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12000Effect of Electromyography-Triggered Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Single Subject Design甘蜀美; 廖華芳; GAN, SHU-MEI; LIAO, HUA-FANG物理治療學會雜誌,v.25 
22000Manpower Resources of Senior Physical Therapists and Qualification of Residency Training Programs in Taiwan陳英作; 廖華芳; 陳翰裕; 廖文炫; CHEN, ING-TZOUGH; LIAO, HUA-FANG; CHEN, HAN-YU; LIAO, WEN-SHEN物理治療學會雜誌,v.25 
32000Tests of Physical Therapy Assessment Form for Patients with Frozen ShouldersLIN, JIU-JENQ; TSAUO, JAU-YIH; WU, YING-TAI; 林居正; 曹昭懿; 吳英黛物理治療學會雜誌,v.25 
42000Validity and Reliability of Hand-Held Dynamometer in Measuring Strength of the Lower Extremity MusclesLIN, CHIEN-HO; HU, MING-HSIA; CHENG, SHIH-CHUNG; TSAUO, JAU-YIH; 林千禾; 胡名霞; 鄭世忠; 曹昭懿物理治療學會雜誌,v.25 
52000周邊動脈阻塞疾病患者之運動訓練陳曉宜; 吳英黛物理治療學會雜誌,v.25