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12007Anomalous microphotoluminescence of high-aspect-ratio Si nanopillars formatted by dry-etching Si substrate with self-aggregated Ni nanodot maskLin, Gong-Ru; Lin, Chun-Jung; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Lin, Huang-Sheng; Kao, Chi-Chiang; LinGongRu Applied Physics Letters 3228
22005Buckled SiGe layers by the oxidation of SiGe on viscous SiO2 layersYu, C.-Y.; Chen, P.-W.; Jan, S.-R.; Liao, M.-H.; Liao, Kao-Feng; Liu, C. W.Applied Physics Letters 
32007CO2 laser rapid-thermal-annealing SiOx based metal-oxide-semiconductor light emitting diodeLin, Gong-Ru; Lin, Chun-Jung; LinGongRu Applied Physics Letters 
42001Coherent optical control of acoustic phonon oscillations in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wellsSun, Chi-Kuang ; Huang, Yue-Kai; Liang, Jian-Chin; Abare, Amber; DenBaars, Steven P.Applied Physics Letters 
52007Comparative study of InAs quantum dots with different InGaAs capping methodsLin, C. H.; Pai, Woei Wu ; Chang, F. Y.; Lin, H. H.Applied Physics Letters 
62001Correlation between Si–H?D bond desorption and injected electron energy in metal–oxide–silicon tunneling diodesLin, C.-H.; Lee, M. H.; Liu, C. W.Applied Physics Letters 
72002Edge-Coupled Membrane Terahertz Photonic Transmitters Based on Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Traveling-Wave PhotodetectorsShi, Jin-Wei; Chu, Shi-Wei ; Tien, Ming-Chun; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Chiu, Yi-Jen; Bowers, John E.Applied Physics Letters 2014
82003Effect of InGaAs capping layer on the properties of InAs/InGaAs quantum dots and lasersChang, F. Y.; Wu, C. C.; Lin, H. H.Applied Physics Letters 
92007Electron mobility enhancement in strained-germanium n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistorsYang, Y.-J.; Ho, W. S.; Huang, C.-F.; Chang, S. T.; Liu, C. W.; YangYJ ; LiuCW Applied Physics Letters 
102003Electron relaxation and transport dynamics in low-temperature-grown GaAs under 1 eV optical excitationSun, Chi-Kuang ; Chen, Yen-Hung; Shi, Jin-Wei; Chiu, Yi-Jen; Gan, Kian-Giap; Bowers, John E.Applied Physics Letters 
112008Energy gap reduction in dilute nitride GaAsSbNLin, Yan-Ting; Ma, Ta-Chun; Chen, Tsung-Yi; Lin, Hao-Hsiung Applied Physics Letters 
122005Energy structures and chemical reactions at the Al/LiF/Alq3 interfaces studied by synchrotron-radiation photoemission spectroscopyWu, Chih-I. ; Lee, Guan-Ru; Pi, Tun-WenApplied Physics Letters 
132004Evidence of Si/SiGe heterojunction roughness scatteringLiu, C. W.; Lee, M. H.; Lee, Y. C.; Chen, P. S.; Yu, C.-Y.; Wei, J.-Y.; Maikap, S.; LiuCW Applied Physics Letters 
142004The evolution of electroluminescence in Ge quantum-dot diodes with the fold numberPeng, Y. H.; Hsu, Chih-Hsiung; Kuan, C. H.; Liu, C. W.; Chen, P. S.; Tsai, M.-J.; Suen, Y. W.Applied Physics Letters 
152007Ge-on-glass DetectorsLin, C.-H.; Chiang, Y.-T.; Hsu, C.-C.; Lee, C.-H.; Huang, C.-F.; Lai, C.-H.; Cheng, T.-H.; Liu, C. W.Applied Physics Letters 
162002Giant polarized photoluminescence and photoconductivity in type-II GaAs/GaAsSb multiple quantum wells induced by interface chemical bondsChiu, Y. S.; Ya, M. H.; Su, W. S.; Chen, T. T.Applied Physics Letters 
172003Highly-strained 1.24-μm InGaAs/GaAs quantum-well lasersSung, L.W.; Lin, H.H.Applied Physics Letters 
181997Hole effective masses in relaxed Si1 - xCx and Si1 - yGey alloysLin, C. Y.; Liu, C. W.Applied Physics Letters 
192007Hole mobility enhancement of Si0.2Ge0.8 quantum well channel on SiPeng, C.-Y.; Yuan, F.; Yu, C.-Y.; Kuo, P.-S.; Lee, M. H.; Maikap, S.; Hsu, C.-H.; Liu, C. W.Applied Physics Letters 
202007Improving carrier transport and light emission in a silicon-nanocrystal based MOS light-emitting diode on silicon nanopillar arrayLin, Gong-Ru; Lin, Chun-Jung; Kuo, Hao-Chung; LinGongRu Applied Physics Letters 9282