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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHE-YI LIN林哲儀 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Otolaryngology
CHEN-CHI WU吳振吉 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Otology; Cochlear implantation; Genetics of deafness; Otolaryngology; Endoscopic ear surgery
CHENG-PING WANG王成平 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Transnasal esophagoscopy/EGD; Photodynamic therapy; Otolaryngology; Cancer screening for primary head and neck cancer and esophageal cancer; esophagogastroduodenoscopy
CHIH-FENG LIN林志峰 Otolaryngology-NTUH Head and Neck Surgery
CHING-TING TAN譚慶鼎 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Laser surgery; Phonosurgery; Laryngotracheal stenosis; Laryngeal Surgery; Voice disorders; Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Medical Information System; Endoscopy
Chun-Nan Chen陳俊男 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Diagnosis and treatment of general ENT diseases; Ultrasound examination of the head and neck; Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumors
DUEN-LII HSIEH謝敦理 Otolaryngology-NTUH Otolaryngology
JENG-YUH KO柯政郁 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Oropharyngeal; Management of neck mass; Surgery of oral; KTP laser resection for recurrent NPC; Laryngeal; Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck benign and malignant tumors; Hypopharyngeal and salivary gland tumors
MEI-CHUN LIN林玫君 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH 
MOW-MING HSU徐茂銘 Otolaryngology-NTUH 
PEI-HSUAN LIN林珮璇 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH 
PEI-JEN LOU婁培人 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Tissue engineering of human salivary gland; Photodynamic medicine; Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers; Aberrant glycosylation in head and neck cancer; Cell adhesion molecules
TE-HUEI YEH葉德輝 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH molecular biology; inner biology using patch clamp technique; innate immunity; cell culture; airway epithelial cells physiology; rhinology
TIEN-CHEN LIU劉殿楨 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH General otology; hearing aid and cochlear implant in Mandarin speaking subjects; mechanism and treatment of tinnitus; ge-related hearing loss
TING-HUA YANG楊庭華 Otolaryngology-NTUH Toxicology; Animal model of auditory and vestibular function; Ototoxicity
TSENG-CHENG CHEN陳贈成 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Head & Neck Oncology; Head & Neck Ultrasound; Head & Neck Endoscopy; Head & neck cancer pathology
TSUNG-LIN YANG楊宗霖 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Head Neck Sonography and core needle biopsy; Head Neck Robotic Surgery; Cancer biology; Salivary gland regeneration; Stem cell; Head Neck Surgery; Regenerative Medicine; Developmental Biology; Head Neck Oncology; Tissue Engineering; Biomaterials
WEI-CHUNG HSU許巍鐘 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH  Center of Sleep Disorder Bronchoesophagology; Occupational Medicine; Otolaryngolgoy, Head and Neck Surgery; Pediatric Otolaryngology; ENT endoscopy; Epidemiology
Wen-Hsuan Tseng曾文萱 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH swallowing disorder; otolaryngology; ultrasonography; laryngology; voice disorder; voice science
YI-HO YOUNG楊怡和 Otolaryngology  Otolaryngology-NTUH Dizziness; Headache; Hearingloss; Tinnitus; Ear fullness; Vertigo
YI-TSEN LIN林怡岑 Otolaryngology-NTUH  Otolaryngology Otolaryngology; Sinusitis