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120182-anilino-4-amino-5-aroylthiazole-type compound AS7128 inhibits lung cancer growth through decreased iASPP and p53 interactionCheng, H.-W.; Chein, R.-J.; Cheng, T.-J.; Wu, P.-S.; Hsin-Yi Wu; Hung, P.-F.; Wang, C.-J.; Hsu, Y.-L.; Wong, J.-M.; ANG YUAN ; Wong, C.-H.; PAN-CHYR YANG ; SZU-HUA PANjournal article11
220102-Phenyl-5-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)-1-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzyl)-1H-benzimidazole, a benzimidazole derivative, inhibits growth of human prostate cancer cells by affecting tubulin and c-Jun N-terminal kinaseJIH-HWA GUH ; YUNN-FANG HO journal article2420
3201678P LCRMP-1 associated aptamers inhibit tumor metastasisHung, P.-F.; Chang, Y.-C.; Hong, T.-M.; PAN-CHYR YANG ; SZU-HUA PAN journal article00
42009A comparison of aspirin and clopidogrel with or without proton pump inhibitors for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in patients at high risk for gastrointestinal bleedingChien, J. -Y.; FEI-YUAN HSIAO ; Chen, Y. -T.; Wu, S. -G.; Lee, J. -J.; Wang, J. -Y.; Yu, C. -J.; HSIAO, SHARON FEI-YUAN; 余忠仁; TSAI, YI-WEN; 吳尚俊; HUANG, WENG- FOUNG; 王振源; 簡榮彥; WEN, YU-WEN; CHEN, PEI-FEN; KUO, KEN-NAN; HUANG, WENG-FOUNGjournal article3828
52017A CTLA-4 Antagonizing DNA Aptamer with Antitumor EffectPAN-CHYR YANG journal article89
61990A detection and follow-up study of coronary arterial lesions in Kawasaki disease by two-dimensional echocardiographyMEI-HWAN WU journal article
72007A five-gene signature and clinical outcome in non-small-cell lung cancerPAN-CHYR YANG journal article
82013A genome-wide association analysis identifies novel susceptibility loci for coronary arterial lesions in patients with Kawasaki diseaseMING-TAI LIN ; Lin, Ming-Tai ; CHIA-LIN HSU ; Hsu, Chia-Lin ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Jou-Kou ; Fann, Cathy S. J.; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Wu, Mei-Hwan journal article910
92015A Larger Dose of Vancomycin Is Required in Adult Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit Patients Due to Augmented ClearanceWu, Fe-Lin Lin ; 高淑芬 ; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Liu, Sheau-Shan; 鍾鏡湖; SHIH-CHI KU ; Yang, Ting-Ya; 高純琇; GAU, SUSAN SHUR-FEN ; Win, Ming-Feng; Lin, Shu-Wen ; CHUNG, CHING-HU; GAU, CHURN-SHIOUH; Huang, Chih-Fen ; Wang, Kuo-Chuan; Shen, Li-Jiuan journal article012
102015A larger dose of vancomycin is required in adult neurosurgical intensive care unit patients due to augmented clearanceLI-JIUAN SHEN journal article
112015A larger dose of vancomycin is required in adult neurosurgical intensive care unit patients due to augmented clearanceSHU-WEN LIN journal article
122011A new drug design targeting the adenosinergic system for huntington's diseaseHuang, Nai-Kuei; CHUN-JUNG LIN ; JIM-MIN FANG ; Lin, Jung-Hsin; Lin, Jiun-Tsai; Lin, Chia-I; Liu, Eric Minwei; Lin, Chun-Jung ; Chen, Wan-Ping; Shen, Yuh-Chiang; Chen, Hui-Mei ; Chen, Jhih-Bin; Lai, Hsing-Lin; Yang, Chieh-Wen; Chiang, Ming-Chang; Wu, Yu-Shuo; Chang, Chenjournal article5443
132006A new tumor suppressor DnaJ-like heat shock protein, HLJ1, and survival of patients with non-small-cell lung carcinomaPAN-CHYR YANG ; CHUNG-WU LIN ; WEI J. CHEN journal article7775
142004A novel SCN5A mutation manifests as a malignant form of long QT syndrome with perinatal onset of tachycardia/bradycardiaFU-TIEN CHIANG ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article5553
152014A prospective, molecular epidemiology study of EGFR mutations in Asian patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer of adenocarcinoma histology (PIONEER)PAN-CHYR YANG journal article491454
162012A shift from underweight to overweight and obesity in Asian children and adolescents with congenital heart diseaseHUNG-CHI LUE ; CHUN-AN CHEN ; MEI-HWEI CHANG ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article1110
172006A strategic approach to transcatheter closure of patent ductus: Gianturco coils for small-to-moderate ductus and Amplatzer duct occluder for large ductusHUNG-CHI LUE ; JUEY-JEN HWANG ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; MING-TAI LIN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article3327
182004A Swine Model of Horse Serum-Induced Coronary Vasculitis: An Implication for Kawasaki DiseaseHUNG-CHI LUE ; MEI-HWAN WU journal article1713
192014A unique amidoanthraquinone derivative displays antiproliferative activity against human hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancers through activation of LKB1-AMPK-mTOR signaling pathwayHsu, Jui-Ling; JIH-HWA GUH ; Liu, Shih-Ping ; LIH-CHING HSU ; SHIH-PING LIU ; Lee, Chia-Chung; Hsu, Lih-Ching ; YUNN-FANG HO ; Ho, Yunn-Fang ; Huang, Hsu-Shan; Guh, Jih-Hwa journal article109
201999A variant of long QT syndrome manifested as fetal tachycardia and associated with ventricular septal defectMEI-HWAN WU journal article1616
212002Aberrant p53 expression correlates with expression of vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA and interleukin-8 mRNA and neoangiogenesis in non-small-cell lung cancerCHONG-JEN YU ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; ANG YUAN journal article10289
222008Abnormal matrix remodeling in adolescents and young adults with Kawasaki disease late after onsetLin, MT; CHUN-AN CHEN ; Chen, SJ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; SHYH-JYE CHEN ; Ho, YL; Huang, KC; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; Chen, CA; MING-TAI LIN ; Chiu, SN; YI-LWUN HO ; Sun, LC; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Lee, WJ; WEN-JENG LEE ; Chen, HC; Wang, JK; Wu, MHjournal article98
232005Accessibility of endothelial and inducible nitric oxide synthase to the intracellular citrulline-arginine regeneration pathwayLI-JIUAN SHEN journal article3738
242005Acquired coronary artery fistula after open heart surgery for congenital heart diseaseHUNG-CHI LUE ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; MING-TAI LIN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; EN-TING WU journal article2116
252015Acute and late coronary outcomes in 1073 patients with Kawasaki disease with and without intravenous γ-immunoglobulin therapy.Lin, Ming-Tai ; HUNG-CHI LUE ; Sun, Li-Chuan; MING-TAI LIN ; Wu, En-Ting ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Jou-Kou ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Lue, Hung-Chi ; EN-TING WU ; Wu, Mei-Hwan journal article3632
261989Acute duodenal ulcerHONG-YUAN HSU; CHIH-YUAN WANG ; MEI-HWEI CHANG ; MEI-HWAN WU journal article78
272008Acute metabolic decompensation and sudden death in Barth syndrome: Report of a family and a literature review陳坤鍾; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; 葉志嶸; NI-CHUNG LEE ; 謝清麟; MING-TAI LIN ; 楊順發; MEI-HWAN WU ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; 王淳厚; WUH-LIANG HWU ; CHEN, KUN-CHUNG; YEH, CHIH-JUNG; HSIEH, CHING-LIN; YEN, TING-YU; YANG, SHUN-FA; WANG, CHUN-HOU; HWU, WUH-LIANG; CHIEN, YIN- HSIU; WU, MEI-HWAN; LIN, MING-TAI; TSAO, LON-YEN; HSIEH, WU-SHIUN; LEE, NI-CHUNGjournal article3631
282014Acute Pancreatitis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treated with Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors: A Population-Based Nested Case-Control StudyFEI-YUAN HSIAO ; Chou, Hsin-Chun; Chen, Wen-Wen; Hsiao, Fei-Yuan journal article3030
292017Acute respiratory infection and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on risk of acute myocardial infarction: A nationwide case-crossover studyCHENG-CHUNG FANG ; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; ZHEN-FANG LIN journal article107
302016An adaptive directional haar framelet-based reconstruction algorithm for parallel magnetic resonance imagingLi, Y.-R.; Chan, R.H.; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; YEN-CHUN HSU ; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG journal article53
312015Adherence and medication utilisation patterns of fixed-dose and free combination of angiotensin receptor blocker/thiazide diuretics among newly diagnosed hypertensive patients: A population-based cohort studyLI-JIUAN SHEN ; Hsu, C. -I.; Hsiao, F. -Y.; Wu, F. -L. L.; Shen, L. -J.; 林慧玲 ; 蕭斐元 journal article66
322014Adherence and medication utilisation patterns of fixed-dose and free combination of angiotensin receptor blocker/thiazide diuretics among newly diagnosed hypertensive patients: a population-based cohort study.FEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article
332018Adult congenital heart disease in a nationwide population 2000-2014: Epidemiological trends, arrhythmia, and standardized mortality ratioMEI-HWAN WU ; CHUN-WEI LU journal article108
342012Afatinib for patients with lung adenocarcinoma and epidermal growth factor receptor mutations (LUX-Lung 2): A phase 2 trialYang, James Chih-Hsin; Yang, James Chih-Hsin; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Shih, Jin-Yuan ; Shih, Jin-Yuan ; JIN-YUAN SHIH ; Su, Wu-Chou; Su, Wu-Chou; CHIH-HSIN YANG ; Hsia, Te-Chun; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Tsai, Chun-Ming; Ou, Sai-Hong Ignatius; Yu, Chung-Jen; Chang, Gee-Chen; Ho, Ching-Liang; Sequist, Lecia V.; Dudek, Arkadiusz Z.; Shahidi, Mehdi; Shahidi, Mehdi; Cong, Xiuyu Julie; Lorence, Robert M.; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Miller, Vincent A.journal article306276
352012Age, dementia and care patterns after admission for acute coronary syndrome: an analysis from a nationwide cohort under the National Health Insurance coverage.LI-JIUAN SHEN journal article
362012Age, dementia and care patterns after admission for acute coronary syndrome: an analysis from a nationwide cohort under the National Health Insurance coverage.FE-LIN LIN WU journal article
372012Age, dementia and care patterns after admission for acute coronary syndrome: an analysis from a nationwide cohort under the National Health Insurance coverage.FEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article
382012Age, dementia and care patterns after admission for acute coronary syndrome: an analysis from a nationwide cohort under the National Health Insurance coverage.SHU-WEN LIN journal article
392017Age- and gender-specific epidemiology, treatment patterns, and economic burden of osteoporosis and associated fracture in Taiwan between 2009 and 2013LI-JIUAN SHEN ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article44
402014Age-associated impact on presentation and outcome for penetrating thoracic trauma in the adult and pediatric patient populationsFANG-JU LIN journal article35
411997Age-related propofol effects on electrophysiological properties of isolated heartsMEI-HWAN WU journal article
422013ALDH-positive lung cancer stem cells confer resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitorsJIN-YUAN SHIH ; Huang, Cheng-Po; Tsai, Meng-Feng; CHIH-HSIN YANG ; Tsai, Meng-Feng; Chang, Tzu-Hua; Tang, Wei-Chien; Tang, Wei-Chien; Chen, Su-Yu; Lai, Hsiao-Hsuan; Lin, Ting-Yu; Lin, Ting-Yu; Yang, James Chih-Hsin; Yang, James Chih-Hsin; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Shih, Jin-Yuan ; Lin, Shwu-Bin; 楊泮池 journal article6668
432011Alendronate and risk of esophageal cancer: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article1817
442011Alternative approach for selected severe pulmonary hypertension of congenital heart defect without initial correction - Palliative surgical treatmentCHUN-AN CHEN ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; MING-TAI LIN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; ING-SH CHIU ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; EN-TING WU journal article65
452015Alternative Therapies as a Substitute for Costly Prescription Medications: Results from the 2011 National Health Interview SurveyCHI-CHUAN WANG journal article43
462017An on-spot internal standard addition approach for accurately determining colistin A and colistin B in dried blood spots using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography�Vtandem mass spectrometryCHING-HUA KUO ; SHU-WEN LIN ; HSIN-YUN SUN ; YU-CHUNG CHUANG journal article22
472008An open, randomized, comparative study of clarithromycin and erythromycin in the treatment of children with community-acquired pneumoniaMEI-HWAN WU journal article
482009An unusual cause of chylothorax after Norwood stage one reconstructionCHUN-AN CHEN ; SHYH-JYE CHEN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; EN-TING WU journal article22
492006An unusual position of central venous catheter [6]MEI-HWAN WU ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; EN-TING WU journal article32
502015Analysis of Heritability and Shared Heritability Based on Genome-Wide Association Studies for Thirteen Cancer Types.CHONG-JEN YU ; PAN-CHYR YANG journal article6559
511999Analysis of human resource requirements in an adverse drug reaction evaluation consultation serviceFE-LIN LIN WU journal article
521996Angiographic evidence of long-axis rotation in addition to short-axis aortopulmonary rotation: Its implication in transposition of the great arteriesMEI-HWAN WU ; ING-SH CHIU journal article00
532009Anomalous ascending aorta causing severe compression of the left bronchus in an infant with ventricular septal defect and pulmonary atresia曾禧凰; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; Li, MJ; MENG-JU LI ; 張建國; Wang, CC; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Chen, SJ; 黃耀輝 ; 葉坤土; Chiu, SN; MEI-HWAN WU ; 陳堯俐; Wu, ET; JOU-KOU WANG ; Wang, JK; EN-TING WU ; 余幸司; Wu, MH; TSENG, HSI-HUANG; CHANG, JAN-GOWTH; HWANG, YAW-HUEI ; YEH, KUN-TU; CHEN, YAO-LI; YU, HSIN-SUjournal article22
542005Anomalous brachiocephalic vein: CT, embryology, and clinical implicationsING-SH CHIU ; MEI-HWAN WU journal article4840
551996Anomalous pulmonary venous pathway traversing pulmonary parenchyma: Diagnosis and implicationMEI-HWAN WU journal article
562016Antidepressants and Valvular Heart DiseaseSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Lin, Chia-Hui; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; Hsiao, Fei-Yuan; Liu, Yen-Bin; CHI-CHUAN WANG ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Wang, Chi-Chuan; Shen, Li-Jiuanjournal article11
572011Antitumor agents 283. Further elaboration of Desmosdumotin C analogs as potent antitumor agents: Activation of spindle assembly checkpoint as possible mode of actionSUNG-LIANG YU ; 楊泮池 ; Nakagawa-Goto, Kyoko; Wu, Pei-Chi; Bastow, Kenneth F.; Yang, Shuenn-Chen; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Lin, Jau-Chen; Goto, Masuo; Morris-Natschke, Susan L.; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Lee, Kuo-Hsiungjournal article1814
582005Aortic valve prolapse associated with outlet-type ventricular septal defectHUNG-CHI LUE ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; MING-TAI LIN ; ING-SH CHIU ; MEI-HWAN WU ; FRANK LEIGH LU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG ; EN-TING WU journal article1919
591990Aortico--left ventricular communication: report of a case.MEI-HWAN WU journal article
602010Aortitis With Severe Aortic Regurgitation in Behcet's Disease: A Case ReportMEI-HWAN WU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article56
612001Application of mucin quantitative competitive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction in assisting the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusionPAN-CHYR YANG journal article
622008Application of Rat In Situ Single-pass Intestinal Perfusion in the Evaluation of Presystemic Extraction of Indinavir under Different Perfusion RatesYUNN-FANG HO journal article
632008Application of rat In Situ Single-pass intestinal perfusion in the evaluation of presystemic extraction of indinavir under different perfusion ratesYUNN-FANG HO ; Ho, Y-F; Lai, M-Y; Yu, H-Y; Huang, D-K; Hsueh, W-C; Tsai, T-H; Lin, C-Cjournal article2627
642012Appropriateness of ambulatory prescriptions in Taiwan: Translating claims data into initiativesLING-LING HSIEH ; FANG-JU LIN ; YUNN-FANG HO journal article31
652013Ardisianone, a natural benzoquinone, efficiently induces apoptosis in human hormone-refractory prostate cancers through mitochondrial damage stress and survivin downregulationJIH-HWA GUH ; LIH-CHING HSU ; YUNN-FANG HO journal article1817
662012Are brand-name drugs of better quality than generics? Research at a Medical Center in TaiwanLI-JIUAN SHEN journal article
672012Are brand-name drugs of better quality than generics? Research at a Medical Center in TaiwanFE-LIN LIN WU journal article
682015Arrhythmic burdens in patients with tetralogy of Fallot: A national database studyWu, Mei-Hwan ; MEI-HWAN WU ; CHUN-WEI LU ; Lu, Chun-Wei ; Chen, Hui-Chi; Chiu, Sheunn-Nan; Kao, Feng-Yu; Huang, San-Kuei; 邱舜南 journal article1922
691989Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia: report of one case.MEI-HWAN WU journal article
702004Arterial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries: Experience from 2000-2002 in TaiwanMEI-HWAN WU journal article
712009Aspect-ratio-dependent ultra-low reflection and luminescence of dry-etched Si nanopillars on Si substrateGONG-RU LIN ; Pai, Yi-Hao; Meng, Fan-Shuen; Lin, Chun-Jung ; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Hsu, Shih-Hsin; Chang, Yia-Chung; Lin, Gong-Ru journal article1515
722015Assessing late cardiopulmonary function in patients with repaired tetralogy of fallot using exercise cardiopulmonary function test and cardiac magnetic resonanceYang, Ming-Chun; CHUN-AN CHEN ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; Chen, Chun-An ; MING-TAI LIN ; Chiu, Hsin-Hui; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Jou-Kou ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Lin, Ming-Tai ; CHUN-WEI LU ; Chiu, Shuenn-Nan ; Lu, Chun-Wei ; Huang, Shu-Chien ; Wu, Mei-Hwan journal article00
732014Assessing medication adherence and healthcare utilization and cost patterns among hospital-discharged patients with schizoaffective disorderCHI-CHUAN WANG journal article110
742017Assessing utility of exercise test in determining exercise prescription in adolescent and adult patients with repaired tetralogy of fallotCHUN-AN CHEN ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; MING-TAI LIN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; CHUN-WEI LU journal article11
752013Assessment of an automatic robotic arm for dispensing of chemotherapy in a 2500-bed medical centerLI-JIUAN SHEN ; FE-LIN LIN WU journal article97
761992Assessment of electromyocardial continuity in conjoined (thoracopagus) twinsMEI-HWAN WU journal article75
771994Assessment of ventricular septal defect with aortic valvar prolapse by means of echocardiography and angiographyING-SH CHIU ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG journal article00
782018Association between nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and atrial fibrillation among a middle-aged population: a nationwide population-based cohortFANG-JU LIN journal article21
792015Association Between Parkinson Disease and Risk of Cancer in TaiwanPAN-CHYR YANG journal article3330
802016Association between teriparatide treatment persistence and adherence, and fracture incidence in Taiwan: analysis using the National Health Insurance Research DatabaseChan, D. -C.; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chang, C. H. -C.; Lim, L. -C.; Brnabic, A. J. M.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Burge, R.; Burge, R.; Hsiao, F. -Y.; Jin, L.; Gurbuz, S.; Yang, R. -S.; 詹鼎正 ; 蕭斐元 journal article1413
812008Association of galactose single-point test levels and phenytoin metabolic polymorphisms with gingival hyperplasia in patients receiving long-term phenytoin therapyHorng-Huei Liou ; CHUN-JUNG LIN journal article75
822005Association of the C677T methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutation with congenital heart diseasesMING-TAI LIN ; WEN-FANG CHENG; CHIEN-NAN LEE; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article2624
832017Atrial flutter/fibrillation in patients receiving transcatheter closure of atrial septal defectLING-PING LAI ; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; MING-TAI LIN ; MEI-HWAN WU ; CHIA-TI TSAI ; CHUN-WEI LU journal article01
841991Atrial overdrive pacing for conversion of atrial flutter in children.MEI-HWAN WU journal article
852001Balloon angioplasty for obstructed modified systemic-pulmonary artery shunts and pulmonary artery stenosesHUNG-CHI LUE ; MEI-HWAN WU ; ING-SH CHIU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUNG-I CHANG journal article2624
861999Balloon dilatation for critical pulmonary stenosisHUNG-CHI LUE ; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG journal article1612
872005Balloon valvuloplasty as an initial palliation in the treatment of newborns and young infants with severely symptomatic tetralogy of FallotMEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; EN-TING WU journal article129
882015Benign prostatic enlargement is not associated with diabetes: A population-based studyChiu, Y. L.; Chang, Ya-Ling; SHIH-PING LIU ; Ho, Bing-Ching; Kao, S.; Sher, Singh; Lin, H. C.; Yu, Sung-Liang ; Liu, S. P.; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Huang, C. Y.; 黃昭淵 ; 何炳慶; 俞松良 ; 楊泮池 journal article55
892013Beyond-use date of extemporaneous morphine hydrochloride oral solutionLI-JIUAN SHEN ; FE-LIN LIN WU journal article11
902005Bilateral lung abscesses due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection after open heart surgery in an infant: Report of one caseMEI-HWAN WU journal article
912005Bosentan is an alternative treatment option in a child with severe idiopathic pulmonary artery hypertension and abnormal liver enzymesHSAO-HSUN HSU ; MEI-HWAN WU ; SHU-CHIEN HUANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; EN-TING WU journal article10
921997Bronchial Stenosis Mimicking the Scimitar Syndrome: Report of One CaseMEI-HWAN WU journal article00
932012C-reactive protein and heart rate recovery in middle-aged men with severe obstructive sleep apneaMENG-YUEH CHIEN ; Lee, P.; YUAN-FEEN TSAI ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; YEN-TZU WU 1211
942010Cadherin-11 increases migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells and enhances their interaction with osteoblastsCHIH-FEN HUANG ; FE-LIN LIN WU journal article7969
952019Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Produce Netrin-1 to Control Cancer Cell PlasticitySung, Pei-Ju; Rama, Nicolas; Imbach, Jeromine; Fiore, Stephany; Ducarouge, Benjamin; Neves, David; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Bernard, David; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Bernet, Agnès; Depil, Stephane; Mehlen, Patrickjournal article21
962014Cancer-associated fibroblasts regulate the plasticity of lung cancer stemness via paracrine signallingChen, W.-J.; CHAO-CHI HO ; Chang, Y.-L.; Chen, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-A.; THAI-YEN LING ; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Yuan, S.-S.; Louisa Chen, Y.-J.; Lin, C.-Y.; SZU-HUA PAN ; Elizabeth Chou, H.-Y.; Chang, G.-C.; WEI-CHENG CHU ; Lee, Y.-M.; Lee, J.-Y.; Lee, P.-J.; Li, K.-C.; Chen, H.-W.; PAN-CHYR YANG journal article148145
972008Cardiac Conduction Disturbance Detected in a Pediatric PopulationChiu, SN; HUNG-CHI LUE ; CHUN-AN CHEN ; Wang, JK; SHUENN-NAN CHIU ; Wu, MH; MING-TAI LIN ; Chi-Wei Chang, CW; Lin, MT; MEI-HWAN WU ; JOU-KOU WANG ; Chen, CA; Wu, ET; EN-TING WU ; Hwa, YC; Lue, HC.journal article2825
982014Cardiac rehabilitation in a pediatric patient with heart retransplantationMEI-HWAN WU journal article
992001Cardiac rhythm disturbances in patients with left atrial isomerismMEI-HWAN WU journal article
1002012Cardiorespiratory function of pediatric heart transplant recipients in the early postoperative periodChiu, Hsin Hui; MEI-HWAN WU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; CHING LAN ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; JIN-SHIN LAI 22
1012012Cardiorespiratory function of pediatric heart transplant recipients in the early postoperative periodChiu, Hsin-Hui; Chiu, Hsin-Hui; Nai-Kuan Chou ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; Lan, Ching; Lan, Ching; Chou, Nai-Kuan ; Chou, Nai-Kuan ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Lai, Jin-Shin ; Lai, Jin-Shin journal article22
1022011Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal events of three antiplatelet therapies: Clopidogrel, clopidogrel plus proton-pump inhibitors, and aspirin plus proton-pump inhibitors in patients with previous gastrointestinal bleedingFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article2820
1032006Cardiovascular events associated with long-term use of celecoxib, rofecoxib and meloxicam in Taiwan: An observational studyFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article2723
1042006Cardiovascular events associated with the use of four nonselective NSAIDs (Etodolac, Nabumetone, Ibuprofen, or Naproxen) Versus a Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor (Celecoxib): A population-based analysis in taiwanese adultsFEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article3729
1052012Cardiovascular outcomes associated with concomitant use of clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitors in patients with acute coronary syndrome in TaiwanZHEN-FANG LIN ; LI-JIUAN SHEN ; FE-LIN LIN WU journal article1414
1061996Catheter ablation of junctional ectopic tachycardia by guarded low dose radiofrequency energy applicationMEI-HWAN WU journal article
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