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11997Knowledge about AIDS among nurses at medical center infection units.YU, PO-JUI; LOU, MEEI-FANG; HU, WEN-YU; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; SUE, LING-HWA; 于博芮; 羅美芳; 胡文郁; 陳月枝; 蘇玲華慈濟醫學,v.9 
21997A Study of Perceptions on Urinary Catheterization of Hospitalized Elderly Patients.LOU, MEEI-FANG; HU, WEN-YU; YU, PO-JUI; LO, MEI-CHUN; 羅美芳; 胡文郁; 于博芮; 羅梅春慈濟醫學,v.9