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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHING-CHOW CHEN陳青周 Pharmacology Development of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs; Inflammation and Cancer; Microbiota-Gut-Brain axis in Parkinson's Disease; Signal transduction of gene regulation; Epigenetic regulation
CHING-SHYI WU吳青錫 Pharmacology Cellular functions and regulations of post-translational modifications (e.g. protein SUMOylation); DNA damage response and genomic instability in cancer
FENG-CHIAO TSAI蔡丰喬 Internal Medicine  Pharmacology Ca2+ signaling; Systems Biology; Cell migration & cancer metastasis
JING-JER LIN林敬哲 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Pharmacology Telomere, telomerase, Cdc13, senescence, cancer
KAI-CHIEN YANG楊鎧鍵 Internal Medicine-NTUH  Center for Frontier Medicine  Pharmacology Non-coding RNA biology; Cardiac oxidative stress and arrhythmias; Cardiac regeneration; Ion channel regulation and electrophysiology; Organ fibrosis and stromal biology
LIH-CHU CHIOU邱麗珠 Brain and Mind Sciences  Pharmacology Psychopharmacology (Schizophrenia, Addiction, Depression, ADHD, Tourette syndrome); Orexins/Cannabinoids/Opioids; Neuropharmacology (Migraine, Pain, learning memory); Electrophysiology; GABA-A receptor pharmacology
MING-JAI SU蘇銘嘉 Pharmacology Hyperlipidemia and Ischemic Heart Disease; Diabetis and Antidiabetic Agent; Snake Venom Neurotoxin; Genetic Heart Disease and Heart Failure; Sepsis and Cardiac Dysfunction; Herbal Medicine
MING-KAI PAN潘明楷 Pharmacology Multi-photon imaging in vivo; Optogenetics; Eelectrophysiology in vivo; Clinical electrophysiology
SHIANG-JONG TZENG曾賢忠 Pharmacology Vaccinology: germinal center reaction, affinity maturation; Inhibitory Fc receptor (FcγRIIB)and B cell Immunology; Immune modulation of ischemic stroke; Anti-tumor immunity: new drug discovery and new immunotherapy development; Autoimmune diseases: mechanisms and therapeutics, e.g. SLE
THAI-YEN LING林泰元 Pharmacology Regeneration medicine; Signal transduction; Tissue engineering; Stem cell biology
TUR-FU HUANG黃德富 Pharmacology Blood coagulation; Angiogenesis; Protein purification; Platelet aggregation; Integrin-matrix interaction
TZU-TANG WEI魏子堂 Pharmacology Vascular Diseases; Inflammation and cancer, induced pluripotent stem cells; Drug Discovery
WAN-WAN LIN林琬琬 Pharmacology TNF receptor family members; Inflammation and Cancer; Regulating mechanisms for cell death coming from death receptors, ER stress, DNA damage, and inflammasome; Novel functions of decoy receptor 3; Signal transduction and gene regulation
WEN-MEI FU符文美 Pharmacology Drug development for neuroprotection: in vitro and in vivo models; Synaptic plasticity, learning and memory; Gene defect related to parkinsonism, schizophrenia; Anti-cancer drug development; Osteoporosis, bone formation and bone resorption
WEN-PIN CHEN陳文彬 Pharmacology Molecular Biology of Cardiomyopathy; Regenerative Biology; Cardiac Electrophysiology