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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-KANG TSENG曾紀綱 Microbiology RNA biology; Telomere biology
CHING-HWA TSAI蔡錦華 Microbiology Molecular biology of EB virus
HUNG-CHIH YANG楊宏志 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Microbiology Hepatology; Viral immunology; Molecular biology; Cancer Immunology; Virology
JEAN-SAN CHIA賈景山 Dentistry-NTUH  School of Dentistry  Clinical Medicine  Oral Biology  Clinical Dentistry  Microbiology Host pathogen interaction in infective endocarditis; Immune response to oral cancer
JIN-TOWN WANG王錦堂 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Microbiology Transfusion transmitted viral infections; Microbiology and molecular biology of Helicobacter pylori
MEI-RU CHEN陳美如 Microbiology Interplay between Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and cellular machineries; The mechanism of EBV nuclear egress; The control of nuclear-cytoplasmic trafficking; Viral DNA replication machinery, DNA repair and transcriptional control
MIAO-HSIA LIN林妙霞 Microbiology 
SHIH-PENG CHAN詹世鵬 Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program  Microbiology RNA biology; microRNA-mediated gene regulation
SHIN CHANG張鑫 Microbiology Molecular virology and pathogenesis of human hepatitis viruses.; Molecular virology and pathogenesis of human coronaviruses.
SHIN-LIAN DOONG董馨蓮 Microbiology Tumor and Hepatitis B Virus Therapeutics
SHOW-LI CHEN陳小梨 Microbiology AAV; BCAS2; NRIP
SHU-CHUN TENG鄧述諄 Center for Biotechnology  Microbiology  Immunology Aging and prion-like diseases
SHU-JUNG CHANG張書蓉 Microbiology Genetics and Molecular Biology; Immunology and Microbiology; Biochemistry
TSAI-KUN LI李財坤 Center for Biotechnology  Microbiology Topoisomerases and their targeting drugs; DNA topology and its biological implications; Repair and signaling pathways for DNA damage
WON-BO WANG王萬波 Microbiology Tumor virology; Cancer biology; Influenza A virus; Bacterial pathogenesi; Gene therapy; Cancer alternative treatment
YUNG-CHIY CHANG張永祺 Microbiology Innate immunology; Host-pathogen interaction