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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BOR-LUEN CHIANG江伯倫 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Oral Biology Clinical immunology; Immunotherapy; Immunodeficiency; Pediatric rheumatology; Gene therapy; Molecular and cellular immunology; Pediatric allergy
CHENG-TING LEE李正婷 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Endocrinology
CHIEN-YI CHEN陳倩儀 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Nutrition in term and preterm infants; Pediatric ethics; Neuroprotection in neonatal hypoxia-ischemia; Hepatitis B vaccination; Medical education; Parenteral nutrition associated cholestasis; Neurodevelopmental outcome of prematurity; Breastfeeding
CHIN-YUN LEE李慶雲 Pediatrics-NTUH 
CHING-CHIA WANG王景甲 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric intensive care; General Pediatric pulmonology and intensive care (inpatient and outpatient); ECMO use and management in pediatric resuscitation; Pediatric bronchoscopy: Diagnosis and intervention therapy (ex: stent implantation, balloon dilation)
CHUN-AN CHEN陳俊安 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Interventional cardiac catheterization; Echocardiography; Cardiac magnetic resonance; Cardiopulmonary exercise test; Heart Failure; Pediatric cardiology
CHUN-WEI LU盧俊維 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric electrophysiology and arrhythmias ; Adult congenital heart disease
CHUN-YI LU呂俊毅 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases including HBV, pertussis, influenza, pneumococcus, etc.; Clinical viral infections in children: epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention; Molecular pathogenesis of enteroviruses (2B and apoptosis); Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in children- diagnosis, antibiotic resistance, and treatment; Congenital CMV infection- screening and follow up
DONG-TSAMN LIN林東燦 Pediatrics-NTUH Peripheral blood stem cell transplantation; Pediatric hematology oncology; Immunohematology
EN-TING WU吳恩婷 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric intensive care; Pediatric Cardiology
FRANK LEIGH LU呂立 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Pulmonology; General Pediatrics; Neonatology; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
GWO-TSANN CHUANG莊國璨 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Nephrology
HONG-YUAN HSU許宏遠 Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Education and Bioethics Pediatric Gastroenterology; Pediatric Hepatobiliary; Medical Education
HSIANG-PO HUANG黃祥博 Pediatrics-NTUH  Medical Genomics and Proteomics Pediatric genetic and metabolic diseases; Cell biology; Using iPSCs for disease modeling
HSIN-CHUNG HUANG黃信中 Pediatrics-NTUH Neonatal Intensive Care; General Pediatrics; Neonatology
HSIN-HUI YU俞欣慧 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Immunodeficiency, pediatric rheumatic disease; Autoimmune disease; Asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis
HSIU-HAO CHANG張修豪 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric hematologic and oncologic diseases; Cancer immunotherapy; Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
HUEY-LING CHEN陳慧玲 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Medical Education and Bioethics Pediatrics; Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis; Medical Education
HUNG-CHI LUE呂鴻基 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics 
HUNG-CHIEH CHOU周弘傑 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Neonatology; Neonatal intensive care; Pediatric ventilator and respiratory care
I-JUNG TSAI蔡宜蓉 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics General Pediatrics; Pediatric ​Nephrology
JIA-FENG WU吳嘉峯 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Liver oncology, carcinogenesis; Pediatric liver transplantation; Pediatric hepatology; Liver fibrosis; Gastrointestinal motility disorder
JIAN-TE LEE李建德 Pediatrics-NTUH Pneumonitis; Gastroenteritis; Enterovirus; Tympanitis; Allergic Asthma
JONG-MIN CHEN陳中明 Pediatrics-NTUH  Laboratory Medicine-NTUH viral exanthemata; General Pediatrics; viral infection; Clinical Virology; pneumonia; Pediatric Infectious Disease; Virology
JOU-KOU WANG王主科 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Interventional cardiac catheterization; Pediatrics; Pediatric Cardiology
JYH-HONG LEE李志鴻 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; General Pediatrics; Pediatric Asthma; anaphylactic rhinitis; Atopic dermatitis
KAI-CHI CHANG張凱琪 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Adolescent Obesity; Adolescent Gastrointestinal Disorders; Non-AlcholicAlcoholic Liver disease; Adolescent Abdominal Sonography and Endoscopy
KAI-HSIN LIN林凱信 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for many pediatric hematologic, immunologic and genetic disorders; The studies of epidemiology and molecular defects of β- thalassemia in Taiwan
LI-CHIEH WANG王麗潔 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics General Pediatrics; Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology
LI-MIN HUANG黃立民 Pediatrics-NTUH  Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine  Pediatrics  National Taiwan University Children's Hospital Vaccinology; Molecular Virology; HIV and AIDS; Pediatrics Infectious diseases; Editor, Communication of Preparatory Office for National Taiwan University Children Hospital, 1997-2000
MEI-HWAN WU吳美環 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Clinical Pharmacy Arrhythmia; Pediatric Cardiology; Pediatric
MEI-HWEI CHANG張美惠 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Gastroenterology; Hepatitis; Pediatric Hepatology; Hepatoma; Cancer Prevention
MENG-JU LI李孟如 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics-NTUHHC Immunization; General Pediatrics; Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
MENG-YAO LU盧孟佑 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Hematology and oncology
MING-TAI LIN林銘泰 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Transcatheter intervention of congenital heart disease; Pediatric cardiology; Cardiac sequelae of Kawasaki disease; Molecular development of embryonic heart; Long QT syndrome and channelopathy
NI-CHUNG LEE李妮鍾 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Medical Genetics-NTUH Inborn error of metabolism; Pediatrics; Genetics; Gene therapy; Next generation sequencing
PI-CHUAN FAN范碧娟 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Child neurology
PING-ING LEE李秉穎 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Infectious diseases
PO-NIEN TSAO曹伯年 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Well Baby Clinics; General Pediatrics; Development Biology of Lung; Molecular Biology; Neonatal Critical Care; Transgenic mice; Care of Preterm Infants; Follow-up Development Outcome of Preterm Infants
SHIANN-TANG JOU周獻堂 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Stem Cell Transplantation; Functional anyalysis of genes in Lymphocyte and lymphocytic leukemia; Pediatric Tumor; Leukemia, Minimal Residual Disease
SHIH-YAO LIU劉士嶢 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Endocrinology; Bioinformatics
SHUENN-NAN CHIU邱舜南 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric cardiac catheterization; Pediatric arrhythmia and congenital heart disease arrhythmia; Pediatric echocardiography; Pediatric cardiology diagnosis and treatment; Pediatric electrophysiology and catheter ablation
TING-AN YEN顏玎安 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Pediatric Critical care; Neonatology
TING-YU YEN顏廷聿 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Molecular virology; Vaccinology; Microbiology; Pediatric infectious diseases; Clinical metagenomics
WANG-TSO LEE李旺祚 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Brain and Mind Sciences Pediatric Neurology
WEN-CHIN WENG翁妏謹 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Neurodevelopment and neurobiology; Epilepsy and sleep disorders; Pediatric neuromuscular disorders
WEN-YU TSAI 蔡文友 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric endocrinology
WU-SHIUN HSIEH謝武勳 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Pulmonology; General Pediatrics; Neonatology; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
WUH-LIANG ​​HWU胡務亮 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Medical Genetics-NTUH Pediatrics; medical genetics; biochemical genetics; genetic diagnosis; newborn screening
YA-CHIAO HU胡雅喬 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatrics; Infantile Rheumatic Autoimmune Disorders; Allergic Diseases
YAO-HSU YANG楊曜旭 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics General pediatrics; Allergy; Immunology; Pediatric rheumatology
YEN-HSUAN NI倪衍玄 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Therapeutic endoscopy; Gut Microbiota; Pediatric Liver Diseases: Viral Hepatitis and NAFLD; Liver transplantation
YI-CHING TUNG童怡靖 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Endocrinology; General Pediatrics
YIN-HSIU CHIEN簡穎秀 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Medical Genetics-NTUH Pediatrics; Medical Genetics; Clinical genetics; Inborn errors of metabolism; Allergy and Immunology
YONG-KWEI TSAU曹永魁 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Nephrology; Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-associated nephromegaly (hypertrophy); Urinary tract infection (Acute lobar nephronia); Pediatric dialysis and hemofiltration
YU-CHUN CHIU邱郁淳 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics  Medical Education-NTUH Faculty Development; Medical Education; Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
YU-TSAN LIN林于粲 Pediatrics-NTUH  Pediatrics Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology
YUNG-LI YANG楊永立 Pediatrics-NTUH  Laboratory Medicine-NTUH  Laboratory Medicine General pediatrican; Clinical pathologis; Pediatric hematologist and oncologist