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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHANG-CHUAN CHAN詹長權Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
CHEN-I KUAN官晨怡Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesReproduction; Technology; Medical Anthropology; Gender; Body Politics
CHEN-YU LIU劉貞佑Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciencesmolecular epidemiology; environmental
CHI-TAI FANG方啟泰Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineMolecular pathogenesis and pathogenomics; Mathematical modeling of infectious Diseases
Chia-Cheng Wei魏嘉徵Public Health; Institute of Food Safety and HealthMathematic for Engineering.; Molecular Biology; Environmental Microbiology; Environmental Sciences and Engineering; Food Toxicology; Functional Food
CHIA-YANG CHEN陳家揚Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences; Institute of Food Safety and Health
CHIH-CHIEH CHEN陳志傑Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesDevelopment of aerosol samplers; Air filtration and Filter loadings; Particulate matter from motor vehicles; Fibrous aerosol measurement; Improvement of indoor air pollution control devices; Aerosol deposition in respiratory system
CHING-WEN CHANG張靜文Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesEnvironment microbiology; Occupational biohazards; Indoor air quality; Bioaerosol sampling and analysis
CHING-YU LIN林靖愉Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesAnalytical chemistry; Metabolomics; Toxicology; Proteomics
CHUHSING KATE HSIAO蕭朱杏Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Bayesian Statistics; Genetic Statistics; Bioinformatics
DUAN-RUNG CHEN陳端容Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesSocial network analysis; Medical sociology; Health care organization behavior
GEN-SHUH WANG王根樹Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesEnvironmental Chemistry
HSIAO-YU YANG楊孝友Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesAsbestos, non-asbestiform asbestos mineral, talc; Lung and breast cancer screening methods; Occupational environmental lung diseases; Aristolochic acids related urological cancer and renal failure; Breath profiling and breathomics
HSIEN-HO LIN林先和Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineInfectious disease; Tuberculosis epidemiology
HSIN-CHIEH CHANG張心潔Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesSocial Change; Gender Relations; Social Integration and Community Health; International Migration; Wellbeing
HSIU-HSI CHEN陳秀熙Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community Sciences; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiomedical Statistics; Preventive Medicine; Epidemiology
HUNG HUNG洪弘Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineStatistics
HUNG-CHIEH CHANG張弘潔Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementSociology in Health; Childhood Studies; Qualitative Research
JIA-KUN CHEN陳佳堃Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesFlow Control; Fluid Dynamics; Ventilation: Theory and Technology; MEMS: Theory & Design of Electrokinetic Microfluidics; Development of Densitometer
JIUN-HAU HUANG黃俊豪Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesHealth Risk Behavior; Adolescent Health; Health Communication
JUI-HSIANG LIN林瑞祥Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology
KUEN-YUH WU吳焜裕Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences; Institute of Food Safety and HealthToxic and toxicology; Health risk and food safety assessment; Mass Spectrometry; Biological indicator; Industrial hygiene and air pollution
KUN-HSIEN TSAI蔡坤憲Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesVector-borne and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
KUO-LIONG CHIEN簡國龍Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineEpidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease; Genetic Epidemiology
KUO-PIAO CHUNG鍾國彪Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementQuality of Care; Quality Management; Hospital Management; Health Policy and Management
LING-YIN CHANG張齡尹Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesLanguage: Proficient in Chinese and English (TOFEL ibt: 106; GRE: 1370); Advanced knowledge of psychological and behavioral theories of children & adolescent health; Research interests: children and adolescent health, health behavioral science, community health promotion, meta-analysis
MING-CHIN YANG楊銘欽Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementHealth insurance; Health planning and evaluation; Economic evaluation; Health administration
MING-WHEI YU于明暉Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineMolecular Epidemiology; Cancer Epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology
NIEN-CHEN KUO郭年真Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementComparative Effectiveness Research; Health Insurance Payment System; Risk Adjustment
PO-HSIU KUO郭柏秀Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineComorbidity of substance use and mood disorders and phenotypic refinement; Extended twin-family approach and family study toward substance use, mood disorders, behavioral problems and psychopathologies; Whole-genome association for continuous and dichotomous traits and statistical method development; Epidemiological survey of psychopathological related traits; Quantitative trait locus gene mapping for human complex psychiatric disorders; Quantitative methodology in genetic dissection of human behaviors; Trajectories of problem behaviors using longitudinal data
RAY-E CHANG張睿詒Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementHealth Care Financial Management; Management Science
SHIH-WEI TSAI蔡詩偉Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesDeveloping the Sampling and Analysis Methods for EDCs in Air; Mechanisms of Furan Formation in Food; Applications of SPME in Environmental Sampling and Analysis; Developing the Techniques for Biological Monitoring; Identification, Quantitation & Prediction of Indoor MVOCs
SHOU-HSIA CHENG鄭守夏Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementHealth Economics; Health Policy; Health Services Research
SHU-HUI CHANG張淑惠Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiomedical Statistics; Clinical trial; Epidemiology
SHU-SEN CHANG張書森Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community SciencesSpatial epidemiology; Suicide and suicide prevention; Community mental health; Psychiatric epidemiology
TUNG-LIANG CHIANG江東亮Public Health; Health Behaviors and Community Sciences; Health Policy and ManagementHealth insurance; Health policy; Social and health
TZU-PIN LU盧子彬Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineComputational Biology; Microarray & Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis; Bioinformatics
WAN-CHEN LEE李婉甄Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
WAN-YU LIN林菀俞Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Genetic epidemiology; Statistical Genetics
WEI J. CHEN陳為堅Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Brain and Mind SciencesClinical Medicine; Genetic; Epidemiology; Psychiatric
WEI-CHU CHIE季瑋珠Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineCommunity Medicine; Health-related Quality of Life; Family Medicine
WEN-CHUNG LEE李文宗Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Epidemiology Methods; Genetic Epidemiology
WEN-LING CHEN陳玟伶Public Health; Institute of Food Safety and HealthChemical profiling; Micropollutants; Food-environment interactions; High-resolution mass spectrometry
YA-MEI CHEN陳雅美Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementLong-term Care Service Delivery and Policy Development; Program Evaluation
YAW-HUEI HWANG黃耀輝Public Health; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesIndustrial Hygiene; Environmental; Ergonomics; Occupational Epidemiology
YAWEN CHENG鄭雅文Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementOccupational Health Policy; Health Inequality; Health Policy; Social Historical Analysis of Public Health
YEN-CHING CHEN程蘊菁Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineEnvironmental epidemiology and analytical chemistry; Geriatric epidemiology (Dementia and cognition); Human genome epidemiology; Osteoporosis and prostate cancer epidemiology
YU-CHI TUNG董鈺琪Public Health; Health Policy and ManagementHealth services management; Health insurance and policy; Outcomes research; Health services research
YU-KANG TU杜裕康Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineLatent variables analysis; Life course epidemiology; Longitudinal data analysis; Meta-analysis
YUNG-LING LEE李永凌Public Health; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineImmunogenetics; Community Medicine; Genomic Medicine; Bioinformatics/Integrative Medicine