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11999The Case Report of Developmental Therapist's Training Program in the Clinical Education of Pediatric Physical Therapy梁淑敏; 廖華芳; LEONG, SOK-MAN; LIAO, HUA-FANG中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
21999The Effect of Physical Therapy Intervention in Patients with Total Knee Arthroplasty during HospitalizationTSAUO, JAU-YIH; PAN, YEI-LING; CHEN, HUI- YA; 曹昭懿; 潘懿玲; 陳惠雅中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
31999The Functional Outcome of Hospitalized Cases with Traumatic Brain Injury Receiving Physical TherapyTSAUO, JAU-YIH; 曹昭懿中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
41999Isometric and Isokinetic Grip Strength in Normal Young Subjects: A Preliminary StudyHUANG, SHEAU-LING; WANG, SHWU-FEN; CHEN, SHIAU-YEE; CHEN, FANG-PING; WANG, CHENG-YI; SUN, JUI-SHENG; 黃小玲; 王淑芬; 王淑芬; 陳曉宜; 陳曉宜; 陳芳萍; 陳芳萍; 王正一; 孫瑞昇; 孫瑞昇中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
51999Research Activities and Trends in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in TaiwanMAO, HUI-FEN; YANG, JENG-FANG; HSIEH, CHING-LIN; 毛慧芬; 楊政峰; 謝清麟中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
61999Standing Balance in Cases with Traumatic Brain Injury with Good Recovery – a Preliminary ReportTSAUO, JAU-YIH; CHUANG, LI-LING; HUANG, SHENG-JEAN; HU MING-HSIA; 曹昭懿; 莊麗玲; 黃勝堅; 胡名霞中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
71999A Survey on Early Intervention for Children in Medical Institutions in Taipei City廖華芳; 李宜靜; 吳文豪; 林麗英; 高麗芷; LIAO, HUA-FANG; LEE, I-JING; WU, WEN-HAO; LIN, LI-YIN; KAU, LEE-JYY中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24 
81999Two- Vs. Three-Dimensional Kinematic Analysis of Twist-Bending Movement: A Preliminary ReportCHEN, CHAO-YING; CHEN, LI-CHIOU; JENG, SUH-FANG; 陳昭瑩; 陳麗秋; 鄭素芳中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.24