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12000Nursing Care of a Patient with Pituitary Tumor Complicated with Meningitis and Csf Rhinorrhea after SurgeryCHOU, HUI-LIN; LOU, MEEI-FANG; 周慧玲; 羅美芳護理雜誌,v.47 
22000Nursing Care of Head Injured Patients from the Point of Maintaining Cerebral Perfusion and Preservation of Brain Tissue邱艷芬; CHAO, YANN-FEN CHIOU護理雜誌,v.47 
32000Reconsidering Myths in Nursing Intervention for Patients with FeverLUI, SHU-HWA; DAI, YU-TZU; 呂淑華; 戴玉慈護理雜誌,v.47 
42000Stressors and Behavioral Reactions of a School-Age Burkit's Lymphoma Child during HospitalizationWANG, H-Y; GAU, BIH-SHYA; 王惠玉; 高碧霞護理雜誌,v.47 
52000Temporal Houses Community Assessment on Disaster Area:Examples of Chu- Shan and Lu-Ku.LIN, YEN-CHUN; HUANG, GUEY-SHIUN; HWANG, SHIOW-LI; TSAI, S.-F.; 林豔君; 黃貴薰; 黃秀梨; 蔡淑芬護理雜誌,v.47