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12018A 1204-single nucleotide polymorphism and insertion-deletion polymorphism panel for massively parallel sequencing analysis of DNA mixturesHSIAO-LIN HWA ; Chung, Wan-Chia; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHIH-PENG LIN ; Li, Huei-Ying; Yin, Hsiang-I; JAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article85
220063-O-β-D-gucosyl-(1→6)-β-D-glucosyl-kaempferol isolated from Sauropus androgenus reduces body weight gain in Wistar ratsCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article2923
32008A 50-year-old man with bilateral pulmonary tumoursSHIH-CHI KU ; 林佩瑩; 陳晉興 ; CHONG-JEN YU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; 古世基 ; 吳木榮 ; 余忠仁 ; 楊泮池 ; LIN, PEI-YING; CHEN, JIN-SHING ; KU, SHIH- CHI ; WU, MU-ZON ; YU, CHONG-JEN; YANG, PAN-CHYR ; KU, SHIH-CHI journal article10
42001A 60-kilodalton immunodominant glycoprotein is essential for cell wall integrity and the maintenance of cell shape in Streptococcus mutansCHIA-TUNG SHUN ; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article6161
51999A case of extraadrenal pheochromocytoma associated with adrenal cortical nodular hyperplasia and papillary thyroid carcinomaCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
62012A cocktail regimen of intravesical mitomycin-C, doxorubicin, and cisplatin (MDP) for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancerCHUNG-HSIN CHEN ; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; HONG-JENG YU ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article1919
71991A comparative study of gastric histopathology after partial gastrectomy between the gastroenterostomy area and gastric body.TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
81991A comparative study of gastric histopathology after partial gastrectomy between the gastroenterostomy area and gastric body.CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
92003A highly polymorphic STR locus in Cannabis sativaJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article5744
102006A novel anticancer effect of thalidomide: Inhibition of intercellular adhesion molecule-1-mediated cell invasion and metastasis through suppression of nuclear factor-κBMING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article9487
112010A novel strategy for avian species and gender identification using the CHD geneLIH-CHIANN WANG ; JAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article4437
122008A novel strategy for avian species identification by cytochrome b geneLee, JC; Lee, JC; LIH-CHIANN WANG ; Tsai, LC; Tsai, LC; Huang, MT; Jhuang, JA; Jhuang, JA; Lee, James Chun-I ; Tsai, Li-Chin; Yao, CT; Huang, Mei-Tzu; Chin, SC; JAMES CHUN-I LEE ; 蔡麗琴; Jhuang, Jhe-An; Wang, LC; Linacre, A; Yao, Cheng-Te; Linacre, A; Chin, Shih-Chien; Hsieh, HM; Wang, Lih-Chiann ; Lee, James Chun-I ; Tsai, Li-Chin; Linacre, Adrian; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Teng, Hsiao-Feng; Huang, Mei-Tzu; Lo, Sheng-Chiang; Jhuang, Jhe-An; Linacre, Adrian; Yao, Cheng-Te; Tsai, Li-Chin; Chin, Shih-Chien; Wang, Lih-Chiann ; Linacre, Adrianjournal article2016
132012A novel strategy for sibship determination in trio sibling modelJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article43
142004A Novel Virulence Gene in Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains Causing Primary Liver Abscess and Septic Metastatic ComplicationsCHI-TAI FANG ; Fang, Chi?Tai ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; Chuang, Yi-Ping; Shun, Chia-Tung ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Chang, Shan-Chwen ; Wang, Jin-Town journal article356333
152001A patient of adult respiratory distress syndrome presenting initially with peripheral infiltration on chest radiographs and pulmonary eosinophilia [4]TE-I WENG journal article
162005A patient-tailored N-acetylcysteine protocol for acute acetaminophen intoxicationTE-I WENG ; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; CHU-LIN TSAI journal article4437
172010A practical guide to diagnosis, management and treatment of testosterone deficiency for Canadian physiciansJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article
182007A prospective comparative study of narrow-band imaging, chromoendoscopy, and conventional colonoscopy in the diagnosis of colorectal neoplasiaHAN-MO CHIU ; Chiu, HM; Chang, CY; YI-CHIA LEE ; MING-SHIANG WU ; Chen, CC; Lee, YC; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Wu, MS; Lin, JT; Shun, CT; Wang, HP.journal article273241
191994A prospective study of hypothalamus pituitary function after cranial irradiation with or without radiosensitizing chemotherapyTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article1214
202005A prospective study of the frequency and the topographical distribution of colon neoplasia in asymptomatic average-risk Chinese adults as determined by colonoscopic screeningHAN-MO CHIU ; YO-PING LAI ; YI-CHIA LEE ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article4444
211988A study of pituitary thyrotropin, its subunits, and messenger ribonucleic acids in nonthyroidal illnessTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article913
221989A study of thyroidal response to thyrotropin (TSH) in decompensated liver cirrhosis.TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
231985A study on cryptorchidism.TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
242014A supervised network analysis on gene expression profiles of breast tumors predicts a 41-gene prognostic signature of the transcription factor MYB across molecular subtypesLiu, Li-Yu D.; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU ; Chang, Li-Yun; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article119
252013ABO genotyping by capillary electrophoresisJAMES CHUN-I LEE book00
261996ABO genotyping by mutagenically separated polymerase chain reactionJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article1917
271992ABO genotyping by polymerase chain reactionJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article
282009ABO genotyping by single strand conformation polymorphism - Using CEJAMES CHUN-I LEE ; Tsai, Li-Chin; Lee, James Chun-I ; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Lee, James Chun-I ; Teng, Hsiao-Feng; Liao, Shu-Ping; Weng, Lin-Hsiang; Lo, Sheng-Chiang; Linacre, Adrianjournal article42
291998Acquired Hypothalamus Secretory Dysfunction with Isolated Luteinizing Hormone DeficiencyTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
302015Activated human valvular interstitial cells sustain interleukin-17 production to recruit neutrophils in infective endocarditisJENG-WEI CHEN ; Yeh, Chiou-Yueh; Shun, Chia-Tung ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Kuo, Yu-Min; Jung, Chiau-Jing; Hsieh, Song-Chou ; Chiu, Yen-Ling; Chen, Jeng-Wei ; Hsu, Ron-Bin ; Yang, Chia-Ju; Chia, Jean-San journal article22
312009Activation of human valve interstitial cells by a viridians streptococci modulin induces chemotaxis of mononuclear cellsSHOEI-SHEN WANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; JEAN-SAN CHIA ; SHUN, CHIA-TUNG ; YEH, CHIOU-YUEH; CHANG, CHIA-JUNG; WU, SHU-HUI; LIEN, HUEI-TING; CHEN, JEN-YANG; WANG, SHOEI-SHEN ; CHIA, JEAN-SAN journal article65
322005Activation of telomerase and expression of human telomerase reverse transcriptase in coronary atherosclerosisFU-TIEN CHIANG ; MU-ZON WU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; WEN-JONE CHEN journal article1816
332004Acute acetaminophen intoxication in Taiwan: Outcomes and risk factorsTE-I WENG journal article
342002Adrenal gland volume after spinal cord injurySHYH-JYE CHEN ; Lee, Wen-Jeng ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; Wang, Yen-Ho; WEN-JENG LEE ; Su, Cheng-Tau; Chen, Shyh-Jye ; Li, Yiu-Wah; H, Tien-Shangjournal article65
352009Adult progressive intrahepatic cholestasis associated with genetic variations in ATP8B1 and ABCB11PO-HUANG LEE ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; HUEY-LING CHEN ; MU-ZON WU journal article66
361990Albright's syndrome with acromegaly and Hashimoto's thyroiditis: report of a case.TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
371998Allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation and early detection of donor engraftment by polymerase chain reactionJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article
381996Allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for hematological malignancies: The taiwan experienceJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article
392002Alterations of BAT-26 identify a subset of gastric cancer with distinct clinicopathologic features and better postoperative prognosisCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
401996Amplitude ultrasonic angiography-assisted diagnosis and management of cervical pregnancyCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
411998An immunohistochemical study of E-cadherin expression with correlations to clinicopathologioal features in gastric cancerCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
422008An unexpected cause of chronic diarrhoeaCHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Tai, CM; Tu, CH; Wu, HB; Perng, DS; Lee, TC; Shun, CT; Wang, HP.journal article11
432012An unusual complication of percutaneous biliary stentingI-LUN SHIH ; JUSTIN CHENG-TA YANG ; CHIN-CHEN CHANG journal article00
442010Analysis of cases of sexual assault presenting at a medical center in TaipeiSHYR-CHYR CHEN ; JAMES CHUN-I LEE ; MU-ZON WU ; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article1814
451991Analysis of Epstein-Barr virus DNA in nude mouse-passaged nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissues.TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
462011Analysis of MTCOI and MTCYB sequence variations in eight population groups living in TaiwanLI-HUI TSENG ; JAMES CHUN-I LEE ; HSIAO-LIN HWA journal article43
472019Analytically confirmed 4-Methyl-N-ethylnorpentedrone (4-MEAP), a synthetic cathinone, in cases presenting to an emergency departmentTE-I WENG ; Su, Pei-I; Chen, Ju-Yu; PAI-SHAN CHEN; Hwa, Hsaio-Lin; CHENG-CHUNG FANG journal article00
482006Anatomy instruction in medical schools: Connecting the past and the futureTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article4339
492015Androgen-induced TMPRSS2 activates matriptase and promotes extracellular matrix degradation, prostate cancer cell invasion, tumor growth, and metastasisHSIANG-PO HUANG ; Ko, Chun-Jung; Huang, Cheng-Chung; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lin, Hsin-Ying; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Juan, Chun-Pai; Lan, Shao-Wei; Shyu, Hsin-Yi; Wu, Shang-Ru; Hsiao, Pei-Wen; Huang, Hsiang-Po ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Lee, Ming-Shyue journal article2625
502012Annexin A1 is associated with gastric cancer survival and promotes gastric cancer cell invasiveness through the formyl peptide receptor/extracellular signal-regulated kinase/integrin beta-1-binding protein 1 pathwayTSU-YAO CHENG ; Cheng, Tsu-Yao ; MING-TSAN LIN ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; KUO-TAI HUA ; Lin, Jaw-Town; MING-SHIANG WU ; Lin, Ming-Tsan ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Huang, Hsin-Yi; Hua, Kuo-Tai ; Kuo, Min-Liangjournal article5148
512014Antibody-mediated rejection after orthotopic heart transplantation: A 9-year single-institution experienceNai-Kuan Chou ; Hsu, C. -Y.; Chi, N. -H.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Chou, N. -K.; NAI-HSIN CHI ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; Shun, C. -T.; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Chen, Y. -S.; HSI-YU YU ; Huang, S. -C.; Yu, H. -Y.; Wang, S. -S.journal article34
522008Anticancer activity of botanical alkyl hydroquinones attributed to topoisomerase II poisoningLiao, Hua-Yang; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; Huang, Cheng-Po; LIANG-IN LIN ; Chen, Jung-Hsuan; Fang, Woei-Horng ; Lin, Liang-In ; Shyue, Jing-Jong; Chiou, Robin Y; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Chen, Huei-Wen ; Kan, Lou-Sing; Liao, Su-Wei; Chi, Nai-Hui; Hong, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yun-Ru; Lin, Tin-Yu; Chen, Pai-Shan ; HUANG, CHENG-PO; Lin, Shwu-Bin; 陳惠文 ; 陳珮珊 ; FANG, WOEI-HORNG ; 孫家棟 ; LIN, LIANG-IN ; CHIOU, ROBIN Y. Y.; KAN, LOU-SING; CHI, NAI-HUI; CHEN, YUN-RU; LIN, SHWU-BINjournal article1311
532004Antitumor effects of the partially purified polysaccharides from Antrodia camphorata and the mechanism of its actionTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article113106
541995Application of ABO genotyping using polymerase chain reaction method to assess engraftment in bone marrow transplantation - A case reportJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article
552000Application of peroral cholangioscopy in an endemic area with high prevalence of hepatocellular carcinoma and choledocholithiasisCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
562013Aristolochic acid-induced upper tract urothelial carcinoma in Taiwan: Clinical characteristics and outcomesHUAI-CHING TAI ; CHUNG-HSIN CHEN ; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; SHUO-MENG WANG ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article6053
571996Assessing small-fiber sensory neuropathy: quantitative sensory testing and sural nerve biopsyCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
582013Association between early stage colon neoplasms and false-negative results from the fecal immunochemical testChiu, Han-Mo; Chiu, Han-Mo; HAN-MO CHIU ; Jin-Tung Liang ; Lee, Yi-Chia; Lee, Yi-Chia; Tu, Chia-Hung; PING-HUEI TSENG ; Tu, Chia-Hung; YI-CHIA LEE ; Chen, Chien-Chuan; Chen, Chien-Chuan; Tseng, Ping-Huei; MING-SHIANG WU ; Tseng, Ping-Huei; Liang, Jin-Tung; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Liang, Jin-Tung; Shun, Chia-Tung; Shun, Chia-Tung; Lin, Jaw-Town; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Wu, Ming-Shiangjournal article5763
592002Association of HLA-DQB1*0301 and HLA-DQB1*0602 with different subtypes of gastric cancer in TaiwanCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
602007Association of Metabolic Syndrome With Proximal and Synchronous Colorectal NeoplasmHAN-MO CHIU ; Jin-Tung Liang ; YI-CHIA LEE ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article5955
612002Association of polymorphisms of interleukin-1β gene and Helicobacter pylori infection with the risk of gastric ulcerCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
622006Association of T-cell regulatory gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphomaTSU-YAO CHENG ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; ANN-LII CHENG journal article7263
632002Association of the - 160 C → A promoter polymorphism of E-cadherin gene with gastric carcinoma riskMING-TSAN LIN ; YU-TING CHANG ; MING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article7367
642016Associations between child maltreatment, PTSD, and internet addiction among Taiwanese studentsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Hsieh, Yi-Ping; Shen, April Chiung-Tao; Wei, Hsi-Sheng; Feng, Jui-Ying; Huang, Soar Ching-Yu; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin journal article1615
652010Asymptomatic chronic hepatitis B virus infection does not increase the risk of diabetes mellitus: A ten-year observationZEI-SHUNG HUANG ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; JIA-HORNG KAO journal article3129
662007Asymptomatic Median Mononeuropathy Among Men With Chronic ParaplegiaHUEY-WEN LIANG ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; SHIN-LIANG PAN ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article54
672006Asymptomatic metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma into the right ventricular cavity presenting with electrocardiographic changesCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
682009Asymptomatic Thymic Carcinoma With Solitary Hepatic Metastasis Detected by Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission TomographyRUOH-FANG YEN ; MU-ZON WU ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; WANG, LIEN-YEN; WU, MU-ZON ; YEN, RUOH- FANG ; TZEN, KAI-YUAN journal article00
692017AtlA Mediates Extracellular DNA Release, Which Contributes to Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation in an Experimental Rat Model of Infective EndocarditisJung, Chiau-Jing; RON-BIN HSU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Hsu, Chih-Chieh; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article97
702017The B-cell-activating factor signalling pathway is associated with Helicobacter pylori independence in gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma without t(11;18)(q21;q21)SUNG-HSIN KUO ; Tsai, Hui-Jen; CHUNG-WU LIN ; KUN-HUEI YEH ; Lee, Hsiao-Wei; Wei, Ming-Feng; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; MING-SHIANG WU ; PING-NING HSU ; Chen, Li-Tzong; ANN-LII CHENG journal article55
712013Bevacizumab with erlotinib as first-line therapy in Asian patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A multicenter phase II studyCHIH-HUNG HSU ; Hsu, Chih-Hung; Kang, Yoon Koo; Yu-Yun Shao ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Yang, Tsai-Shen; ANN-LII CHENG ; Shun, Chia-Tung; Shao, Yu-Yun; Su, Wu-Chou; Sandoval-Tan, Jennifer; Chiou, Tzeon-Jye; Jin, Kate; Hsu, Chiun; Cheng, Ann-Liijournal article3437
722008Bidens identification using the noncoding regions of chloroplast genome and nuclear ribosomal DNATsai, Li-Chin; JAMES CHUN-I LEE ; Wang, Jenn-Che; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Liu, Kuo-Lan; Linacre, Adrian; Lee, James Chun-I journal article1210
732007Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling in the management of ACTH-dependent Cushing's syndromeTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article20
742011Black urineTE-I WENG ; HONG-JENG YU ; KUO-HOW HUANG journal article21
752005Bladder instillation of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide alters the muscle contractions in rat urinary bladder via a protein kinase C-related pathwayTE-I WENG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article1516
762007Bleeding jejunal lymphangioma diagnosed by double-balloon enteroscopy.YU-TING CHANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article105
772005C-C chemokine ligand 2 gene expression in nasal polyp fibroblasts: Possible implication in the pathogenesis of nasal polyposisCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
782013C/EBP homologous protein deficiency aggravates acute pancreatitis and associated lung injuryTE-I WENG ; Weng, Te-I; Wu, Hsiao-Yi; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chen, Bo-Lin; KUO-HOW HUANG ; Jhuang, Jie-Yang; Huang, Kuo-How; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-Hwajournal article24
792013Calsenilin contributes to neuronal cell death in ischemic strokeYU-I LI ; Sung-Chun Tang journal article66
802010Can cyclosporine blood level be reduced to half after heart transplantation?Nai-Kuan Chou ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; I-Hui Wu ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; HSI-YU YU journal article1515
812009Canadian male sexual health council survey to assess prevalence and treatment of premature ejaculation in CanadaJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article2122
822006Cannabis seed identification by chloroplast and nuclear DNAJAMES CHUN-I LEE journal article1815
832013Catechins and sialic acid attenuate helicobacter pylori -triggered epithelial caspase-1 activity and eradicate helicobacter pylori infectionHUNG-CHIH YANG ; Yang, Jyh-Chin; JYH-CHIN YANG ; Yang, Hung-Chih; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Shun, Chia-Tung; Wang, Teh-Hong; Chien, Chiang-Ting; Kao, John Y.journal article2116
842009Cellular behavior change of macrophage after exposure to nanoparticlesTE-I WENG ; JAW-LIN WANG ; YA-FANG CHEN ; HON-MAN LIU journal article66
852011Centroid Fault-Plane Inversion in Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure Using Strong-Motion RecordsYIH-MIN WU ; Chen, Chung-Hsin ; Chao, Wei-An; Zhao, Li; Dickman, Kathleen G.; Huang, Chao-Yuan ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Tai, Huai-Ching ; Huang, Kuo-How ; Wang, Shuo-Meng ; Lee, Yuan-Ju; Grollman, Arthur P.; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; 戴槐青 ; 蒲永孝 ; 陳忠信 ; 黃昭淵 ; 孫家棟 ; 黃國皓 ; 王碩盟 ; 李苑如journal article98
861996Changes of bone markers during long-term intravenous calcitriol therapy in maintenance dialysis patientsTIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article
872008Characteristics of Female Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer in Taiwan: Association with Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma and End-Stage Renal DiseaseCHUNG-HSIN CHEN ; CHAO-YUAN HUANG ; HONG-JENG YU ; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; YEONG-SHIAU PU journal article1515
882005Characterization of the polymorphic repeat sequence within the rDNA IGS of Cannabis sativaHsieh, HM; Tsai, Li-Chin; JAMES CHUN-I LEE ; Liu, CL; Wang, Jenn-Che; Tsai, LC; Hsieh, Hsing-Mei; Liu, Kuo-Lan; Hou, RJ; Liu, KL; Linacre, Adrian; Linacre, A; Lee, James Chun-I ; Lee, JCjournal article74
892010Chemotherapy response in East Asian non-small cell lung cancer patients harboring wild-type or activating mutation of epidermal growth factor receptorsCHONG-JEN YU ; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article2320
901987Childhood hepatocellular carcinoma develops exclusively in hepatitis B surface antigen carriers in three decades in Taiwan. Report of 51 cases strongly associated with rapid development of liver cirrhosisMU-ZON WU journal article
912002Chronic toxicity of a mixture of chlorinated alkanes and alkenes in ICR miceFUN-IN WANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article2216
921999Circulating intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1), E-selectin and vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM 1) in head and neck cancerCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
932007Circulating levels of markers of inflammation and endothelial activation are increased in men with chronic spinal cord injuryTZUNG-DAU WANG ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; SHIN-LIANG PAN ; TA-CHEN SU ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG journal article6665
941999Clinical application of EUS and peroral cholangioscopy in a choledochocele with choledocholithiasisMING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article1612
951998Clinical application of ultrasonic mini-probes in esophageal cancer: The experience of NTUHCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
962016Clinical characteristics and long-term outcome of Taiwanese children with congenital hyperinsulinismYI-CHING TUNG ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; Liu, Shih-Yao ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; CHENG-TING LEE ; Chiu, Pao-Chin; WEN-YU TSAI ; Wu, Mu-Zon ; Tsai, Wen-Yu journal article33
972013Clinical characteristics of central diabetes insipidus in taiwanese childrenMENG-FAI KUO; Liu, Shih-Yao ; YI-CHING TUNG ; Tung, Yi-Ching ; Lee, Cheng-Ting ; SHIH-YAO LIU ; CHENG-TING LEE ; Liu, Hon-Man; MU-ZON WU ; Peng, Shinn-Forng; HON-MAN LIU ; Wu, Mu-Zon ; WEN-YU TSAI ; Tsai, Wen-Yu ; 彭信逢 journal article75
982012Clinical experience of tacrolimus with everolimus in heart transplantationCHIH-HSIEN WANG ; Nai-Kuan Chou ; I-Hui Wu ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; HSI-YU YU journal article1716
992014Clinical prediction of violence among inpatients with schizophrenia using the Chinese modified version of Violence Scale: A prospective cohort studyChen, Shing-Chia ; HAI-GWO HWU ; 呂碧鴻 ; 黃天祥 ; SHING-CHIA CHEN ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; Hu, Fu-Chang; 陳秀蓉; Hu, Fu-Chang; LUE, BEE-HORNG ; HUANG, TIEN-SHANG ; CHEN, HSIU-JUNGjournal article22
1001995Clinicopathologic characteristics of helicobacter pyloric seropositive gastric adenocarcinomasCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
1011995Clinicopathologic characteristics of helicobacter pyloric seropositive gastric adenocarcinomasLee, Wei-Jei; PO-HUANG LEE ; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; Lee, Po-Hung; ANN-LII CHENG ; Wei, Ta-Cheng; Chen, Kai-Mo; Lin, Jaw-Town; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Hong, Ruey-Long; Cheng, Ann-Lii ; Lee, Wen Chung journal article1313
1021994Clinicopathologic study of 208 patients with early gastric cancer in Taiwan: A comparison between Eastern and Western countriesCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
1031998Clinicopathological significance of altered loci of replication error and microsatellite instability-associated mutations in gastric cancerCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
1042007Clinicopathological significance of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 genotypes in gastric cancerMING-SHIANG WU ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article4842
1052007Cobras in the bladder?SHYH-JYE CHEN ; Liu, KL; KAO-LANG LIU ; Lee, WJ; CHIN-CHEN CHANG ; Chang, CC; WEN-JENG LEE ; Chueh, SC; Chen, SJjournal article00
1061995Coexistence of anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal union with adenomyomatosis of the gallbladderCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article56
1072009Combined pancreatic endocrine tumor and serous cystadenoma.MIN-SHU HSIEH ; KAO-LANG LIU ; YU-WEN TIEN ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article86
1081993Combined use of aspirin and heparin inhibits in vivo acute carotid thrombosisCHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article
1092008Comparative genomic hybridization study of arsenic-exposed and non-arsenic-exposed urinary transitional cell carcinomaTseng, Wan-Chi; YEONG-SHIAU PU ; Hsu, Ling-I; Chiu, Allen W.; 邱文祥 ; Chen, Pai-Shan ; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Huang, Shang-Da; 陳珮珊 ; Wang, Yuan-Hung; Huan, Steven K.; Hsiao, Cheng-Hsiang; Hsieh, Fang-I; Chen, Chien-Jen; HSU, LING-I; CHIU, ALLEN WEN-HSIANG; PU, YEONG-SHIAU ; WANG, YUAN-HUNG; HUAN, STEVEN KUAN- HUA; HSIAO, CHENG-HSIANG; HSIEH, FANG-I; CHEN, CHIEN-JENjournal article1010
1102008Comparison and Identifi cation of Estrogen-Receptor Related Gene Expression Profi les in Breast Cancer of Different Ethnic OriginsChen, Hsiao-Wei; Huang, Hsuan-Cheng; Lin, Yi-Shing; Chang, King-Jen; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Juan, Hsueh-Fen 
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1122009Comparisons of nutrient intakes and dietary patterns between prepregnancy and during pregnancyHSIAO-LIN HWA journal article
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