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11992Nuclear Ploidy Analysis of Bladder Cancer---Comparison of the Ploidy Patterns between the Serially Recurrent TumorsPU, YEONG-SHIAU; HSIEH, TEH-SHENG; SU, IH-JEN; TSAI, TSONG-CHANG; HSUEH, WEN-CHI; 蒲永孝; 謝德生; 蘇益仁; 蔡崇璋; 薛文綺中華民國癌症醫學會雜誌,v.8 
21992Osteosarcoma Children's Adaptive Process and Behavioral Responses in Relation to Body Image Change before and after Amputation賴鈺玫; 陳月枝; 毛新春; 侯勝茂; LAI, YU-MEI; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; MAO, HSIN- CHUN; HOU, SHENG-MOU中華民國癌症醫學會雜誌,v.8