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12008A warm footbath before bedtime and sleep in older Taiwanese with sleep disturbanceLiao, Wen-Chun; Ming-Jang Chiu; Liao, WC; Chiu, MJ; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Landis, Carol A.; Landis, CA.journal article1818
22015Biofeedback relaxation for pain associated with continuous passive motion in Taiwanese patients after total knee arthroplastyMEEI-FANG LOU journal article710
32003Effectiveness of a pilot project of discharge planning in TaiwanDai, Y.T.; YU-TZU DAI ; Chang,Y.; Hsieh, C.Y.; Tai, T.Y.journal article2316
42007Health-related quality of life of Chinese people with schizophrenia in Hong Kong and Taipei: A cross-sectional analysisChan, Sally Wai-chi; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Thompson, David R.; Chen, Shin-Chia ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; 熊秉荃 ; 陳杏佳 journal article1611
52008National incidence of percutaneous injury in Taiwan healthcare workersHuang, Lan-Ling; JUDITH SHU-CHU SHIAO ; Lee, Chang-Franw; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Shiao, Judith S.C.; Chen, Mei-Hsiang; Lin, Ming-Siou; Shih, Tung-Sheng; Jagger, Janine; Chen, Chiou-Jongjournal article1413
62008National Incidence of Percutaneous Injury in Taiwan Healthcare Workers-Estimate Using EPINet Surveillance Data.Shiao, JSC; Lin, MS; Shih, TS; Jagger, J; Chen, CJ
72013Nighttime sleep, daytime napping, and labor outcomes in healthy pregnant women in TaiwanTsai, Shao-Yu ; SHAO-YU TSAI ; Lin, Jou-Wei ; CHIEN-NAN LEE; Lin, Jou-Wei ; Lu-Ting Kuo; Kuo, Lu-Ting; Lee, Chien-Nan; Lee, Chien-Nan; Landis, Carol A.; Landis, Carol A.journal article1010
82016Parental Body Mass Index Is Associated With Adolescent Obesity in TaiwanMEEI-FANG LOU journal article11
92012Sleep disturbances and depressive symptoms in healthy postpartum women: A pilot studySHAO-YU TSAI journal article1414
102016Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Quality of Third-Trimester Pregnant WomenCHIEN-NAN LEE; WEI-WEN WU journal article76
112016Validation of the Chinese Version of the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire-10 in Pregnant WomenPEI-LIN LEE ; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article11