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12008Effects of Educational Intervention on Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions toward Supplying Artificial Nutrition and Hydration to Terminal Cancer Patients.Ke, Li-Shan; Chiu, Tai-Yuan; Hu, Wen-Yu; Lo, Su-ShunSupport.Care Cancer 
22005Factors that influence physicians in providing palliative care in rural communities in Taiwan.Liu, W.J.; Hu, W.Y.; Chiu, Y.F.; Chiu, T.Y.; Lue, B.H.; Chen, C.Y.; Wakai, S.Supportive Care Cancer 
32004Why Taiwanese hospice patients want to stay in the hospital: health care professional beliefs and solutionsHu, W.Y.; Chiu, T.Y.; Cheng, Y.R.; Chung, R.B.; Chen, C.Y.Support Care Cancer 
42004Why Taiwanese Hospice Patients Want to Stay in the Hospital: Health Care Professional Beliefs and Solutions.HU, WEN-YU; CHIU, TAI-YUAN; CHENG, YIH-RU; CHUANG, RONG-BIN; CHEN, CHING-YU; 胡文郁; 邱泰源; 鄭逸如; 莊榮彬; 陳慶餘SUPPORT CARE CANCER