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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-LING CHEN陳祈玲Clinical MedicineClinical epidemiology; Epidemiology
DANIEL FU-CHANG TSAI蔡甫昌Clinical Medicine; Medical Education and Bioethics; Medical Research; Family Medicine; Medical Device and ImagingCommunity Medicine; Research Ethics; Clinical Ethics; Bioethics; Family Medicine
HSIN-FU CHEN陳信孚Clinical Medicine; Obstetrics&Gynecology-NTUH; Obstetrics&Gynecology; Medical Genomics and ProteomicsBiology of embryonic stem cell; Obstetrics and gynecology; Reproductive endocrinology
HURNG-YI WANG王弘毅Clinical MedicinePopulation Genetics; Molecular Evolution
JEAN-SAN CHIA賈景山Clinical Medicine; Microbiology; Immunology; School of Dentistry; Oral Biology; Dentistry-NTUHHost pathogen interaction in infective endocarditis; Immune response to oral cancer
KAI-WEN HUANG黃凱文Clinical Medicine; Surgery; Surgery-NTUHHepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery; Tumor surgery; Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery; Colorectal Surgery; Laparoscopic Oncology; Translational Medicine; Surgical Oncology; Genomics and Gene Therapy
PAN-CHYR YANG楊泮池Clinical Medicine; Internal Medicine; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Oncology; Clinical Pharmacy; Internal Medicine-NTUHCancer Biology and Molecular Biology; Medical Ultrasound; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Lung Cancer Genomics and Molecular Carcinogenesis; Internal Medicine
PEI-LUNG CHEN陳沛隆Clinical Medicine; Medical Genetics-NTUH; Medical Genomics and ProteomicsDisease gene mapping; Next-generation sequencing; Human leukocyte antigen (HLA); Endocrinology
SUNG-TSANG HSIEH謝松蒼Clinical Medicine; Brain and Mind Sciences; Neurology-NTUH; Anatomy and Cell Biology; College of MedicineMechanisms of neuropathic pain: molecular pathology, physiology, and functional MRI; Non-invasive brain stimulations: transcranial magnetic stimulation; Contact heat evoked potnetial; Hereditary neuropathy: familial amyloid polyneuropathy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease; Inflammatory and autoimmune peripheral nerve diseases
TZUU-SHUH JOU周祖述Clinical Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHDiabetes and metabolic disorders; Cell biology
YOU-TZUNG CHEN陳佑宗Clinical Medicine; Medical Genomics and ProteomicsOur research interests are related to translational medicine applications using pluripotent stem cells and mouse genetics tools. We are interested in developing novel genetic approaches to exploit the murine and human ES cells as well as the arising diseased iPSC platforms.