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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-CHUAN WANG王繼娟Clinical Pharmacy; PharmacyPharmacoeconomics.; Pharmaceutical Policy Evaluation.; Pharmacoepidemiology.
CHUN-JUNG LIN林君榮Clinical Pharmacy; PharmacyNeurodegenerative diseases; Pharmacokinetics/Biopharmaceutics; Membrane Transporters
FANG-JU LIN林芳如Clinical PharmacyEffectiveness and safety of medications; Cost-effectiveness and budget impact of health technology; Patient-reported outcomes including health-related quality of life and medication adherence; Medication safety improvement
FE-LIN LIN WU林慧玲Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy
FEI-YUAN HSIAO蕭斐元Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy
LI-JIUAN SHEN沈麗娟Clinical Pharmacy; School of Pharmacy; PharmacyPharmacogentics and individualized medicine: Impact of drug-metabolizing enzyme genetic polymorphism on pharmacotherapy in various ethnic groups in Taiwan.; Drug discovery:Study of recombinant arginine deiminase in anti-cancer treatment and regulation of nitric oxide.; Drug delivery:Using pancreatic protein and transduction peptide for GI and pulmonary delivery.
MEI-HWAN WU吳美環Pediatrics; Clinical Pharmacy; Pediatrics-NTUHArrhythmia; Pediatric Cardiology; Pediatric
PAN-CHYR YANG楊泮池Clinical Medicine; Internal Medicine; Clinical Pharmacy; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Oncology; Internal Medicine-NTUHCancer Biology and Molecular Biology; Medical Ultrasound; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Lung Cancer Genomics and Molecular Carcinogenesis; Internal Medicine
SHU-WEN LIN林淑文Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy; Pharmacy-NTUHClinical Pharmacy; NTU Teaching Excellence Award (September 2015); Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Antibiotics
YEN-HUI CHEN陳燕惠Clinical Pharmacy; Pharmacy
YUNN-FANG HO何藴芳Clinical Pharmacy; PharmacyClinical Pharmacy; Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics; Pharmacy Education; Therapeutics; Pharmacotherapy; Pharmacy Practice