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12003Early Stage Electromyographic Responses of Postural Muscles in Patients with Traumatic Brain InjuryHU, MING-HSIA; LEE, HSIAO-HUI; HUANG, SHENG-JEAN; TSAUO, JAU-YIH; 胡名霞; 李曉惠; 黃勝堅; 曹昭懿
22003The Effects of Saunders’ Traction and Traditional Traction in Patients with Lumbar Disc HerniationTSAUO, JAU-YIH; TANG, MING-HAN; CHEN, MING-TE; 曹昭懿; 湯明翰; 陳銘德
32003Satisfaction Survey of Community Physical Therapy Service in 921 Earthquake Post-Disaster AreaTSAUO, JAU-YIH; HUNG, HSIU-CHUAN; HSU, AR-TYAN; LO, WEN-CHI; WU, YING-TAI; 曹昭懿; 洪秀娟; 徐阿田; 羅文琪; 吳英黛