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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
AI-HSIEN LI李愛先Internal Medicine-NTUH
ARISTINE CHENG鄭琬豑Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
BAI-CHIN LEE李百卿Internal Medicine-NTUHRoles of bone marrow stromal cells after myocardial infarction; Ultrasound-enhanced physical examinations (USE-PE); Risk factors of vulnerable coronary plaques
BOR-RU LIN林伯儒Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHepidemiology study; chronic hepatitis b alcoholic liver disease; immune receptor; translational research; hepatocellular carcinoma; liver cirrhosis
BOR-SHENG KO柯博升Internal Medicine-NTUHLeukemia; Other hematopoietic diseases; Lymphoma; Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; Stem cell biology
CHA-ZE LEE李嘉哲Internal Medicine-NTUHInternal medicine; Hepatology; Gastroenterology; Genetic engineering; Clinical medicine; Basic medicine
CHAO-CHI HO何肇基Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHBronchoscopy; Lung Cancer; Endobronchial Ultrasound
CHAO-LUN LAI賴超倫Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCPharmacoepidemiology; Cardiovascular epidemiology; Secondary database analysis
CHAU-CHUNG WU吳造中Medical Education and Bioethics; Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHEN-HUA LIU劉振驊Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHENG-HAN WU吳政翰Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHENG-HONG TSAI蔡承宏Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHIA-HSUIN CHANG張家勳Internal Medicine-NTUHExamining cardiovascular and cerebrovascular safety of several commonly used drugs.; Relation between metabolic factors and infectious disease.; Diabetes Epidemiology.; Examining the potential benefit and harm of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins).; Thyroid dysfunction and cardio-metabolic risks.; Exploring the possibility of several commonly used drugs that may potentially alter cancer risks for type 2 diabetic patients.; Investigating the national health policy impact on healthcare system.
CHIA-HUNG TU凃佳宏Internal Medicine-NTUHGastroenterology
CHIA-LIN HSU許嘉林Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHCritical Care; Pulmonary Medicine
CHIA-LUN CHAO趙嘉倫Internal Medicine-NTUHClinical cardiology; Molecular biology of vascular function
CHIA-TER CHAO趙家德Internal Medicine-NTUHMajor field:Geriatrics and Gerontology, Acute kidney injury, Vascular Calcification, Hemodialysis; Minor field:Acute kidney injury, Geriatric syndrome, Frailty, Epidemiology
CHIA-TI TSAI蔡佳醍Internal Medicine-NTUHgenetics and molecular biology of cardiology and major clinical services are clinical cardiology and interventional cardiology
CHIEH-YU SHEN沈玠妤Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHIEN-CHING HUNG洪健清Parasitology; Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHHIV Medicine
CHIEN-CHUAN CHEN陳建全Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHIEN-HUNG CHEN陳健弘Internal Medicine-NTUHtumor immunology; proteomics; hepatocellular carcinomas
CHIEN-YUAN CHEN陳建源Internal Medicine-NTUHClinical, microbiological characteristics of febrile neutropenia; Whole transcriptome sequencing of AML; Intracerebral hemorrhage in patients with hematological malignancies; Genetic and clinical characteristics of patients with myeloid malignancies
CHIH-CHIEH YU游治節Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHIH-KANG CHIANG姜至剛Institute of Food Safety and Health; Toxicology; Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH; Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHToxicology; Nephrology; Law Enforcement of Food Safety; Risk Analysis
CHIH-YUAN WANG王治元Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHThyroid cancer; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus; Dyslipidemia; Endocrinology
CHII-MING LEE李啟明Internal Medicine-NTUHCardiology, heart failure, artherosclerosis; Stem cell
CHIN-CHUNG SHU樹金忠Internal Medicine-NTUHChest Medicine; Critical Care Medicine; Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacteria disease; Hospital Medicine; Internal Medicine; Chest ultrasound
CHIN-HSIAO TSENG曾慶孝Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHING-CHANG HUANG黃慶昌Internal Medicine-NTUHtelemedicine; intravascular imaging; General cardiology; interventional cardiology
CHING-HUNG LIN林季宏Internal Medicine-NTUH; Oncology
CHING-YAO YANG楊景堯Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInternal medicine; Chest medicine
CHO-KAI WU吳卓鍇Internal Medicine-NTUHmolecular cardiology focusing on genetic; signal transduction; clinical translation medicine studies of diastolic heart failure
CHONG-JEN YU余忠仁Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHMedical Ultrasound; Critical Care Medicine; Thoracic Oncology; Molecular Biology; Internal Medicine; Pulmonary Medicine
CHUN-FU LAI賴俊夫Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineNephrology; Dialysis; Renal Palliative care
CHUN-JEN LIU劉俊人Internal Medicine-NTUHHepatitis; Hepatocellular carcinoma; Molecular Medicine; Translational Medicine
CHUN-KAI HUANG黃俊凱Internal Medicine-NTUHChest Medicine; Critical Care Medicine
CHUN-MING HONG洪俊銘Internal Medicine-NTUH
CHUN-TA HUANG黃俊達Internal Medicine-NTUHBronchoscopy; Critical Care Medicine; Chest Ultrasonography; Internal Medicine; Pulmonary Medicine
CHUNG-JEN YEN嚴崇仁Internal Medicine-NTUH; Geriatrics and Gerontology-NTUHNephrology; Internal Medicine; Geriatrics
DING-SHINN CHEN陳定信Internal Medicine-NTUHBasic and clinical aspects of viral hepatitis and liver diseases, from prevention to management
FEN-YU TSENG曾芬郁Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHEndocrinology and Metabolism; Epidemiology
GUAN-TARN HUANG黃冠棠Internal Medicine-NTUHMedical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma; Follow up and treatment of liver cirrhosis; Hepatology; Abdominal ultrasonography; Ultrasound-guided liver biopsy and treatment
HAN-MO CHIU邱瀚模Internal Medicine-NTUHEarly colon cancer-diagnosis and treatment; Colorectal cancer screening; Endoscopic treatment of colorectal neoplasia
HAO-CHIEN WANG王鶴健Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHChest Ultrasonography; Obstructive Airway Disease; Acute Lung Injury
HSIEN-LI KAO高憲立Internal Medicine-NTUHInterventional Cardiology
HSIN-AN HOU侯信安Internal Medicine-NTUHHematology; Molecular biology
HSIN-YUN SUN孫幸筠Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInfectious diseases in solid organ transplant recipients; Infectious diseases in Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); Invasive mycosis
HSING-CHEN TSAI蔡幸真Toxicology; Internal Medicine-NTUHCancer biology; Epigenetics
HSIU-PO WANG王秀伯Internal Medicine-NTUH
HSUAN-SHU LEE李宣書Internal Medicine-NTUH; BiotechnologyLiver Stem Cells; Hepatology; Liver Pathophysiology; Tissue Engineering
HUI-CHUN HUANG黃惠君Internal Medicine-NTUHInternal Medicine; Cardiology
HUI-TENG CHENG鄭暉騰Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCNephrology; Mouse genetics; Internal Medicine; Developmental Biology
HUNG-BIN TSAI蔡宏斌Internal Medicine-NTUHUsing mindfulness based stress reduction technique to improve night-shift attending physician's burnout in the hospitalist program.; Identify the characteristics of end-of-life renal patients and promote advance care planning for Taiwanese dialysis patients.; Evaluate the quality of dying and death (QODD) in Taiwanese end-of-life renal patients.
HUNG-CHIH YANG楊宏志Microbiology; Internal Medicine-NTUHHepatology; Viral immunology; Molecular biology; Virology
HUNG-JU LIN林鴻儒Internal Medicine-NTUHCardiovascular epidemiology
HUNG-YUAN LI李弘元Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHThe application of biomarkers; Epidemiology of diabetes
HWEI-FANG TIEN田蕙芬Internal Medicine-NTUHHematology; Anemia; Leukemia; Internal Medicine; Lymphoma; Bleeding
JA-DER LIANG梁嘉德Internal Medicine-NTUHHepatology; Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine
JANN-TAY WANG王振泰Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHMolecular Epidemiology; General Medicine; Infectioius Diseases
JANN-YUAN WANG王振源Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineNon-Tubercuous Mycobacteria; Tuberculosis; Pulmonary Infection
JENQ-WEN HUANG黃政文Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineMedicine; Nephrology
JIA-HORNG KAO高嘉宏Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical Medicine; Medical ResearchViral hepatitis; Hepatology; Gastroenterology
JIH-LUH TANG唐季祿Internal Medicine-NTUHGeneral medicine; Hematology and oncology; Molecular biology; Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
JIH-SHUIN JERNG鄭之勛Internal Medicine-NTUHHealthcare Quality and Patient Safety; General Internal Medicine; Critical Care Medicine; Respiratory Medicine
JIN-CHUAN SHEU許金川Internal Medicine-NTUHMolecular Biology; Hepatology; Gastroenterology; Abdominal Ultrasonography
JIN-TOWN WANG王錦堂Microbiology; Internal Medicine-NTUHTransfusion transmitted viral infections; Microbiology and molecular biology of Helicobacter pylori
JIN-YUAN SHIH施金元Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Medical ResearchThoracic Oncology; Pulmonary Medicine
JIUNN-LEE LIN林俊立Internal Medicine-NTUHPrevention and device intervention of sudden death syndrome; Heart failure and device therapy; Cardiac electrophysiology; Transcatheter intervention of cardiac tachyarrhythmias
JOU-WEI LIN 林昭維Internal Medicine-NTUH
JUEY-JEN HWANG黃瑞仁Internal Medicine-NTUHUltrasonography.; General Cardiology.; Internal Medicine.; Critical Care Medicine.; Interventional Cardiology.
JUNG-YIEN CHIEN簡榮彥Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
JYH-CHIN YANG楊智欽Internal Medicine-NTUHHelicobacter pylori infection; Gastroenterology; Acid-related disorders; Endoscopy
JYH-MING JIMMY JUANG莊志明Internal Medicine-NTUH; Medical Genetics-NTUHHypertension; Myocardial infarction; Cardiovascular genetic medicine (Inheritable arrhythmic diseases); Hyperlipidemia; Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty, PTCA; Peripheral artery disease; Internal Medicine; Cardiology; Coronary artery disease; Percutaneous Transluminal Mitral Commisurotomy,PTMC
JYH-MING LIOU劉志銘Internal Medicine-NTUH
KAI-CHIEN YANG楊鎧鍵Pharmacology; Internal Medicine-NTUHNon-coding RNA biology; Cardiac oxidative stress and arrhythmias; Ion channel regulation and electrophysiology; Next generation sequencing
KAI-LUN YU于鎧綸Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCThoracic Oncology; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Internal Medicine
KENG LI-TA耿立達Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCPulmonary Medicine and critical care medicine; Internal Medicine
KO-JEN LI李克仁Internal Medicine-NTUH
KUAN-YU HUNG洪冠予Internal Medicine-NTUHHC; National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineRenal diseases; Educational lectures and courses for medical quality and patient safety; Quality management in healthcare facilities; Dialysis therapy, especially peritoneal dialysis; Patient safety affairs
LEE-MING CHUANG莊立民Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHGenetics of diabetes mellitus; Molecular basis of insulin action; Diabetic Epidemiology
LIAN-YU LIN林亮宇Internal Medicine-NTUH
LIH-YU CHANG張立禹Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHC
LING-PING LAI賴凌平Internal Medicine-NTUHInternal medicine; Electrophysiology; Cardiology; Molecular biology
LU-CHENG KUO郭律成Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHRespiratory therapy; Chest medicine; Critical care medicine
LUNG-CHUN LIN林隆君Internal Medicine-NTUHEchocardiography
MAO-HSIN LIN林茂欣Internal Medicine-NTUH
MENG-RUI LEE李孟叡Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCTuberculosis; Pulmonary Medicine and critical care medicine; Nontuberculous mycobacterium; Internal Medicine
MING YAO姚明Internal Medicine-NTUH
MING-CHU CHANG章明珠Internal Medicine-NTUH
MING-FONG CHEN陳明豐Internal Medicine-NTUHAtherosclerosis related diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndrome, interventional cardiology; Clinical trials of cardiovascular related medicine; Hospital management; Heart failure and related diseases; Stem cell therapy for myocardial infarction induced heart failure; Preventive cardiology; Animal model of coronary ligation-reperfusion related cardiac metabolism, myocardial infarction
MING-JIUM SHIEH謝銘鈞Internal Medicine-NTUH; School of Medicine; Oncology-NTUH; Biomedical EngineeringInflammatory bowel disease; Colitis-associated cancer; Colorectal cancer
MING-SHIANG WU吳明賢Internal Medicine-NTUH
MING-SHIOU WU吳明修Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineAlterations of Na/H exchanger in metabolic acidosis or alkalosis; Cardiovascular changes in chronic kidney disease; Endothelial nitric oxide synthase in renal tubules
NIN-CHIEH HSU許甯傑Internal Medicine-NTUHHealthcare service management; Palliative medicine; Health policy; Critical care; Sleep medicine; Hospital medicine
PAN-CHYR YANG楊泮池Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical Pharmacy; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; Clinical Medicine; OncologyCancer Biology and Molecular Biology; Medical Ultrasound; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Lung Cancer Genomics and Molecular Carcinogenesis; Internal Medicine
PEI-JER CHEN陳培哲Medical Research; Microbiology; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical MedicineMolecular Virology; Hepatology; Gastroenterology; Internal Medicine; Cancer Research; National Chair-Professor of Medicine, Ministry of Education, 2006-2009
PEI-LIN LEE李佩玲Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHPulmonary and critical care medicine; Sleep medicine; Molecular biology
PEI-MING YANG楊培銘Internal Medicine-NTUH
PING-HUEI TSENG曾屏輝Internal Medicine-NTUHPeptic ulcer disease; Gastroesophageal reflux disease; Functional GI disorder; Esophageal manometry; Impedance-pH study
PING-HUNG KUO郭炳宏Internal Medicine-NTUHRespiratory Physiology; Respiratory Care; Pulmonary Hypertension; Airway Diseaes
PING-NING HSU許秉寧Immunology; Internal Medicine-NTUHT cell activation signaling; Apoptosis; Autroimmune diseases and its pathogenesis
PO-YUAN CHANG張博淵Internal Medicine-NTUHSignal transduction pathways in cardiovascular diseases; Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in clinical diseases; Cardiovascular epigenetics; Molecular biomarkers of acute myocardial infarction; Homocysteine metabolism in clinical diseases; Oxidized LDL and atherosclerosis
SHAN-CHWEN CHANG張上淳College of Medicine; Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHAntibiotic usage and Antimicrobial Resistance; Molecular Epidemiology; Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology; New Emerging Infectious Diseases
SHANG-JU WU吳尚儒Internal Medicine-NTUHMyeloid leukemia (AML); Stem cell transplantation; Lymphoblastic leukemia (CLL)
SHANG-YI HUANG黃聖懿Internal Medicine-NTUHmultiple myeloma; stem cell
SHAO-YU YANG楊紹佑Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineNephrology; Internal Medicine
SHENG-CHIEH CHOU周聖傑Internal Medicine-NTUHgeneral hematology; coagulation disorder
SHENG-KAI LIANG梁勝鎧Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHC
SHENG-NAN CHANG張勝南Internal Medicine-NTUH
SHENG-YUAN RUAN阮聖元Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHPulmonary medicine; Critical care medicine
SHIH-CHI KU古世基Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicinePulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Ultrasound in Respiratory System; Internal Medicine; Sleep Disorder Breathing
SHU-CHEN WEI魏淑鉁Internal Medicine-NTUHPancreatic and biliary diseases(including acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cystic tumors, pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma etc.); Advanced therapeutic endoscopy(including ERCP, interventional EUS, ESD, etc.)
SHUEI-LIONG LIN林水龍Physiology; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineNephrology; Immunology; Physiology
SHYANG-RONG SHIH施翔蓉Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
SONG-CHOU HSIEH謝松洲Internal Medicine-NTUH
SUNG-CHING PAN盤松青Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInfectious disease; Infection control
SZU-MIN HSIEH謝思民Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
TA-CHEN SU蘇大成Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Environmental and Occupational Medicine-NTUHSubclinical atherosclerosis, risk factors; Environmental Pollutions and Cardiovascular and Endocrine/ Metabolic Disorders; Familial hypercholesterolemia and genetic hypertriglyceridemia
Tai-Chung Huang黃泰中Internal Medicine-NTUH
TAI-SHUAN LAI賴台軒Internal Medicine-NTUH
TIEN-CHUN CHANG張天鈞Internal Medicine-NTUHEndocrine; Thyroid Diseases
TIEN-JYUN CHANG張恬君Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHPhysiology, pathology, pharmacology, and molecular biology of islets; Genetic epidemiology of diabetes and obesity; Diabetes an other metabolic disease; Endocrine disease
TIEN-SHANG HUANG黃天祥Medical Education and Bioethics; Internal Medicine-NTUH
TSUNG-CHUN LEE李宗錞Internal Medicine-NTUHSmall intestinal diseases and deep enteroscopy; Intestinal Barrier function; Computer-aided diagnosis in endoscopy; Biodesign Innovation of high-value, unmet-need driven medical device. Technology Venture Formation.; Stem cell biology, Cancer stem cells; Mucosal immunology and clinical therapeutics of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease); Data mining and medical informatics, bibliometric study, citation analysis
TSUNG-HSIEN CHIANG江宗賢Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHTherapeutic endoscopy; Cancer prevention and screening
TUN-JUN TSAI蔡敦仁Internal Medicine-NTUHNephrology; Internal Medicine; Nephrology Internal Medicine
TUNG-HUNG SU蘇東弘Internal Medicine-NTUHLiver fibrosis and cirrhosis; Viral hepatitis B and C; Hepatocellular carcinoma
TZONG-SHINN CHU朱宗信Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine; Medical Education and BioethicsNephrology; Medical education
TZUNG-DAU WANG王宗道Internal Medicine-NTUHDyslipidemia: clinical studies; Epicardial fat, visceral fat, insulin resistance/obesity, and atherosclerosis: nanomedical, nanooptical imaging, and molecular studies; Hypertension-related studies: guidelines, epidemiology, and clinical trials; Interventional therapy for arteriogenic erectile dysfunction: novel imaging and catheter revascularization studies
TZUU-SHUH JOU周祖述Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical MedicineDiabetes and metabolic disorders; Cell biology
TZY-HAW WU吳茲皓Internal Medicine-NTUH
UN-IN WU胡婉妍Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInfluenza; Nontuberculous mycobacterial infection; Primary immunodeficiency
VIN-CENT WU吳允升Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineHypertension; Nephrology; Internal Medicine
WAN-CHEN WU吳婉禎Internal Medicine-NTUH
WANG-HUEI SHENG盛望徽Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Medical Education-NTUHHIV medicine; Microbiology; General Medicine; Infectious Diseases
WEI-CHIH LIAO廖偉智Internal Medicine-NTUHPancreatitis and pancreatic cancer; Gastroenterology; Pancreatic and biliary endoscopy (ERCP); Epidemiology
WEI-SHIUNG YANG楊偉勛Internal Medicine-NTUH; Clinical Medicine; Medical Genetics-NTUHDiabetes and other metabolic diseases; Human molecular genetics
WEI-YIH CHIU邱偉益Internal Medicine-NTUHEndocrine disorders; Diabetes mellitus; Osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases
WEI-YU LIAO廖唯昱Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
WEN-CHIH CHIANG姜文智Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineProteinurarenal failure and dialysis
WOEI TSAY蔡偉Internal Medicine-NTUHHematology; Internal Medicine
YEE-CHUN CHEN陳宜君Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInfectious diseases; Infection in immunocompromised hosts; Internal medicine; Infection control and hospital epidemiology; Clinical and molecular mycology; Antibiotic stewardship and antibiotic resistance; Medical information technology
YEN-BIN LIU劉言彬Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal Medicine-NTUHHCHypertension; Heart failure; Arrhythmia; Hyperlipidemia; Internal Medicine; Cardiology
YEN-HUNG LIN林彥宏Internal Medicine-NTUHBasic sciense; Cardiology, focus on the cardiovascular change of primary aldosteronism; Non-linear analysis of heart rate variability; Biomedical engineering
YI-CHENG CHANG張以承Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH; Medical Genomics and ProteomicsObesity; Genetic epidemiology; Diabetes
YI-CHIA LEE李宜家Internal Medicine-NTUH; Epidemiology and Preventive MedicineBiostatistics; Endoscopic screening; Evaluation of cancer screening; Cancer prevention and screening; Epidemiology
YI-CHIH WANG王怡智Internal Medicine-NTUH
YI-DER JIANG江怡德Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUH
YI-LWUN HO何奕倫Internal Medicine-NTUHMedicine; Cardiac arrhythmia; Tele-Health; Heart Failure; Cardiology
YI-WEN HUANG黃奕文Internal Medicine-NTUH
YING-CHUN CHIEN錢穎群Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHLung cancer; Critical care medicine; Airway disease
YING-HSIEN CHEN陳盈憲Internal Medicine-NTUH
YO-PING LAI賴祐平Internal Medicine-NTUH
YU-CHUNG CHUANG莊祐中Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine-NTUHInfectious diseases
YU-FENG LIN林裕峰Internal Medicine-NTUHMedical Information Technology; Acute Kidney Injury; Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosteron System; Hospital Medicine; Septic Acute Kidney Injury; Chronic Kidney Disease; Diabetic Nephropathy; Dopamine Receptor
YU-TING CHANG張毓廷Internal Medicine-NTUHGastroenterology; Physiology; Molecular biology
YUNG-MING CHEN陳永銘Internal Medicine-NTUH; Internal MedicineGlomerulonephritis; Internal Medicine; Chronic kidney disease
ZEI-SHUNG HUANG黃瑞雄Internal Medicine-NTUHAtherosclerosis; Cerebrovascular disease