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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12008A Qualitative Inquiry into the Taiwanese Mentally Ill Persons' Difficulties Living in the CommunityLin, Ching-Lan Esther; Kopelowicz, Alex; Chan, Chin-Hong; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 1614
22018Effectiveness of Needs-oriented Hospital Discharge Planning for Caregivers of Patients With SchizophreniaSHING-CHIA CHEN ; Lin, L. E.; Lo, S.-C.; Liu, C.-Y.; Wu, W.-C.; Liu, W.-I.Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 33
32005Psychiatric nurses' anxiety and cognition in managing psychiatric patients' aggressionYang, YL; HAI-GWO HWU ; Hsu, CC; SHING-CHIA CHEN ; Chang, TL; CHEN, SHING-CHIA ; Kuo, LS; HWU, HAI-GWO ; Chen, PHArchives of Psychiatric Nursing 2216
42005Psychiatric nurses’ anxiety and cognition in managing psychiatric patients’ aggressionChen, S. C.; Hwu, H. G.; Williams, R. A.Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 
52012Psychosocial Rehabilitation Activities, Empowerment, and Quality of Community-Based Life for People With SchizophreniaArchives of Psychiatric Nursing 2014