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12012A Noninvasive Method to Determine the Fate of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles following Intravenous Injection Using Scanning SQUID BiosusceptometryTseng, Wei-Kung; YUH-LIEN CHEN ; Tseng, Wei-Kung; Chieh, Jen-Jie; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chieh, Jen-Jie; Yang, Yi-Fan ; Yang, Yi-Fan ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chen, Yuh-Lien; Chen, Yuh-Lien ; Yang, Shieh Yueh; Yang, Shieh Yueh; Horng, Herng-Er; Horng, Herng-Er; Yang, Hong-Chang; Yang, Hong-Chang; Wu, Chau-Chung; Wu, Chau-Chung journal article1916
22008A novel human stem cell coculture system that maintains the survival and function of culture islet-like cell clustersSHING-HWA LIU journal article2219
32009A novel inner ear monitoring system for evaluating ototoxicity of gentamicin eardrops in guinea pigsSHING-HWA LIU journal article1818
42010A potential tumor suppressor role for Hic1 in breast cancer through transcriptional repression of ephrin-A1HSING-CHEN TSAI journal article3329
52016A Simpler Creatinine Index Can Predict Long-Term Survival in Chinese Hemodialysis PatientsCHUNG-WEI YANG ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article31
62008Abnormal DNA methylation of CD133 in colorectal and glioblastoma tumorsHSING-CHEN TSAI journal article118104
72017AC-93253 iodide, a novel Src inhibitor, suppresses NSCLC progression by modulating multiple Src-related signaling pathwaysHUEI-WEN CHEN journal article55
81995Acetylcholinesterase inhibition by territrem B derivativesFU-CHUO PENG journal article
92014Acinetobacter peritoneal dialysis peritonitis: A changing landscape over timeChao, Chia-Ter; CHENG-CHUNG FANG ; Lee, Szu-Ying; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Yang, Wei-Shun; WEI-SHUN YANG ; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; Chen, Huei-Wen; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Fang, Cheng-Chung; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yen, Chung-Jen; Chiang, Chih-Kang; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Hung, Kuan-Yu; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Huang, Jenq-Wenjournal article66
102016Acquisition of tumorigenic potential and enhancement of angiogenesis in pulmonary stem/progenitor cells through Oct-4 hyperexpressionGu, Sing-Yi; FU-CHUO PENG ; Chiu, Ming-Jang ; Ho, Choa-Chi; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Huang, Yung-Kang; Chen, Huei-Wen; Wang, Yu-Chi; Kuo, Chia-Yu; Teng, Shu-Chun; Fu, Wen-Mei; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Wu, Cheng-Wen; Peng, Fu-Chuo; Ling, Thai-Yenjournal article10
112013Activating oxidative phosphorylation by a pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase inhibitor overcomes sorafenib resistance of hepatocellular carcinomaCHIH-HUNG HSU ; Liao, Wei-Chih; Shen, Y-C; Wang, Hsiu-Po; SHING-HWA LIU ; Ou, D-L; Hsu, C.; Huang, Hsin-Yi; CHING-YU LIN ; Lin, K-L; DA-LIANG OU ; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Chang, C-Y; Chiang, Hung; ANN-LII CHENG ; Tien, Yu-Wen; Lin, C-Y; Liu, S-H; Lin, Yu-Lin; Cheng, A-L; Lin, Jaw-Town; 林肇堂; 林育麟; 黃馨儀; 田郁文; 王秀伯; 吳明賢; 廖偉智journal article8480
122009Activation of ERK and JNK signaling pathways by mycotoxin citrinin in human cellsBIING-HUI LIU journal article1718
132015Activation of mitochondrial STAT-3 and reduced mitochondria damage during hypothermia treatment for post-cardiac arrest myocardial dysfunctionTZUNG-DAU WANG ; Huang, Chien-Hua; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; Tsai, Min-Shan; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Chiang, Chih-Yen; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; Su, Yu-Jen; Wang, Tzung-Dau; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; Chang, Wei-Tien; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Chen, Huei-Wen; Chen, Wen-Jonejournal article1616
142004Activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in response to high glucose leads to regulation of reactive oxygen species-related nuclear factor-κB activation and cyclooxygenase-2 expression in mesangial cellsSHING-HWA LIU journal article5251
152005Activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in response to inflammation and nitric oxide leads to the up-regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression and subsequent cell proliferation in mesangial cellsMeei L.S.; Kuo F.C.; Yen J.S.; Wan W.L.; Shoei Y.L.-S.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article4749
162017Activation of PI3K in response to high glucose leads to regulation of SOCS-3 and STAT1/3 signals and induction of glomerular mesangial extracellular matrix formationCHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article54
172010Acute cardiac dysfunction after short-term diesel exhaust particles exposureTZUNG-DAU WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; LIAN-YU LIN ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; WEN-JONE CHEN journal article2220
182016Acute kidney injury as a risk factor for diagnostic discrepancy among geriatric patients: A pilot studyCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chao, Chia-Ter; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Tsai, Hung-Bin; Chiang, Chih-Kang; CHIA-TER CHAO ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Huang, Jenq-Wen; Hung, Kuan-Yu; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Shih, Chih-Yuan; Hsu, Su-Hsuan; Hung, Yu-Chien; Lai, Chun-Fu; Chan, Derrick Ding-Cheng; Yen, Chung-Jen; Chu, Tzong-Shinnjournal article00
192019Acute oral toxicity and repeated dose 28-day oral toxicity studies of MIL-101 nanoparticlesLiu C.-H.; Chiu H.-C.; Sung H.-L.; Yeh J.-Y.; Wu K.C.-W.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article00
202013Advanced glycation end product Nε-carboxymethyllysine induces endothelial cell injury: The involvement of SHP-1-regulated VEGFR-2 dephosphorylationSHING-HWA LIU journal article1514
212013Advanced Glycation End Products Induce Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Down-Regulation-Related Inflammatory Signals in Human Chondrocytes via Toll-Like Receptor-4 and Receptor for Advanced Glycation End ProductsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article5646
222015Advanced glycation end-products induce apoptosis in pancreatic islet endothelial cells via NF-κB-activated cyclooxygenase-2/prostaglandin E2 up-regulationLan, Kuo-Cheng; CHEN-YUAN CHIU ; Kao, Chia-Wei; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Huang, Kuo-Tong; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU journal article2826
232016Advanced glycation end-products induce skeletal muscle atrophy and dysfunction in diabetic mice via a RAGE-mediated, AMPK-down-regulated, Akt pathwayChiu, Chen-Yuan ; Chiu, Chen-Yuan; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Yang, Rong-Sen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article3431
242016Advanced glycation end-products induced VEGF production and inflammatory responses in human synoviocytes via RAGE-NF-κB pathway activationWang, Ting-Ming; Chen, Ying-Ju; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Wu, Kuan-Wen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Ching-Ru; Hong, Shih-Wun; Wang, Ching-Chia; RONG-SEN YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Lu, Tung-Wu; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Kuo, Ken N.; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Huang, Shier-Chieg ; Chao, Sung-Chuan; Chao, Sung-Chuan; 吳冠?; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; 王廷明; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 黃世傑 ; 呂東武; 詹鼎正 journal article2421
252019Adverse effects of acrolein, a ubiquitous environmental toxicant, on muscle regeneration and massChen H.-J.; Wang C.-C.; Chan D.-C.; Chiu C.-Y.; Yang R.-S.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article22
262014Afatinib and its encapsulated polymeric micelles inhibits HER2-overexpressed colorectal tumor cell growth in vitro and in vivoSHING-HWA LIU journal article
272009Alterations in Oxidative Stress Status During Early Alcohol Withdrawal in Alcoholic PatientsFU-CHUO PENG journal article3531
282000Alterations in the properties and isoforms of sciatic nerve Na + ,K + - ATpase in methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl-treated miceSHING-HWA LIU ; Wang J.-H.; Kang J.-J.; Lin R.-H.; Lin-Shiau S.-Y.Journal Article11
292000Alterations in the properties and isoforms of sciatic nerve Na+,K+- ATpase in methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl-treated miceJAW-JOU KANG; SHING-HWA LIU journal article11
302002Alterations of motor nerve functions in animals exposed to motorcycle exhaustSHING-HWA LIU journal article98
312013Altered molecular repertoire of immune system by renal dysfunction in the elderly: is prediction and targeted prevention in the horizon?CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article00
322018Amiodarone for the successful management of Caowu poisoning – Induced cardiac arrhythmiaChen M.-F; Ho C.-H; Tsai T.-N; Chen, Pai-Shan ; Chen S.-J.Letter11
332010An animal model of ocular vestibular-evoked myogenic potential in guinea pigsSHING-HWA LIU journal article1211
342000An increase in free radical production by means of an anion channel blocker DIDS in mouse peritoneal neutrophils.SHING-HWA LIU journal article
352007Analysis of magnolol and honokiol in biological fluids by capillary zone electrophoresisCHING-HUA KUO ; Chen, CL; Chang, PL; FU-CHUO PENG ; Lee, SS ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG ; SHOEI-SHENG LEE ; Peng, FC; Kuo, CH; Chang, HTjournal article1715
362014Analysis of triazine herbicides using an up-and-down-shaker-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometryChen, Pai-Shan ; Haung W.-Y; Huang S.-D.Journal Article3230
372019Analytically confirmed 4-Methyl-N-ethylnorpentedrone (4-MEAP), a synthetic cathinone, in cases presenting to an emergency departmentWeng T.-I; Su P.-I; Chen J.-Y; Chen, Pai-Shan ; Hwa H.-L; Fang C.-C.Letter00
382013Angiopoietin-2 Is Associated with Albuminuria and Microinflammation in Chronic Kidney DiseaseCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chang, Fan-Chi; Lai, Tai-Shuan ; TZONG-SHINN CHU ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; TAI-SHUAN LAI ; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen, Yung-Ming ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Wu, Ming-Shiou ; Chu, Tzong-Shinn ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Lin, Shuei-Liong journal article2627
392014Angiopoietin-2-induced arterial stiffness in CKDChang, Fan-Chi; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Chiang, Wen-Chih; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; Tsai, Ming-Hsuan; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Chou, Yu-Hsiang; Pan, Szu-Yu; Chang, Yu-Ting; Yeh, Pei-Ying; Chen, Yi-Ting; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yung-Ming; Chu, Tzong-Shinn; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Lin, Shuei-Liong; 朱宗信; Chang, King-Jenjournal article1919
402014Angiopoietin-2-induced arterial stiffness in CKDChang, Fan-Chi; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Chiang, Wen-Chih; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; Tsai, Ming-Hsuan; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Chou, Yu-Hsiang; Pan, Szu-Yu; Chang, Yu-Ting; Yeh, Pei-Ying; Chen, Yi-Ting; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yung-Ming; Chu, Tzong-Shinn; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Lin, Shuei-Liong; Chang, King-Jen; 朱宗信journal article1919
412014Angiopoietin-2-induced arterial stiffness in CKDChang, Fan-Chi; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; Chiang, Wen-Chih; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; Tsai, Ming-Hsuan; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Chou, Yu-Hsiang; Pan, Szu-Yu; Chang, Yu-Ting; Yeh, Pei-Ying; Chen, Yi-Ting; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yung-Ming; Chu, Tzong-Shinn; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Lin, Shuei-Liong; Chang, King-Jen; 朱宗信journal article1919
422012Annexin A1 is associated with gastric cancer survival and promotes gastric cancer cell invasiveness through the formyl peptide receptor/extracellular signal-regulated kinase/integrin beta-1-binding protein 1 pathwayTSU-YAO CHENG ; Cheng, Tsu-Yao ; MING-TSAN LIN ; Wu, Ming-Shiang ; KUO-TAI HUA ; Lin, Jaw-Town; MING-SHIANG WU ; Lin, Ming-Tsan ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Huang, Hsin-Yi; Hua, Kuo-Tai ; Kuo, Min-Liangjournal article5148
432018Anti-cytomegalovirus IgG antibody titer is positively associated with advanced T cell differentiation and coronary artery disease in end-stage renal diseaseCHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article54
442004Anti-Invasive Gene Expression Profile of Curcumin in Lung Adenocarcinoma Based on a High Throughput Microarray AnalysisChen, HW; SUNG-LIANG YU ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Yu, SL; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Chen, JJW; Li, HN; Lin, YC; Yao, PL; Chou, HY; Chien, CT; Chen, WJ; Lee, YT; Yang, PC.journal article9591
452019The Anti-Obesity Effect of Polysaccharide-Rich Red Algae (Gelidium amansii) Hot-Water Extracts in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese HamstersYang T.-H.; Chiu C.-Y.; Lu T.-J.; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chiang M.-T.Journal Article00
462009Antiapoptotic cardioprotective effect of hypothermia treatment against oxidative stress injuriesTZUNG-DAU WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; WEN-JONE CHEN journal article2117
472008Anticancer activity of botanical alkyl hydroquinones attributed to topoisomerase II poisoningLiao, Hua-Yang; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; Huang, Cheng-Po; LIANG-IN LIN ; Chen, Jung-Hsuan; Fang, Woei-Horng ; Lin, Liang-In ; Shyue, Jing-Jong; Chiou, Robin Y; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Chen, Huei-Wen ; Kan, Lou-Sing; Liao, Su-Wei; Chi, Nai-Hui; Hong, Chih-Kang; Chen, Yun-Ru; Lin, Tin-Yu; Chen, Pai-Shan ; HUANG, CHENG-PO; Lin, Shwu-Bin; 陳惠文 ; 陳珮珊 ; FANG, WOEI-HORNG ; 孫家棟 ; LIN, LIANG-IN ; CHIOU, ROBIN Y. Y.; KAN, LOU-SING; CHI, NAI-HUI; CHEN, YUN-RU; LIN, SHWU-BINjournal article1311
482008Anticancer effects of tanshinone I in human non-small cell lung cancerHUEI-WEN CHEN journal article8784
492013Antidiabetic effects of pterosin A, a small-molecular-weight natural product, on diabetic mouse modelsSHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article3434
502019The antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory effects of icariin on the kidney in a unilateral ureteral obstruction mouse modelChen H.A.; Chen C.-M.; Guan S.-S.; Chiang C.-K.; Wu C.-T.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article11
512008Apoptosis of cultured astrocytes induced by the copper and neocuproine complex through oxidative stress and JNK activationSHING-HWA LIU journal article4946
522006Applications of microarray in reproductive medicineHUEI-WEN CHEN journal article
532010Are both psychological and physical dimensions in health-related quality of life associated with mortality in hemodialysis patients: A 7-year Taiwan cohort studyCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; TUN-JUN TSAI journal article129
542011Aristolochic acid I induced oxidative DNA damage associated with glutathione depletion and ERK1/2 activation in human cellsBIING-HUI LIU journal article3434
552018Aristolochic acid I interferes with the expression of BLCAP tumor suppressor gene in human cellsHuang, Ying-Tzu; Wu, Ting-Shuan; Lu, Chuan-Chen; Yu, Feng-Yih; BIING-HUI LIU journal article45
562011Aristolochic acid I suppressed iNOS gene expression and NF-κB activation in stimulated macrophage cellsBIING-HUI LIU journal article108
572011Arsenic and diabetes: Current perspectivesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG ; CHING-YAO YANG journal article3331
582015Arsenic exposure and glucose intolerance/insulin resistance in estrogen-deficient female miceKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Huang, Chun-Fa; Huang, Chun-Fa; Yang, Ching-Yao ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ching-Yao ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; CHING-CHIA WANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Huang, Kuo-How ; Wu, Chin-Ching; Wu, Chin-Ching; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article3028
592012Arsenic induces apoptosis in myoblasts through a reactive oxygen species-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial dysfunction pathwayKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article9490
602011Arsenic induces pancreatic β-cell apoptosis via the oxidative stress-regulated mitochondria-dependent and endoplasmic reticulum stress-triggered signaling pathwaysSHING-HWA LIU ; CHING-YAO YANG journal article10198
612010Arsenic inhibits myogenic differentiation and muscle regenerationKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article4442
622016Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Deficiency Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Related Mesangial Cell Activation and Macrophage Infiltration and Extracellular Matrix Accumulation in Diabetic NephropathyLee W.-J.; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chiang C.-K.; Lin S.-Y.; Liang K.-W.; Chen C.-H.; Tien H.-R.; Chen P.-H.; Wu J.-P.; Tsai Y.-C.; Lai D.-W.; Chang Y.-C.; Sheu W.H.-H.; Sheu M.-L.Journal Article66
632015Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Deficiency Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Related Mesangial Cell Activation and Macrophage Infiltration and Extracellular Matrix Accumulation in Diabetic NephropathyLee, Wen-Jane; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Lin, Shih-Yi; Liang, Kae-Woei; Chen, Cheng-Hsu; Tien, Hsing-Ru; Chen, Pei-Hsuan; Wu, Jen-Pey; Tsai, Yi-Ching; Lai, De-Wei; Chang, Yi-Chieh; Sheu, Wayne Huey-Herng; Sheu, Meei-Lingjournal article06
642011Ascorbic acid mitigates the myocardial injury after cardiac arrest and electrical shockTZUNG-DAU WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; WEN-JONE CHEN journal article2823
652018Association between education level and potentially inappropriate medication among older patientsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; CHIA-TER CHAO ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article10
662018The Association of Acquired T790M Mutation with Clinical Characteristics after Resistance to First-Line Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor in Lung AdenocarcinomaHuang, Yen-Hsiang; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Chen, Kun-Chieh; Hsu, Chia-Hung; KANG-YI SU ; Chen, Jeremy J W; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; SUNG-LIANG YU ; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Chang, Gee-Chenjournal article76
672016Association of estimated glomerular filtration rate with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: the role of malnutrition-inflammation-cachexia syndromeCHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article911
682012Association of hepatitis C virus infection and malnutrition-inflammation complex syndrome in maintenance hemodialysis patientsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Tsai, Hung-Bin ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; Chen, Pau-Chung ; Liu, Chen-Hua; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Hung, Peir-Haur; CHEN-HUA LIU ; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Chen, Mei-Tsu; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Hung, Kuan-Yu journal article99
692015Association of increased travel distance to dialysis units with the risk of anemia in rural chronic hemodialysis elderlyCHUN-FU LAI ; Chao, Chia-Ter; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Lai, Chun-Fu; Huang, Jenq-Wen; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Huang, Sheng-Jenjournal article87
702014Association of miRNA-related Genetic Polymorphisms and Prognosis in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaSHUENN-WEN KUO ; HSAO-HSUN HSU ; KUO-TAI HUA ; JANG-MING LEE ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; PEI-MING HUANG journal article2119
712009Atorvastatin increases erythropoietin-stimulating agent hyporesponsiveness in maintenance hemodialysis patients: Role of anti-inflammation effectsCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHAO-YU YANG ; KUAN-YU HUNG journal article1819
722015ATP synthase subunit-β down-regulation aggravates diabetic nephropathyLin, Chien-Yu; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Guan, Siao-Syun; Chen, Chun-Yu; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU ; Wu, Cheng-Tien; Yu, Chih-Hsiang; Yu, I-Shing; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Lin, Shu-Rung; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Wu, June-Tai; Lin, Ying-Hung; Kuo, Pao-Lin; Wu, Jui-Ching ; Lin, Shu-Wha ; 吳瑞菁 ; 吳君泰; 林淑華 journal article910
732013Autophagy induction promotes aristolochic acid-I-induced renal injury in vivo and in vitroCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Yang, Ching-Chin; SHING-HWA LIU ; Wu, Cheng-Tien; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Chen, Li-Ping; Hung, Kuan-Yu; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Chiang, Chih-Kangjournal article1111
742009Beneficial effects of different tea flowers against human breast cancer MCF-7 cellsKUO-TAI HUA journal article2222
752017Benzo[a]pyrene activates interleukin-6 induction & suppresses nitric oxide-induced apoptosis in rat vascular smooth muscle cellsTzeng H.-P.; Lan K.-C.; Yang T.-H.; Chung M.-N.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article87
762019Benzo[a]pyrene alters vascular function in rat aortas ex vivo and in vivoTzeng H.-P.; Yang T.-H.; Wu C.-T.; Chiu H.-C.; SHING-HWA LIU ; Lan K.-C.Journal Article00
772004Benzo[a]pyrene regulates osteoblast proliferation through an estrogen receptor-related cyclooxygenase-2 pathwayKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article5651
782015Bidens pilosa formulation improves blood homeostasis and β -cell function in men: A pilot studyCHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article62
792019Biocompatible and multifunctional gold nanorods for effective photothermal therapy of oral squamous cell carcinomaLiao Y.-T.; Liu C.-H.; Chin Y.; Chen S.-Y.; SHING-HWA LIU ; Hsu Y.-C.; Wu K.C.-W.Journal Article00
802005Bladder instillation of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide alters the muscle contractions in rat urinary bladder via a protein kinase C-related pathwayTE-I WENG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article1516
812006Blockade of interleukin 6 accelerates acinar cell apoptosis and attenuates experimental acute pancreatitis in vivoChao K.C.; Chao K.F.; Chuang C.C.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article5652
822016Brown Seaweed Fucoidan Inhibits Cancer Progression by Dual Regulation of mir-29c/ADAM12 and miR-17-5p/PTEN Axes in Human Breast Cancer CellsWu S.-Y.; Yan M.-D.; Wu A.T.H.; Yuan K.S.-P.; SHING-HWA LIU Journal Article118
832012C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP) deficiency aggravates hippocampal cell apoptosis and impairs memory performanceCHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU ; CHANG-MU CHEN journal article3432
842016C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP) deficiency ameliorates renal fibrosis in unilateral ureteral obstructive kidney diseaseSHING-HWA LIU ; Wu, Cheng-Tien; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Guan, Siao-Syun; Chen, Li-Ping; CHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article1412
852013C/EBP homologous protein deficiency aggravates acute pancreatitis and associated lung injuryTE-I WENG ; Weng, Te-I; Wu, Hsiao-Yi; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chen, Bo-Lin; KUO-HOW HUANG ; Jhuang, Jie-Yang; Huang, Kuo-How; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-Hwajournal article24
862019Cadmium exposure induces pancreatic β-cell death via a Ca2+-triggered JNK/CHOP-related apoptotic signaling pathwayHuang C.-C.; Kuo C.-Y.; Yang C.-Y.; Liu J.-M.; Hsu R.-J.; Lee K.-I.; Su C.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Lin C.-T.; SHING-HWA LIU ; Huang C.-F.Journal Article10
872013Cadmium Induces Apoptosis in Pancreatic β-Cells through a Mitochondria-Dependent Pathway: The Role of Oxidative Stress-Mediated c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase ActivationSHING-HWA LIU journal article9279
882011Caffeine enhances osteoclast differentiation from bone marrow hematopoietic cells and reduces bone mineral density in growing ratsRONG-SEN YANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article4036
892012Calpain/SHP-1 interaction by honokiol dampening peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer in nu/nu miceSHING-HWA LIU journal article3423
902009Campylobacter jejuni peritonitis and bacteremia in a patient undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysisCHIH-KANG CHIANG journal article
912017Cancer cells increase endothelial cell tube formation and survival by activating the PI3K/Akt signalling pathwaySUNG-LIANG YU ; ANG YUAN ; HUEI-WEN CHEN journal article2222
922011Cancer epigenetics: Linking basic biology to clinical medicineHSING-CHEN TSAI journal article187188
932014Cancer Epigenetics: Tumor Heterogeneity, Plasticity of Stem-like States, and Drug ResistanceHSING-CHEN TSAI journal article369350
942015Cancer risk in HBV patients with statin and metformin use a population-based cohort studySHING-HWA LIU journal article4244
952019Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Produce Netrin-1 to Control Cancer Cell PlasticitySung, Pei-Ju; Rama, Nicolas; Imbach, Jeromine; Fiore, Stephany; Ducarouge, Benjamin; Neves, David; HUEI-WEN CHEN ; Bernard, David; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Bernet, Agnès; Depil, Stephane; Mehlen, Patrickjournal article21
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