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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHIEN-CHIH TUNG董建志 Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Gastroenterology; Abdominal sonography; Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy
CHIH-KANG CHIANG姜至剛 Center for Biotechnology  Internal Medicine  Institute of Food Safety and Health  Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH  Toxicology Toxicology; Nephrology; Law Enforcement of Food Safety; Risk Analysis
HAN-MO CHIU邱瀚模 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Early colon cancer-diagnosis and treatment; Colorectal cancer screening; Endoscopic treatment of colorectal neoplasia
HUEY-DONG WU吳惠東 Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH 呼吸治療; 呼吸生理學; 內科學; 胸腔醫學
MING-CHU CHANG章明珠 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH 
MING-LUN HAN韓明倫 Internal Medicine  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Esophagus disease; Biliary and pancreatic diseases; Gastrointestinal disease
SHUEI-LIONG LIN林水龍 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH  Physiology Nephrology; Immunology; Physiology
WEI-CHIH LIAO廖偉智 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer; Gastroenterology; Pancreatic and biliary endoscopy (ERCP); Epidemiology
YAO-WEN KUO郭耀文 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUH  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Chest Medicine; Internal Medicine
YI-TING CHEN陳怡婷 Internal Medicine  Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH Nephrology; Internal Medicine