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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHEN-TU WU吳振都 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Thoracic pathology; Orthopedic pathology; Soft tissue pathology​
CHIN-TARNG LIN林欽塘 Pathology Evaluation of targeted chemotherapy for various cancers
CHUNG-WU LIN林中梧 Pathology Hematopathology
HUANG-CHUN LIEN連晃駿 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Breast Pathology​
JAU-YU LIAU廖肇裕 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology; Dermatopathology
JEN-CHIEH LEE李仁傑 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Pathology and pathogenesis of soft tissue, bone, and other mesenchymal tumors
JIA-HUEI TSAI蔡佳惠 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH 消化道病理; 肝臟病理
KUAN-TING KUO郭冠廷 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Cytology; Gynecological Pathology
LI-HSING LEE李力行 Pathology RNA modification; Cancer development and therapeutics
MIN-SHU HSIEH謝明書 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH 
MU-ZON WU吳木榮 Pathology  Forensic Medicine  Pathology-NTUH Forensic Molecular Pathology; Forensic Odontology; Forensic Pathology
PEI-HSIN HUANG黃佩欣 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Developmental Neurobiology; Developmental Biology; Carcinogenesis
SHAN-CHI YU尤善琦 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH 解剖; 心血管病理; 血液病理
SUNG-LIANG YU俞松良 Medical Device and Imaging  Pathology  Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnology Microbiology; Genomics; Oncology; Biotechnology Management
TSUI-LIEN MAO毛翠蓮 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Molecular pathogenesis of ovarian carcinoma; Cytopathology; Gynecological pathology
WEI-CHOU LIN林維洲 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH 
YIH-LEONG CHANG張逸良 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH  Pathology-NTUCC Lung cancer; Lung transplantation; Head and neck cancer; Esophageal cancer
YUNG-MING JENG鄭永銘 Pathology  Pathology-NTUH Tumor Pathology​; Liver Pathology