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11995The Adjustment Problems of Chinese Students from OverseasHUANG, LIAN-HUA; 黃璉華護理研究,v.3 
21995The Impact of Rooming-in Care on the Breast-Feeding Mother's Emotional Disturbance and Feeding Method One Month after DeliveryTENG, SU-WEN; SU, TSANN-JUU; YANG, YA-LING; CHANG, GUEY-LING; 鄧素文; 蘇燦煮; 楊雅玲; 張桂玲護理研究,v.3 
31995Knowledge, Attitude, and Self-Care Behaviors of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease黃翠媛; 黃秀梨; HUANG, TSUEY-YUAN; HWANG, SHIOW-LI護理研究,v.3 
41995The Major Themes of the Professional Support Group of the New Psychiatric NursesHSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳護理研究 0
51995Perceived Health Status of the Elderly in Self-Paid Care HomesYANG, REA-JENG; HU, YOW-HWEY; BAI, LU; HUANG, LIAN-HUA; 楊瑞珍; 胡幼慧; 白璐; 黃璉華護理研究,v.3 
61995The Relationship of Life Style and Hypertension of Middle-and Old-Aged from Low-Income Families in an-Kang Community, Taipei CityCHIU, YI-WEN; HUANG, LIAN-HUA; 邱怡玟; 黃璉華護理研究,v.3 
71995A Study of Predisposing and Enabling Factors among Diabetes Mellitus Patients during Discharing Periods and Inspecting the Results of Referrals陳滋茨; 蕭淑貞; 張媚; CHEN, ZEI-TEI; SHIAU, SHU-JEN; CHANG, MEI護理研究,v.3 
81995Types and Experiences of Medical Treatment and Folk Curing the Receiving Reproductive-Treatment Women Who Searched ConceptionSU, TSANN-JUU; TENG, SU-WEN; YANG, YA-LING; 蘇燦煮; 鄧素文; 楊雅玲護理研究,v.3