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12002Fine Art Therapy in Terminal Cancer PatientsGUO, YU-CHENG; MOHL, SHWU-LAN; CHEN, CHING-YU; CHIU, TAI-YUAN; YAO, CHIEN-AN; HU, WEN-YU; CHENG, YIH-RU; CHOU, LIN-LIN; 郭育誠; 莫淑蘭; 陳慶餘; 邱泰源; 姚建安; 胡文郁; 鄭逸如; 周玲玲臺灣醫學,v.6 
22002Related Factors on the Use of Asthma Medication in the Mothers of Affected ChildrenHUNG, CHAO-CHIA; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; MAO, HSIN-CHUN; CHIANG, BOR-LUEN; 洪兆嘉; 陳月枝; 毛新春; 江伯倫臺灣醫學,v.6 
32002The Role and Function of Case Manager in Discharge PlanningTSAY, WEN-LIN; DAI, YU-TZU; LEE, YUH-YUN; 蔡紋苓; 戴玉慈; 李豫芸臺灣醫學,v.6