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12011The Association of Resident Burnout with Personal Characteristics and Coping Styles呂碧鴻 ; 高美英; 陳秀蓉; 王長偉; LUE, BEE-HORNG ; KAO, MEEI-YING; CHEN, HSIU-JUNG; WANG, CHANG-WEI醫學教育,v.15 
22011The Reflective Learning and Caring Attitude through Group Dialogue=透過團 體對話進行護理關懷的反思學習蔣欣欣; 許樹珍; 曾雯琦; 余玉眉; CHIANG, HSIEN-HSIEN; SHEU, SHUH-JEN; TZENG, WEN-CHII; CHAO, YU-MEI YU醫學教育,v.15