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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-TAI FANG方啟泰Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthMolecular pathogenesis and pathogenomics; Mathematical modeling of infectious Diseases
CHUHSING KATE HSIAO蕭朱杏Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthBiostatistics; Bayesian Statistics; Genetic Statistics; Bioinformatics
CHUN-JU CHIANG江濬如Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
HSIEN-HO LIN林先和Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthInfectious disease; Tuberculosis epidemiology
HSIU-HSI CHEN陳秀熙Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Health Behaviors and Community Sciences; Public HealthBiomedical Statistics; Preventive Medicine; Epidemiology
HUNG HUNG洪弘Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthStatistics
JUI-HSIANG LIN林瑞祥Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthBiostatistics; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology
KUO-LIONG CHIEN簡國龍Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthEpidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease; Genetic Epidemiology
LI-MIN HUANG黃立民Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Pediatrics; Pediatrics-NTUHVaccinology; Molecular Virology; HIV and AIDS; Pediatrics Infectious diseases; Editor, Communication of Preparatory Office for National Taiwan University Children Hospital, 1997-2000
MING-WHEI YU于明暉Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthMolecular Epidemiology; Cancer Epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology
PO-HSIU KUO郭柏秀Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthComorbidity of substance use and mood disorders and phenotypic refinement; Extended twin-family approach and family study toward substance use, mood disorders, behavioral problems and psychopathologies; Whole-genome association for continuous and dichotomous traits and statistical method development; Epidemiological survey of psychopathological related traits; Quantitative trait locus gene mapping for human complex psychiatric disorders; Quantitative methodology in genetic dissection of human behaviors; Trajectories of problem behaviors using longitudinal data
SHU-HUI CHANG張淑惠Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthBiomedical Statistics; Clinical trial; Epidemiology
TZU-PIN LU盧子彬Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthComputational Biology; Microarray & Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis; Bioinformatics
WAN-YU LIN林菀俞Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthBiostatistics; Genetic epidemiology; Statistical Genetics
WEI J. CHEN陳為堅Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Brain and Mind Sciences; Public HealthClinical Medicine; Genetic; Epidemiology; Psychiatric
WEI-CHU CHIE季瑋珠Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthCommunity Medicine; Health-related Quality of Life; Family Medicine
WEI-LIANG SHIH施惟量Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineMolecular Epidemiology; Cancer Epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology
WEN-CHUNG LEE李文宗Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthBiostatistics; Epidemiology Methods; Genetic Epidemiology
YEN-CHING CHEN程蘊菁Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthEnvironmental epidemiology and analytical chemistry; Geriatric epidemiology (Dementia and cognition); Human genome epidemiology; Osteoporosis and prostate cancer epidemiology
YI-CHIA LEE李宜家Internal Medicine-NTUH; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Endoscopic screening; Evaluation of cancer screening; Cancer prevention and screening; Epidemiology
YI-CHIN FAN范怡琴Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
YU-KANG TU杜裕康Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthLatent variables analysis; Life course epidemiology; Longitudinal data analysis; Meta-analysis
YUNG-LING LEE李永凌Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Public HealthImmunogenetics; Community Medicine; Genomic Medicine; Bioinformatics/Integrative Medicine