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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11992Cross-Strait Nursing Academic Exchange-Reports on Beijing Visit尹祚芊; 陳月枝; 曾珍麗; 陳心耕; 張淑容; YIN, JOE-CHEN; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; TSENG, J. L.; CHEN, S-G; CHANG, S. R.護理雜誌,v.40 
21993A Study of Psychosomatic Reactions, Self-Care, and Related Factors of Post-Op Mechanical Valve Replacement Patients One Month Later林碧珠; 黃嗣棻; LIN, PI-CHU; HWANG, SUZ-FEN護理雜誌,v.40 
31993The supportive system perceived by primary caregivers of children with cancer李雅玲; 陳月枝; 林國信; LEE, YA-LING; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; LIN, KUO-SIN護理雜誌,v.40