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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BO-SHIUN YAN顏伯勳Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyCell-based models and animal models of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection; Genetic control of host immunity to intracellular pathogens; Infection vs Cancer Formation
CHAN-YEN OU歐展言Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
FU-HSIUNG CHANG張富雄Biochemistry and Molecular Biology新穎性導向奈米粒子應用於活細胞之訊息傳遞研究; 運用細胞晶片平台於人類基因體功能分析; 血管新生與癌症轉移之分子機轉研究
HELENE MINYI LIU劉旻禕Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMolecular Virology; Innate Immunity; Virology; Cell Biology
LU-PING CHOW周綠蘋Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyAnalyzing protein-protein interactions by affinity-based proteomics in cancer cell.; Discovery of potential drug-interacting protein candidates with chemical proteomics and elucidating drug-acting mechanisms through functional assays to offer well-founded bases for drug development.; Identification of immunodominant epitope in allergic disease.; Using proteomic approach to investigate the possible role of microRNA 21 in cancer cell.; Development of glycoproteome platforms for potential cancer biomarkers screening.
MING-FU CHANG張明富Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMolecular mechanisms by which cellular factors and viral proteins are involved in the multiplication and pathogenesis of human hepatitis viruses and SARS coronavirus.
MING-JIUN YU余明俊Medical Genomics and Proteomics; Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMolecular Virology of Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle; Transgenic Mosquito for Virus Transmission Control; Molecular Systems Biology of Renal Water Excretion
NEI-LI CHAN詹迺立Medical Genomics and Proteomics; College of Medicine; Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyStructural Biology Of Type II Protein Secretion System; X-Ray Crystallographic Studies Of Prostacyclin Synthase And Thromboxane Synthase: Characterize The Structures Of Two Non-Classical Cytochrome P450 Enzymes; Structural And Functional Analyses On Molecular Interactions Mediated By Domains Of Type IIA DNA Topoisomerase
PING-HUNG CHEN陳炳宏Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMolecular mechanism of recycling endosome regulation and their influence in diseases
PO-CHAO HUANG黃伯超Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyProtein Nutrition; Nutrition Surveys; Lipid Metabolism
SHAO-CHUN LU呂紹俊Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
SHIOU-RU TZENG曾秀如Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyProtein Dynamics; Structural Biology; Drug Design
WEI-HSUAN YU游偉絢Biochemistry and Molecular Biology