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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHING-CHING CLAIRE LIN林青青 Master of Public Health Degree Program  Health Policy and Management Health Economics; Health Expenditure; Health Disparity; Health Policy Analysis
HUNG-CHIEH CHANG張弘潔 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Sociology in Health; Child Health; Health Policy
KEVIN CHIEN-CHANG WU吳建昌 Psychiatry-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics  Brain and Mind Sciences  Health Policy and Management  Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Pharmaceutical policy; Neuroethics and neurolaw; Bioethics (including medical ethics); Public health ethics and law; Science and technology ethics; Health care law and policy
KUO-PIAO CHUNG鍾國彪 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Quality of Cancer Care; Quality Management and Organizational Performance; Service Quality and Innovation; Health Policy and Management; Quality Indicator Development and Application
MING-CHIN YANG楊銘欽 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Health insurance; Health planning and evaluation; Economic evaluation; Health administration
MING-JUI YEH葉明叡 Master of Public Health Degree Program  Health Policy and Management Comparative Health Systems; Public Health Ethics; National Health Insurance
NIEN-CHEN KUO郭年真 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Comparative Effectiveness Research; Health Insurance Payment System; Risk Adjustment
PO-HAN LEE李柏翰 MSc/PhD in Global Health  Health Policy and Management Gender/Sexuality Studies; Global Health Politics; International Human Rights Law; Social/Sociological Theories
RAY-E CHANG張睿詒 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Health Care Financial Management; Management Science
SHOU-HSIA CHENG鄭守夏 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Health Economics; Health Policy; Health Services Research
TUNG-LIANG CHIANG江東亮 Public Health  Health Behaviors and Community Sciences  Health Policy and Management Health insurance; Health policy; Social and health
YA-MEI CHEN陳雅美 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Long-term Care Service Delivery and Policy Development; Program Evaluation
YAWEN CHENG鄭雅文 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Occupational Health Policy; Health Inequality; Health Policy; Social Historical Analysis of Public Health
YU-CHI TUNG董鈺琪 Public Health  Health Policy and Management Health services management; Health insurance and policy; Outcomes research; Health services research