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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12001Comparison of Treadmill Walking with Overground Walking in Children and AdultsJeng, SF; Liao, HF; Hu, MHFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
22004The Foundation of Early Intervention Trans-Disciplinary Team Model for Children with Developmental Disability in Nantou CountySun, SH; Liao, LR; Liao, HF; Lee, SJFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
32005Loaded Sit-to-Stand Capacity and Gross Motor Function, Muscle Strength of Lower Extremities in Children with Spastic DipLiao, HF; Huang, WB; Hsu, AT; Wong, AMKFormosa Journal of Physical Therapy 
42007Management for spasticity and its effectiveness for children with spastic cerebral palsyJhang, SR; Liao, HFFormosa Journal of Physical Therapy 
52001Outcomes of three-year multidisciplinary services for the students with special need in Taipei CountyLiao, HF; Lee, CF; Huang, HSFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
62002Relations Between Balance Function and Gross Motor Ability in Children Developing TypicallyLiao, HFFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
72002The relations between body composition and muscle strength of lower limb in independent walker with spastic diplegia and non-disabled childrenLiao, HF; Liu, YC; Liu, CCFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
82004The Relations Between the Sit-to- Stand Functional Muscle Strength and Walking Capacity in Children with Mild Spastic DiplegiaLiu, CC; Liao, HF; Lin, KHFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
92002The Reliability Study and Comparison of Sit-to-Stand Repetitive Maximum Capacity in Children with Cerebral Palsy and Children without DisabilityGan, SM; Liao, HFFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
102004The Responsiveness Studies of the Evaluative Tools – Literature ReviewWang, HH; Liao, HFFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
112004Task-Oriented Approach in Ambulation Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy—Case ReportHwang, AW; Liao, HFFormosa Journal of physical Therapy 
122006Therapeutic effect of treadmill training for children with developmental disability-preliminary studyGan, SM; Liao, HFFormosa Journal of Physical Therapy