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11995An analysis of secondary impingement syndrome related to rotator cuff tendinitis in overhead throwing sports. Lin, JJ; Whitney, SL; Irrgang, JJ
21994Comparison of Local Electrogram Predictors for Successful Catheter Ablation of Left-Versus Right-Sided Accessory Atrioventricular Pathways by Radiofrequency CurrentChen, Wen-Jone; Lin, Jiunn-Leejournal article
31997Design and evaluation of a telediagnosisLIU CHIEN-TSAI; HOU, SHENG-MOU
41992Kinematic Behavior of the Human Knee Joint Biomedical EngineeringYao, N. K.; Cheng, C. K.; 劉華昌; Yao, N. K.; Cheng, C. K.; Liu, Hwa-Chang
51994Magnetohydrodynamic Blood Pump for Artificial Heart-Design Concepts and Initial Experimental Results朱樹勳; Qian, K. X.; Wang, S. S.; Chu, Shu-Hsun; Wang, S. S.journal article
61990Portable Gait Foot Angle Ultrasonic Measurement SystemLee, Yang-HanChen, Yie-Tone; Wang, Chung-Li; Cheng, C. K.
71994Problems of Artificial LigamentsJiang, Ching-Chuan
81991Review of Functional Electrical StimulatorCheng, Cheng-Kung; Lai, Jin-Shin; Cheng, Cheng-Kung; 賴金鑫; Kuo, Te-Shen
91993Vibration Arthrography of the Knee Joint DisordersLiu, Y. R.; Jiang, Ching-Chuan; Fu, S. E.; Liu, C. S.; Liu, Y. R.; 江清泉; Fu, S. E.; Wu, T. T.; Liu, C. S.