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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAO-YING WU吳昭瑩 Surgery-NTUHYL  Surgery-NTUH  Surgery General Surgery; Trauma
CHI-TING SU蘇祺婷 Medicine-NTUCC  Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Nephrology; Internal Medicine
CHIEN-TING PAN潘建廷 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine 
CHING-WAY CHEN陳慶蔚 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Hypertension; Heart failure; Cardiac Catheterization; Echocardiography; Arrhythmia; Hyperlipidemia; Chest pain; Angina pectoris; Palpitation
CHO-I LIN林卓逸 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch 
CHUNG-YU CHEN陳崇裕 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Chest Medicine; Internal Medicine
FENG-JUNG YANG楊豐榮 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch  Internal Medicine Nephrology; Internal Medicine
HORNG-HUEI LIOU劉宏輝 Brain and Mind Sciences  Neurology  Pharmacology  Neurology-NTUH  National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch Epilepsy; Neuropharmacology
HSIN-CHIA LIN林杏佳 Pediatrics  Pediatrics-NTUHYL heart rhythm abnormalities; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine; congenital heart diseases
HSIN-SHUI CHEN陳信水 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch 
JENQ-WEN HUANG黃政文 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUH  Internal Medicine-NTUHYL Nephrology; Internal Medicine
JIEN-JIUN CHEN陳建鈞 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Hypertension; Edema; Angina pictoris; Syncope; Dyslipidemia; Palpitation
JO-PAI CHEN陳若白 Oncology-NTUHYL Internal Medicine; Oncology
MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA馬惠明 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine  National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch Emergency Medical Services System; Cardiovascular Medicine
PANG-SHUO HUANG黃邦碩 Internal Medicine  Internal Medicine-NTUHYL Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome(SADS); sudden cardiac death (SCD)
SHAN-JU LIN林珊如 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch 
SZU-YING LEE李思穎 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Hypertension; Urinary Tract Infection; Diabetes
TING-CHEN CHANG張廷禎 Obstetrics&Gynecology-NTUHYL  Obstetrics & Gynecology-NTUH  Obstetrics & Gynecology Gynecologic oncology; Laparoscopic surgery; Health consultation in Menopause
WEN-CHU CHIANG江文莒 Emergency Medicine-NTUH  Emergency Medicine  National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Teamwork in Resuscitation; Trauma Registry Study; Clinical Trial; Prehospital Basic Life Support; Prehospital Advanced Life Support; Emergency Medical Service
WEN-YI LI李玟儀 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
YA-PING HUANG黃雅萍 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch 
YU-JEN FANG方佑仁 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Abdominal Ultrasound; Gastroenterology; Endoscopy
ZHENG-WEI CHEN陳政瑋 Internal Medicine-NTUHYL  Internal Medicine Hypertension; Edema; Angina pictoris; Syncope; Dyslipidemia; Palpitation