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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN錢宗良 Anatomy and Cell Biology  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Cancer Cell Biology; Animal Models of Neural Development; Cell Biology (Cytoskeletons); Biology of Embryonic Stem (ES) cells; Cellular and Animal Models for Neuronal Diseases
FANG-JEN LEE李芳仁 Molecular Medicine  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Regulation of vesicular trafficking under cellular stresses.; Molecular mechanism study for small GTPases (Arf/Arl) in vesicular trafficking and cytoskeletal organization.
HSIANG-PO HUANG黃祥博 Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Pediatric genetic and metabolic diseases; Cell biology; Using iPSCs for disease modeling
Jacob Shujui Hsu許書睿 Medical Genomics and Proteomics Human Genetics & Genomics; Genomic Medicine; Statistical Genetics; Bioinformatics
MING-JIUN YU余明俊 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Molecular Virology of Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle; Transgenic Mosquito for Virus Transmission Control; Molecular Systems Biology of Renal Water Excretion
NEI-LI CHAN詹迺立 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Center for Biotechnology  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Structural Biology Of Type II Protein Secretion System; X-Ray Crystallographic Studies Of Prostacyclin Synthase And Thromboxane Synthase: Characterize The Structures Of Two Non-Classical Cytochrome P450 Enzymes; Structural And Functional Analyses On Molecular Interactions Mediated By Domains Of Type IIA DNA Topoisomerase
PEI-LUNG CHEN陳沛隆 Clinical Medicine  Medical Genetics-NTUH  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Precision medicine; Genomic medicine; Immunogenomics; Bioinformatics; Model organism; Human genetics; Endocrinology; Next-generation sequencing (NGS); Pharmacogenomics
PO-HAN LIN林柏翰 Medical Genetics-NTUH  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Cancer genetics/genomics; Cancer biology; Breast cancer
SZU-HUA PAN潘思樺 Medical Genomics and Proteomics Cancer metastasis; Functional proteomics; Signaling transduction; Anti-cancer drug screening and Disease animal model
WEI-TING HUNG洪維廷 Medical Genomics and Proteomics Extracellular vesicle biology; Tumor evolution; Reproductive medicine; Tumor genetics
YI-CHENG CHANG張以承 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Internal Medicine  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Genetic and translational research for diabetes; Hypertension; Obesity; Renal disease
YOU-TZUNG CHEN陳佑宗 Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Center for Biotechnology  Clinical Medicine  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Functional Genomics; Mouse Genetics; Stem Cell Biology; Gene Editing