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12007A Comparison of Psychometric Properties of the Smart Balance Master System and the Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke in People Who Have Had Mild StrokeCHING-LIN HSIEH ; PEI-FANG TANG ; MING-HSIA HU journal article6154
22014A comparison of upper-limb motion pattern recognition using EMG signals during dynamic and isometric muscle contractionsTsai, An-Chih; Tsai, An-Chih; JER-JUNN LUH ; Hsieh, Tsung-Han; TA-TE LIN ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2113
32001A descriptive epidemiological study of shoulder injury in top level english male volleyball playersHSING-KUO WANG journal article4134
42015A developmental screening tool for toddlers with multiple domains based on Rasch analysisHwang, Ai-Wen; Hwang, Ai-Wen; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Wang, Jyh-Horng ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Chou, Yeh-Tai; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Lee, Song-Ching; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Rolf, Christer; Liao, Hua-Fang; Wong, Alice May-Kuen; Su, Sheng-Chu; Shih, Tiffany T. F.; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; 王興國 ; 施庭芳 ; 李松青; 王至弘; 王亭貴 journal article33
52007A gravity balancing passive exoskeleton for the human legWEI-LI HSU conference paper
62006A healthcare pattern collection for rural telemedicine servicesJER-JUNN LUH conference paper
72010A hierarchical categorisation of tasks in mobility disabilityChen, Hui-Ya; PEI-FANG TANG ; Wang, Ching-Yi; Lee, Ming-Yung; Tang, Pei-Fang ; Chu, Yu-Hsiu; Suen, Mein-Woeijournal article1514
82013A home-based program using patterned sensory enhancement improves resistanceq exercise effects for children with cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trialWang, Tze-Hsuan; JENG-YI SHIEH ; Wang, Tze-Hsuan; PEI-FANG TANG ; Peng, Yi-Chun; Peng, Yi-Chun; Chen, Yu-Ling; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Liao, Hua-Fang; Tang, Pei-Fang ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi journal article86
92018A Hybrid Key Item Locating Method to Assist Elderly Daily Life Using Internet of ThingsYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article00
102013A joint localizer for finger length measurementsTYNG-GUEY WANG ; LI-CHEN FU ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI conference paper00
112012A modified multi-channel EMG feature for upper limb motion pattern recognitionJER-JUNN LUH ; TA-TE LIN conference paper50
122012A modified multi-channel EMG feature for upper limb motion pattern recognition.JER-JUNN LUH journal article
132012A nationwide survey of risk factors for stillbirth in Taiwan, 2001-2004SUH-FANG JENG ; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; Pau-Chung CHEN journal article88
141997A neuro-control system for the knee joint position control with quadriceps stimulationJER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article930
152009A Novel Method for Measuring Electromechanical Delay of the Vastus Medialis Obliquus and Vastus LateralisCHUNG-LI WANG ; JIANN-JONG LIAU journal article98
162015A novel STFT-ranking feature of multi-channel EMG for motion pattern recognitionTsai, An-Chih; JER-JUNN LUH ; Tsai, An-Chih; TA-TE LIN ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article4630
172012A pilot randomized controlled trial to improve geriatric frailtyJAU-YIH TSAUO ; Chan, Ding-Cheng Derrick; CHING-YU CHEN ; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Ching-Yu; Hsiung, Chao Agnes; Kuo, Ken N.journal article6261
182009A pilot study of e-Music school of LOHAS seniors in TaiwanJER-JUNN LUH conference paper
192004A problem-based e-learning prototype system for clinical medical educationJER-JUNN LUH conference paper60
202004A problem-based e-Learning prototype system for clinical medical education.JER-JUNN LUH journal article
212013A psychometric study of the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development - 3rd Edition for term and preterm Taiwanese infantsSUH-FANG JENG ; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; WANG-TSO LEE ; LI-CHIOU CHEN journal article2827
222014A randomized controlled trial of clinic-based and home-based interventions in comparison with usual care for preterm infants: Effects and mediatorsSUH-FANG JENG ; Wu, Ying-Chin; Wu, Ying-Chin; Leng, Chi-Hon; Lai, S.H.; Leng, Chi-Hon; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; WEI J. CHEN ; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; Chen, Wei J. ; YEN-TZU WU ; Chen, Wei J. ; MING-CHIN YANG ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; LI-CHIOU CHEN ; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Yang, Ming-Chin ; Fang, Li-Jung; Fang, Li-Jung; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Hsu, Hui-Chin; Yu, Yen-Ting; Yu, Yen-Ting; Wu, Yen-Tzu ; Chen, Li-Chiou ; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jeng, Suh-Fang journal article1210
232001A two-dimensional finite element model for frictional heating analysis of total hip prosthesisJIANN-JONG LIAU journal article2813
242006A versatile LabVIEW-based toolbox design and man-machine interface for the electrical stimulation systemJER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article51
252012A wearable walking monitoring system for gait analysisWEI-LI HSU ; TA-TE LIN journal article70
262010Abdominal irradiation modulates 5-Fluorouracil pharmacokineticsLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Hsieh, Yen-Ju; Liu, Chia-Yuan; Tai, Hung-Chi; Huang, Yu-Chuen; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Wu, Le-Jung; Wang, Li-Ying ; Tsai, Tung-Hu; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article1616
272010Activation and tremor of the shoulder muscles to the demands of an archery task.Lin, Jiu-Jenq ; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Hung, Cheng-Ju; Yang, Ching-Chieh; Chen, Hsing-Yu; Chou, Feng-Ching; Lu, Tung-Wujournal article1110
282014Active radio frequency identification asset tags for positioning: An application of clustering and correlation technologiesLu, Bing-Yuh; JER-JUNN LUH ; Hsueh, Meng-Lun; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Chong, Fok-Ching; Hsieh, Guan-Chyun; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article33
292017Acute and chronic effects of noradrenergic enhancement on transcranial direct current stimulation-induced neuroplasticity in humansHSIAO-I KUO ; Paulus, Walter; Batsikadze, Giorgi; Jamil, Asif; Kuo, Min Fang; Nitsche, Michael A.1310
302017Acute and chronic noradrenergic effects on cortical excitability in healthy humansHSIAO-I KUO ; Paulus, Walter; Batsikadze, Giorgi; Jamil, Asif; Kuo, Min Fang; Nitsche, Michael A.55
312018Acute effects of different dynamic exercises on hamstring strain risk factorsJIU-JENQ LIN journal article11
322015Acute effects of static active or dynamic active stretching on eccentric-exercise-induced hamstring muscle damageJIU-JENQ LIN ; Chen, Che-Hsiu; Chen, Trevor C.; Jan, Mei-Hwa; Lin, Jiu-Jenq journal article59
332011Adaptive patterns of movement during arm elevation test in patients with shoulder impingement syndromeJIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin, Jiu-jenq ; Hsieh, Shih-Chang; Chan, Ding Cheng ; Cheng, Wei-Cheng; Chen, Wei Chun; Lai, Yutajournal article4946
342014Adaptive postural control for joint immobilization during multitask performanceHsu, Wei-Li ; WEI-LI HSU ; Trumbower, Randy D.journal article53
352007Adiponectin as a potential differential marker to distinguish pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitisPO-CHIN LIANG ; Lee, Ya-yun ; Chang, MC; Chang, YT; Lin, Keh-chung; YU-TING CHANG ; TA-CHEN SU ; Su, TC; Wu, Ching-yi; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Yang, WS; Liao, Ching-hua; Lin, Jui-chi; Chen, CL; YU-WEN TIEN ; Chen, Chia-ling; Tien, YW; Liang, PC; Wei, SC; Wong, JMjournal article5249
361996Age-period-cohort analysis of motor vehicle mortality in Taiwan, 1974-1992Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; Lee, Wen-Chung ; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; Wang, Jung-Derjournal article60
372012Age-related changes in joint coordination during balance recoveryHsu, Wei-Li ; WEI-LI HSU ; Chou, Li-Shan; Woollacott, Marjoriejournal article4038
382017Age-related differences in reorganization of functional connectivity for a dual task with increasing postural destabilizationCHENG-YA HUANG journal article1111
392010Aggressiveness of the growl-like timbre: Acoustic characteristics, musical implications, and biomechanical mechanismsSHWU-FEN WANG ; CHEN-GIA TSAI ; TZU-YU HSIAO ; Tsai, Chen-Gia ; Wang, Li-Ching; Wang, Shwu-Fen; Shau, Yio-Wha; Hsiao, Tzu-Yu; Auhagen, Wolfgangjournal article1513
402010Aggressiveness of the growl-like timbre: Acoustic characteristics, musical implications, and biomechanical mechanismsCHEN-GIA TSAI ; Wang, L.-C.; SHWU-FEN WANG ; YIO-WHA SHAU ; TZU-YU HSIAO ; Auhagen, W.150
412000Alberta Infant Motor Scale: Reliability and validity when used on preterm infants in TaiwanSUH-FANG JENG journal article
422000Alberta Infant Motor Scale: Reliability and validity when used on preterm infants in TaiwanLI-CHIOU CHEN journal article
432010Alteration in shoulder kinematics and associated muscle activity in people with idiopathic scoliosisJAU-YIH TSAUO ; Lin, Jiu-Jenq ; Chen, Wei-Hsiu; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Chen, Po-Quang; Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; LIN, JIU-JENQ ; CHEN, WEI-HSIU; CHEN, PO-QUANG; TSAUO, JAU-YIH journal article1110
442016Alterations of scapular kinematics and associated muscle activation specific to symptomatic dyskinesis type after conscious controlJIU-JENQ LIN ; Ou, Hsiang-Ling; Ou, Hsiang-Ling; Huang, Tsun-Shun; Huang, Tsun-Shun; Chen, Yu-Ting; Chen, Yu-Ting; Chen, Wen-Yin; Chen, Wen-Yin; Chang, Yu-Li; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Chen, Ting-Han; Lin, Jiu-Jenq journal article11
452014Altered co-contraction of cervical muscles in young adults with chronic neck pain during voluntary neck motionsCheng, Chih-Hsiu; WEI-LI HSU ; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Cheng, Hsin-Yi Kathy; Chen, Carl Pai-Chu; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Liu, Wen-Yu; Wang, Shwu-Fen; Hsu, Wei-Li ; Chuang, Yu-Fen; 林光華 journal article1917
462009Altered muscle activation characteristics associated with single volitional forward stepping in middle-aged adultsChu, YH; PEI-FANG TANG ; Chen, HY; Cheng, CH; Tang, PFjournal article88
472006Altered patterns of muscle activation during performance of four functional tasks in patients with shoulder disorders: Interpretation from voluntary response indexJIU-JENQ LIN journal article3939
482017Altered white-matter integrity in unaffected siblings of probands with autism spectrum disordersYI-LING CHIEN ; YU-JEN CHEN ; Yung-Chin Hsu; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU journal article22
492011An accurate timing-aware diagnosis algorithm for multiple small delay defectsWEI-LI HSU ; CHIEN-MO LI conference paper32
502010An agile enterprise regulation architecture for health information security managementFEI-PEI LAI ; JER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; SAO-JIE CHEN journal article56
512010An agile enterprise regulation architecture for health information security management.JER-JUNN LUH journal article
522010An alternative intervention for urinary incontinence: Retraining diaphragmatic, deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle coordinated functionJAU-YIH TSAUO ; HO-HSIUNG LIN ; HUNG, HSIU-CHUAN; HSIAO, SHENG-MOU; CHIH, SHU-YUN; LIN, HO-HSIUNG ; TSAUO, JAU-YIH journal article4138
532006An alternative test of electromyographic normalization in patientsWEI-LI HSU journal article2121
542016An increase in postural load facilitates an anterior shift of processing resources to frontal executive function in a postural-suprapostural taskHuang, Cheng-Ya ; CHENG-YA HUANG ; Chang, Gwo-Ching; Tsai, Yi-Ying; Hwang, Ing-Shioujournal article52
552002Analysis and comparison of the psychometric properties of three balance measures for stroke patientsMao, HF; I-PING HSUEH ; HUI-FEN MAO ; Hsueh, IP; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Tang, PF; PEI-FANG TANG ; Sheu, CF; Hsieh, CLjournal article278236
562014Analysis of clinical characteristics, dental treatment performed, and postoperative complications of 200 patients treated under general anesthesia in a special needs dental clinic in northern TaiwanWang, Yi-Chia ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Huang, Han-Yi; Wang, Yi-Chia ; Huang, Guay-Fen; ​HUI-HSUN HUANG ; Huang, Guay-Fen; Lin, Jiu-Jenq ; Guo, Yueliang Leon; YI-CHIA WANG ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; CHI-HSIANG HUANG ; Wang, Wendy Tzyy-Jiuan; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Wang, Wendy Tzyy-Jiuan; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Yang, Hsiang; YU-JEN CHEN; Yang, Hsiang; YU-JEN CHEN; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; 郭育良 ; 郭育良 ; 林居正 ; Huang, Hui-Hsun ; 陳譽仁 ; 陳譽仁 ; Huang, Chi-Hsiang ; Huang, Chi-Hsiang journal article22
572003Analysis of impairments influencing gait velocity and asymmetry of hemiplegic patients after mild to moderate strokePEI-FANG TANG journal article350302
582000Analysis of the growth of outpatient services in rehabilitation-related therapyJAU-YIH TSAUO journal article
591995Analysis of the lower trapezius electromyographic activityJIU-JENQ LIN journal article
602013Ankle dorsiflexor strength relates to the ability to restore balance during a backward support surface translationWEI-LI HSU journal article1715
612005Ankle muscle activation during functional reach in hemiparetic and healthy subjectsWEI-LI HSU journal article65
621996Application of neural network-based controller for the knee-joint position control with quadriceps stimulationChang, Gwo-Ching; Liao, Gon-Der; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Lai, Jin-Shin ; Cheng, Cheng-Kung; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article00
631996Application of neural network-based controller for the knee-joint position control with quadriceps stimulationJER-JUNN LUH conference paper
642003Application of SEMG in computer mouse access for the disabilitiesJER-JUNN LUH ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article65
652009Are hip-specific items useful in a quality of life questionnaire for patients with hip fractures?Yao, Kai-Ping Grace ; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; Lee, Hsin-Yi; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih journal article22
662012Arm exoskeleton rehabilitation robot with assistive system for patient after strokeJER-JUNN LUH conference paper
672012Arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff tears with shoulder stiffness: A comparison of functional outcomes with and without capsular releaseJIANN-JONG LIAU journal article2220
682010Assaults against nurses of general and psychiatric hospitals in TaiwanJUDITH SHU-CHU SHIAO ; Shiao, JSC; YAWEN CHENG ; Tseng, Y; Lin, Kwan-Hwa ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; Hsieh, YT; Cheng, Chih-Hsiu; Hou, JY; Cheng, Y; SHIAO, JUDITH SHU-CHU ; HOU, JUI-YEH; 楊榮森; Guo, YL; CHENG, YA-WEN; 林光華 ; GUO, YUE-LIANGjournal article3431
692008Assessment of diaphragm and external intercostals fatigue from surface EMG using cervical magnetic stimulationChien, MY; MENG-YUEH CHIEN ; Wu, YT; Chang, YJ.; Chang, Ching-Juijournal article1515
701994Assessment of Dynamic Stability in Normal Subjects and Patients with Parkinson's DiseaseMING-HSIA HU journal article
712008Assessment of H reflex sensitivity with M wave alternation consequent to fatiguing contractionsCHENG-YA HUANG journal article33
722007Assessment of motion of a swing leg and gait rehabilitation with a gravity balancing exoskeletonWEI-LI HSU ; Agrawal, SK; Banala, SK; Fattah, A; Sangwan, V; Krishnamoorthy, V; Scholz, JP; Hsu, WLjournal article9166
732006Assessment of Stretching of the Iliotibial Tract With Ober and Modified Ober Tests: An Ultrasonographic StudyTYNG-GUEY WANG ; HSING-KUO WANG journal article1614
742016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH journal article3020
752016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotChen, Sung Hua; Lien, Wei Ming; Wang, Wei Wen; Lee, Guan De; Hsu, Li Chun; Lee, Kai Wen; Lin, Sheng Yen; Lin, Chia Hsun; LI-CHEN FU ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; JER-JUNN LUH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN 303
762008Association between cervicocephalic kinesthetic sensibility and frequency of subclinical neck painLee, Hsin-Yi; Lee, H-Y; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Lee, H. Y.; Wang, J. D.; Wang, J-D; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Wang, Jung-Der; Yao, G.; Yao, Grace; Yao, G; Wang, S. F.; Wang, Shwu-Fen ; Wang, S-Fjournal article5246
772008Association between sonographic morphology of vastus medialis obliquus and patellar alignment in patients with patellofemoral pain syndromeJIU-JENQ LIN journal article2720
782016Association between teriparatide treatment persistence and adherence, and fracture incidence in Taiwan: analysis using the National Health Insurance Research DatabaseChan, D. -C.; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chang, C. H. -C.; Lim, L. -C.; Brnabic, A. J. M.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Burge, R.; Burge, R.; Hsiao, F. -Y.; Jin, L.; Gurbuz, S.; Yang, R. -S.; 詹鼎正 ; 蕭斐元 journal article1412
792017Association of baseline knee sagittal dynamic joint stiffness during gait and 2-year patellofemoral cartilage damage worsening in knee osteoarthritisALISON H CHANG ; Chmiel, J. S.; Almagor, O.; Guermazi, A.; Prasad, P. V.; Moisio, K. C.; Belisle, L.; Zhang, Y.; Hayes, K.; Sharma, L.66
802009Association of depression and pain interference with disease-management self-efficacy in community-dwelling individuals with spinal cord injuryPang, MYC; PEI-FANG TANG ; Eng, JJ; Lin, KH; Tang, PF; Hung, C; Chen, H.-c.; Wang, YHjournal article3633
812017Association of physical capacity with heart rate variability based on a short-duration measurement of resting pulse rate in older adults with obesityJAU-YIH TSAUO journal article23
822018Asymmetric Thickness of Oblique Capitis Inferior and Cervical Kinesthesia in Patients With Unilateral Cervicogenic HeadacheChen, Yi Ying; Chai, Huei Ming; CHUNG-LI WANG ; YIO-WHA SHAU; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Chen, Yi Ying; Chai, Huei Ming; CHUNG-LI WANG ; YIO-WHA SHAU ; SHWU-FEN WANG journal article074
832017Asymmetrical responses of skin blood flow in ischemic hindlimbs to electrical stimulation of the unilateral forelimbHuang, Chung Shin; Sun, Ya Hui; Wang, Yi Ting; Pan, Yu Hung; SHWU-FEN WANG ; YUAN-FEEN TSAI 16
842011Augmented reality serious game framework for rehabilitation with personal health recordsJER-JUNN LUH conference paper70
852011Author responseRuey-Meei Wu ; MING-HSIA HU journal article01
862012Axon reflex-related hyperemia induced by short local heating is reproducibleHuang, Chung-Shin; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Wang, Shwu-Fen; Tsai, Yuan-Feen journal article109
871997Balance control during walking in the older adult: Research and its implicationsPEI-FANG TANG journal article182152
882014Balance control in elderly people with osteoporosisHsu, Wei-Li ; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; WEI-LI HSU ; Chen, Chao-Yin; RONG-SEN YANG ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; Yang, Rong-Sen journal article2324
891996Balance control in older adults: Training effects on balance control and the integration of balance control into walkingPEI-FANG TANG book40
902019Balance control, agility, eye-hand coordination, and sport performance of amateur badminton players: A cross-sectional studyWong, Towel K.K.; Ma, Ada W.W.; Liu, Karen P.Y.; Chung, Louisa M.Y.; Bae, Young Hyeon; Fong, Shirley S.M.; Ganesan, Balasankar; HSING-KUO WANG 0168
911996Balance evaluation, training and rehabilitation of frail fallersMING-HSIA HU journal article
922003Based digital signal processor to develop the M3S novel kernel systemChen, Chien-Chi; Chien, Jen-Chien; Hsueh, Meng-Lun; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Chong, Fok-Chingjournal article00
932003Based Digital Signal Processor to Develop the M3S Novel Kernel SystemJER-JUNN LUH conference paper
942013Behavioral data and neural correlates for postural prioritization and flexible resource allocation in concurrent postural and motor tasksCHENG-YA HUANG journal article99
952014Bidirectional and multi-user telerehabilitation system: Clinical effect on balance, functional activity, and satisfaction in patients with chronic stroke living in long-term care facilitiesJIN-SHIN LAI ; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Chen, Chin-Hsing; Chang, Jung-Shen; Chen, You-Yin; Huang, Wen-Tzeng; Lai, Jin-Shin ; Yu, Shang-Ming; Chang, Yuan-Jen; 林光華 journal article128
962014Biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of two novel low-shrinkage dental resin matricesLi, Wei-Chun; BOR-SHIUNN LEE ; Jan, Yih-Dean; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chen, Yi-Chan; Lee, Bor-Shiunn ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Tseng, Wan-Yu ; Kuo, Ken N.; Chen, Ching-Yu ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; 曹昭懿 ; 楊榮森journal article45
972013Biomechanical effect of latissimus dorsi tendon transfer for irreparable massive cuff tearYU-JEN CHEN journal article1613
982002Biomechanical study of bone-patellar tendon-bone and bone-ACL-bone graftsJIANN-JONG LIAU journal article
992018Brain Activation and Gait Alteration during Cognitive and Motor Dual Task Walking in Stroke-A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy StudyYAN-CI LIU ; Yang, Yea Ru; Tsai, Yun An; Wang, Ray Yau; Lu, Chia Feng31
1002017Brain connectomics imaging in schizophrenia studyWEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; YU-JEN CHEN ; Hsu, Yung Chinconference paper00
1012008Brief report: Taiwanese infants' mental and motor development - 6-24 MonthsSUH-FANG JENG ; Wu, YT; YEN-TZU WU ; Tsou, KI; Hsu, CH; Fang, LJ; Yao, G; Jeng, SF; WU, YEN-TZU; YAU, KOU-INN TSOU; HSU, CHYONG-HSIN; FANG, LI-JUNG; YAO, KAI-PING GRACE; JENG, SUH-FANGjournal article3130
1022008Brief Report: Taiwanese Infants' Mental and Motor Development—6–24 MonthsWu, Yen-Tzu ; Tsou, Kuo-Inn; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; Fang, Li-Jung; Yao, Grace; Jeng, Suh-Fang 
1032008Bronchopulmonary dysplasia predicts adverse developmental and clinical outcomes in very-low-birthweight infantsSUH-FANG JENG ; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; HUNG-CHIEH CHOU ; WANG-TSO LEE ; PO-NIEN TSAO ; JENG, SUH-FANG; HSU, CHYONG-HSIN; TSAO, PO-NIEN ; CHOU, HUNG-CHIEH ; LEE, WANG-TSO ; KAO, HSIN-AN; HUNG, HAN-YANG; CHANG, JUI-HSING; CHIU, NAN-CHANG; HSIEH, WU-SHIUN journal article5549
1042012C-reactive protein and heart rate recovery in middle-aged men with severe obstructive sleep apneaMENG-YUEH CHIEN ; Chien, Meng-Yueh ; PEI-LIN LEE ; Lee, Peilin; Tsai, Yuan-Feen ; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Wu, Ying-Taijournal article1210
1052012C-reactive protein and heart rate recovery in middle-aged men with severe obstructive sleep apneaMENG-YUEH CHIEN ; Lee, P.; YUAN-FEEN TSAI ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; YEN-TZU WU 1210
1062011Can ICF model for patients with breast-cancer-related lymphedema predict quality of life?JAU-YIH TSAUO ; TSAUO, JAU-YIH ; HUNG, HSIU-CHUAN; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; TSAI HAN-JU; HUANG, CHIUN-SHENG journal article1714
1072006Can Low-intensity Electromyographic Biofeedback Training on Tibialis Anterior Improve Strength and Balance in Chronic Stroke?MING-HSIA HU journal article
1082012Centrifugal force induces human ligamentum flavum fibroblasts inflammation through activation of JNK and p38 pathwaysJUI-SHENG SUN ; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article76
1092007Cervical electromyographic activities during neck movements at different speeds in healthy subjects: Voluntary response index analysisCheng, CH; JAW-LIN WANG ; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin, KH; Lin, JJ; Wang, JL.journal article00
1102007Cervicocephalic kinesthetic sensibility in young and middle-aged adults with or without a history of mild neck painTeng, CC; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Chai, HM; Lai, DM; Wang, SFjournal article4439
1112017Changes in interjoint coordination pattern in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed knee during stair walkingJYH-HORNG WANG ; WEI-LI HSU journal article00
1122015Changes of postural control and muscle activation pattern in response to external perturbations after neck flexor fatigue in young subjects with and without chronic neck painWEI-LI HSU ; Cheng, Chih-Hsiu; Chien, Andy; Hsu, Wei-Li ; Yen, Ling-Wei; Lin, Yang-Hua; Cheng, Hsin-Yi Kathyjournal article109
1132018Changes of the head control ability in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathyJAW-LIN WANG ; WEI-LI HSU conference paper00
1142018Changes of the head control ability in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathyCheng, Chih-Hsiu; WEI-LI HSU ; Chien, Andy; JAW-LIN WANG ; Lai, Dar-Ming; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Yu, You Syuanconference paper00
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