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11994The effect of physical therapy on iskinetic strength of knee muscles in patinets with anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionCHEN, CHAO-YING; JAN, MEI-HWA; CHAI, HUEI-MING; LAI, JIN-SHIN; 陳昭瑩; 詹美華; 柴惠敏; 賴金鑫中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.19 
21994Isokinetic strength of knee extensors and flexors in the middle- and old- age menCHEN, CHAO-YING; CHAI, HUEI-MING; LAI, JIN-SHIN; JAN, MEI-HWA; 陳昭瑩; 柴惠敏; 賴金鑫; 詹美華中華民國物理治療學會雜誌,v.19