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12007Assessment of motion of a swing leg and gait rehabilitation with a gravity balancing exoskeletonWEI-LI HSU ; Agrawal, SK; Banala, SK; Fattah, A; Sangwan, V; Krishnamoorthy, V; Scholz, JP; Hsu, WLjournal article9173
22016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotChen, Sung Hua; Lien, Wei Ming; Wang, Wei Wen; Lee, Guan De; Hsu, Li Chun; Lee, Kai Wen; Lin, Sheng Yen; Lin, Chia Hsun; LI-CHEN FU ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; JER-JUNN LUH ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN333
32016Assistive control system for upper limb rehabilitation robotWEN-SHIANG CHEN; JER-JUNN LUH journal article3022
42012Pruning a decision tree for selecting computer-related assistive devices for people with disabilitiesChi, Chia-Fen; YUH JANG ; Tseng, Li-Kai; Jang, Yuh journal article65
52012Pulse energy as a reliable reference for twitch forces induced by transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulationWEN-SHIANG CHEN; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article98
62017Quasi-Periodicities Detection Using Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging in EEG Signals as a Depth of Anesthesia MonitorSHOU-ZEN FAN journal article20