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11993Change of Arterial Blood Flow and Skin Temperature after Direct and Indirect Shortwave Heating on KneeJAN, MEI-HWA; YIP, PING-KEUNG; LIN, KWAN -HWA; 詹美華; 葉炳強; 林光華中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.18 
21993The Effects of Indirect Shortwave Diathermy on Muscle Strength and Knee Function in Osteoarthritic PatientsJan, M. H.; JAN, MEI-HWA; 劉華昌; LIU, HWA-CHANG; 詹美華; Jan, M. H.; 劉華昌; Liu, Hwa-Chang中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.18 
32003婦女泌尿科門診接受物理治療之尿失禁病例分析王雅瑩; 王誠; 柴惠敏; 洪秀娟; WANG, YA-YING; WANG, CHENG; CHAI, HUEI-MING; HUNG, HSIU-CHUAN中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v