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12001Community Health Building after Disater-an Experience in LuguLIN, YEN-CHUN; SHU, YING-MEI; YANG, YA- LING; HUANG, GUEY-SHIUN; HWANG, SHIOW-LI; 林豔君; 徐瑩媺; 楊雅玲; 黃貴薰; 黃秀梨台灣醫學,v.5 
22001Development and Validation of a Rehabilitation Functional ScalePAN, AY-WOAN; CHUNG, LY-INN; TSENG, MEI- HUI; 潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 曾美惠台灣醫學,v.5 
32001The Effect of an Intervention Program on Self Care of Foot in Diabetic PatientsLIN, SHU-CHUN; DAI, YU-TZU; 林淑君; 戴玉慈台灣醫學,v.5 
42001Gene Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases江福田; CHIANG, FU-TIEN台灣醫學,v.5 
52001An Introduction to PsychooncologyLEE, MING-BEEN; LIAO, SHIH-CHENG; 李明濱; 廖士程台灣醫學,v.5 
62001Investigation of Adjustment to Daily Life in Female Psychotic Patients by Support GroupCHEN, SHING-CHIA; LIAO, PEI-CHUN; 陳杏佳; 廖珮君台灣醫學,v.5 
72001The Meaning of “Seeking Conception” in Infertile Women’s Life Experience during in Vitro Fertilization Treatment.蘇燦煮; 陳月枝; SU, TSANN-JUU; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH台灣醫學,v.5 
82001Somatic Symptoms during in Vitro Fertilization TreatmentSU, TSANN-JUU; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; YANG, YU-SHIH; 蘇燦煮; 陳月枝; 楊友仕台灣醫學,v.5 
92001癌症病患之精神疾患商志雍; 李明濱台灣醫學,v.5 
102001精神免疫學與癌症LIN, LI-NEN; LEE, MING-BEEN; 林立寧; 李明濱台灣醫學,v.5