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12006Can Low-intensity Electromyographic Biofeedback Training on Tibialis Anterior Improve Strength and Balance in Chronic Stroke?PL Tsaih; MH Hu; YL Shih; KH LinFJPT 
22003The care pattern and effect of home physical therapy in individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a preliminary reportKH Lin; MH Hu; WJ Chien; CC Yang; CP Tsai; YC Cheng; MW TsaiFJPT 
32001Changes of Grip and Plantar Flexor Strength in Older AdultsHU, MING-HSIAFJPT 
42001Comparison of Dynamic Posturography in a Peripheral and a Central Nervous Lesion Patients: A Case StudyHU, MING-HSIAFJPT 
52004Functional status and its related factors in residents of long-term care facilities in TaiwanLin, KH; Wu, SC; Hsiung, CL; Hu, MH; Hsieh, CL; Lin, JH; Kuo, MY; Tang, PFFJPT 
62005Health-related physical fitness of workers with different age and genders in a hospitalKH Lin; Y Jan; MW Tsai; MY Chien; LY Wang; HJ Ho; YW Young; PT Hu; CH ChenFJPT 
72000Manpower and need of physical therapy in licensed long-term care facilities in Taiwan: A surveyCL Hsiung; KH Lin; SC Wu; MH Hu; JH Lin; MY KuoFJPT 
82005Measurement of Shoulder Tightness in Patients with Frozen Shoulders SyndromeLIN, JIU-JENQ; YANG, JING-LANFJPT 
92007Medical Utilization and Expenditure of Hip Replacement under the National Health Insurance Program in TaiwanYANG, RONG-SEN; TSAUO, JAU-YIH; 林亞蓉; 楊榮森; 曹昭懿FJPT 
102007Medical Utilization and Expenditure of Hip Replacement under the National Health Insurance Program in Taiwan林亞蓉; 楊榮森; 曹昭懿FJPT 
112001Number and characteristics of falls in older adults-Differences in recall by a bi-monthly telephone survey and a personal interviewHu, MH; Jeng, SF; Wu, SCFJPT 
122004Physical examination and ultrasonography of the shoulder: application and limitation.Wang, CM; Chao, PY; Lin, JJ; Wang, HK; Wang, TG.FJPT 
132001Restoration of Thumb Motion and Relief of Pain Using Mulligan’s Mobilization with Movement:Single Case Study with Magnetic Resonance ImagingHU, MING-HSIAFJPT