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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
ABEL PO-HAO HUANG黃博浩Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryRegenerative medicine; Clincial neurosurgery; Biomedical engineering
BEEN-REN LIN林本仁Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryTranslation research of colorectal cancer.; Surgical treatment and drug therapy for colorectal cancer.; Diagnosis and management of lesions in colon, rectum and anus.
CHANG-MU CHEN陳敞牧Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryNeuroscience; Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery; Radiosurgery; Neuro tumor; Neurosurgery; Pharmacology and toxicology; Vertebral surgery; General neurosurgery
CHEN-HSIANG KUAN官振翔Surgery-NTUHLymphedema Management; Head and Neck Microsurgical Reconstruction; Microsurgery; Wound Care
CHENG-MAW HO何承懋Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryAcute liver failure; General surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, minimally invasive surgery; Cell therapy; Hepatocellular carcinoma; Liver transplantation
CHIH-HSIEN WANG王植賢Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryCardiovascular physiology; Resuscitation science; Extracorporeal membrane oxygenator (ECMO) and mechanical circulatory support
CHIH-YANG CHAN詹志洋Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryEndovascular intervention; Vein surgery; Peripheral arterial surgery; Vascular physiology; Aortic surgery; Health care service science
CHING-YAO YANG楊卿堯Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryLaparoscopic & Robotic surgery-technical innovation and clinical study; Pancreas and islet cell transplantation; Clinical and translational research on pancreatic neoplasms and GIST; Cancer metastatic mechanisms on pNET, GIST, and HCC
CHIUN-SHENG HUANG黃俊升Surgery-NTUH; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; SurgeryBreast Cancer Screening; Molecular Epidemiology; Clinical Trial; Breast Ultrasound; Surgical Oncology; Breast Surgery
CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN陳炯年Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryGastrointestinal Surgery; Genomic and Proteomic Medicine; Tumor Angiogenesis; General Surgery; Ultrasonography in Medicine
CHUN-CHIEH HUANG黃俊傑Surgery-NTUH; Surgery-NTUHHC; Surgery
CHUNG-I CHANG張重義Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryCardiac pathology; Heart failure therapy; Cardiovascular surgery; Complex congenital heart disease
FU-REN XIAO蕭輔仁Surgery-NTUH; SurgerySpine; Medical Image Analysis; Clinical Data Mining; Stereotactic Radiosurgery
HAO-CHIH TAI戴浩志Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryMicroscopic Reconstruction and Hand Surgery; General Plastic Surgery; Research in Wound Healing and Xenotransplantation; Cosmetology for Breast
HSAO-HSUN HSU徐紹勛Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryThoracic surgery; Lung transplantation; Treatment of Pulmonary artery hypertension
HSI-YU YU虞希禹Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryCardiovascular Epidemiology; Surgical treatment of CHF; Cardiac MRI; Surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmia; Adult cardiac surgery
HSIUNG-FEI CHIEN簡雄飛Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPhotodynamic therapy; Breast reconstruction; Breast surgery; Plastic surgery; Fat grafting
HUI-FU HUANG黃慧夫Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryEsthetic Surgery; Hand Surgery; Microscopic Reconstruction; Burn Treatment
I-HUI WU吳毅暉Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryEndovascular and open venous surgery; Endovascular and open peripheral arterial surgery; Endovascular and open aortic surgery; Minimal invasive arterial and venous surgery
I-RUE LAI賴逸儒Anatomy and Cell Biology; Surgery-NTUH; Surgery; National Taiwan University HospitalConditioning and Reperfusion injury; Gastric cancer; Gastrointestinal Stromal tumor
ING-SH CHIU邱英世Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPediatric Cardiac Surgery; Adult Cardiac Surgery; Newborn Cardiac Surgery; Baby Cardiac Surgery; Congenital Heart disease
JANG-MING LEE李章銘Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryLaparoscopic Surgery; Thoracoscopic Surgery; Oncology; Thoracic Surgery; Esophageal Surgery
JI-SHIANG HUNG洪基翔Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryLaparoscopic Surgery
JIN-MING WU吳經閔Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryGastrointestinal surgery; Surgical critical care; Medical informatics
JIN-SHING CHEN陳晉興Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryNon-intubated thoracoscopic surgery; Innovative treatment for lung cancer; Treatment for primary spontaneous pneumothorax; Clinical trials for lung cancer and pneumothorax
JIN-TUNG LIANG梁金銅Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryMultidisciplinary approach for the treatment of colorectal cancer; Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
JUI-CHANG TSAI蔡瑞章Surgery-NTUH; Biomedical Engineering; Medical Device and Imaging; SurgeryLaser medicine; Photodynamic medicine; Neuro-oncology; Neurosurgery; Optoelectronic biomedicine
JUNG-HSIEN HSIEH謝榮賢Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPlastic Surgery; Hand Surgery; Peripheral nerve research (regeneration and degeneration); Microscopic Reconstruction; Head and neck reconstruction
KAI-WEN HUANG黃凱文Surgery-NTUH; Surgery; Clinical MedicineHepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery; Tumor surgery; Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery; Colorectal Surgery; Laparoscopic Oncology; Translational Medicine; Surgical Oncology; Genomics and Gene Therapy
KUEN-YUAN CHEN陳坤源Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryEndocrine Surgery; General Surgery; Thyroid Ultrasound
KUOCHUAN WANG王國川Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryStroke; Hydrocephalus; Cerevbrovascular Disease
LU-TING KUO郭律廷Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryTreatment for hydrocephalus; Spine surgery; Molecular neurology; Neuro-oncology; Neurotraumatology
MENG-FAI KUO郭夢菲Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryMoyamoya disease; Pediatric epilepsy operation; Neonatal surgery; Neuroendoscopic surgery; Spinal dysraphism; Pediatric head trauma; Pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors; Craniosynostosis; Epilepsy surgery; Pediatric cerebrovascular disease; Head injury; Newborn and Pediatric cerebral edema; Cerebral endovascular operation
MENG-KUN TSAI蔡孟昆Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryGeneral Surgery; Transplant Immnology; Transplant Surgery
MING-CHIH HO何明志Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryMedical Ultrasound; Surgical Oncology; Liver transplantation
MING-HSUN WU吳明勳Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryNutrition; Surgery; Endocrine; Gastoenterology
MING-TSAN LIN林明燦Surgery-NTUH; SurgerySurgical nutrition; Minimal invasive surgery; Gastric cancer
NAI-CHEN CHENG鄭乃禎Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryWound healing; Skin and soft tissue infection; Regenerative medicine; Breast reconstruction; Adipose-derived stem cell
NAI-HSIN CHI紀乃新Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryHeart transplantation; Mechanical support; Aorta surgery; Adult cardiac surgery; Minimally invasive cardiac surgery
NAI-KUAN CHOU周迺寬Surgery-NTUH; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; SurgeryCardiac Surgery; Heart-assist Devices; Extracorporeal Circulation; Emergency medicine; Heart Transplantation
PEI-MING HUANG黃培銘Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryChest trauma; Funnel chest; Lung transplantation; Hepatic hydrothorax; Esophageal cancer; Airway surgery; Lung and esophageal surgery
PO-CHENG HUANG黃柏誠Surgery-NTUH; Surgery-NTUHHC1. Plastic Surgery 2. Craniomaxillofacial Surgery 3. Surgical Simulation 4. Vascular Anomaly 5. Sex Reassignment Surgery 6. Andrology and Penile Surgery
PO-HUANG LEE李伯皇Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryLiver Regeneration after liver resection; Transplantation immunology; General Surgery
RAY-HWANG YUAN袁瑞晃Integrated Diagnostics and Therapeutics-NTUH; Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryHepatobiliary Surgery and Oncology; Colorectal Surgery; Endoscopic Surgery; General Surgery
REY-HENG HU胡瑞恒Surgery-NTUH; Traumatology-NTUH; SurgeryLiver and Kidney Transplantation; Hepatobiliary Surgery
RON-BIN HSU許榮彬Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryHeart transplantation; Infected aortic aneurysm and infective endocarditis; Cardiovascular surgery; Off pump coronary artery bypass; Surgical critical care; Ventricular assist device
SHENG-HONG TSENG曾勝弘Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryFunctional neurosurgery; Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery; Neurosurgery; Neurovertebral Surgery; Neurooncology; Functional Neurosurgery (Steretactic radiosurgery, involuntary exercise, Epilepsy, Neurotic pain and so on)
SHIH-HUNG YANG楊士弘Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPediatric neurosurgery; Endoscopic pituitary surgery; Spinal surgery
SHOEI-SHEN WANG王水深Surgery-NTUH; Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics; SurgeryValvular Heart Disease Surgery; Vascular Surgery including Aortic Surgery, Varicose Vein Surgery, Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease Surgery; Coronary Artery Disease Surgery; Surgery for Heart Failure including Heart Transplantation, Ventricular Assist Device; Cardiovascular Surgery
SHU-CHIEN HUANG黃書健Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryEmergency medicine; Congenital cardiac surgery; Extracorporeal circulation
SHUENN-WEN KUO郭順文Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryECMO; Thoracic surgery; ARDS
SHUN-MAO YANG楊順貿Surgery-NTUH; Surgery-NTUHHCMinimally invasive surgery; Lung transplantation; Medical image analysis; Cardiothoracic surgery; Critical care medicine
SHYUE-YIH HORNG洪學義Surgery-NTUHGeneral Plastic Suregry; Microscopic Reconstruction and Hand Surgery; Research in Wound Healing and Xenotransplantation
THOMAS MON-HSIAN HSIEH謝孟祥Surgery-NTUHMedical image processing and Analysis; Surgical Simulation; Plastic surgery; Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
WEN-HSI LIN林文熙Surgery-NTUHMechanism of fetal tracheal occlusion; Fetal lung development; Liver regeneration; Pediatric Surgery
WEN-HUNG KUO郭文宏Surgery; Surgery-NTUHSonography; Translational research; General surgery; Breast surgery
WEN-MING HSU許文明Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryGeneral Pediatric Surgery; Pediatric Surgical Oncology
YAO-MING WU吳耀銘Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryRobotic surgery; Hepatobiliary surgery Laparoscopic surgery; Hepatocytes transplantation; Hepatobiliary surgery; Acute Liver Failure; Liver transplantation (cadaveric, living-related); Gallstones surgery
YIH-SHARNG CHEN陳益祥Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPediatric Cardiac Surgery; Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG); Heart Valve Surgery
YONG-KWANG TU杜永光Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryCerebrovascular Surgery; Cerebral blood fluid dynamics; Neurosurgery; Cranial Base Surgery; Neurophysiology
YU-WEN TIEN田郁文Surgery-NTUH; SurgeryPancreatic Surgery; Pancreatic Transplant; Metastasis