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120015點量尺與3點量尺量表之反應性比較:在伯格式平衡量表之發現王淳厚; 薛漪平 ; 姚開屏 ; 謝清麟 journal article
22011A 2-year follow-up of swallowing function after radiation therapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomaTYNG-GUEY WANG ; Chang, Yeun-Chung ; Lu, Wen-Shian; Chen, Christine C.; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Huang, Sheau-Ling; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Ting, Lai-Lei; Peng, Steven Sin-Fong; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; STEVEN SHINN-FORNG PENG ; Wang, Teh-Chen; Wang, Tyng-Guey journal article53
32018A comparison between the original and Tablet-based Symbol Digit Modalities Test in patients with schizophrenia: Test-retest agreement, random measurement error, practice effect, and ecological validityI-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; CHIEN-TE WU journal article11
41996A Comparison of Performance in Added-Purpose Occupations and Rote Exercise for Dynamic Standing Balance in Persons with HemiplegiaCHING-LIN HSIEH journal article
52007A Comparison of Psychometric Properties of the Smart Balance Master System and the Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke in People Who Have Had Mild StrokeCHING-LIN HSIEH ; PEI-FANG TANG ; MING-HSIA HU journal article6154
62012A comparison of responsiveness and predictive validity of two balance measures in patients with strokeYu, Wan-Hui; Chuang, L.-l.; I-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Wu, C.-y.; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Lin, K.-c.; Hou, Wen-Hsuan; Hsieh, C.-j.; Wang, Yen-Ho; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Hsieh, Ching-Linjournal article77
72015A controlled pilot trial of two commercial video games for rehabilitation of arm function after strokeCHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chen, Mei-Hsiang; Huang, Lan-Ling; Lee, Chang-Franw; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Lin, Yu-Chao; Liu, Hsiuchih; Chen, Ming-I; Lu, Wen-Shianjournal article2117
81999A cross-validation of the comprehensive assessment of activities of daily living after strokeI-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article220
92015A developmental screening tool for toddlers with multiple domains based on Rasch analysisHwang, Ai-Wen; Hwang, Ai-Wen; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Wang, Jyh-Horng ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Lee, Song-Ching; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Rolf, Christer; Liao, Hua-Fang; Wong, Alice May-Kuen; Su, Sheng-Chu; Shih, Tiffany T. F.; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; 王興國 ; 施庭芳 ; 李松青; 王至弘; 王亭貴 journal article33
102000A kinematic study of contextual effects on reaching performance in persons with and without stroke: Influences of object availabilityKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article134107
112012A longitudinal study of the predictors of quality of life in patients with major depressive disorder utilizing a linear mixed effect modelPan, Ay-Woan ; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chen, Yun-Ling; Chung, Ly-Inn; Wang, Jung-Der; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article87
122012A meta-analysis of behavioral parent training for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorderLee, Pei-chin; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Niew, Wern-ing; Yang, Hao-jan; Chen, Vincent Chin-hung; Lin, Keh-chungjournal article4242
132010A multiproxy lake record from Inner Mongolia displays a late Holocene teleconnection between Central Asian and North Atlantic climatesChen, Huei-Fen; LUDVIG LOWEMARK ; Chuang, I-Ching; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Lu, Lu ; Lee, Teh-Quei; Lowemark, Ludvig ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Chi, Zhenqing; Wang, Yong ; Hong, Easonjournal article2928
142016A new visual stimulation program for improving visual acuity in children with visual impairment: A pilot studyCHIEN-TE WU journal article10
152017A Preliminary Investigation of the Association of Sleep with Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Biomarkers and Functional Outcomes after Stroke RehabilitationKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article01
162015A prospective study of the responsiveness of the original and the short form Berg Balance Scale in people with strokeCHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; Chou, Yei-Tai; Yu, Wan-Hui; Chen, Cheng-Te; Shih, Ching-Lin; Hsieh, Ching-Lin journal article74
172014A psychometric study of the kinetic-house-tree-person scoring system for people with psychiatric disorders in TaiwanLi, Chih-Ying; Li, Chih-Ying; Wang, Ting-Yun; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chung, LyInn; Pao, Jwo-Luen; Chung, LyInn; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Liu, Shu-Kai; Liu, Shu-Kai; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Pan, Ay-Woan ; 楊榮森 journal article20
182016A Puzzle-Based Tool to Study Individualized Perception Reactions for Children with AutismCHIEN-TE WU conference paper00
192008A randomized controlled trial of constraint-induced movement therapy after strokeKEH-CHUNG LIN book00
202007A Randomized Controlled Trial of Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Elderly Stroke Survivors: Changes in Motor Impairment, Daily Functioning, and Quality of LifeKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article9379
212005A Rasch analysis of a self-perceived change in quality of life scale in patients with mild strokeI-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article109
222007A Rasch analysis of the Frenchay Activities Index in patients with spinal cord injuryHsieh, CL; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; YUH JANG ; Jang, Y; Yu, TY; Wang, WC; Sheu, CF; Wang, YH; Wang, YHjournal article1110
232018A Reliable and Valid Assessment of Sustained Attention for Patients with Schizophrenia: The Computerized Digit Vigilance TestCHING-LIN HSIEH ; CHIEN-TE WU journal article00
242008A review of psychometric properties of feeding assessment tools used in neonatesHowe, T-H.; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, K-C.; Fu, C-P.; Su, C-T.; Hsieh, C-L.journal article3328
252011A Scalable Healthcare Information System Based on a Service-oriented ArchitectureYang, Tzu-Hsiang; FEI-PEI LAI ; Jang, Yuh ; Sun, Yeali S.; Lai, Feipeijournal article1310
262000A simple self-rating assessment method of residual work capability for occupational permanent disabilitiesChang, Yu-Chen; YUH JANG ; ChenSea, Mei-Jin; Jang, Yuh ; Wang, Jung-Derjournal article00
272006A simplified stroke rehabilitation assessment of movement instrumentCHING-LIN HSIEH journal article
282006A simplified stroke rehabilitation assessment of movement instrumentI-PING HSUEH journal article
292018A study of predictive validity, responsiveness, and minimal clinically important difference of arm accelerometer in real-world activity of patients with chronic strokeHAO-LING CHEN ; KEH-CHUNG LIN journal article42
302016A Systematic Review of Tests Assessing Stroke KnowledgeCHING-LIN HSIEH journal article00
312004A validity study of the WHOQOL-BREF assessment in persons with traumatic spinal cord injuryCHING-LIN HSIEH ; YUH JANG journal article10186
321997A work-oriented occupational therapy programme for individuals with physical disabilitiesYUH JANG journal article
332012Ability of three motor measures to predict functional outcomes reported by stroke patients after rehabilitationMiki, T.; TIEN-NI WANG ; Li, Kuan-Yi; Li, Kuan-Yi; Lin, Keh-Chung; Yokokawa, Taichi; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Nagata, Toshi; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Yamamura, Norio; Wu, Ching-Yi; Wu, Ching-Yi; Huang, Yan-Hua; Huang, Yan-Hua; Ouyang, Peijournal article1413
342008Acoustic study in Mandarin-speaking children: Developmental changes in vowel productionKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
352008Age and height effects on the center of mass and center of pressure inclination angles during obstacle-crossingSHIER-CHIEG HUANG ; HAO-LING CHEN ; HUANG, SHIER-CHIEG ; LU, TUNG-WU ; CHEN, HAO-LING ; WANG, TING-MINGjournal article4940
362013Age as a factor in sensory integration function in taiwanese childrenMEI-HUI TSENG ; Lin, Chin-Kai; Wu, Huey-Min; Wang, Hsin-Yi; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; Lin, Chung-Huijournal article32
372009Age effects on the inter-joint coordination during obstacle-crossingHAO-LING CHEN journal article2219
382009Agreement between the WHOQOL-BREF Chinese and Taiwanese versions in the elderlyChien, Chi-Wen; I-PING HSUEH ; Wang, Jung-Der; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Wang, Jung-Der; Yao, Grace; Yao, Grace; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin journal article54
392002Analysis and comparison of the psychometric properties of three balance measures for stroke patientsMao, HF; I-PING HSUEH ; HUI-FEN MAO ; Hsueh, IP; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Tang, PF; PEI-FANG TANG ; Sheu, CF; Hsieh, CLjournal article276235
402011Anthropometric and fitness variables associated with bone mineral density and broadband ultrasound attenuation in ambulatory children with cerebral palsyKEH-CHUNG LIN ; CHEN, CHIA-LING; KE, JYH-YUH; KE, JYH-YUH; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; WANG, CHAO-JAN; WU, CHING-YI; LIU, WEN-YU; LIU, WEN-YUjournal article77
412011Applying the evidence-based practice approachTIEN-NI WANG book
422012Are higher total serum cholesterol levels associated with better long-term motor function after ischemic stroke?CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Lai, Yih-tsen; Hsieh, Ching-lin ; SHIN-LIANG PAN ; Lee, Hung-pin; Pan, Shin-liang journal article22
432014Arm and trunk movement kinematics during seated reaching within and beyond arm's length in people with stroke: A validity studyWu, C.-y.; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Liing, R.-j.; Chen, H.-c.; Chen, C.-l.; Lin, K.-c.journal article1111
442011Assessing the streamlined wolf motor function test as an outcome measure for stroke rehabilitationKEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wu, Ching-yi; Fu, Tiffany; Lin, Keh-chung ; Feng, Chi-tzu; Hsieh, Kuang-ping; Yu, Hung-wen; Lin, Chia-huang; Hsieh, Ching-ju; Ota, Hisaakijournal article1715
452011Assessing the Stroke-Specific Quality of Life for Outcome Measurement in Stroke Rehabilitation: Minimal Detectable Change and Clinically Important DifferenceKEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-chung ; Fu, Tiffany; Wu, Ching-yi; Hsieh, Ching-ju; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; WU, CHING-YI; HSIEH, CHING-JUjournal article3130
461994Assessment of unilateral neglect in individuals with right cerebral vascular accidentKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
472016Associations among gender, marital status, and outcomes of adult in-hospital cardiac arrest: A retrospective cohort studyWang, Chih-Hung ; Wang, Tien-ni ; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; Wu, Ching-yi; Huang, Chien-Hua ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; Chang, Wei-Tien ; Chen, Chia-ling; Shieh, Jeng-yi ; Tsai, Min-Shan ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; Yu, Ping-Hsun; YEN-WEN WU ; Lu, Lu ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Wu, Yen-Wen ; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Wen-Jone journal article87
482015At 120 msec you can spot the animal but you donʼt yet know itʼs a dogCHIEN-TE WU journal article2726
492007Authors' responseKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article10
502018Balance Control and Energetics of Powered Exoskeleton-Assisted Sit-to-Stand Movement in Individuals With Paraplegic Spinal Cord InjuryHUI-FEN MAO journal article00
512010Ball catching skills of 5- to 11-year-old typically developing children in real and virtual environmentsTIEN-NI WANG journal article22
522010Barriers to pediatric occupational therapists' research Utilization in Australia, the United Kingdom, and TaiwanMEI-HUI TSENG ; Brown, Ted; Tseng, Mei Hui ; Casey, Jacqueline; Casey, Jacqueline; McDonald, Rachael; McDonald, Rachael; Lyons, Carissajournal article10
532009Bilateral knee osteoarthritis does not affect inter-joint coordination in older adults with gait deviations during obstacle-crossingHAO-LING CHEN journal article20
542017Bilateral robotic priming before task-oriented approach in subacute stroke rehabilitation: A pilot randomized controlled trialKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article95
552010Biomechanical role of the locomotor system in controlling body center of mass motion in older adults during obstructed GaitHAO-LING CHEN journal article
562008Biomechanical strategies for successful obstacle crossing with the trailing limb in older adults with medial compartment knee osteoarthritisChen, HL; SHIER-CHIEG HUANG ; HAO-LING CHEN ; Lu, TW; Wang, TM; Huang, SCjournal article2017
572015Brain and behavior plasticity: From fundamental science to health outcomesLin, Keh-chung; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Tsai, Yu-Chieh ; Wolf, Steven L.; Ho, Pei-Yin; Wolf, Steven L.; Chan, Chetwyn; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; Tuan, Tsung-Fan; Wu, Ching-yi; Wu, Ching-yi; Liu, Wei-Lin; Lin, Ching-Po; Lin, Ching-Po; Cheng, Ann-Lii ; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; 蒲永孝 ; 曾凱元 ; 鄭安理 ; 成佳憲 ; 蔡育傑 ; 何蓓茵journal article00
582010Brain reorganization after bilateral arm training and distributed constraint-induced therapy in stroke patients: A preliminary functional magnetic resonance imaging studyKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
592018Caregiver active participation in psychoeducational intervention improved caregiving skills and competencyHUI-FEN MAO journal article11
602015Changes in structural integrity are correlated with motor and functional recovery after post-stroke rehabilitationKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
612016Child characteristics, caregiver characteristics, and environmental factors affecting the quality of life of caregivers of children with cerebral palsyTseng, Mei-Hui ; JENG-YI SHIEH ; LU LU ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Lu, Lu ; Huang, Chien-Yu; Simeonsson, Rune J.journal article106
622005Clinical and ultrasonographic manifestations in major causes of common carotid artery occlusionTsai, CF; JIANN-SHING JENG ; Chen, Hui-fang; Wu, Ching-yi; Jeng, JS; Lu, CJ; Lin, Keh-chung; Jang, Yuh ; Hwang, BS; Lin, WH; Lin, Shih-chieh; Yip, PK.; Cheng, Ju-wen; Chung, Chia-ying; Yan, Yanningjournal article1815
632014Cloud computing-based smart home-based rehabilitation nursing system for early interventionLU LU ; MEI-HUI TSENG journal article44
641991Cognitive perceptual intervention in post-stroke patients with unilateral neglect: An annotated bibliographyKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article00
652001Combined effects of docetaxel and fluoropyrimidines on tumor growth and expression of interleukin-6 and thymidine phosphorylase in breast cancer xenograftsYUH JANG journal article76
662015Combining afferent stimulation and mirror therapy for improving muscular, sensorimotor, and daily functions after chronic stroke: A randomized, placebo-controlled studyYA-YUN LEE ; Lee, Ya-yun ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-chung; Wu, Ching-yi; Liao, Ching-hua; Lin, Jui-chi; Chen, Chia-lingjournal article44
672014Combining afferent stimulation and mirror therapy for rehabilitating motor function, motor control, ambulation, and daily functions after strokeLin, Keh-chung; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Huang, Pai-chuan; Chen, Yu-ting; Wu, Ching-yi; Huang, Wen-lingjournal article2625
682010Comparison between hospital-based and community-based services for the special health care needs of children with developmental delaysKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
692017Comparison of construct validity of two short forms of Stroke-Specific Quality of Life scaleSHEAU-LING HUANG ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article00
702010Comparison of developmental pattern change in preschool children with spastic diplegic and quadriplegic cerebral palsyKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
712018Comparison of proximal versus distal upper-limb robotic rehabilitation on motor performance after stroke: A cluster controlled trialKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article22
722003Comparison of psychometric properties of three mobility measures for patients with strokeI-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article5452
732002Comparison of the psychometric characteristics of the functional independence measure, 5 item Barthel index, and 10 item Barthel index in patients with strokeJIANN-SHING JENG ; I-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article218202
742015Comparison of the responsiveness of the long-form and simplified stroke rehabilitation assessment of movement: Group- and individual-level analysisTung, Li-Chen; Huang, Yi-Jing; Huang, Yi-Jing; I-PING HSUEH ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; Yu, Wan-Hui; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Lin, Gong-Hong; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Yu, Tzu-Ying; Hou, Chieh-Yi; Wu, Chien-Te ; Tsai, Chia-Yin; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Chou, Willy; Chen, Mei-Hsiangjournal article34
752014Comparison of the test-retest reliability of the balance computerized adaptive test and a computerized posturography instrument in patients with strokeCHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chen, Chia-Hsin; Lin, Shih-Feng; HAO-LING CHEN ; Yu, Wan-Hui; Lin, Jau-Hong; Chen, Chih-kuang; Chen, Hao-Ling; Hsieh, Ching-Linjournal article79
762008Comparisons of the inter-joint coordination between leading and trailing limbs when crossing obstacles of different heightsHAO-LING CHEN journal article2624
772006Comparisons of the joint moments between leading and trailing limb in young adults when stepping over obstaclesHAO-LING CHEN journal article3737
782006Comparisons of the lower limb kinematics between young and older adults when crossing obstacles of different heightsHAO-LING CHEN journal article5748
792015Concurrent and Predictive Validity of Arm Kinematics with and Without a Trunk Restraint during a Reaching Task in Individuals with StrokeKEH-CHUNG LIN ; Li, Kuan-yi; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Chih-kuang; Liing, Rong-jiuan; Wu, Ching-yi; Chang, Wan-yingjournal article53
802015Consensus Development from the 5th Asia-Pacific Primary Liver Cancer Expert Meeting (APPLE 2014).Hsu, Chiun; 吳建德 ; MING-CHIH HO ; Hsu, Chiun; Chen, Bang-Bin; Chen, Bang-Bin ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wu, Chien-Te ; Libertus, Melissa E.; ANN-LII CHENG ; Chen, Chien-Hung; Chen, Chien-Hung ; Meyerhoff, Karen L.; Ho, Ming-Chih ; Ho, Ming-Chih; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; Woldorff, Marty G.; Kokudo, Norihiro; Kokudo, Norihiro; Murakami, Takamichi; Murakami, Takamichi; Yeo, Winnie; Seong, Jinsil; Seong, Jinsil; Jia, Ji-Dong; Han, Kwan-Hyub; Cheng, Ann-Lii; 成佳憲 journal article1618
812011Constraint-induced movement therapy as a paradigm of translational research in neurorehabilitation: Reviews and prospectsKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article
822010Constraint-induced therapy versus control intervention in patients with stroke: A functional magnetic resonance imaging studyKEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-Chung ; Chung, Hsin-Ying; Wu, Ching-Yi; Liu, Ho-Ling; Hsieh, Yu-Wei ; Chen, I-Hsuan; Chen, Chia-Ling; Chuang, Li-Ling; Liu, Jung-Sen; Wai, Yau-Yaujournal article4031
832009Constraint-induced therapy versus dose-matched control intervention to improve motor ability, basic/extended daily functions, and quality of life in strokeLIN, KEH-CHUNG; LIN, KEH-CHUNG ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; WU, CHING-YI; LIU, JUNG-SEN; CHEN, YUEH-TSEN; HSU, CHEN-JUNG; HSU, CHEN-JUNGjournal article8067
842012Constraint-induced therapy with trunk restraint for improving functional outcomes and trunk-arm control after stroke: A randomized controlled trialWu, C.-y.; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Chen, Y.-a.; Chen, Y.-a.; Lin, K.-c.; Lin, K.-c.; Chao, C.-p.; Chen, Y.-t.; Chen, Y.-t.journal article2420
852015Construct validity of the Chinese version of the activities of daily living rating scale III in patients with schizophreniaChiu, En-Chi; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chiu, En-Chi; Lee, Yen; Lee, Yen; Lai, Kuan-Yu; Lai, Kuan-Yu; Kuo, Chian-Jue; Lung, For-Wey; Kuo, Chian-Jue; Lee, Shu-Chun; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Lui, Su; Laks, Jerson; Laks, Jersonjournal article32
862011Construct validity of the stroke-specific quality of life questionnaire in ischemic stroke patientsChuang, Li-ling; JIANN-SHING JENG ; Hsueh, I-Ping ; I-PING HSUEH ; Jeng, Jiann-Shing ; Lee, Yen; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Sheu, Ching-Fan; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; HSUEH, I-PING ; JENG, JIANN-SHING ; SHEU, CHING-FAN; HSIEH, CHING-LINjournal article1821
871994Construct validity of the tseng teacher handwriting checklistMEI-HUI TSENG journal article10
882007Contingency view on technological differentiation and firm performance: evidences in an economic downturn王湉妮 ; Wu, Hsueh-Liang ; CHUNG-JEN CHEN ; Lin, Bou-Wen ; 曾美惠 ; 胡賦強; Chen, Chung-Jen ; WANG, TIEN-NI ; TSENG, MEI-HUI ; HU, FU- CHANGjournal article220
892010Control of body's center of mass motion during level walking and obstacle-crossing in older patients with knee osteoarthritisHAO-LING CHEN journal article
902016Convergent validity and responsiveness of the EQ-5D utility weights for stroke survivorsLu, Wen-Shian; SHEAU-LING HUANG ; Huang, Sheau-Ling; Huang, Sheau-Ling; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Yang, Jeng-Feng; Yang, Jeng-Feng; Chen, Mei-Hsiang; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Chou, Chia-Yehjournal article22
912007Cooccurrence of problems in activity level, attention, psychosocial adjustment, reading and writing in children with developmental coordination disorderCHING-LIN HSIEH ; MEI-HUI TSENG journal article4643
922014Correlates of health-related quality of life and the perception of its importance in caregivers of children with autismTung, Li-Chen; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Huang, Chien-Yu; Huang, Chien-Yu; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; Yen, Hsui-Chen; Tsai, Yu-Pei; Tsai, Yu-Pei; Lin, Yu-Ching; Lin, Yu-Ching; Chen, Kuan-Linjournal article128
932018Corrigendum to “Minimal detectable change of the Personal and Social Performance scale in individuals with schizophrenia” [Psychiatry Research 246 (2016) 725-729] (S0165178116300725) (10.1016/j.psychres.2016.10.058))Lee, Shu Chun; Tang, Shih Fen; Lu, Wen Shian; SHEAU-LING HUANG ; Deng, Nai Yu; Lue, Wen Chyn; CHING-LIN HSIEH 00
942018Corrigendum to “Minimal detectable change of the Personal and Social Performance scale in individuals with schizophrenia” [Psychiatry Research 246 (2016) 725-729] (S0165178116300725) (10.1016/j.psychres.2016.10.058))SHEAU-LING HUANG ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article00
952010Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Quebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with Assistive Technology (QUEST 2.0): The development of the Taiwanese versionMao, Hui-Fen ; SHEAU-LING HUANG ; HUI-FEN MAO ; Chen, Wan-Yin; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Yao, Grace; Huang, Sheau-Ling ; Lin, Chia-Chi; Huang, Wen-Ni Wenniejournal article1715
962016Deficits in executive functions among youths with autism spectrum disorders: An age-stratified analysisChen, S. -F.; Lin, Hsiang-Yuan ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; CHI-YUNG SHANG ; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Chien, Y. -L.; Chien, Y. -L.; Wu, C. -T.; CHIEN-TE WU ; Wu, C. -T.; Lai, Meng-Chuan; YI-LING CHIEN ; Matsuo, Kayako; Shang, C. -Y.; Shang, C. -Y.; Susan, Shur-Fen ; Wu, Y. -Y.; Wu, Y. -Y.; Gau, S. S.; 曾文毅 ; 林祥源 journal article2523
971999Defining occupation: A comparative analysisKEH-CHUNG LIN journal article60
982018Depression detection using relative EEG power induced by emotionally positive images and a conformal kernel support vector machineCHIEN-TE WU ; Dillon, Daniel G.; Hsu, Hao Chun; Huang, Shiuan; Barrick, Elyssa; Liu, Yi Hung52
992002Detectability of blood oxygenation level-dependent signal changes during short breath hold durationCHIEN-TE WU journal article3635
1002016Detecting visual function abnormality with a contrast-dependent visual test in patients with type 2 diabetesTsai, Li-Ting; YUH JANG ; Liao, Kuo-Meng; Jang, Yuh ; Hu, Fu-Chang; Wu, Wei-Chi; Madigan, Michelejournal article22
1012013Determinants of change in stroke-specific quality of life after distributed constraint-induced therapyTIEN-NI WANG ; Huang, Yan-Hua; Huang, Yan-Hua; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wu, Ching-Yi; Wu, Ching-Yi; Lin, Keh-Chung; Hsieh, Yu-Wei ; Snow, Wilaiwan M.; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Wang, Tien-Ni journal article64
1022018Determinants of Employment Outcome for the People with Schizophrenia Using the WHODAS 2.0Lu, Shu Jen; Liou, Tsan Hon; Yen, Chia Feng; Chang, Feng Hang; Chen, Yen Ling; Escorpizo, Reuben; Strauser, David R.; AY-WOAN PAN 10
1032014Determinants of quality of life in children with cerebral palsy: A comprehensive biopsychosocial approachChen, Kuan-Lin; JENG-YI SHIEH ; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; LU LU ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lu, Lu ; Lu, Lu ; Huang, Chien-Yu; Huang, Chien-Yujournal article1917
1042013Determinants of school activity performance in children with cerebral palsy: A multidimensional approach using the ICF-CY as a frameworkJENG-YI SHIEH ; Huang, Chien-Yu; Chen, Hao-Ling; Huang, Chien-Yu; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; LU LU ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Lu, Lu ; Lu, Lu journal article33
1052016Developing a referral protocol for community-based occupational therapy services in Taiwan: A logistic regression analysisLin, MT; HUI-FEN MAO ; Mao, Hui-Fen; Chen, SJ; Chang, Ling-Hui; Tsai, Athena Yi-Jung; Tsai, Athena Yi-Jung; Ho, YL; Huang, Wen-Ni; Huang, KC; Huang, Wen-Ni; Wang, Jye; Liu, KL; Taylor, William John; Chen, CA; Chiu, SN; Sun, LC; Lee, WJ; Chen, HC; Wang, JK; Wu, MHjournal article32
1062018Developing a serious game for the elderly to do physical and cognitive hybrid activitiesLin, Yu Hsiang; HUI-FEN MAO ; Tsai, Yun Cheng; Chou, Jui Jenconference paper00
1072006Developing a short form of the Berg Balance Scale for people with strokeCHING-LIN HSIEH journal article
1082006Developing a short form of the Berg Balance Scale for people with strokeI-PING HSUEH journal article
1092007Developing a short form of the postural assessment scale for people with strokeI-PING HSUEH ; CHING-LIN HSIEH journal article2323
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