sustainable development for Chinese Professional Baseball League in TaiwanKang Cheng-Nan The 22th EASM conference in Coventry
2332014Endurance exercise attenuates cardiotoxicity induced by androgen deprivation and doxorubicinParry, T. L.; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Reid, H.Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology910
2342014威權領導:概念源起、現況檢討及未來方向周婉茹; 鄭伯壎; 連玉輝; YU-HUI LIEN ; BOR-SHIUAN CHENG 中華心理學刊 00
2352014臺灣桌球發展歷程之研究=The Research about the Development of Table Tennis in Taiwan黃國恩 ; 邱秀霞; 王傑賢臺大體育學報
2362014Short-term Panax Ginseng And Salvia Miltiorrhiza Supplementation On Pulse Wave Velocity And Dehydroepiandrosterone After Downhill Running ExerciseLin, H-F. ; Tung, K.; Tsai, C-L.; Wang, H-S.; Ding, S-T.; Lin, J-G.2014 Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine
2372014Declined Cardiac Function causes Aerobic Exercise Impairment in the R6/2 Mice of Huntington’s DiseaseChuang, T. Y.; Lien, C. Y. ; Chen, M. L.; Jensen, B. T.; Huang, D. S.; Wang, S. E.; Hsu, C. H.; Wu, C. H.World Molecular Imaging Congress 2014 (WMIC)
2382014國立臺灣大學游泳代表隊102學年度暑期移地訓練報告書林謙如 ; 張一凡臺大體育
23920142016年奧運跆拳道參賽資格之探討-以莊佳佳選手67公斤級為例吳明翰 ; 許夆池; 莊佳佳; 徐台閣2014體育運動學術團體聯合會暨學術研討會
2402014射擊準備期的大腦活動:射擊與動作需求之比較=Brain Dynamics during the Shooting Preparatory Period: A Comparison of Shooting and Motor Demands洪巧菱 ; 陳衣帆; 黃崇儒; 張育愷; 洪聰敏體育學報00
2412014誠實與成績:運動倫理得兼二難之困頓=Honesty and Records: The Dilemma of Sports Ethics游添燈 ; 莊國禎臺大體育學報
2422014Clavicular hook plate may induce subacromial shoulder impingement and rotator cuff lesion - dynamic sonographic evaluationLin, Hsin-Yu; Wong, Poo-Kuang; Ho, Wei-Pin; Chuang, Tai-Yuan ; Liao, Yi-Shyan; Wong, Chin-CheanJournal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research9972
2432014運動贊助的正當性來源與社會資本的補償作用=Sources of Legitimacy and Compensatory Effect of Social Capital on Sport Sponsorship連玉輝 ; 鍾瓊瑤; 林姿葶; Jimmy Huang體育學報00
2442014運動贊助與關係行銷整合模式之效益分析=Benefit Analysis of Sports Sponsorship and Relationship Marketing Combination Model陳信中; 劉玉峯; 康正男 大專體育學刊00
2452014國立臺灣大學97-99學年度大一新生健康體適能調查之研究=Health Physical Fitness Investigation in Freshmen (2008-2010) of National Taiwan University黃國恩 ; 簡坤鐘 ; 楊裕隆 ; 連玉輝 臺大體育學報
2462014單側性與雙側性過肩運動之肩關節活動度特徵:游泳與網球之比較=The Characteristics of Shoulder Range of Motion for Unilateral and Bilateral Overhead Sports: Swimming vs Tennis林謙如 ; 張曉昀體育學報00
2472014咖啡因對中高強度間歇運動後超額攝氧量的影響=Effect of Caffeine on Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption after Moderate-High Intensity Interval Exercise黃香萍; 蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕; 王鶴森體育學報00
2482014學校游泳池永續發展績效評估探析洪敏皓; 林聯喜 ; 康正男 運動管理
2492014Epinephrine inhibits the Activity of AMP-activated Protein Kinase and reversed the effect in growth suppression induced by AICAR in H460 Lung cancer cellsMei-Yin Su ; Jia-Ming Chang2014 IASLC Asia Pacific Lung Cancer Conference
2502014The Effect of Medical Herbs (Danshen and Panax Ginseng) Combination on Doxorubicin-Induced CardiotoxicityLien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Wu, C. H.; Chen, M. L.; Chuang, T. Y.World Molecular Imaging Congress 2014 World Molecular Imaging Congress 2014 (WMIC)
2512014Proactive personality and decision making process among sports volunteersLu, W. C. ; Chen, L. H.; Lin, S-H.2014 European Conference on Positive Psychology
2522014Association Between Proactive Personality and Academic Self–EfficacyLin, S.-H.; Lu, W.C. ; Chen, M.-Y.; Chen, L.H.Current Psychology4038
2532014頂尖網球選手發球落點之性別差異研究趙曉涵 ; 周峻忠; 趙曉雯; 林子揚; 王宇涵; 王鶴森2014體育運動學術團體聯合年會暨學術研討會
2542014Effects of lower-limb eccentric exercise on tennis skill performanceChao, H. H. ; Lin, T. Y.; Chao, H.W.; Chou, C. C.第13屆華人運動生理與體適能學者學會年會
2552014103年度全校運動會游泳賽報導林謙如 臺大體育
2562014單次不同阻力運動與加壓負荷對運動後代謝壓力與合成激素反應的影響=Effects of Different Resistance Exercise and Occlusion Pressures on Metabolic Stress and Anabolic Hormonal Responses after Exercise周峻忠; 陳一凡; 王宇涵; 廖翊宏; 林信甫 ; 林正常大專體育學刊00
2572013The effect of regular exercise for functional health of the elderlyHsu, C.H. ; Chang, J.H.; Lai, H.W.; Tsai, C.L.
2582013企業排球聯賽球員表現績效評估胡林煥 ; 吳吉政第十六屆決策分析研討會
2592013澎湖地區遊客參與風浪板運動之探討林姿余; 林謙如 臺大體育
2602013國小教師參與慢速壘球休閒動機、自由時間管理與休閒滿意度之關係模式探究=A Study of the Relations Models on Leisure Motivation, Free Time Management, and Leisure Satisfaction of Slow Pitch of the Elementary School Teachers黃振紅; 呂碧琴 ; 曾金宏臺大體育學報
2612013A Rat Model of Doxorubicin-Induced Late-Onset CardiotoxicityGibson, N. M.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Hayward, R.Experimental Biology 2013 Meeting
2622013輔導學校游泳池經營管理策略規劃與推動康正男 ; 林筠宸學校體育
2632013Motor ability and inhibitory process in children with ADHD: A neuroelectric studyHung, C. L. ; Chang, Y. K.; Chan, Y. S.; Shih, C. H.; Huang, C. J.; Hung, T. M.Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology2626
2642013國立臺灣大學游泳代表隊101學年度暑期移地訓練報告書林謙如 ; 陳卓逸臺大體育
2652013參與國際體育學術和運動組織經驗談洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏國民體育季刊
2662013體育班─運動績優生的搖籃李坤培 學校體育
2672013Physical activity program improves motor ability, inhibition performance in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHung, C.L. ; Huang, C.J.; Hung, T.M.53rd Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Psychophysiological-Research
2682013Using discriminant analysis to predict resistance assessment method selectionJensen, B. T.; Anning, H. J.; Lin, Y. K.; Lien, C. Y. ; Lefever, R. C.International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) conference 2013
2692013我國都會區申辦國際大型運動賽會運動場館發展策略之研究=A Study of the Development Strategy for the Metropolitan Cities of Taiwan to Host International Major Sport Events周宇輝; 胡林煥 ; 康正男 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
2702013Exercise Mitigates Cardiac Doxorubicin Accumulation and Preserves Function in the RatJensen, B. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology3132
2712013全國跆拳道品勢錦標賽大專男子組裁判評分一致性與相關性之研究吳明翰 ; 林勁帆; 徐台閣; 李佳融大專跆拳道學刊00
2722013臺灣地區觀光工廠的博碩士論文之內容分析張簡惠湘; 呂宛蓁 休閒與社會研究
2732013Arterial blood pressure and cardiovascular responses to yoga practiceMiles, S.; Chou, C-C.; Lin, H-F. ; Mandeep, D.; Hunter, S.; Nualnim, N.; Tanaka, H.Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
2742013Game participation among volleyball players: An Application of the theory of planned behaviorLu, W-C. ; Cheng, L-H.13th European Conference of Psychology
2752013幼兒體適能教練證照專業指標之建構研究許秀桃; 林聯喜 ; 徐振德臺大體育學報
2762013棒球運動專項肌力特徵與訓練蔡政霖; 連家瑩 臺大體育
2772013試論手球裁判的心理素質與養成黃欽永 臺大體育
2782013世大運網球選手發球對比賽勝負影響之研究=How Serve Skills Affect the Outcome of Games-A Case Study of the Tennis Players in the World University Games黃國恩 ; 王傑賢; 張家瑋臺大體育學報
2792013教育部體育署體育學術研究的發展方向洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏國民體育季刊
2802013大專院校體育課程行銷對學習滿意度之影響成效=The Effects of Physical Education Marketing Strategies and Learning Satisfaction Amongst College Students陳信中; 康正男 ; 胡林煥 臺大體育學報
2812013結合低強度阻力訓練與加壓訓練對肌肉適能的效益及生理機制之探討=The Benefits and Physiological Mechanisms of Low Intensity Resistance Training Combined with Occlusion Training on Muscle Fitness童亢; 林信甫 ; 王鶴森運動生理暨體能學報00
2822013An Empirical Study of Sustainable Development Performance?for Sports Facilities ManagementKang Cheng-Nan The 28th Annual North American Society for Sport? Management Conference
2832013Switching to a Low-Fat Diet Attenuates the Intensified Doxororubicin Cardiotoxicity Associated with High-Fat FeedingHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology99
2842013A Study on Service Quality Attributes of Mega Event for  Business Customer in Sports Center: Application of the Integrated Model for KANO and IPAKang Cheng-Nan The 21th EASM conference in Istanbul Turky
2852013丹道實踐與運動科學的相遇--全真道標誌「九龍真圖」在運動科學的應用黃欽永 丹道實踐:近代人文與科技相遇的養生文化
2862013北海岸區域自行車休閒參與者持續涉入、休閒體驗與休閒滿意度=Relationship Research of Relationship Enduring Involvement, Leisure Experience and Leisure Satisfaction of the Bike Participants of the Activity of North Coast Area黃振紅; 呂碧琴 臺灣體育學術研究00
2872013Stiffness of Muscles and Stiffening of Arteries Induced by Eccentric ExerciseLin, H-F. ; Huang, J-C.; Chen, Y-C.; Tsai, C-L.; Chen, C-H.; Sung, S-H.; Li, P-C.; Tanaka, H.2013 Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine
2882013Voluntary Wheel Running in Growing Rats Does Not Protect Against Doxorubicin-Induced OsteopeniaHayward, R.; Iwaniec, U. T.; Turner, R. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Schneider, C. M.Journal of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology77
2892013耳穴貼壓與中等強度運動對肥胖者血漿瘦體素之影響=Effects of Ear Points Pressing and Moderate Exercise on Plasma Leptin Concentrations in Obese Men趙曉涵 ; 林子揚; 王鶴森臺大體育學報
2902013高強度動態熱身結合振動運動對衝刺表現之影響廖書劍; 吳明翰 ; 李旻軒; 徐煒杰; 鄭景峰2013體育運動學術團體聯合年會暨學術研討會
2912013身體素質對高爾夫運動表現的影響與應用=The Role and Application of Physical Quality to Golf Performance蔡政霖; 王莉莉; 林信甫 中華體育季刊00
2922013運動場上宣誓的教育意義=The Educational Meaning of Taking an Oath on the Sports Field游添燈 ; 邱怡凱中華體育季刊00
2942013運動場館永續發展評估指標建構與實證研究康正男 國立體育大學體育研究所
2952013The directional effect between proactive personality and academic self-efficacyLin, S.-H.; Chen, M.-Y.; Lu, W. C. ; Cheng, L H.13th European Conference of Psychology
2962013Predicting Game-Attending Behavior in Amateur Athletes: The Moderating Role of Intention StabilityLu, W.C. ; Cheng, C.-F.; Chen, L.H.Psychological Reports
2972012國民小學融合式體育施行概況之敘事探究=A Narrative Inquiry to the Status Quo of Inclusive Adapted Physical Education in Elementary Schools陳理哲; 周宏室; 李文心 臺灣體育學術研究00
2982012Impact of Blood Pressure Cuff Inflation Rates on Flow-Mediated Dilatation and?Contralateral Arm ResponseLin, H-F. ; Dhindsa, M. S.; Tarumi, T.; Miles, S. C.; Umpierre, D.; Tanaka, H.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
2992012活化學校體育運動環境與資源林聯喜 ; 蘇瑞陽學校體育
3002012Impact of Blood Pressure Cuff Inflation Rates on Flow-Mediated Dilatation and Contralateral Arm ResponseLin, H-F. ; Dhindsa, M. S.; Tarumi, T.; Miles, S. C.; Umpierre, D.; Tanaka, H.Journal of Human Hypertension
3012012淡水區大學生休閒運動態度、阻礙、體驗與幸福感之關係模式=A Causal Relation Model of Recreation Sports Attitude, Constraints, Experience and Feeling of Well-Being towards the Students in Tamsui Area黃振紅; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
30220122010年籃球規則實施後對臺大女子籃球隊大專聯賽之影響林聯喜 臺大體育
3032012Rehabilitative Exercise in a Rat Model of Doxorubicin CardiotoxicityHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Parry, T. L.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Experimental Biology and Medicine3434
3042012Effects of Carbohydrate-Chromium Supplement on Sprint Performance Following Prolonged Exercise in Cyclists王鶴森; 趙曉涵 ; 劉昭吟第11屆華人運動生理與體適能學者學會年會暨2012上海國際運動醫學高層論壇
3052012臺灣體育運動學術研究的共同方法變異=The Common Method Variance of Physical Education and Sport Research in Taiwan呂宛蓁 ; 蕭嘉惠; 許振明; 曹校章; 王學中大專體育學刊00
3062012Exercise Training Mitigates Anthracycline-Induced Chronic Cardiotoxicity in a Juvenile Rat ModelHayward, R.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Schneider, C. M.Pediatric Blood & Cancer4036
3072012國立臺灣大學橄欖球代表隊赴日本東京移地訓練暨文化參訪活動報告游添燈 ; 莊國禎臺大體育
3082012The relationship between fitness and EEG in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder childrenHuang, C.; Hung, C. L. ; Hung T.Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology00
3092012我國參加倫敦奧運選手現況與競爭力分析—網球連玉輝 國民體育季刊
3102012國民運動中心與社區簡易型運動設施效益分析=A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Government Recreation Centers and Privately Owned Sports Facilities周宇輝; 康正男 ; 高俊雄臺灣體育運動管理學報00
3112012Effects of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage on pulse wave velocity and adiponectinLin, H-F. ; Huang, J-C.; Tsai, C-L.; Chen, Y-C.; Wang, H-S.; Ding, S. T.2012 Annual Conference of the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness
3122012Effects of Reduced Dietary Fat Intake on Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity in Previously High Fat Fed RatsHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3132012臨界負荷指標於女子划船運動表現之預測=Prediction of Rowing Performance by Using Critical Thresholds in Elite Female Rowers林信甫 ; 周峻忠; 王順正; 王鈞逸大專體育學刊00
3142012臺灣體育運動統計發展軌跡:1997-2011大型體育運動統計概況研究徐振德; 羅凱暘; 林聯喜 ; 施登堯身體文化學報00
3152012Contribution of blood viscosity in the assessment of flow-mediated dilation and arterial stiffnessParkhurst, K.; Lin, H-F. ; DeVan, A. E.; Barnes, J. N.; Tarumi, T.; Tanaka, H.Vascular Medicine2221
3162012臺北市健康城市政策的國際視野—城市運動指標建置蔡秀華 ; 田文政運動管理00
3172012厚植競技體育根基──健全學校優秀運動人才培育蔡秀華 學校體育00
3182012沙灘排球運動傷害成因與防治之探析呂宛蓁 ; 溫良財大專體育00
3192012低強度阻力結合加壓訓練對肌肉適能的效益及相關機制童亢; 趙曉涵 ; 王鶴森2012國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
3202012以臺大EMBA盃慢速壘球聯誼賽談運動賽會對團隊之重要性連玉輝 ; 鍾瓊瑤臺大體育
3212012Fan participation behaviour in baseball: An application of the theory of planned behaviourCheng, C.-F.; Chen, L.H.; Chen, M.-Y.; Lu, W.-C. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship90
3222012Voluntary Wheel Running Does Not Protect Against Doxorubicin-Induced Osteopenia in the Growing RatParry, T. L.; Iwaniec, U. T.; Turner, R. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3232012從黑格爾的承認說及主奴說談棒球比賽中教練的自我實現林昭任; 康正男 臺大體育
3242012勢與式:智慧與哲學的對話=Propensity and Form: A Dialogue between Wisdom and Philosophy游添燈 臺大體育學報
3252012學校體育班發展歷程與策略李坤培 學校體育00
32620122009年臺北聽障奧運觀賞者觀光意象、滿意度與重遊意願研究曹校章; 林聯喜 體育學報00
3272012國立臺灣大學學生體育課程目標認知與學生學習滿意度之研究=The Study of Physical Education Curriculum of National Taiwan University李坤培 ; 胡林煥 ; 余育蘋 ; 陳志一 ; 曾郁嫻 臺大體育學報
3282012大專校院學生體適能、飲食與睡眠之研究=Physical Fitness楊裕隆 ; 張宏亮; 陳美燕; 王傑賢; 林建勳; 李俞麟臺大體育學報
3292012游泳運動對健康中老年人運動後恢復期心臟代償現象之影響=Effects of Swimming Exercise on Post-Exercise Cardiac Compensation in Healthy Middle-Aged Adults黃香萍; 王鶴森; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
3302012賽前減量訓練對生理適應與運動表現的影響=Effects of Pre-Competition Tapering on Physiological Adaptation and Exercise Performance黃志成; 林正常; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
3312012國立臺灣大學學生參與校內體育活動概況分析-以管理學院為例陳美莉 ; 王澤惠臺大體育
3322012造訪太極拳「內外相合」之道=Examining the Way to the "Coordination of the Inside and Outside" in Taichiquan游添燈 ; 邱怡凱臺大體育學報
3332012游泳、棒球、及網球選手肩關節活動度的差異=The Comparison of Shoulder Range of Motion among Swimmers, Baseball and Tennis Players洪敏豪; 林謙如 ; 吳國輝; 張曉昀華人運動生物力學期刊
3342012Effect of Detraining On Doxorubicin-induced Cardiac DysfunctionLien, C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Gibson, N. M.; Cheng, Hu.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3352012有氧運動訓練對早期亨丁頓氏舞蹈症小鼠運動生理功能的影響=Effects of Aerobic Exercise Training in Early Stage R6/2 Huntington's Disease Transgenic Mice莊泰源 ; 丁詩同; 吳忠信; 運動生理暨體能學報00
3362011Predicting spectators’ behavior of sport event in World Grand Prix 2010Lu, W-C. ; Lin, S-H.; Cheng, L-H.12th European Conference of Psychology
3372011肚臍到命門的轉向:太極拳中點系統與線系統之差異比較=Turning from the Umbilicus to the Gate of Life: A Comparative Study of the Point System and the Line System in Tai-Chi Chuan游添燈 臺大體育學報
3382011Sports spectator behavior: A test of the theory of planned behaviorLu, W.-C. ; Lin, S.-H.; Cheng, C.-F.Perceptual and Motor Skills00
3392011國立台灣大學運動志工的培訓、服務與展望蘇瑞陽; 林聯喜 學校體育
3402011脂締素1型受體基因轉殖鼠有氧跑步能力之探討莊泰源 ; 丁詩同 ; 黃頂翔; 吳忠信運動生理暨體能學報 00
3412011Low flow-mediated constriction: prevalence, impact and physiological determinantParkhurst, K.; Harrison, M.L.; Tarumi, T.; Lin, H-F. ; Tanaka, H.Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging3232
3422011銀髮族的活力輕瑜珈呂碧琴 ; 蔡秀華 政大體育研究
3432011Relationships between Physical Fitness and Inhibitory Process in Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An ERP StudyHung, C.L. ; Tsai, T.; Chan, Y.; Ho, C.; Hung, T.ACSM conference on Physical Activity, Cognitive Function, and Academic Achievement
3442011教育部學校運動志工簡介與展望胡林煥 學校體育00
3452011排球運動選手之前十字韌帶傷害探討=Biomechanical Analysis of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury for the Volleyball Player胡林煥 ; 吳忠政; 余清芳; 李建毅交大體育學刊00
3462011運動選才的現況與展望莊泰源 ; 林聯喜 ; 黃頂翔; 林信甫 ; 丁詩同 臺大體育 
3472011Preliminary Assessment of an Automatic Screening Device for Peripheral Arterial Disease Using Ankle-Brachial and Toe-Brachial IndicesHarrison,M.L.; Lin, H-F. ; Blakely, D. W.; Tanaka, H.Blood Pressure Monitoring00
3482011評析「100年全國手球裁判講習會」手球判例結論黃欽永 ; 邱慶宏臺大體育
3492011Habitual resistance exercise and endothelial ischemia-reperfusion injury in young adultsDeVan,A. E.; Umpierre, D.; Lin, H-F. ; Harrison, M. L.; Tarumi, T.; Dhindsa, M.; Hunter,S. D.; Sommerlad, S. M.; Tanaka, H.Atherosclerosis00
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3512011Effects of Endurance Training on Combined Goserelin Acetate and Doxorubicin Treatment-Induced Cardiac DysfunctionHydock, D. S.; Parry, T. L.; Jensen, B. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology77
3532011太極拳與全人健康:動態開放全體的生命交會=Taichiquan and Wellness: Life Convergence of the Open Whole游添燈 臺大體育學報
3542011Exercise Preconditioning Provides Long-term Protection Against Early Chronic Doxorubicin CardiotoxicityHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Integrative Cancer Therapies4340
3552011勢與式:論述太極拳形氣勢化的轉變=Propensity and Form: Discourse on the Transformation of Tai Ji Quan游添燈 大專體育學刊00
3562011參與型運動設施營運成本分析-臺灣大學運動休閒館之研究=Operation Cost Analysis of Participating Sports Facilities Example of National Taiwan University Sports Center康正男 體育學報00
3572011Swimming Exercise and Postexercise Hypotension in Middle-aged Healthy Adults: Exercise Intensity Matters?Lin, H-F. ; Huang, H-P.; Huang, T-W.; Wang, H-S.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
3582011Endurance Exercise Attenuates Cardiotoxicity Induced by Androgen Deprivation and DoxorubicinParry, T. L.; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Lien C. Y. ; |Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3592011Effects of In Vivo Doxorubicin Treatment on Skeletal Muscle FunctionHydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Parry, T. L.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3602011腎上腺素對H460肺癌細胞之AMPK路徑的影響蘇玫尹 臺灣師範大學體育學系學位論文
3612011Zum Einfluss der sensomotorischen Training auf postural Balance bei Kinder mit Aufmerksamkeit Defizit/Hyperaktivit?t St?rungChan, Y-S.; Ho, C-S.; Jang, J-T.; Hung, T-M.; Lin, L-H.; Pakzad-Mayer, Y.; Wu, M-T.; &Lin, H-F. Deutsche Zeitschrift f?r Sportmedizin
3622011國民小學適應體育實施概況之分析=Analysis of Adapted Physical Education in the Elementary Schools陳理哲; 周宏室; 李文心 大專體育學刊00
3632011從女排加入企業排球聯賽談未來營運策略=The Future Operation Strategies of the Enterprise Volleyball League with the Participation of Women's Teams呂宛蓁 ; 楊振興大專體育00
3642011Voluntary Exercise Attenuates Doxorubicin-Induced Chronic Cardiotoxicity in Juvenile Male RatsLien, C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3652011甲組手球選手塗抹球膠對射門動作及球速的影響陳弘斌; 蔡鏞申; 許君恆 ; 邱家緯
3662011高中體育教科書教材類別配置比率及缺失之探討=Percentage and Errors of Teaching Materials for PhysicalEducation Textbooks of Senior High Schools in Taiwan劉兆達; 李文心 ; 周宏室美和學報00
3672011Effect of Exercise Preconditioning on Doxorubicin Accumulation in Left Ventricular TissueJensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3682011Zum Zusammenhang zwischen postural Balance und Reaktionszeit bei ADHS-KindernChan, Y-S.; Jang, J-T.; Ho, C-S.; Lin, L-H.; Hung, T-M.; Wu, M-T.; Pakzad-Mayer, Y.; Lin, H-F. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin
3692011計畫行為理論於健身運動領域之應用呂宛蓁 中華體育季刊00
3702011Echocardiographic Evaluation of Cardiac Structure and Function during Exercise Training in the Developing Sprague-Dawley RatHayward, R.; Lien, C. Y. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
3712011大學運動場館營運成本分析:以臺灣大學綜合體育館大型集會活動?例=The Study on the Operational Performance of the Major Events Area of National Taiwan University Sports Center康正男 體育學報00
3722011國民運動中心營運管理考量因素及策略康正男 國民體育季刊
3732011甲組手球選手握力及擲遠能力與射門球速的相關性陳弘斌; 蔡鏞申; 許君恆 ; 邱家緯
3742011臺灣地區體育課程模式之研究趨勢=The Trend of Curriculum Model for Physical Education in Taiwan劉兆達; 李文心 臺中學院體育00
37520112009高雄世界運動會營運策略管理分析陳信中; 康正男 臺大體育學報
3762011運動場業品牌形象對消費者滿意度與忠誠度影響之研究:以臺北市市民運動中心為例=An Interrelationship among Brand Image, Consumer Satisfaction and Consumer Loyalty of Sports Arena Industry-A Case of Taipei Sports CentersAn Interrelationship among Brand Image, Consumer Satisfaction and Consumer Loyalty of Sports Arena Industry-A Case of Taipei Sports Centers; 陳志一 運動教練科學00
3772011運動~讓我更專心──運動促進注意力缺陷過動症兒童之專注力洪巧菱 學校體育00
3782011The relationships between physical characteristics of lower extremity and attack time in elite kendo playersChiu, C.W.; Chen, A.B.; Hsu, C.H. ; Hsieh, H.; Tsai, Y.S.
3792011A study of the effectiveness comparison between national sport center and neighborhood sports facilityKang Cheng-Nan ; Chou Yu-HuiThe 2010 Asia Association Sport Management Conference
3802011Characterization of the Effect of In Vivo Doxorubicin Treatment on Skeletal Muscle Function in the RatHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Anticancer Research
38120112010年廣州亞運跆拳道電子感應襪之探討林俊億; 柯易智; 吳明翰 ; 李佳融2011年兩岸運動社會文化觀光產業研討會
3822011Rection Time is One of the Keys to Success in Elite Kendo PlayersHsu, C.H. ; Chen, A.B.; Chiu, C.W.; Hsieh, H.; Tsai, Y.S.
3832010曾賢亮老師專訪林聯喜 ; 林姿君臺大體育
3842010The relationship between energy status and AMP-activated protein kinase in human H460 lung cancer cellsSu, M. Y. ; Hsieh, S. Y.; Lee, Y. R.; Chang, M. C.; Yuan, T. T.; Chang, J. M.Cell Biochemistry ans Function65
3852010臺灣女子柔道運動發展之初探黃國恩 臺大體育
3862010柔道選手知覺教練效能、團隊承諾及專業承諾之關係=The Relationship between the Perceived Coaching Efficacy黃國恩 體育學報00
3872010本校羽球隊代表隊赴日本交流陳志一 臺大體育
3882010臺灣大學運動休閒館之營運管理=Operation Management of Sport Facility: An Example of Recreation Division of National Taiwan University Sports Center康正男 ; 周宇輝大專體育學刊00
3892010世界排名制度對國際跆拳道運動發展影響之初探=Preliminary Exploration of WTF World Ranking and Its Impacts on World Taekwondo Development姜義村; 周桂名; 陳美莉 臺大體育學報
3902010The study on operational performance of the major events area of National Taiwan University sports centerKang Cheng-Nan The 2010 Asia Association Sport Management? Conference, ATPWTC
3912010運動行銷學鄭志富; 蕭嘉惠; 陳美燕; 呂宛蓁 ; 黃蕙娟; 廖柏雅
3922010運動場館中階管理者核心職能之探討概念建構與模式分析康正男 臺大體育
3932010Delayed onset muscle soreness after a bout of yoga practiceSu, M. Y. ; Lai, C. H.; Lin, C. C.; Hsieh, S. Y.15th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science
3942010探討奧運運動設施賽後營運與管理-以鳥巢、水立方為例康正男 ; 葉公鼎國民體育季刊
3952010運動場館中階管理者核心職能之探討康正男 ; 周宇輝2010年臺灣體育運動管理學會暨學術研討會
3962010運動場館服務品質管理康正男 2010年運動設施經理人初級證照研習手冊
3972010本校橄欖球代表隊赴日本移地訓練暨交流活動康世平; 游添燈 臺大體育
3982010Use of Discriminant Analysis Model to Evaluate the Protective Effect of Exercise Against DOX Mediated CardiotoxicityJensen, B. T.; Lin, Y. K.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Takach, O. P.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
3992010學校體育與運動專業人才--專業化與系統化林玫君; 詹俊成; 林聯喜 ; 艾珈如我國學校體育現況與展望
4002010網球公開賽男子單打之發球技能分析研究:以2009年四大網球公開賽為例=Comparative Analysis on Serve Skill of Men's Single Matches in 2009 Grand Slam Tournament邱豐傑; 李鑑芸; 趙曉涵 臺大體育學報
4012010大專校院體育課務管理人員在體育課程與教學的基本認識陳志一 臺大體育
4022010Hip Muscle Strength in Senior And Junior High School Baseball PitchersChiu, C.W.; Hsu, C.H. ; Hsieh, H.; Tsai, Y.S
4032010臺北市中正運動中心服務承載量之研究=A Study of the Carrying Capacity of Taipei Jhong-Jheng Sports Center劉瑋蘋; 高俊雄; 康正男 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
4042010臺灣大專校院學生運動習慣之分析=Analysis of Sport Habits of the Students in Universities and Colleges in Taiwan張宏亮; 陳美燕; 楊裕隆 ; 王傑賢; 林建勳; 李俞麟大專體育學術專刊00
4052010Effects of Endurance on Cardiotoxicity Induced by Combined Treatment with Doxorubicin and Goserelin AcetateParry, T. L.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4062010Use of Combined Preconditioning and Rehabilitative Exercise to Alleviate Chronic Doxorubicin CardiotoxicityLien, C. Y. ; David S.; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Zhang, H.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4072010秦陵高級軍吏俑手部拄劍狀說法疑慮探討=Clarification on the Meaning of a Gesture Made by the General Figures of the Terracotta Army游添燈 ; 陳燕欣臺大體育學報
4082010Investigation of underlying psychological factors in elite table tennis playersChen, I.; Chang, C.; Hung, C. L. ; Chen, L.; Hung, T.International Journal of Table Tennis Sciences
40920102010國際手球規則修訂重點及對技術和競賽之影響黃欽永 臺大體育
4102010臺灣大學手球隊參加2010嘉悅石化亞洲大學生手球邀請賽紀實黃欽永 ; 趙崇易; 黃乙純臺大體育
4112010Relationships between three potentiation effects of plyometric training and performanceWu Y.-K.; Y. H. Lien ; KWAN-HWA LIN ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; HSING-KUO WANG Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports7671
4122010運動健身俱樂部消費者對服務品質的滿意度與抱怨行為的關係之研究=The Study on the Relationship between Satisfaction and Complaint Behaviors towards Service Quality of Gym Club Consumers黃英哲; 陳志一 ; 王澤惠; 林謙如 ; 盧居福臺大體育學報
4132010急性阻力運動促進肌肉蛋白質合成之生理與分子機制之探討=Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Acute Resistance Exercise-induced Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle廖翊宏; 陳宗與; 林信甫 ; 周峻忠運動生理暨體能學報00
4142010?Concurrent Wheel Running and Weekly Doxorubicin Treatment in the RatHydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Parry, T. L.; Malcolm, W. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4152010從運動與身體的立場探討哲學中的多樣性=On Philosophical Multiplicity from the Position of the Sports and the Body游添燈 運動文化研究00
4172010學校綜合體育館經營管理康正男 2010年運動設施經理人初級證照研習手冊
4182010Physical Activity and Cognitive Function: A Review of Contemporary Meta-AnalysesChang, Y. K.; Hung, C. L. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology00
41920102008京奧之後國際柔道規則變化之分析許淑慧; 黃國恩 ; 王沁芳臺大體育
4202010Adiponectin 與運動莊泰源 ; 黃頂翔; 吳忠信; 丁詩同 臺大體育 
4212010銘刻在身的痛:優秀女性運動員運動身體痛/苦經驗之敘事呂碧琴 臺灣師範大學體育學系學位論文
4222010Arterial Stiffening Following Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle DamageBarnes,J. N.; Trombold, J.; Dhindsa, M. S.; Lin, H-F. ; Tanaka, H.Journal of Applied Physiology00
4232010體育行政應用文書鄭志富; 呂宛蓁 體育行政與管理(二版)
4242010運動訓練、急速減重與免疫功能之探討李昭慶; 陳元和; 黃振紅; 黃國恩 淡江體育00
4252010Aerobic power assessment by using a 10 min heart rate control running on treadmillWang, S.-C.; Lin, H.-F. ; Wu, C.-F.; Lin, B.-N.; Wang, Y.-S.; Huang, Y.-J.Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
4262010Joint Flexibility in Elementary and Junior High School Baseball PitchersWang, P.Y.; Hsiao, C.H.; Hsu, C.H. ; Tsai, Y.S.
4272010景美仙跡岩登山健行者之動機、滿意度與阻礙因素之研究吳亮頤; 林聯喜 ; 林偉智臺大體育學報
4282010排球替補防守球員應用之探討=Application of Substitution of Volleyball Defense Player吳忠政; 胡林煥 大專體育00
4292010消費體驗、參與動機、顧客滿意及顧客忠誠之研究-以臺灣大學溫水游泳池為例=Relationships among Consumption Experiences, Participant Motivation, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Indoor Warmed Swimming Pool in the National Taiwan University康正男 ; 葉允棋; 林謙如 臺灣體育運動管理學報00
4302010The effect of balance training in junior high school baseball playersHsu, C.H. ; Chiu, C.W.; Hsieh, H.; Juang, L.G.; Tsai, Y.S.
4312009台大校園慢跑簡坤鐘 臺大體育
4322009教練-選手關係之內涵分析:以一位優秀選手之訪談為例陳益祥; 黃英哲; 連玉輝 國北教大體育00
43320092007年東亞柔道錦標賽競賽時間結構之分析黃國恩 ; 林淑瓶臺大體育
4342009國立臺灣大學運動場館使用現況調查之研究=Current Using Status of Sports Facilities in National Taiwan University康世平; 康正男 ; 余育蘋 ; 胡林煥 運動教練科學00
4352009顧客知覺服務品質、滿意度與忠誠度:臺灣大學運動休閒館之研究=Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty-An Empirical Study of the National Taiwan University Sport Center康正男 ; 胡林煥 ; 周宇輝臺灣體育運動管理學報00
4362009Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty-An Empirical Study of the National Taiwan University Sport CenterKang Cheng-Nan ; Hu Lin-Huan ; Chou Yu-HuiThe 2009 Asia Association Sport Management Conference
4372009坐到站動作之生物力學探討黃裕斌; 黃國恩 國北教大體育00
4382009北京2008年奧運會男子手球比賽技術之迴歸分析=The Regression Analysis on Men's Handball Competition Skills at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games黃欽永 運動教練科學00
4392009影響運動表現的心理因素洪巧菱 ; 洪聰敏國民體育季刊
4402009Anandamide preserves cardiac function and geometry in an acute doxorubicin cardiotoxicity rat modelHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Hayward, R.Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics2827
4412009瑜珈與氣功運動對情緒反應之探討=A Study of the Emotional Reactions of Yoga and Qigong Exercises黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
4422009Energy status and AMP-activated protein kinase in human H460 lung cancer cellsSu, M. Y. ; Chang, J. M.; Hsieh, S. Y.; Chang, M. C.; Juan, T. T.56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine
4432009輪椅網球推車技術之教學與訓練林永華; 甘乃文; 黃欽永 ; 洪慶要臺大體育
4442009Anexamination of the relationship between eaperiential marketing,Participative motivation,customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Example:The National Taiwan UniversityKang Cheng-Nan ; Chou Yu-HuiThe 17th EASM conference
4452009臺灣地區社會甲組女子籃球運動發展探究(1949-2007)程瑞福; 蔡秀華 ; 曾郁嫻 運動文化研究
4462009氣功的科學研究現況黃欽永 中華體育季刊00
4472009運動場館營運績效之實證研究-以臺灣大學運動休閒館為例康正男 ; 周宇輝體育運動學術團體聯合年會暨學術研討會
4482009全方位強勢網球(Complete Power Tennis)模式之補強=A Research on Complete Power Tennis Model連玉輝 運動教練科學00
4492009太極拳〈十三勢行功心解〉的精神詞義詮釋=Interpretation of Tai-Chi Chuan's Jing Shen in Shi-San-Shi-Xing-Gong-Xin-Jie游添燈 大專體育學刊00
4502009Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty An Empirical Study of the National Taiwan University Sport CenterKANG, C. N. ; HU, L. H. ; Chou, Y. H.Asian Association for Sport Management Conference
4512009Cardioprotective Effects of Voluntary Wheel Running During and Following Doxorubicin TreatmentHydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Parry, T. L.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4522009手球競賽技術統計分析系統之設計與運用=The Design and Application of a Statistical Analysis System for Handball Match Skills黃欽永 臺大體育學報
4532009網球運動觀賞課程設計連玉輝 學校體育00
4542009柔道團體賽出賽排序之分析-以無體重限制之擂台賽制為例=An Analysis of Judo Team Competition Match Order-Taking the Example of a no-Weight-Restriction Tournament黃國恩 ; 許淑慧; 杜天佑; 林孟儒; 莊政典臺大體育學報
4552009The Value of Exercise in Attenuating Doxorubicin (DOX)-Induced Cardiotoxicity is Becoming Increasingly EvidentParry, T. L.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4562009Effects of Exercise Preconditioning Against Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity are Affected by Exercise Modality and Doxorubicin DoseLien C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4572009Effects of Low vs High Intensity Short-Term Exercise on Doxorubicin-Induced CardiotoxicityJensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Parry, T. L.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4582009運動員自信心與前額腦波不對稱之關係謝佳雯; 洪巧菱 ; 林榮輝; 洪聰敏北體學報
4592009中華青棒發展康正男 學校體育00
4602009大學足球運動的普及與競技楊裕隆 學校體育00
4612009體育課程目標模式建構之研究=Purpose Model for Engaging Physical Education李文心 ; 劉兆達; 周宏室國立台灣體育大學論叢00
4622009應用心跳率控制指標於划船測功儀信效度之分析=Validity and Reliability of Heart Rate Control Index Applied on Rowing Ergometer紀瑤璇; 林信甫 ; 鄭景峰; 王順正體育學報00
4632009靜態活動對國小高年級學童身體活動量之影響=The Influence of Sedentary Activity on Physical Activity in Primary School Students黃頂翔; 林佑真; 楊忠祥; 莊泰源 ; 運動教練科學00
4642009應用Excel軟體設計體育課程成績電腦計分系統黃欽永 ; 林永華臺大體育
4652009The Effects of FATmax Endurance Training on Maximal Fat Oxidation Rate and Aerobic PowerWang, S-C.; Wang, Y-S.; Huang, Y-J.; Chiang, T-J.; Tasy, S-J.; Lin, H-F. ; Hsieh, Y-C.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
46620092006年世界大學女子手球錦標賽不同位置射門技術分析=Analysis on the Shooting Skills from Various Positions at the 2006 Women's World University Handball Championship黃欽永 ; 張簡坤明; 林永華; 張景星運動教練科學00
4672009世界大學手球錦標賽中華女子隊攻守技術之分析=Analysis on the Attach and Defense Skills Used by Chinese Taipei at 2006 World University Handball Championship黃欽永 ; 張簡坤明; 林永華; 宋孟遠臺大體育學報
4682009北京2008年奧運會女子手球攻守技術之迴歸分析=The Regression Analysis on Women's Handball Attack/Defense Skills at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games黃欽永 體育學報00
4692008/12/29增強教師專業 打造運動環境蔡秀華 國語日報13教育版校務診察室專欄
4702008Effects of voluntary wheel running on goserelin acetate-induced bone degenerationHydock, David S; Iwaniec, Urszula T; Turner, Russell T; CHIA YING LIEN ; Jensen, Brock T; Parry, Traci L; Schneider, Carole M; Hayward, ReidPathophysiology : the official journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology40
4712008從自我身份認定到專業主體建構: 大學女性體育教師之生涯發展經驗硏究=From self identity to professional subject construction?; a study of career development experience toward the female physical education teachers in universtiy / 呂碧琴著. 臺北市: 國立臺灣大學體育室呂碧琴 
4722008大學生參與休閒運動之研究-以臺灣大學為例=The Analysis of Recreational Sports Participation in College Students-National Taiwan University as an Example康正男 ; 黃國恩 ; 連玉輝 ; 王傑賢臺灣體育運動管理學報00
4732008輪椅網球比賽中技術因素之比較與關聯性研究=To Compare the Skill Factors and Correlations in wheel-chair Tennis Competitions林永華; 甘乃文; 葉丁鵬; 黃欽永 北體學報00
4742008從自我身份認定到專業主體建構:大學女性體育教師之生涯發展經驗研究=From Self Identity to Professional Subject Construction: A Study of Career Development Experience Toward the Female Physical Education Teachers in University呂碧琴 運動教練科學00
4752008從2006年第一屆世界女子柔道教練講習會內容論台灣女子柔道現況許淑慧; 黃國恩 臺大體育
4762008職棒觀眾觀賞行為意圖模式之研究=A Study on Spectators' Viewing Behavioral Intention Model in the Chinese Professional Baseball League呂宛蓁 ; 鄭志富大專體育學刊00
4772008日本「平成19年度金鷲旗高校柔道大會」學習之旅黃國恩 學校體育00
4782008Effects of Voluntary Wheel Running on Goserelin Acetate-Induced Bone GegenerationHydock, D. S.; Iwaniec, U. T.; Turner, R. T.; Lien, C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Parry, T. L.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Pathophysiology00
4792008Late Onset Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction is Attenuated in Exercise Preconditioned RatsHydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4802008The Survey of the sports consciousness of female residents in TaipeiTsai, H.H. ; Lu, W. C.,2008 ISSA Kyoto
4812008網球拍及網線的結構特性之分析連玉輝 ; 黃國恩 ; 郭繼華; 康正男 ; 王傑賢中華體育季刊00
4822008Low-Intensity, Low-Frequency Exercise Protects Against DOX-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction in RatsLien C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Jensen, B. T.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4832008高低衝擊有氧運動對於促進大學生站立平衡能力之效應=Effects of Hi-Low Impact Aerobic Exercise on Balance Ability in Healthy College Students李文心 ; 李建志; 柯以馨; 胡名霞物理治療
4842008我國高中甲級男子排球接發球進攻戰術分析吳智民; 張振興; 胡林煥 交大體育
4852008看見運動文化-運動欣賞的教育價值與路徑蔡秀華 學校體育00
4862008臺灣大學校園運動設施永續管理與發展規劃之研究質化與量化兩種研究途徑=Plaming and Management of National Taiwan University Campns Sporting Facilities康世平; 康正男 ; 蔡秀華 ; 陳志一 臺大體育學報
4872008自行車愛好者涉入流暢體驗與消費產品屬性之研究曹校章; 林聯喜 臺大體育學報
4882008亞洲青年柔道選手獲勝時間之研究=The Study of Winning Time of Young Asian Judo Player黃國恩 ; 陳福士; 鄭吉祥臺大體育學報
4892008Exercise Preconditioning Protects Against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction by Preserving Myosin Heavy Chain CompositionHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise6764
4902008A study on fans’ participative behavior intention modelCheng, C. F.; Lu, W-C. International Sociology of Sport Association
4912008八週增強式訓練對下肢腓腸肌機電傳導延遲之影響=Effects of Plyometric Training on Eletromechanical Delay Human Plantarflexor Muscles邱正民; 吳堉光; 林光華; 相子元; 連玉輝 ; 王興國物理治療
4922008國立臺灣大學學生運動傷害之探討王傑賢; 黃國恩 ; 卓俊辰中華體育季刊00
4932008The study of sport consciousness of female residents in TaipeiTsai, H. H.; Lu, W-C. International Sociology of Sport Association
4942008Effects of Goserelin Acetate and Voluntary Wheel Running on Bone Morphology in Female RatParry, T. L.; Hydock, D. S.; Iwaniec, U. T.; Turner, R. T.; Lien C. Y. ; Jensen, B. T.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4952008Effects of Short-Term Exercise on Doxorubicin-Induced CardiotoxicityJensen, B. T.; Hydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
4962008瑜珈重拾的知識-以舞動瑜珈提斯運動教學為例蘇玫尹 學校體育00
4972008The development of leisure activity in Taiwan since 1945Lu, W-C. International Sociology of Sport Association
4982008日本平成19年度金鷲旗高校柔道大會學習之旅黃國恩 學校體育00
4992008亞洲青年柔道選手致勝技術之分析=The Analyses of Winning Technique on Asian Junior Judo Player黃國恩 運動教練科學00
5002008體適能指導員培育計畫楊裕隆 學校體育00
5012008北京2008年奧運會男女手球攻守技術之比較=Comparative Studies on Men's and Women's Handball Attack and Defense Skills at Beijing 2008 Olympics Games黃欽永 運動教練科學00
5022008企業主辦運動賽會之認知效益研究─以永信杯全國排球錦標賽為例呂宛蓁 ; 黃幸玲運動與遊憩研究00
5032008不同材質場地對網球發球落點與相關表現之影響=The Effect of Different Court Surface on Tennis Serve Placement and Related Performance趙曉涵 ; 王鶴森運動教練科學00
5042008運動與吸菸對氧化壓力的影響=Effects of Exercise and Smoking on Oxidative Stress蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 黃香萍; 謝伸裕體育學報00
5052008健康無症狀高等級網球選手兩側肘關節特徵之比較:神經電生理學與超音波影像評估=Comparison of Bilateral Elbow Characteristics in High-ranking Healthy Tennis Players: Neuroelectrophysiologic and Sonographic Assessment林兆璋; 黃永錚; 連玉輝 ; 王興國; 蘇聖珠; 劉復康台灣復健醫學雜誌00
5062007大專技職生休閒運動參與程度對身體意象的影響研究=A Study of the Influence of the Degrees of Technological College Students' Participation in Recreational Sports on the Body Image黃振紅; 呂碧琴 聖約翰學報
5072007國立臺灣大學校內體育活動(1997-2006年)推展策略之探討陳美莉 ; 李坤培 ; 連玉輝 ; 李文心 ; 林謙如 ; 賴美燕國立台灣大學體育發展整合計劃報告書
5082007全校運動會省思李文心 臺大體育
5092007優秀排球選手跳躍發球運動學分析:以吳智民選手為例=A Kinematic Analysis of Elite Volleyball Players' Jump Serves胡林煥 ; 吳智民; 陳永祥; 董惠美大專體育學刊00
5102007顧客知覺價值與顧客滿意度對顧客忠誠度影響之研究:以國立臺灣大學綜合體育館羽球消費者為例=A Study of the Influence of Customer Perceived Value and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty: The Example of Badminton Customers of National Taiwan Sports Center陳志一 運動教練科學00
5112007劍道選手的平衡能力優於一般大學生嗎?=Are Kendo Athletes Better in the Balance Abilities than the Common College Students?李文心 ; 柯以馨; 李建志; 胡名霞物理治療
5122007弓正:太極拳拳架規法修煉參契=Bow-like Rectitude: The Bodily Structure in the Practice of Tai-chi游添燈 臺大體育學報
5132007海洋體育影片教學手冊(二)黃英哲; 林謙如 
5142007國立臺灣大學學生體育課選課動機之研究——以興趣選項足球課程為例楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
5152007氣功運動對情緒反應之影響研究黃英哲; 黃欽永 ; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
5162007慢速壘球重量訓練之探討黃俊傑; 康正男 ; 董惠美臺大體育
5172007國立台灣大學大一學生健康體適能專案調查研究陳振文; 簡坤鐘 ; 黃國恩 ; 王澤惠; 楊裕隆 ; 林信甫 ; 林姿君臺大體育室專案研究報告書
5182007楊氏太極劍譜的意象思維=The Image Thinking of Yang-Style Taichi Sword Manual游添燈 體育學報00
5192007從歷屆奧運會、世界柔道錦標賽成績探討國際柔道競賽實力黃國恩 ; 許淑慧; 陳福士中華體育季刊00
5202007Effects of Prior Endurance Training on Acute Doxorubicin-Induced CardiotoxicityHayward, R.; Lien C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hydock, D. S.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
5212007Endurance Training Protects Against In Vivo and Ex Vivo Doxorubicin CardiotoxicityLien C. Y. ; Hydock, D. S.; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine Rocky Mountain Regional (RMACSM) Conference
5222007活力健走— 收錄於:最ㄏㄤ的運動-臺大醫院活力 DVD蔡秀華 
5232007教練轉型式領導對團隊成員專業承諾的影響-教練滿意度、團隊滿意度與訓練滿意度的調節效果=The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Professional Commitment: The Moderating Roles of Satisfaction to Coach黃國恩 ; 姜定宇; 周婉茹; 林思吟; 鄭?筑體育學報00
5242007運動場中的該隱──關注男孩體育場上的內心世界蔡秀華 學校體育00
5252007Effects of Voluntary Wheel Running on Cardiac Function in Female Rats Receiving Chemical OvariectomyHydock, D. S.; Lien C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
5262007PART5:銀髮族活力健康操蔡秀華 彩亮人生 : 臺大醫院銀髮族健康專書
5272007臺北市中山區市民運動中心營運現況探討李展瑋; 呂宛蓁 大專體育00
5282007臺灣大學“體育一健康體適能”課程重新建構之研究=The Study of PE1: Freshman Health Fitness Curriculum Reconstruction in National Taiwan University盧居福; 黃英哲; 王澤惠; 黃國恩 ; 楊裕隆 ; 林信甫 ; 林姿君臺大體育學報
5292007九十六年度學校運動志工實施計劃李坤培 ; 黃國恩 ; 蘇瑞陽; 林聯喜 ; 林謙如 ; 胡林煥 教育部專案計畫報告書
5302007臺灣大學體育課程重新建立之研究盧居福; 黃英哲; 韓大衛; 李坤培 ; 王傑賢臺大體育學報
5312007顧客對臺大綜合體育館服務滿意度之研究=A Study of Customer Satisfaction on National Taiwan University Sports Center康正男 ; 胡林煥 ; 黃欽永 ; 葉正; 陳國華臺大體育學報
5332007國立臺灣大學修習足球課程學生學習成效楊裕隆 運動教練科學00
5342007排球運動之攔網技術探討胡林煥 ; 董惠美; 張振興; 林君豪臺大體育
5352007校園動態活動的主角─體育運動李文心 學校體育00
5362007Modeling and assessing land-use and hydrological processes to future land-use and climate change scenarios in watershed land-use planningYU-PIN LIN ; Hong, N.-M.; Wu, P.-J.; Lin, Chien-Ju Environmental Geology
5372007國立臺灣大學參與「運動健康計畫」之教職員工健康體適能研究陳勝利; 簡坤鐘 ; 余育蘋 ; 連玉輝 ; 林謙如 ; 賴美燕國立台灣大學體育發展整合計劃報告書
5382007Effects of Voluntary Wheel Running on Cardiac Function and Myosin Heavy Chain in Chemically Gonadectomized RatsHydock, D. S.; Lien, C. Y. ; Schneider, C. M.; Hayward, R.American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology3735
5392007Kinematic Analysis of Volleyball Jump Topspin And Float ServeHuang, C. F.; HU, L. H. XXIII International Symposium on Biomechanics in sport
5412007氣功對衰竭運動後血乳酸反應之研究黃英哲; 黃欽永 ; 楊裕隆 運動教練科學00
5422007解析焦點2007曼菲的<天空之城>看台灣舞蹈教育的希望-3/24為曼菲紀念場李文心 ; 杜玉玲臺大體育
5432007台灣報紙對2006度哈亞運棒球賽報導之內容研究黃振紅; 呂碧琴 ; 房家儀第七屆運動與休閒管理國際學術研討會會議論文
5442007對牆打球-壁球運動介紹林聯喜 臺大體育
5452007運動介入影響動脈彈性與老化性高血壓之探討=The Influence of Exercise on Arterial Elasticity and Aging Hypertension林信甫 ; 王傑賢運動生理暨體能學報
5462007Mosston's命令式、練習式、互惠式教學形式對壘球擲準學習效果之比較研究黃俊傑; 康正男 ; 董惠美; 王傑賢運動教練科學00
5472007認識競技柔道黃國恩 ; 紀俊安; 徐康良臺大體育
5482007國光體育獎章實施現況之分析呂宛蓁 ; 鄭志富臺灣體育運動管理學報00
5492007當“樂活”與“瑜伽”相遇呂碧琴 臺大體育
5502007不同騎乘姿勢對原地腳踏車運動攝氧量與肌電圖反應之影響=The Effects of Different Upper Body Positions on Oxygen Uptake and the Electromyographic Responses during Incremental Test on the Cycle Ergometer王宇涵; 周峻忠; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
5512007快活校園-提升學生健康的幸福花園蔡秀華 學校體育00
5522006運動賽會與人文素養呂碧琴 2006年運動教練研習會講授資訊彙編
5532006Operation performance evaluation for the county municipal gymnasium in TaiwanCheng, C. F.; Tsai, H. H.; Lu, W-C. Asian Association for Sports Management
5542006運動賽會與人文素養之理念與關聯性探討=The Sport Games and the Cultured of the Spirit of Humanism呂碧琴 ; 黃英哲運動教練科學00
5552006體型和身體活動對大專技職生身體意向知覺傾向的影響研究黃振紅; 呂碧琴 2006體育運動學術團體聯合年會論文摘要集
5562006教練領導行為的論述逄廣華; 陳美莉 北台灣通識學報00
5572006A study on implementation of Guo-guang sport award in TaiwanLu, W-C. ; Cheng, C. F.; Chen, W. H.Asian Association for Sports Management
5582006基層排球運動選手選材之應用陳永祥; 胡林煥 ; 楊總成排球教練科學00
5592006運動員刺青之身體文化意涵設想呂碧琴 2006苗栗「火旁」龍文化與參觀研討會
5602006健康體適能訓練簡坤鐘 臺大體育
5612006〈張三丰太極拳七十二路圖勢〉的歷史定位推斷=Historical Positioning of "Illustrations of Chang San-feng Taichi 72 Postures"游添燈 體育學報00
5622006Hip and knee proprioception in elite, amateur, and novice tennis playersJAU-YIH TSAUO ; YU-HUI LIEN ; SHWU-FEN WANG American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation3731
5632006運動員全人教育的理念與作法=The Idea and Approach of the Holistic-Person Education in the Athletes呂碧琴 運動教練科學00
5642006體型和身體對大專技職生身體意向知覺傾向的影響黃振紅; 呂碧琴 2006體育運動學術團體聯合年會論文摘要集
5652006台灣慢速壘球的發展現況與未來展望之探討黃俊傑; 康正男 臺大體育
5662006衝浪運動之簡介林謙如 臺大體育
5672006衰竭運動誘發之氧化壓力對有規律運動習慣吸菸者的影響蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕第五屆華人運動生暨體適能學者學會年會
5682006Effects of ages or playing positions on injury profiles in youth and high school baseball playersHsing-Kuo Wang; Cheng-Nan Kang ; Huey-Wen Liang; Tyng-Guey Wang; Sic-Ping Kang台灣運動科學協會
5692006雅基達盃亞洲大學生手球邀請賽台大手球隊攻守技術分析=An Analysis on the Taiwan University Competition Skills in the Akita Cup of Asia University Handball Invitational Competition黃欽永 臺大體育學報
5702006大專體育教師文化活動的休閒實踐研究黃振紅; 呂碧琴 聖約翰學報
5712006自主神經對短時間、高強度運動的影響:以柔道連攻法訓練為例=The Impact of Autonomic Neurons on Exercise of High-Intensity and Short Time-Span: A Case Study of Judo Uchikomi Training陳福士; 黃國恩 運動教練科學00
5722006公立大學體育營運成本分析-台大綜合體育館運用作業基礎成本制度研究=Analysis of Public University Sports Complex Management: Study of Activities-Based Costing Management of National Taiwan University Sports ComplexAnalysis of Public University Sports Complex Management: Study of Activities-Based Costing Management of National Taiwan University Sports Complex; 王同茂; 康正男 ; 陳志一 運動教練科學00
5732006楊氏太極劍譜集粹歸整-探討劍譜招式與動作的名實對應=The Compilation of Yang-Style Sword Manuals: An Analysis of the Correspondence between Titles and Movements游添燈 臺大體育學報
5742006國立臺灣大學學生對體育教師專業能力認同之研究=Study of National Taiwan University Students' Approval for Physical Educators' Professional Ability楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
5752006支撐腳穩定度對足球定位踢球準確性之相關研究=The Association Study of Supporting Leg Stability and Kicking Accuracy in Soccer Players莊泰源 ; 運動生理暨體能學報00
5762006呼吸肌熱身對腳踏車運動時生理反應與衰竭時間的影響=The Effects of Respiratory Muscle warm-up on Physiological Responses and Exhaustion Time in Cycling潘賢章; 林正常; 林信甫 臺大體育學報
5772006伸展柔軟度董惠美; 游添燈 臺大體育
5782006Critical concept indexes are not steady-state intensities in indoor rowing exerciseLin, H-F. ; Lin, J-C.; Chuang, T-Y. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
5792006法律界的短跑名將—張甘妹程瑞福; 蔡秀華 ; 黃怡玲臺灣百年體育人物誌
5802006現代舞之母-鄧肯李文心 臺大體育
5812006國立臺灣大學綜合體育館健身中心器材顧客滿意度調查研究=A Survey Research of Customer Satisfaction Level of Weight Training Room in National Taiwan University Sports CenterA Survey Research of Customer Satisfaction Level of Weight Training Room in National Taiwan University Sports Center; 王同茂; 陳志一 臺大體育學報
5822006日本劍道精神研析=The Study of the Japanese Kendo Soul李文心 臺大體育學報
5832006教練應有的運動科學素養黃欽永 國民體育季刊
5842006足球運動教學概述~以十一人制足球為例楊裕隆 臺大體育
5852006柔道是否起源於中國--析論黃滄浪之說與《柔道史考》的異同黃國恩 ; 陳福士身體文化學報
5862006棒球總教練威權領導與球員效能之研究:職棒與業餘之比較=A Study of Authoritarian Leadership among Baseball Coaches and Its Effects on Players' Comparison of Professional and Amateur Baseball Players康正男 大專體育學刊00
5872006瑜珈介紹許瑜珊; 李文心 臺大體育
5882006臺灣地區各縣市體育館營運績效評估之實證研究=A Study of Operation Performance Appraisal for the County and City Gymnasium in Taiwan鄭志富; 呂宛蓁 ; 曹校章大專體育學刊00
5892006學校運動場館之績效評估-平衡於慣性與創新的路徑蔡秀華 學校體育00
5902006多元迴歸在大學男子手球比賽技術分析之應用=The Regression Analysis of Intercollegiate Men's Handball Competitions Skills黃欽永 ; 姚漢禱臺大體育學報
5912006參與海外國際研討會的經驗分享:以「2005年世界大學運動會國際學術研討會」為例呂碧琴 臺大體育
5922006永遠的標槍皇后—林招枝程瑞福; 蔡秀華 ; 黃怡玲臺灣百年體育人物誌
5932006A faster exact schedulability analysis for fixed-priority schedulingHsieh, Jen-Wei; Shih, Wei-Kuan; TEI-WEI KUO ; WAN-CHEN LU Journal of Systems and Software77
5942006高中體育班實施成效評估之研究=An Evaluation of the Implementation of High School Athletic Classes in Taiwan李坤培 大專體育學刊00
5952006太極拳與《內經圖》=Tai-Chi Chuan and the Illustration of the Inner Path游添燈 體育學報00
5962006幼童3Q潛能開發之身體活動教學設計李文心 學校體育00
5972006以下肢長度調整階高之登階測驗的效度與信度分析=The Validity and Reliability of a Step Test with Adjusted Heights According to Leg Lengths蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕大專體育學刊00
5982006Time Course of Cardiac Function Induced and Oxidative Stress by an Acute Bout of ExerciseLien C. Y. ; Wonders, K. W.; Hydock, D. S.; Hayward, R.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting
5992006全方位體適能游添燈 臺大體育
6002006職棒現場觀眾參與行為意圖模式之研究呂宛蓁 臺灣師範大學體育學系學位論文
6012006美玉潤身:與太極拳纏(蟬)綿游添燈 2006臺灣運動哲學研討會
6022006政府精簡後中央與地方體育行政組織與規劃研究=The Administrative Organizations and the Division of Work about Physical Education between Central and Local Government after Government StreamlinedThe Administrative Organizations and the Division of Work about Physical Education between Central and Local Government after Government Streamlined; 王同茂; 陳志一 ; 張志堅運動教練科學00
6032006教與學之觀察篇-運動會活力四射師生趣味競賽李文心 臺大體育
6042006大學校院和高中職柔道選手的專業承諾與團隊滿意度之研究=Professional Commitment and Team Satisfaction in College and High School Judo Player黃國恩 臺大體育學報
6052006大專校院運動社團活動公共關係模式之探討=Public Relations Models for University Sports Clubs and Athletic Activities孫美蓮; 康正男 ; 周靈山臺大體育學報
6062006重碳酸鹽攝取對重複高強度無氧運動後EPOC的影響蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 林嘉志北縣體育
6072006太極拳與《修真圖》=Tai-Chi Chuan and the Illustration of the Practice Truth游添燈 臺大體育學報
6082006我國優秀運動選手獎勵政策與發展困境之探討李欣靜、呂宛蓁 北縣體育
6092006比較軟式和制式排球初學者的低手發球與接發球之訓練效果呂宛蓁 ; 黃幸玲; 楊振興; 劉宗德淡江體育00
6102006臺灣近十年大學體育發展之研究程瑞福; 蔡秀華 2006苗栗火旁龍.文化與觀光研討會
6112006國立臺灣大學綜合體育館健身中心設施器材佈置顧客滿意度調查研究=A Survey Research of Customer Satisfaction Level of Weight Training Room in National Taiwan University Sports CenterA Survey Research of Customer Satisfaction Level of Weight Training Room in National Taiwan University Sports Center; 葉嘵月; 陳志一 運動教練科學00
6122006讓身體動起來-談運動與體重管理楊裕隆 臺大體育
6132006街舞介紹李文心 臺大體育
6142005A Case Study of the Relationship between Participation in Recreational Sports and Perceived Happiness about the Technical College Students in Taipei CountyLu, P. C. ; Huang, C. H.The Universiade 2005 Izmir FISU Conference
6152005A 3D Analysis of the Volleyball SpikeHU, L. H. ; Chen, Y. H.; Huang, C. F.XXIII International Symposium on Biomechanics in sport
6162005臺灣地區大學生知覺體育教學滿意度之研究盧居福; 李坤培 ; 黃英哲; 王傑賢; 韓大衛臺大體育學報
6182005公立大學校院體育組織績效評估模式之研究=Performance Assessment Models for Physical Education Departments in Public Colleges and Universities王同茂; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 ; 連玉輝 ; 劉中鍵臺大體育學報
6192005從文化理路看大眾文化與運動的關聯呂碧琴 運動哲學心靈饗宴
6202005大專校院運動風險管理認知分析及實證研究李坤培 ; 鄭志富; 蔡秀華 ; 陳志一 ; 林聯喜 臺大體育學報
6212005高級中等學校體育班發展方案規劃李坤培 ; 董惠美; 王澤惠; 蔡秀華 ; 陳志一 ; 林聯喜 ; 李侑隆教育部專案計畫報告書
6222005增進體適能的運動方法—足球楊裕隆 2005大專院校學生體適能學習手冊
6232005大學校院體育課滿意度對學生再修習意願之影響楊建隆; 黃國恩 ; 王傑賢; 陳元和臺大體育學報
6242005臺灣地區公立大學體育館營運績效評估之實證研究=A Study of Operation Performance Evaluation for Public University Stadia in Taiwan鄭志富; 蔡秀華 師大學報:教育類00
6252005大學校院體育績效之評估-資料包絡分析之應用=The Evaluation of Universities' Physical Education Achievement-The Application of Data Development Analysis孫美蓮; 康正男 健康管理學刊00
6262005Critical concepts,combining with physiological indexesLin,H. F.; Lin, J. C.; TAI-YUAN CHUANG ; Jou, J. J.; Lin, P. Y.; Lu, H. L.; Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine
6272005企業男排聯賽之營運現況探討呂宛蓁 ; 黃幸玲大專體育00
6282005國際柔道競賽規則(1997-2004)之變遷與因應策略黃國恩 ; 許淑慧大專體育00
6292005天盤、地盤、人盤=The Celestial Base, the Terrestrial Base, the Corporeal Base游添燈 臺大體育學報
6302005聽!在風中奔跑的足音—女性體育人的身體故事蔡秀華 運動書寫~2005臺灣運動哲學研討會
6312005網球發球落點與技術相關表現之研究-以2004年美國網球公開賽男子單打賽為例=The Role of Serve Placement in Tennis Matches-An Example Study of the 2004 US Open Men's Singles王鶴森; 林偉毅; 趙曉涵 體育學報00
6322005大學校院體育課滿意度對學生再修習意願之影響=A Study of the Influence of College Physical Education Class Satisfaction on Students' Willingness to Retake the Class楊建隆; 黃國恩 ; 王傑賢; 陳元和臺大體育學報
6332005運動與養生游添燈 2004臺灣運動哲學研討會
6342005高中棒球選手回溯性競技傷害流病調查=A Descriptive Epidemiological Study of Sports Injury in High School Baseball Players康正男 ; 莊林貴; 康世平; 王興國物理治療
6352005大專棒球聯賽制度之發展現況與有效策略康正男 中華體育季刊00
6362005棒球運動教練領導行為之探討-概念建構與模式分析=Leadership in Baseball Coaches-Concept Building and Model Analysis康正男 體育學報00
6372005重碳酸鹽攝取對重複高強度運動後EPOC的影響蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 張嘉珍; 謝伸裕第四屆華人運動生理暨體適能學者學會年會
6382005增進體適能的運動方法—足球楊裕隆 2005高中(職)學生體適能學習手冊
6392005體育運動期刊中運動管理學文章之內容分析呂宛蓁 中華體育季刊00
64020052008年北京奧運對中國綜合國力發展之探討=2008 Olympics in Beijing Exploratory Research for China's Compositive Impetus Development蘇瑞陽; 黃國恩 臺大體育學報
6412005大學體育館營運績效指標之研究-以國立臺灣大學綜合體育館為例=A Study of Operative Performance Appraisal Indicators in University Gymnasium-Case of National Taiwan University Sport Center蔡秀華 ; 鄭志富臺大體育學報
6422004大專院校體育教師之社會地位與階級認同研究=A Study of the Social Status and Class Identity for the Intercollegiate Physical Educators呂碧琴 大專體育學刊00
6432004台灣地區體育運動期刊中運動管理學文章內容分析呂宛蓁 ; 蕭玉琴大專體育學術專刊00
6442004不同學制技職生參與休閒運動與幸福之相關研究-以聖約翰技術學院為例黃振紅; 呂碧琴 2004國際體適能學術研討會論文摘要集
64520042004高中職學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6462004從特殊教育理論探討體育班關鍵成功因素之研究李坤培 ; 林聯喜 ; 李晨鐘; 李達勝臺灣身體文化論文集
6472004“台大九十學年度暑假兒童青少年體育育樂營”參與動機及獲得訊息之分析黃國恩 ; 逄廣華; 陳美莉 ; 林志隆臺大體育
6482004運動員之心跳變異性–前驅研究陳喬男; 黃國恩 ; 康世平; 吳英黛中華民國物理 治療學會第四十八次學術研討會
6492004An Alternative Viewpoint of the Sport Body and Impairment through SportLu, P. C. The 7th AFSM-BDNOC Sports M Medicine Congress
6512004大眾文化與運動呂碧琴 ; 麥秀英2004國際體適能學術研討會論文摘要集
6522004台灣原住民族運動會改革之研究許義雄; 王建台; 徐元民; 蘇瑞陽; 曾瑞成; 林聯喜 
6532004公立大學校院體育組織績效評估模式初探:以平衡計分卡之運用為例康正男 ; 黃國恩 大專體育00
6542004臺灣地區體育教師在職進修之需求評估林聯喜 ; 程瑞福; 許義雄臺灣身體文化論文集
65620042004高中職體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6572004從多元智力理論談拓展舞蹈教學之思路李文心 臺大體育
65820042004國小體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6592004大專院校中體育行政組織的變革與因應蔡秀華 臺大體育
6602004Operation Performance Evaluation for Public University Gymnasiums in TaiwanCheng, Chih-fu; Ed. D.; Tan, Kok-Hwa; Tsai, Hsiu-hua 5thICHPER-SD Asia Congress
66120042004大專院校學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
66220042004國小學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6632004迷你網球之課程介紹-以四至六歲幼兒活動課程為例連玉輝 臺大體育
66420042004國中體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6652004運動教練及選手倦怠之成因與預防之道蕭玉琴; 呂宛蓁 大專體育00
6662004臺灣地區體育教師專業態度之研究程瑞福; 蔡秀華 ; 許義雄身體文化論文輯
6672004瘦身?塑身?-肌力訓練是一定要的啦!楊裕隆 健康世界00
6682004健康體適能課程球類教學活動設計楊裕隆 臺大體育
66920042004大專院校體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6702004從亞洲盃棒球賽談有線電視和廣告主的行銷與經營策略葉正; 林聯喜 臺大體育
6712004太極拳鬆柔體操入鬥(初階)游添燈 臺大體育
6722004柔道選手的心理競技能力契合度與專業承諾對運動表現及團隊滿意度之預測=The Predictive Utility of the Psychological Competitive Ability Fit and Professional Commitment on Judo Athletes' Performance and Team Satisfaction黃國恩 臺灣運動心理學報
6732004學大庸中太極拳之道也游添燈 身體文化論文集
6742004探討運動介入對感覺統合障礙問題孩童之影響-以X染色體脆折症孩童為例蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 林嘉志第三屆華人運動生理暨體適能學者學會年會
6752004排球扣球開網快攻運用初探胡林煥 ; 吳柏叡; 吳忠政中華體育季刊00
67620042004國中學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6772004公立大學校院體育組織績效評估之探討黃國恩 ; 康正男 ; 劉中鍵; 王傑賢中華體育季刊00
6782004肌力訓練—減肥塑身必備良方楊裕隆 台大醫院減肥班秘笈
6792004肌力與體能訓練蔡崇濱; 林信甫 ; 林政東; 吳柏翰; 鄭景峰; 傅正思; 戴堯種
6802004體育活動與綜合國力:以中共申辦2008年奧運為例黃國恩 ; 楊穎超大專體育00
6812004現代男子強勢網球(Power Tennis)之研究-深度訪談的質化探討=A qualitative study on modern man Power Tennis連玉輝 體育學報00
6822004棒球國家代表隊階層類型與休閒活動參與之研究:以2002年洲際盃中華隊為例黃振紅; 呂碧琴 大專體育學術專刊00
6832004健康體適能課程重量訓練之理論與實際黃欽永 臺大體育
6852003大學體育館營運績效指標之個案研究蔡秀華 ; 鄭志富中華民國體育學會92年度學術論文發表會
6862003台大九十學年度暑假兒童青少年體育育樂營滿意度之研究黃國恩 臺大體育學報
6872003技職院校學生休閒運動參與及價值認知之研究黃振紅; 呂碧琴 台東大學體育學報
6882003改良式登階測驗的效度與信度分析蘇玫尹 ; 盧彥夆; 林嘉志第二屆華人運動生理暨體適能學者學會年會
6892003海峽兩岸三地大學生手球比賽技術之分析 = Analysis on the competition skills in intercollegiate handball in Taiwan, Mainland and Hong Kong黃欽永 
6902003海峽兩岸三地大學生手球比賽技術之分析=Analysis on the Competition Skills in Intercollegiate Handball in Taiwan, Mainland and Hong Kong黃欽永 教練科學00
6912003台大籃球育樂營學員態度之研究逄廣華; 陳美莉 ; 黃國恩 臺大體育學報
6922003台灣大學羽球班學生教學滿意度之研究陳美莉 臺大體育學報
6932003太極拳如是我聞:以金剛經般若法體的觀點談修煉太極拳的理念游添燈 體育學報00
6942003台大學生對體育課上課場地滿意度之研究-以「綜合體育館柔道教室」為例黃國恩 臺大體育學報
69520032000年東南亞大學生手球邀請賽男子比賽技術分析黃欽永 臺大體育學報
6962003大專校院男子手球比賽技術之迴歸分析黃欽永 國立台灣師範大學碩士學位論文
6972003臺灣大學體適能課程學生之教學評量及運動行為之研究—計劃行為理論之應用楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
6982003小腿長高對登階測驗最大攝氧量預測的影響蘇玫尹 ; 盧彥夆; 林嘉志國際運動與健康研討會
6992003中老年人參與馬拉松競賽的生理效應黃欽永 ; 李建明; 洪文平; 黃谷臣淡江體育00
7002003高中體育班發展脈絡與課程規劃之研究李坤培 臺大體育學報
7012003人行道上:解析修煉太極拳的條件和方法游添燈 臺大體育學報
7022003氣功「形能」對人體最大攝氧量之影響黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 邱慶宏; 陳國華臺大體育學報
7032003大學體育館管理模式之建構及應用研究:—以國立台灣大學新建綜合體育館為例曾賢亮; 王同茂; 余育蘋 ; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
7042003臺大運動代表隊發展面臨的困境之探討李坤培 臺大體育
7052003高中體育班發展的省思李坤培 學校體育
7062003The Effects of Uncertainty on Attention in Table-Tennis Players and Nonathletes洪聰敏; 洪巧菱 ; 豐東洋; 張育愷; 高竟峰; 羅麗娟臺灣運動心理學報
7072003大學院校體育室(組)業務發展策略研究王同茂; 康正男 ; 連玉輝 ; 黃國恩 臺大體育學報
7082003臺灣地區大學生體育選課需求型態及需求滿意度之研究盧居福; 李坤培 ; 黃英哲; 王傑賢; 韓大衛臺大體育學報
7092003以VVO2max 間接測量法評估個體有氧適能之研究=The Study of Velocity at VVO2max (vVO[feaf]max) Field Test to Evaluate Individual Aerobic Capacity林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 林正常
7102003體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─大專體育的未來發展林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7112003運動場館設計與營運發展之關鍵因素探討蔡秀華 中華民國體育學會92年度學術論文發表會
7122003體育時勢系列圓桌論壇—中華男籃兵敗哈爾濱,我們應該學到什么教訓?林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7132003從競爭優勢觀點探討公立大學運動場館經營成功因素李坤培 大專體育雙月刊
7142003新埔技術學院教職員休閒運動參與現狀及其阻礙之研究=A Study of the Status Quo and Constraints in the Participation in Recreational Sports by the Faculty and Staff Members of St. John's & St. Mary's Institute of Technology黃振紅; 呂碧琴 大專體育學術專刊00
7152003跑步經濟性及其相關影響因素探討林信甫 ; 莊泰源 中華體育季刊00
7162002臺灣職業棒球員工作價值觀契合度與組織承諾、工作滿意之關係康正男 體育學報
7172002減量訓練策略對運動訓練效果的影響林信甫 運動科學與訓練 : 運動教練手冊
7182002A case study of operation performance appraisal indicators for Public University stadia in TaiwanTsai, Hsiu-hua The 44th ICHPER.SD. World Congress
7192002氣功「築基帶脈功」調整假性長短腳之功效黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 陳國華; 邱慶宏; 呂碧琴; 李嗣涔中華民國91年體育年會體育學術研討會
7202002Kinetic and kinematic differences of two volleyball-spiking jumpsHuang, K. C.; HU, L. H. ; Huang, C. F.XX International Symposium on Biomechanics in sport 
7212002「形能」對人體最大攝氧量之影響黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 陳國華; 邱慶宏臺大體育學報
7222002校園馬拉松賽正式納入適應組的省思與綜評游添燈 臺大體育
7242002不同年齡層參與馬拉松賽的血液生化值之比較=The Effect of Marathon on the Blood Variables of Age Groups李建明; 黃欽永 ; 黃谷臣; 湯馥君大專體育學刊00
7252002中老年人參與馬拉松競賽的生理效應黃谷臣; 黃欽永 ; 李建明; 洪文平2002國際運動與健康研討會
7262002最大攝氧量跑步速度於中、長跑選手訓練之應用林信甫 運動科學與訓練 : 運動教練手冊
7272002特殊群體的運動林信甫 運動生理學
7282002Protective Effect of MDA by Taking BCAA in TaiwanMarathon AthletesLee, Jane-Ming; Lin, Chao-Kuang; Huang, Ku-Chen; Hwang, Ching-Yung ; Chen, Te-Hai; Liu, Chi-Feng2002ICHPER.SD Congress.(第四十四屆國際體健休運動暨舞蹈年會)
7292002「全真抗衰老基本方」對馬拉松競賽後血液生化值之影響黃欽永 ; 黃谷臣; 李建明; 李奕寬中華民國91年體育年會體育學術研討會
7302002體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─中央體育行政組織調整之理想方向林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7312002體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─國中基本學力測驗加考體育的可行性初探林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7322002讀李雅軒談修煉太極拳的一封書信及其值得注意的幾個重點游添燈 臺大體育
7332002大專校院男子手球比寒技術之迴歸分析黃欽永 臺灣師範大學體育學系在職進修碩士班學位論文
7342001大學生運動行為與體適能狀況調查研究~以臺灣大學為例陳美莉 臺大體育
7352001慢跑運動之探討簡坤鐘 臺大體育
7362001大專學生高爾夫初級課程內容論述簡坤鐘 大專體育00
7372001大陸申奧成功,我們應有的省思圓桌論壇記錄林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7382001運動按摩 : 神經與肌肉的疲勞消除法林信甫 ; 林煉傑; 黃勝裕; 鄭景峰
7392001氣功學習前後對人體生理反應之影響黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 陳國華; 呂碧琴; 邱慶宏中華民國90年體育年會體育學術研討會
7402001Body Image and exercise behavior toward the exercise and weight management class students of National Taiwan UniversityTsai, Hsiu-hua AIESEP aiwan 2001International Conference
7412001國立臺灣大學體育教育教學因素與教學滿意度──落差理論之驗證=National Taiwan University Physical Education Factors and Teaching Satisfaction: The Verification of the Gap Theory陳美莉 體育學報00
7422001柔道“形”的技術之探討黃國恩 臺大體育
7432001桌球運動員與非運動員在前動作時間、動作時間及反應時間之比較=A Comparison Between Table Tennis Players and Nonthletes or Premotor Time, Motor Time, and Reaction Time洪聰敏; 羅麗娟; 豐東洋; 張育愷; 高竟峰; 洪巧菱 ; 張弓弘; 陳堅錐; 張鼎乾臺灣運動心理學報
7442001不同年齡層參與馬拉松賽的血液生化值之比較李建明; 黃欽永 ; 黃谷臣; 湯馥君中華民國90年體育年會體育學術研討會
7452001氣功“形能”影響人體柔軟度持續時間之研究=A Study on the Duration of the Influence of Totem's Energy of Qi-Gong on Human Flexibility黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 陳國華; 呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
7462001大學體育館營運績效指標之個案研究-以國立台灣大學綜合體育館為例蔡秀華 臺灣師範大學體育學系學位論文
7482001臺大學生體適能與臺灣地區大專院校常模之比較陳美莉 臺大體育
7492001我國大專校院體適能實施現況調查=Survey of Current Physical Fitness Testing at Taiwan Universities and Colleges康正男 ; 黃國恩 臺大體育學報
7502001「形能」對人體有氧適能之影響黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 邱慶宏; 李嗣涔; 陳國華; 莊泰源九十年生物醫學工程科技研討會
7512001國立臺灣大學運動風險管理策略認知之探討=The Study of the Official Perception of the National Taiwan University for Risk Management蔡秀華 ; 蔡莉芬臺大體育學報
7522001體育教學因素與再修課意願:落差理論之驗證=Physical Education Teaching Factors and Course Reselect Will: The Verification of the Gap Theory陳美莉 臺大體育學報
7532001肥胖與走路效率之相關研究=The Relationship between Obesity and Walking Efficiency莊泰源 ; 臺大體育學報
7542001大學體育課程教學改進的實證研究=A Experimental Study of Improving Instruction of Physical Education Curriculum in University王同茂; 李坤培 ; 黃英哲; 楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
75520012001年手球新規則探討與因應策略黃欽永 臺大體育
7562001台灣職業棒球員工作價值觀契合度與組織承諾、工作滿意之關係康正男 體育學報00
7572001我國大專柔道選手心理競技能力契合度之研究=Psychological Competitive Abilities of College Player in Judo: A Study of Congruence Theory黃國恩 體育學報00
7582001太極劍式“黃蜂入洞”與“燕子入巢”在楊家傳世劍譜中的疑慮探討=Discuss the Confusion of "Wasp Entering a Cave (黃蜂入洞) "and "Swallow Entering a Nest (燕子入巢)" in the Yang's Tai Chi Swordsmanship游添燈 臺大體育學報
75920001600公尺跑與1600公尺快走預測最大攝氧量之研究=Correlation Among 1600m-running, 1600m Fast-walking and Maximal Oxygen Uptake林信甫 體育學報00
7602000臺灣大學運動代表隊教練領導行為之調查研究=The Study of Leadership in Coaches for Varsity Teams at National Taiwan University黃國恩 臺大體育學報
7612000台灣職棒社會責任之研究莊仲仁; 鐘瓊瑤; 連玉輝 ; 2000年迎接千禧年運動與生活品質學術研討會
7622000我國大專校院學生體適能護照之規劃與推展黃國恩 ; 康正男 大專體育00
7632000我國大學體育課程實施現況之調查陳美莉 臺大體育
7642000高中體育班學生生活適應及影響選讀體育班因素之調查研究=A Survey of Senior High School Athletic Students Adapt to School Life and the Factors Affect Their Choosing Athletic Class as a Major李坤培 臺大體育學報
7652000東亞四國體適能策略與行為態度比較研究方進隆; 黃永任; 游添燈 ; 楊裕隆 ; 王傑賢; 陳玉英; 洪暐; 高素貞; 林瑞興科技部東亞區域研究成果發表研討會手冊
7662000教育部提昇學生體適能專案計畫—提昇學生體適能社區介入獎助計畫楊忠祥; 亓湘; 楊裕隆 ; 余育蘋 ; 高素貞; 林世昌
7672000國中青少年籃球隊運動輔導之探討(一):質化研究—一所台北市國中籃球隊組成及活動之觀察王同茂; 康世平; 李坤培 ; 楊裕隆 ; 余育蘋; 王傑賢; 連玉輝 ; 董華明中華民國體育學會專題研究計畫成果報告書
7682000體育運動公共關係個案企劃研究-以台大新體育館營運基金“紮根計畫”活動為例蔡秀華 ; 湯添進臺大體育
7692000長跑選手無氧跑步能力判定法之比較研究=A Comparative Study of Various Mathematical Models on Anaerobic Running Capacity for Distance Runner吳忠芳; 王順正; 林玉瓊; 莊泰源 ; 林正常; 體育學報00
7702000台大學生體適能之初探陳美莉 臺大體育
7712000找回健康的身體-談運動與塑身蔡秀華 臺大體育
7722000再發現身體的流動-一次身體自覺與身體態度的探索之旅蔡秀華 師大體育
7732000氣功「築基帶脈功」調整長短腳初探黃欽永 臺大體育
7742000認識高爾夫簡坤鐘 臺大體育
7752000台灣大學學生體育課興趣選項需求之評估研究陳美莉 臺大體育
7762000提高田徑訓練效果-你做得到的途徑蔡秀華 台灣田徑
7772000足球技能教學輔助教材示例楊裕隆 中華民國體育學會研究委員會專書—學校體育
7782000臺灣大學體育教學評估量表初探=A Study of the Assessment Scales for the Instruction in Physical Education of National Taiwan University陳美莉 ; 呂碧琴 ; 黃英哲; 王澤惠; 蔡秀華 ; 楊裕隆 ; 黃振紅臺大體育學報
7792000我國運動員之運動道德初探:以大專棒球運動員為例康正男 臺大體育學報
7802000我國業餘棒球運動員運動成就動機之研究康正男 中華體育季刊00
7812000體育教學的實踐與學習指導—球類運動(網球)連玉輝 學校體育教學事典
7822000大學體育課程系統規劃之實驗研究=An Experimental Study in the Planning of System in College Physical Education Courses王同茂; 葉曉月; 亓湘; 李坤培 ; 黃英哲; 楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
7832000球類--棒球康正男 教育部學校體育教學事典成果報告
7841999少棒肘之發生與預防處理林信甫 ; 王百川中華體育季刊00
7851999第十一屆泛太平洋柔道錦標賽有效得分技術動作之分析黃國恩 大專體育00
7861999台灣大學進修學士班學生修習體育課之意向初探呂碧琴 ; 陳?莉臺大體育
7871999氣功概說黃欽永 臺大體育
7881999如何辦好假期舞蹈營蔡秀華 台灣省學校假期體育營實務手冊
7891999有氧運動蔡秀華 台大醫院健康教室減肥班講義輯
7901999手球新規則解說與戰略應用黃欽永 中華民國體育學會學校體育研究委員會專書─學校體育教學與運動競賽
7921999棒球防守技術的理論與實際康正男 中華民國體育學會學校體育研究委員會專書
7931999韓國社會體育振興方案與推展目標游添燈 ; 趙容俊臺大體育
7941999重賞出勇夫?-我見我思曼谷亞運會後之獎勵措施呂碧琴 臺大體育
7951999大專院校男子手球攻擊模式分析 : 81-86學年 = Analysis on the attack model in intercollegiate men's handball competition ; 1992-1997黃欽永 
7961999迷你網球(Mini-Tennis)之研究與推展連玉輝 學校體育教學與運動競賽專書
7971999手球新規則釋義與戰略應用-暫停黃欽永 臺大體育
7981999身體活動對病毒性肝炎肝功能的影響林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7991998一般網球拍穿線法與穿線技術之實際操作與應用黃國恩 臺大體育
8001998如何選擇適合自己的健身運動游添燈 中華體育季刊00
8011998氣功初學者生理反應之初探黃欽永 臺大體育
8021998我國女子壘球選手之打擊注意力型態鐘瓊瑤; 連玉輝 ; 莊仲仁; 1998年國際大專運動教練科學研討會
8031998台大學生體育態度之研究楊裕隆 大專體育00
8041998實驗室與田徑場跑步速度耐力模式測驗結果的比較=Application of Velocity Endurance Model on Critical Velocity and Anaerobic Running Capacity between Treadmill and Track Running王順正; 林正常; 莊泰源 ; 郭堉圻; 體育學報00
8051998臺大學生運動行為之研究-合理行動理論之應用=A Study of the Exercise Behavior in National Taiwan University Students: An Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action楊裕隆 ; 莊仲仁臺大體育學報
8061998不同參賽組別及運動經歷與大專軟網球員訓練環境困擾因素的關係=The Relationships between Variables of Collegiate Soft Tennis Players Training Environment and Differences in Competition Levels and Sports Experience亓湘; 葉曉月; 楊裕隆 臺大體育學報
8071998台大男子手球隊員攻擊得失分析─以86學年大專為例─邱慶宏; 黃欽永 臺大體育
8081998足球劇場楊裕隆 臺大體育
8091998大專院校男子手球攻擊模式分析(81~86學年)=Analysis on the Attack Models in Intercollegiate Men's Handball Competition (1992~1997)黃欽永 臺大體育學報
8101997“體育”作為應修習課程之幾個條件李坤培 臺大體育
8111997台大學生對校內運動競賽意見之調查研究=A Survey of the National Taiwan University Student's Comments on Intramural Sports Competition李坤培 臺大體育學報
8121997從「生物能場」觀點探討「粉紅色衣物」對人體體能之影響黃英哲; 黃欽永 ; 李仲亮臺大體育
8131997羽球運動常識呂碧琴 臺大體育
8141997健康體適能教學對臺大男生體適能之影響=The Effect of Health Related Physical Fitness Teaching on Colleger Men's Physical Fitness of N. T. U黃欽永 臺大體育學報
8151997懷孕與運動蔡秀華 臺大體育
8161997臺灣地區甲組足球員成就動機之探討=An Investigation into the Achievement Motivation of the First Division Soccer Players in Taiwan楊裕隆 ; 楊茂雄臺大體育學報
8171997回首足球比賽的高峰經驗楊裕隆 臺大體育
8181997手球競賽攻擊失敗之原因分析邱慶宏; 黃欽永 臺大體育
8191997瑜伽體位法對大學女生健康適能的影響效果探討=The Effect of Yoga Asanas on Health-related Physical Fitness for College Female呂碧琴 臺大體育學報
8201997“氣功與保健”課程學生評鑑教師教學行為之研究黃欽永 臺大體育
8211997足球遊戲的童話楊裕隆 ; 楊茂雄臺大體育
8221997手球射門技術之射點分析黃欽永 ; 邱慶宏中華民國大專院校86年度體育學術研討會
8231996我國大專柔道選手的柔道運動參與動機之研究黃國恩 大專體育
8251996氣功「形能」對體前彎之影響黃欽永 ; 黃英哲; 李仲亮中華民國大專院校第二十七屆運動會國際體育學術研討會
8261996Fishbein模式與合理行動理論在運動行為上之應用楊裕隆 臺大體育
8271996「激勵」在大學體育行政管理上之應用楊裕隆 大專體育
8281995柔道技術練習法黃國恩 臺大體育
8291995電腦於體育教學研究之應用-體育成績之應用黃欽永 臺大體育
8301995台大學生對體育的態度之探討楊裕隆 大專體育
83119951994年世界盃足球賽十二碼球罰球攻防策略之探討楊裕隆 臺大體育
8321995編制桌球發球適性化測驗的軟體=A Construction Computer Program of Adaptability Test on the Service of Table Tennis姚漢禱; 黃欽永 體育學報00
8331995運動行銷計畫……試以台大減肥班為例楊裕隆 臺大體育
8341995壓力處置策略對我國青少年網球選手運動表現之影響連玉輝 國立體育學院運動科學研究所碩士論文
8351995氣功:自發動功動作模式之研究黃欽永 中華民國大專院校體育總會八十三學年度體育學術研討會
8361995The Effects of Qi-Qong Ocular Exercise on AccommodationYung Feng Shih; Luke L.K. Lin; Ching Yung Hwang ; Jau Kang Huang; Por TyingHung; Ping Kang HouChinese Journal of Physiology
8371995失能者水上適應活動游添燈 臺大體育
8381994校園馬拉松賽終點和記錄統計的電腦模式康世平; 黃欽永 臺大體育
8391994漫談1994年世界盃足球賽楊裕隆 臺大體育
8401994國立臺灣大學體育課程教學暨休閒教育之調查研究張思敏; 黃英哲; 黃欽永 ; 蔡秀華 臺大體育
8411994本校男子手球隊參加大專院校八十二學年度手球錦標賽攻擊技術分析邱慶宏; 黃欽永 臺大體育
8421994以非本土化資料預測個人理想體重和身體脂肪百分比之異議游添燈 中華體育季刊00
8431993籃球和游泳運動員運動自我概念研究-以五專和大專乙組校隊運動員為例黃振紅; 呂碧琴 體育學報00
8441993壓力處理與高血壓游添燈 臺大體育
8451993氣功眼球運動對近視防治效果的初步評估=The Effect of Qi-Qong Excercise on the Prevention of Myopic Progression - A Preliminary Report施永豐; 黃欽永 ; 劉君謙; 蔡秀華 ; 林隆光; 侯平康慈濟醫學雜誌00
8461993急行跳遠教學效果研討林純玉; 許樹淵; 簡坤鐘 ; 蔡秀華 ; 朱敏進體育學報00
8481993臺灣大學校園馬拉松賽電腦與人工記錄統計模式之研究=A Stydy on the Computer and Hand Statistic Recording Mode of National Taiwan University Campus' Marathon康世平; 簡坤鐘 ; 蔡秀華 ; 黃欽永 體育學報00
8491993運動文化的形成與發展李坤培 臺大體育
8501993校園馬拉松賽終點與記錄工作的電腦化黃欽永 臺大體育
8511992氣功和眼球運動對視力保健效果之評估黃欽永 中華體育季刊00
8521992國立臺灣大學運動代表隊心理競技能力初探陳美莉 臺大體育
8531992手球競賽攻擊技術現場電腦記錄與分析之研究黃欽永 體育學報00
8541992臺大男子手球隊個人攻擊技術分析黃欽永 臺大體育
8551992柔軟度與關節活動範圍游添燈 大專體育
8571991自信心與運動表現呂碧琴 中華體育季刊00
8581990透過攝影量化運動表現的生物力學分析法游添燈 中華體育季刊00
8591990對KINETICS中文譯名的看法游添燈 中華體育季刊00
8601990情緒穩定性、體能及體型與不同距離壘球擲準之相關研究李坤培 臺大體育
8611990鞋子對跑步腳動力學之影響和跑鞋的選擇游添燈 國立體育學院論叢
8621990舉重物動作之動力學分析二維關節受力模式之建立李永輝; 游添燈 中華體育季刊00
8631988百公尺短跑之動學分析簡坤鐘 臺大體育
8641986我國優秀籃球運動員人格特質之探討陳美莉 臺大體育
8651984跳遠技術的探討簡坤鐘 臺大體育
866-國民中學體育教師在職進修之需求評估林聯喜 臺灣師範大學體育學系學位論文