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12000How Health Professionals Address Their PatientsDAI, YU-TZU; LUI, SHU-HWA; HSU, MING-YU; 戴玉慈; 呂淑華; 徐銘玉醫學教育,v.9 
22005The Professional Role and Function of Occupational Therapy: Viewpoints from Related SpecialistsCHOU, HSI-CHIN; CHOU, HSI-CHIN; CHEN, SHEAU-YAN; CHEN, SHEAU-YAN; PAN, AY-WOAN; CHEN-SEA, MEI-JIN; 周希津; 周希津; 陳曉言; 陳曉言; 潘璦琬; 潘璦琬; 施陳美津; 施陳美津醫學教育,v.9