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12007The application of problem-based learning in a pediatric nursing bachelor programLEE, YA-LING; GAU, BIH-SHYA; CHANG, MEI; YANG, HSIAO-LING; TSAI, S.-F.; 李雅玲; 高碧霞; 張媚; 楊曉玲; 蔡淑芬
22007The application of problem-based learning in pediatric nursing bachelor programLee, Y. L.; Gau, B. S.; Chang, M.; Yang, H. L.; Tsai, S. F.
31998Concerns and Satisfaction of Health Care Personnel with Regard to Management of Ethylene Oxide in the Hospital蘇燦煮; 陳月枝; SU, TSANN-JUU; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH
42002The Consistency between Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy Education and the Needs of Clinical PracticePAN, AY-WOAN; 潘璦琬; 潘璦琬
52011The Content and Development of Chinese Nursing Textbooks in Taiwan: A Bio- Psycho-Social Perspective of End-of-Life CareYANG, HSIAO-LING; WU, CHIA-YI; CHANG, MEI; HU, WEN-YU
62014Determinants of Curricular Effectiveness for a Community Pharmacy Experiential CourseYUNN-FANG HO journal article00
72016Learning by Doing at Community Pharmacies: Objectives and OutcomesYUNN-FANG HO journal article00
82000Perspectives on physical therapy education in the new millenniumWu, YT; Liao, HF; Hsu, AT; Jan, MH; Yu, NY
92017Preceptor Training Workshops Facilitate Quality Experiential Programs in Pharmaceutical Primary CareYUNN-FANG HO journal article00
102002Re-education Needs of School Nurses for Care of the Asthma Children.Gau, B. S.; Yang H.L.; Wang H. Y.; Lin A.L.; Chen, Y. C.
112001Teaching Tips: To Teach Is to LearnLIN, KEH-CHUNG