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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ALISON H CHANG張心怡Physical Therapy
CHENG-YA HUANG黃正雅Physical TherapyApplied electrophysiology; Motor neuroscience
HSIAO-I KUO郭曉意Physical TherapyCognitive neuroscience /neuroplasticity; noninvasive brain stimulation
HSING-KUO WANG王興國Physical TherapyNeuromechanical and Morphomechanical adaptations of the musculotendinous complex by training, injury, or rehabilitation; Intratendinous microcirculation and rupture outcomes
JAU-YIH TSAUO曹昭懿Physical TherapyCancer rehabilitation; Orthopedic Physical Therapy; Community- based physical therapy; Women's health
JER-JUNN LUH陸哲駒Physical TherapyAssistive technology; Physical therapy for neurological diseases; Clinical Electrophysiology; Technology immersion in medicine
JIANN-JONG LIAU廖建忠Physical TherapyTotal Joint Replacement; Clinical Orthopedic Research; Orthopedic Biomechanics
JING-LAN YANG楊靜蘭Physical TherapyOrthopedic physical therapy; USD study of lumbar multifidus muscle
JIU-JENQ LIN林居正Physical TherapyBiomechanics; Shoulder Rehabilitation; Scapula Dyskinesis; Shoulder Complex Kinematics
KWAN-HWA LIN林光華Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy in Neurological Patients
LI-CHIOU CHEN陳麗秋Physical TherapyMotor Control and Development; Pediatric Physical Therapy; Child Development
LI-YING WANG王儷穎Physical TherapyCardiovascular & Respiratory Physiology; Applied Physiology; Advanced Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
MENG-YUEH CHIEN簡盟月Physical TherapyExercise Physiology; Women Health; Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
PEI-FANG TANG湯佩芳Brain and Mind Sciences; Physical TherapyNeurological physical therapy and neural plasticity in neurodegeberative diseases; Neurological physical therapy and neural plasticity in stroke; Neueoscieneces associated with motor contrl and motor learning
SUH-FANG JENG鄭素芳Physical TherapyBiomechanics; Pediatric Physical Therapy; Psychometrics of Physical Therapy Outcome Measures; Neonatal Physical Therapy
YA-YUN LEE李亞芸Physical TherapyNeuroplasticity; Parkinson's disease; Neuroimaging (transcranial magnetic stimulation & transcranial direct current stimulation); Neurorehabilitation; Motor learning and memory; Electrophysiology and neurophysiology
YAN-CI LIU劉宴齊Physical TherapyStroke; fNIRS; Brain Reorganization; Neurorehabilitation; Mild Cognitive Impairment
YEN-TZU WU吳晏慈Physical TherapyEpidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder; Assessment and early intervention of high risk infants; Pediatric Physical Therapy; Psychometrics of outcome measures
YUAN-HUNG CHAO趙遠宏Physical TherapyOrthopaedic Physical Therapy; Physical Agents in Rehabilitation; Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Musculoskeletal Mechanobiology