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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
AY-WOAN PAN潘璦琬Occupational TherapyThe development of evaluation tools; Rasch measurement model; Medical Education; Occupational Therapy in Mental Health; Model of Human Occupation
CHIEN-TE WU吳建德Brain and Mind Sciences; Occupational Therapysocial cognition; consciousness; attention; perception
CHIHWEN WANG王治文Occupational Therapyquality of life and satisfaction about daily living among the elderly and people with physical disability
CHING-LIN HSIEH謝清麟Occupational TherapyOutcome measurement; Computerized cognitive assessments; Development and validation of clinical assessment tools
HAO-LING CHEN陳顥齡Occupational TherapyBiomechanics; Human Movement Science; Motor Control; Assistive Technology; Neurorehabilitation; Rehabilitation Engineering
HUI-FEN MAO毛慧芬Occupational TherapyAnalysis, assessment, and remediation of motor behaviors; Assistive technology; Occupational therapy for dementia patients; Occupational therapy in long-term care
I-PING HSUEH薛漪平Occupational TherapyOccupational therapy in physical dysfunction; Outcome measure in stroke rehabilitation; Assessment in Cognitive function
JIN-LING LO羅鈞令Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy in Long-term Care; Occupational Science; Pediatric Occupational Therapy
KEH-CHUNG LIN林克忠Occupational TherapyMeta-Analysis; Motor Control; Research Methods; Stroke Rehabilitation; Translational Science; Neurorehabilitation; Evidence-Based Medicine
LI-TING TSAI蔡麗婷Occupational TherapyVocational rehabilitation; Low vision rehabilitation; Pediatric occupational therapy
MEI-HUI TSENG曾美惠Occupational TherapyAttention deficits, impulse, and activity level in children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Relationship with sensory processing dysfunction and motor proficiency; Determinants of quality of life, family and school participation in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders; Determinants of daily function in children with cerebral palsy; Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Pediatric Evaluation Disability Inventory, PEDI-C; Determinants of sensory processing, emotional and behavioral problems in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders; Determinants of writing skills in school-aged children; Developing assessment of Sensory processing
SHEAU-LING HUANG黃小玲Occupational TherapyUpper extremity function in patients with stroke; Life adaptation in patients with Parkinson's Disease; Hand injury
TIEN-NI WANG王湉妮Occupational TherapyHuman Development; Early Intervention; Neurorehabilitation; Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy
YUH JANG張彧Occupational TherapyVocational rehabilitation; Work ability evaluation and training; Occupational Therapy for people with physical impairments; Vocational evaluation