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12001Biological multi-modality nonlinear spectromicroscopy: Multiphoton fluorescence, second- and third-harmonic generationCHENG, P.-C.; SUN, C.-K; LIN, B. L.; KAO, F.-J.; CHU, S-Wjournal article
22004Fabrication and optical studies of monolayer assemblies of Au nanoparticlesBorgohain, K; Ho, FH; Chen, HM; Liu, RS; Hu, SF; Tsai, DPjournal article
32000Multi-photon Excited Fluorescence Spectra of Common Bio-probesCHENG, PING-CHIN; KAO, FU-JEN; SUN, CHI-KUANG ; LIN, BAI-LING; LIU, TZU-MING; WANG, YUNG-SHENG; HUANG, MAO-KUO; WANG, YI-MIN; CHEN, JIAN-CHENG; JOHNSON, I.journal article
42000Multi-photon spectroscopy of plant tissuesKAO, FU-JEN; CHENG, PING-CHIN; SUN, CHI-KUANG ; LIN, BAI-LING; WANG, YI-MIN; CHEN, JIAN-CHENG; WANG, YUNG-SHENG; LIU, TZU-MING; HUANG, MAO-KUOjournal article
52001Three-dimensional reconstruction of Zea mays stem by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologyCHENG, P. C.; CHEN, J. H.; HWANG, S. C.; SUN, C. K.; WALDEN, D. B.; CHENG, W. Y.journal article